• Voltage: AC110V / 220V, 60Hz / 50Hz
  • Power: 1800W
  • Spray Height:6m
  • Control Mode: wireless remote, power control
  • Product Weight: 13Kg
  • Package Size: 74 x 38 x 28cm
  • Shipping Weight: 19Kg

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine


  • Small Size
  • Low Noise
  • Large Coverage
  • The unique sound insulation design

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine is a classic stage special effect product, which is made of a special MOKA SFX high-speed fan.

You will see it can automatically draw the colored paper into the machine and then blow it into the air at high speed, forming a gorgeous effect of colored paper.

The unique sound insulation design of the MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine makes it have the advantages of small size, low noise, and large coverage.

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 MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine: The Definitive Guide

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine

It is an essential machine for weddings, celebrations and shopping malls.

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine is a simple and special color paper machine, but unlike other paper machines, you neither put the paper into the machine manually nor wait for the machine working when no paper fills.

This machine is simple in shape and easy to use. At the event site, you only need a fixed position to operate.

It is suitable for a variety of outdoor or indoor activities that last for a long time.

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine

Confetti Blower Machine has the advantage of continuous paper suction and ejection, which means that the machine can work continuously for a long time while sucking colored paper and spraying the colored paper.

It not only saves you consumables but also saves you a lot of manpower and time which can improve work efficiency.

When you use it on different occasions, you can adjust the angle, fix the position, and put the colored paper of different shapes or materials equal to or lower than 2x25cm, and the effect is shocking.

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine is also known as a paper suction machine and is equipped with a standard 1.5m air-suction tube, which is a part of doing the same job as a vacuum cleaner in your home.

MK-CN01 Confetti Blower Machine

The MK-CN01 confetti blower is easy to use.

You don’t have to buy carbon dioxide, just prepare colored paper equal to or smaller than 2x25cm, then plugin or remotely control.

If you need to connect the power cord, press the ON switch on the machine.

At this time, the MOKA SFX high-speed blower wattage reaches 1800 watts, the wind is large enough, and the MOKA SFX high-speed blasting machine concentrates the airflow.

Stage Confetti Effect

Through the pipeline, the hose will suck into the confetti paper, and the paper will be sprayed through the machine to the sky, which can make the height up to 6 meters, covering 250 square meters, and forming a beautiful sky effect.

If you use the remote control, A on the remote control means work, B stops working, easy to operate, easy to learn, you will like it.

Confetti Blower Machine in order to meet the voltage requirements of different countries, the voltage range is 110v and 220v.

So, you don’t have to worry about voltage safety.

Besides, if you use it in the stage or performance, we suggest you use our CO2 jet machine, such as MK-C15 DMX CO2 Cannon, MK-C14 DJ CO2 Cannon, MK-C18 Led CO2 Cannon, etc. This kind of stage effect must be very wonderful and gorgeous!

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