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Dry ice machines, as a common special effects device, are widely utilized in various settings, from private gatherings to large-scale performances. They are favored by wholesalers for their convenient release of dry ice gas, which can linger close to the ground, creating a sensation of walking on clouds. Ideal for the entrance of newlyweds at weddings. Certainly, one can also dream of roaming on clouds in reality with this machine.

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How Do Dry Ice Machine Work?

The working principle of a dry ice machine is very simple yet magical. When solid dry ice meets water, it sublimates directly into carbon dioxide gas, which is heavier than air. Therefore, the produced smoke can settle on the ground, creating a charming effect.


Currently, MOKA has four different sizes of dry ice machines available. You can choose based on the type of event or the size of the venue. For instance, MK-F12 can cover an area of 150 square meters, perfect for private gatherings or small celebrations; whereas MK-F13 can cover an area of 700 square meters, suitable for theaters or indoor stages.

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1. Easy Operation: The user interface is simple, and easy to use, and you can easily master the usage skills.
2. Adjustable Levels: You can adjust the density and intensity of the smoke as needed.
3. Stable Smoke Output: The smoke is thick, not prone to dispersing quickly, and delivers significant effects.
4. Built-in Components: Cleverly designed internal components can detect if the water level in the tank is sufficient, ensuring the machine operates with an adequate water level.

1. Lightweight and Durable : Made of high-strength composite materials, lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust.
2. Large Water Storage Capacity : Separate design of the water tank and dry ice, providing more water storage and extending usage time.
3. Cost-Effective : Waterfall spray design effectively reduces dry ice consumption, saving costs.
4. Strong Adaptability : Two sets of heating systems with adjustable power to meet the demands of various scenarios.

    Common Issues

    Even though dry ice machines have many advantages, they may still encounter some common after-sales issues.

    • Can the heating time of the dry ice machine be shortened?
      You can shorten the heating time by using hot water when adding water.
      Some dry ice machines can improve heating efficiency by using the main and sub-power lines for heating.
    • Why doesn’t the light turn on after the machine is powered on?
      Check the water level: ensure that there is enough water, at least 8 liters, slightly above the float position.
      Check the float: ensure that the float is not stuck, causing it to not sense the water level.
    • Do you need to wait for a while after the machine is heated before using it?
      The machine will automatically stop heating when it reaches 85°C, and the water temperature will gradually decrease. If you need to continue using it, you will need to reheat it, but the heating time will be shorter.
    • Why is the red light on during the heating process but the water is not getting hot?
      Check the water level and float: ensure that the water level and float are normal.
      Check the heating rod and relay: check if the heating rod is receiving power; if not, it may be a relay fault.


    1. Parties and Gatherings
    At parties and gatherings, a dry ice machine can create a mysterious, romantic, or fantastical atmosphere. By releasing dense fog, the dry ice machine can create an effect as if stepping into a fairy tale world, and it will sink to the ground without disrupting the audience’s view, making the party even more unique and memorable.

    2. Performing Arts
    In stage performances, dry ice machines are often used to create dreamy stage effects. Actors dance in swirling smoke, appearing to float in the air, providing the audience with a strong visual impact and an immersive experience.

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    3. Weddings and Celebrations
    At wedding and celebratory events, dry ice machines are commonly used to enhance the romantic atmosphere. A moderate amount of smoke diffuses on the stage, as the newlyweds walk through it like fairies in a wonderland, enchanting everyone.

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    4. Business Events and Exhibitions
    In business events and exhibitions, dry ice machines can attract attention and engage the audience. By creating unique visual effects, dry ice machines help enhance brand image and event ambiance, attracting more participants and clients.

    5. Film and TV Production
    In film and TV production processes, dry ice machines are often used to create various special effects scenes. For instance, fog-filled forests, mystical magical settings, or outer space effects in sci-fi movies, can all be easily achieved with the help of dry ice machines.

    6. Themed Celebrations
    At themed celebrations such as Halloween events, dry ice machines can offer visitors a unique amusement experience. By walking through thick fog, visitors feel as if they are in a magical wonderland or an adventurous world of thrills and excitement never experienced before.

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    With the magical charm of dry ice machines infiltrating various activities and performances, we can’t help but marvel at the wonder of technology. Whether it’s the dreamy stage effects or the enchanting party atmosphere, dry ice machines play an important role, adding a different touch of color and fun to every occasion. After getting a basic understanding of dry ice machines, you might also be interested in learning about similarly gentle lighting and cold spark machines.

    If you wish to delve further into dry ice machines, feel free to reach out to our staff. We are dedicated to providing you with more detailed information and professional consultancy services, ensuring that the dry ice machine seamlessly integrates into your event, bringing out a more splendid brilliance!

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