MK-LD05E LED Dance Floor Panel

MOKA SFX’s newly designed LED dance floor panels, also called MK-LD05E Magic Cube LED Dance Floor, have a novel hexagonal design.

The effects presented are different from other quadrangular dance floors and are perfect for performances in disco stages, concerts, T-stages, etc.

Whether you are a retailer or an event planner, MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels are always your best choice!


  • 5050 SMD 3IN1 high brightness LED lamp.
  • It has high load-bearing with 500 kg.
  • The waterproof grade of the magic cube dance floor is IP55.


Voltage:90-240VAC, 50/60 hz
Power consumption30w
Led QTY144 pcs 5050 SMD
ColorRGB 3IN1
Surface BoardAluminium & Tempered glass
Water proofIP55
Control modeSD controller(supply DMX, sound control, remote control), PC controller
Panel Weight23kg
Side Length25cm
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LED Dance Floor Panels
MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels, the super-slim panel is made of aluminum & tempered glass frame, has high load-bearing with 500KG.

Besides, the dance floor material is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, no auxiliary cooling system is required, natural heat dissipation, and no noise when working.

And the waterproof grade of the magic cube dance floor is IP55, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Magic cube LED dance floor panels of MK-LD05E, with silk-screen print glass, the floor can present a kind of auto-stereoscopy vision.

The 3D effects running independently and RGB color can be changed, with bright color, fast response, and perfect display effect. When the colors on the floor tiles change, you will have the illusion that you are not standing on the ground.


It seems like you are standing on the Rubik’s Cube from any angle.
MOKA LED dance floor panels use a fixed dock connector installation, which is convenient and saves you time.

What’s more, It has multiple control modes, wireless remote control or wifi control operation to achieve the desired effect of customers, and with sound control and DMX control.

Last but not least, it’s perfect when you use MK-LD05E magic cube LED dance floor panels with MOKA SFX co2 jet machines, especially in the night club, party, which will have unexpected effects.

Last but not least, it’s perfect when you use MK-LD05E magic cube LED dance floor panels with MOKA SFX CO2 jet machines, like MOKA H-C03 LED CO2 jet, especially in night clubs and parties, which will have unexpected effects.

Please feel free to contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LED DANCE FLOOR by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

How MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels are Perfect Equipment?


    ▾ What are the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels capable of?
    ▾ Advantages of the MOKA SFX MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor.
    ▾ How do MOKA SFX MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels work?
    ▾ Certified and with Warranty Product
    ▾ Conclusion

The addition of special effects gadgets is one of the most surpassing prides of every event organizer, enthusiast, and attendee who has seen the extra beauty provided by each piece of equipment. Each machine is unique. The special effects produced will depend on the specifications of the product. The differences in each gadget complement each other. Together, they produce an event with enhanced sensory feelings of touch, smell, sight, sound, and texture. MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels allow people to experience their aurora borealis dreams by interacting up close with a stream of shifting lights. This machine is worth its name. Throw a dynamic and fun-filled gathering with the MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor panels.

A stunner among these special effects equipment is the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels equipment. It is a never-forget gear for those who wish to build a wonderland of lights and or a landscape filled with different bursts of color. Of course, there are different types of disco light dance floor panels. We will provide the machine that best fits the activity of the customer. A recommended piece of equipment is the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels, a piece of dance equipment highly admired for its flexibility and 3-in-1 color set.

What are the MK-LD05E Led dance floor panels capable of?

The MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels will make your audience feel that they belong to a world filled with realistic fantasies. The burst of lights dancing through their eyes while also witnessing other specials will make the audience experience the wonderland they have always dreamed of.
The MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor is one of a kind as it can jumpstart the feel of flexible emotions amongst its audience. A slow transition of lights can put everything in slow motion. It can create an intimate setting of seeing everything in color while enjoying a slow dance with your loved ones. The option for fast release, on the other hand, guarantees a surge of energy. The rapid flow of lights will push excitement as guests engage in a rapid light flurry atmosphere.
If you are a DJ, nightclub owner, or festival organizer, you will never go wrong with the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor panels. It is very suited for celebrations that you want your audience to play with and or enjoy a stream of lights while singing and singing to the beat of your music. Its versatility goes a long way. It is also a perfect addition to the ambiance of a wedding dance. Guests travel into serene wonderlands as they dance with the loves of their lives on the soft white ground while the lights amplify the love that resonates through the atmosphere. Our dance floors are very strong and versatile. The electrical equipment is shielded by a durable tempered glass that allows it to remain undamaged after a multitude of parties. This means that with constant care and consistency, the light power will remain intact throughout your event.
Clients can enjoy a stream of lights without experiencing a sliver of darkness.

The MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine uses a very low power voltage. Do not let the 30 wattages fool you. LED lights are one of the most cost-effective products on the market. Despite the low electricity requirements, healthy and vibrant lights are produced. More importantly, this allows the machine to function at full capacity without interruption. More than this, the low wattage requirement means that other special effects equipment can join the special effects mixture of the party.

These features are some of the ways that the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine completes your event’s feel. Let us explore the details of our equipment and discover its more advantages. Our vision is to present this comprehensive guide that will give you a complete list of the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine’s assets.

Advantages of the MOKA SFX MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor.

