MOKA SFX MK-LD18 LED floor tiles

If you are looking for some pretty LED dance floor for your events night, MOKA LED dance floor can give you a satisfying answer definitely! MOKA SFX is a company that integrates production and sales, of which LED dance floor is one of our hot-selling product series. They are widely used in all different types of occasions, such as disco, bar, party night, stages, weddings, performances, etc.


  • It just only takes 30 min to install.
  • The thickness of this dance floor is 3cm, lightweight, it can be carried easily and save your storage space.
  • It can bear 400-500kg weight.


Voltage:90-240VAC, 50/60 hz
Panel Thickness3cm
Light sourceSMD5050, RGB, 36pcs/72pcs
ColorRGB 3IN1
Surface BoardAcrylic
Color of surfaceWhite / Black
Control modeSD controller(supply DMX, sound control, remote control), PC controller
Panel size2*2ft (60*60CM) 2*4ft (60*120CM)
Panel Weight2*2ft:6.8kgs/ 2*4ft:13.3kgs
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


Starlight Dance Floor

MOKA MK-LD18 starlight dance floor can be controlled by remote control, DMX512 control, and online IPAD control modes.

Through this control system, you can choose or make any pattern you want at different parties. And it has many functions as well, you can type the word, accounting number, make images and twinkling stars effect and so on.

MOKA MK-LD18 starlight dance floor uses wireless magnet connection. Compared with the wired led dance floor, the wireless MK-LD18 starlight dance floor is much convenient and easier to install.

And for 20*20ft, it just only takes 30 min to install these wireless MK-LD18 starlight dance floor according to our professional testing report.

But the wired led dance floor needs to take about 2 hours to install it. About this MK-LD18 starlight dance floor light source, it is used RGB, SMD5050.

For 2*2ft type, it has 36pcs led lights in it, for 2*4ft type, it has 72pcs led lights in it. You can choose one of these two different types of FT according to your event occasions.

Besides, you also can customize the size of the MK-LD18 starlight dance floor as your requirements, you just need to tell us your demand.

Then, the thickness of this MK-LD18 starlight dance floor is 3cm, lightweight, so it can be carried easily and save your storage space.


And the surface of this MK-LD18 starlight dance floor is made of acrylic which is not only lighter and stronger than glass, it also easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, after our practical testing, this MK-LD18 starlight dance floor can bear 400-500kg weight. So I’m sure the quality of this MK-LD18 starlight dance floor can totally meet your requirements.

All in all, MOKA SFX led dance floor not only can bring you a special experience, but also make your party nights more charming and colorful!

And if you use MOKA flame machine or fog machine with MK-LD18 starlight dance floor together, such as MK-E11 Cold Sparkler Machine and MK-F14 600W Double Fog Machine, etc.

I’m sure that your event night will be more wonderful absolutely!

At the same time, MOKA will provide you a one-year warranty, if have any problem with this product during this period, we will give you our top professional technology assistant.

And our MK-LD18 starlight dance floor also has passed the international certification.

If you want to get more details about these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us– MOKA SFX Team.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LED DANCE FLOOR by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

How MK-LD18 led floor tiles Machine is the perfect equipment.


    ▾ What are the MK-LD18 led floor tiles capable of?
    ▾ Advantages of the MK-LD18 video dance floor
    ▾ What is Meant by MOKA SFX Warrantied and Certified Products
    ▾ Conclusion

Every client wants their event to be remarkable. It allows them to let their guests create memories worth a lifetime. It will enable them to bring smiles that will stand the test of time. This becomes possible through the help of special effects machines. This equipment makes it possible because they amplify whatever positive vibes are already present. Each Machine produces a different effect that will transport partygoers to wonderland. Our company can provide you with a much-needed combination.

Through the MK-LD18 led floor tiles, happiness and cheer never end. As these lights dazzle around, so does the positive surge of emotions. Lights have the unique ability to reflect the feelings currently experienced by guests. This means that attendees can imagine beauty all around. The inner sense of happiness is more amplified by what others feel as well. Apart from its power to link emotions together, this mini lights machine also excites audiences and guests’ energy as the lights are incredibly mobile. With this, mobility of the senses happens. Throughout the event, guests try to follow the journey of lights that surround them.

The MK-LD18 led floor tiles are a top pick amongst all the equipment we have. Whether it be concerts, 7th birthdays, or weddings, the MK-LD18 led floor tiles guarantees to spark a never-ending joy should always have this gem. Clients who wish to themselves floating in a sea of lights while they welcome a new chapter in their lives should have this equipment. Kids who are also excited about seeing different shades and speeds of lights dance in the air should get to experience this. Our company offers different types of dance machines. What we recommend is the MK-LD18 led floor tiles equipment. This is a top machine for those who wish for high-speed video light release and portability.

What are the MK-LD18 led floor tiles capable of?

The MK-LD18 led floor tiles will bring you to a world like never before. MOKA SFX MK-LD18 video dance floor can present you feel like you’re floating in a never-ending surge of lights as you enjoy the company of those around you. With the MK-LD18 led floor tiles, you spark wonder and excitement in one go.

Clients admire the MK-LD18 led floor tiles for their ability to spark a variety of emotions. It can adapt to the client’s needs. By changing the speed of release, operators can create the mood most perfect for the client. They depict the party as fun and energy-filled, meaning that lights can be released as fast as lightning. No dull moment occurs. Kids can chase around lights whenever and wherever they want. Those who wish a serene and intimate moment meanwhile can always press the slow-release option. This can do two things. It can isolate the lights to a specific place, and it can prolong the appearance of similar lights in the air.

The MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor is a must-have for event specialists, DJs, club owners, and theater directors who want to make a memorable production. This led pixel dance floor allows people to marvel at floating vibrancies while enjoying the fun of your activity. Through the MK-LD18 led floor tiles, you genuinely combine joy and amazement while making everything feel natural. It is a must-grab for theater organizers. During a stage play, the appearance of lights creates a realistic depiction of fun under a mesmerizing aurora borealis. More than this, the Machine is also perfect for couples having their first wedding dance. Surrounding them with lights creates a feeling of you and me against the world. They have the liberty of enjoying each other while dancing to the most romantic music. The floating capacity of lights makes guests witness this as well. The MK-LD18 video dance floor makes this happen by converting lights fluid into reliable figures. As the double rotating wheels go for a spin, the Machine produces a surge of lights.

Our MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor is a match for clients who wish to combine portability and an endless surge of lights. Our company’s product is our best bet for your events. It can create a stream of lights that last for the entire party. Our dance floors are not easily breakable. They are highly protected by a robust tempered glass that allows them to remain intact after many parties. This means that with constant care and consistency, the light power will remain unchanged. Clients can enjoy a stream of lights without experiencing a sliver of darkness.

The MK-LD18 video dance floor uses a high power voltage. Do not let the large wattage fool you. LED pixel dance floor panels are one of the most cost-effective products on the market. Despite high electricity requirements, bill outputs are reasonable. More importantly, this allows the Machine to function at full capacity without interruption. More than this, the low wattage requirement means that other special effects equipment can join the special effects mixture of the party.

This very detailed review of the MK-LD18 video dance floor is just a teaser of how it can allow you to host the event of the century. Please go through the other prized features of the equipment to know more about its advantages. We want you to see the truth with this product.

Advantages of the MK-LD18 video dance floor

What makes MOKA SFX MK-LD18 dance floor tiles a perfect fit for your party is their desirable features. How these features and this device can be beneficial for making your party or dance floor a big hit; here are some dominating advantages you can have with these panels;

Video panel feature

This product is very budget-friendly to all users. Besides being a dance hype machine, this equipment also releases lights. This means that the MK-LD18 led floor tiles can function as an independent light source. One panel can emit a pre-recorded video from your laptop or iPad. It can release video recorded lights as the audience dances to the music’s ultimate swing and beat. This happens because of the recorded video release function. This means that it can release pre-recorded lights videos into the dance floor party space. The video release will just have to depend on the mood desired by the party organizers. Apart from releasing a static video, the video elements can have multiple factors all at once. The result is a coordinated stream of entertainment that brings you to a world like never before.

Besides its independent video light function, it can also be to complement the other special effects used during the party. In their natural state, fog and lights are white in appearance. They are very reminiscent of a calming breeze that goes around the venue. This could be further enhanced or modified by the lights video function. The LED feature fills both with color. In no time, guests will find themselves transported to a world of rainbows and color. They feel a cool surge of color as they dance to the beat of the music.

Flexible Control function

The MK-LD18 video dance floor is effortless to use because of its signal controls. This means that the machine operator does not need to be beside the device to adjust its settings. By manipulating the percentages through the controllers, the desired effect will happen. This is a benefit because it means that workers will not distract the event’s audience. All they have to administer is sit in the tech booth to manipulate the light output to the desired speed. The technique to remember is that the best effects are produced when light colors are coordinated. If you aim to create a serene mood, then slow light shifts are the best option. However, if the party is all about high-energy movement, the hyper-shift option is the client’s best bet.

With the MK-LD18 led floor tiles, the client is always the boss. They have 2 options on how they wish to control the machine speeds. They may manipulate the settings through either the remote control or the DMX control. The remote control provides the advantage of having to create sudden decreases or increases in speed. The lights transition suddenly lessens from a higher number to a lower one by clicking on the minus button. However, if the client wishes to have gradual effects, they may use the DMX controller instead. The DMX controller can gradually add or subtract speed without the client feeling a sudden change. They can slowly and smoothly transition from one pace to another.

Another beauty of the remote controls is the client’s ability to coordinate lights, fog, and lights. The beauty of the Machine is found in its versatility. The MK-LD18 video dance floor can produce different color combinations that will reflect the mood of the activity. However, what is most notable about this Machine is found in its capacity to harmonize all color shades and effects. All the clients’ have to do is just push the right button for this.

Strong Glass Endurance and Easy Maintenance

Around four times stronger than annealed glass is tempered glass. As a consequence of the increased surface tension, in comparison to sharp jagged fragments, the glass splits into small rounded pieces when broken. Compressive surface stresses give enhanced strength to tempered glass. Don’t deny that. And I know you want to throw away the tools before you start worrying about adding them to your list.

Secondly, because of the high-quality and highly hard materials, the surface is durable. As it demonstrates, with a high load-bearing function, the integral aluminum structure is the key advantage for large quantities of dancing guests. Each square meter can accommodate up to a total weight of 500kg in terms of the Sunfromlight cap. Isn’t it fantastic? So it can suit several different occasions, from intimate to loud parties of the century.

The tempered glass is also advantageous for protecting the delicate wiring system. The MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor is equipped with a state-of-the-art wiring system. Despite this, the installation was done in a way that no electrical wirings are tied together. Everything does not overlap to ensure that assembly and light scattering is out of the blue. All the operator has to do is continuously retest the equipment after every event conducted. For more information, SF-LD64DS is equipped with a DMX512 wireless transceiver, RGB wireless music controller, SPI LED controller, and LED DMX512 programmable controllers.

Magnet Control Merge and Division

Each dance cube is always somehow connected differently. If some of your devices’ panels get out of order, you just have to dismantle the defective piece rather than wasting lots of your time checking the whole panels chain or set. You do not have to gather all the necessary tools or set of tools just to deal with any breakages in your panels.

As these panels are unique on their own, the client can position them separately. The dance cubes can appear like stepping stones leading to a broader dance floor. This is an excellent strategy to tease out the impact of the party. By placing the MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor at the venue guests’ entrance, guests know that something greater is waiting for them.

High Pressure limit

Bearings of MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor perform the duty of limiting damage from being done by this unit to the part that assists the circumrotation and controlling the correct state of the rotating rod, just like MK-LD16. This role of bearings is what permits us to use our devices over and over again for an extended period.

With the high load-bearing option, users need not worry much about the weight consumed during the usage proper. Heavy objects and elements will be manageable through and through.

Adaptable Dance Floor

This MOKA-SFX product allows you to channel your creativity. This will enable you to customize the released effects. This means that the client can select what effects will be played during the party itself. Beyond the programmed graphics, the client can choose to release images that spark beautiful memories for all the guests involved. This digital led pixel dance floor also expects an unusual matte effect. Magically romantic, Sunfromlight digital dance floor shakes with uniform shades and high consistency in an elegant way. Too much high light may be harmful; therefore, a decent quantity of matte shades would be an ideal alternative option for you.

What is Meant by MOKA SFX Warrantied and Certified Products

The MK-LD18 led floor tiles machine has passed different quality control checks. Like all MOKA SFX video dance floors, the dance floor panels or tiles, whether it is a video dance floor tile, led pixel, or just the light-up dance floor tiles, have received a certificate of approval from international agencies like the BST. This means that the device will work well under various circumstances.

The Ce/RoHS/FCC approvals mean that the Machine is safe for use in countries that highly consume this device. The MK-LD18 video dance floor machine has passed international guidelines. Distributors and event organizers then do not have to hesitate before purchasing this Machine.

Having the CE and RoHS stickers means that the MK-LD18 led floor tiles machine has passed the European Union standards. All countries that are members of the association can sell and reuse the Machine for all they want. They secured the permit because the Machine has met all the safety requirements needed. This assures guests that proper usage will guarantee safety and endless happiness. No damage to property or people shall happen.

Meanwhile, the FCC sticker indicates that one can use the Machine anytime in the United States of America. The MK-LD18 video dance floor can be stationed at parties or theater events as long as they meet their local municipality’s electricity requirements.

For repairs and maintenance, customers need not worry. The MK-LD18 video dance floor follows a one-year warranty period. This means that all glitches, operational damages, equipment consultations, and repairs shall happen for free. All the customer has to do is bring their device to an authorized service center. In this way, official and expert representatives can assess the repairs. All there is to remember is to report the damage within the one-year warranty period.


Having the MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor mini-lights machine makes your event truly one of a kind. It impresses the crowd beyond its size. Despite its miniature built, it’s a product worth remembering. This mini lights machine is versatile in its own right. Guests venture into the serene and calm heaven of lights. At the same time, they can exist in high-energy worlds through the high-speed option. Organizers need not worry about damage. The iron casing of the MK-LD18 led pixel dance floor protects it from further damage.

Our MK-LD18 led floor tiles will make your event the best party of the year. This product is always available on the MOKA-SFX page. For comparisons, you may also purchase it on third-party sites like Alibaba. To avoid difficulties, always make sure to check the distributor. One-time users need not worry as well. This is a purchased device for many local event organizers. This means that they can rent it by merely giving them a call. Reserve until stocks last. Make dreams come true with the MK-LD18 led floor tiles.

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