If you have one of our finest LED dance floor panels, these are the advantages you will get with this MOKA SFX product;

RGB 3 in 1 LED panel feature
This product is very budget-friendly to all users. Besides being a dance hype machine, this equipment also releases lights. This means that the MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor can function as an independent light source. One panel can emit all colors at the same time. It can release colors as the audience dances to the ultimate swing and beat of the music. This happens because of the 3 in 1 LED release function. This means that it can release shades of red, green, or blue into the party space. The color release will just have to depend on the mood desired by the party organizers. Apart from releasing one color at a time, these can be released all at once. The result is a coordinated stream of light that brings you to a world like never before.

Besides its independent light function, it can also complement the other special effects used during the party. In their natural state, fog and bubbles are white in appearance. They are very reminiscent of the calming breeze that goes around the venue. This could be further enhanced or modified by the LED function. The LED functions fill both with color. In no time, guests will find themselves transported to a world of red, green, and blue. They feel a cool surge of color as they dance to the beat of the music.

Dual Remote function

The MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor is very easy to use because of its signal controls. This means that the machine operator does not need to be beside the device to adjust its settings. By manipulating the percentages through the controllers, the desired effect will happen. This is an edge because it means that workers will not distract the event’s audience. They have to sit in the tech booth to manipulate the light output to the desired speed. The technique to remember is that the best effects are produced when light colors are coordinated. If you aim to produce a serene mood, then slow light shifts are the best option. However, if the party is all about high-energy movement, the hyper-shift option is the client’s best bet.

With the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels, the client is always the boss. They have 2 options on how they wish to control the machine speeds. They may manipulate the settings through either the remote control or the DMX control. The remote control provides the advantage of having to create sudden decreases or increases in speed. The lights transition suddenly lessens from a higher number to a lower one by clicking on the minus button. However, if the client wishes to have gradual effects, they may use the DMX controller instead. The DMX controller can gradually add or subtract speed without the client feeling a sudden change. They can slowly and smoothly transition from one pace to another.

Another beauty of the remote controls is the client’s ability to coordinate lights, fog, and bubbles. The beauty of the machine is found in its versatility. The MK-LD05E dance machine can produce different color combinations that will reflect the mood of the activity. However, what is most amazing about this machine is found in its capacity to harmonize all color shades and effects. All a client has to do is push the right button for this.

Durable Glass Protection and Easy Maintenance
Around four times stronger than annealed glass is tempered glass. As a consequence of the increased surface tension, in comparison to sharp jagged fragments, the glass splits into small rounded pieces when broken. Compressive surface stresses give enhanced strength to tempered glass. Don’t deny that. And I know you want to throw away the tools before you start worrying about adding them to your list.

Secondly, because of the high-quality and highly hard materials, the surface is durable. As it demonstrates, with a high load-bearing function, the integral aluminum structure is the key advantage for large quantities of dancing guests. Each square meter can accommodate up to a total weight of 500kg in terms of the Sunfromlight cap. Isn’t it fantastic? So it can suit several different occasions, from intimate to loud parties of the century.

The tempered glass is also advantageous for protecting the delicate wiring system. The MK-LD05E disco light dance floor is equipped with a state-of-the-art wiring system. Despite this, the installation was done in a way that no electrical wirings are tied together. Everything does not overlap to ensure that assembly and light scattering are out of the blue. All the operator has to do is continuously retest the equipment after every event conducted. For more information, SF-LD64DS is equipped with a DMX512 wireless transceiver, RGB wireless music controller, SPI LED controller, and LED DMX512 programmable controllers.

Magnet Control Merge and Separation
Each dance cube or panel is connecting to each other definitely. So, when some boards go out of sequence, you only need to disassemble the broken ones rather than consuming lots of time checking the whole complex chain. There is no demand for fixing an entire set of tools for urgency.

As these panels are amazing on their own, the client can actually position them separately. The dance cubes can appear like stepping stones leading to a wider dance floor. This is a good strategy to tease out the impact of the party. By placing the MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor at the venue guests’ entrance, guests know that something greater is waiting for them.

High Load Bearing

Bearings do the function of blocking damage from being done by this force to carry the rotation and maintain the rotating shaft’s correct position. This function of bearings is what allows us to use our machines over and over again for an extended period.
With the high load-bearing option, users need not worry much about the weight consumed during the usage proper. Heavy objects and elements will be manageable through and through.

Customizable Dance Floor

This MOKA-SFX product allows you to channel your creativity. This allows you to customize the released effects. This means that the client has the liberty to select what effects will be played during the party itself. Beyond the programmed graphics, the client can choose to release images that spark wonderful memories for all the guests involved. The digital-led dance floor panels also need an amazing matte effect. Magically romantic, Sunfromlight digital dance floor shakes with uniform shades and high consistency in an elegant way. Too much dazzling light may be harmful. So, a decent amount of matte shadows would be a perfect alternative choice.

How do MOKA SFX MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels work?

Operating the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels is not hard to learn. In one seating, individuals assigned to operate the machine can learn all the ins and outs of this. The first step in making the machine work is arranging down the acrylic panels on the locations’ event floor. Any position will do. All the magic LED dance floor operator has to do is make sure that the panels are strategically positioned. The magnets of each panel will be in charge of holding it all together. You will produce the same effect no matter what the arrangement of the panels is. Once the client has decided on this, you can plug the device into the switch. The MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor shall come to life within a matter of seconds. Through its powerful tempered glass, lights continue to surge without interruption. The sensitive parts of the equipment remain protected throughout. With this, no corner is left boring or sad. As the disco light dance floor comes to life, guests can always witness high surges of happiness and energy. If the light speed needs to be changed, all the operator has to do is configure the controls’ buttons or settings. Operating this machine is as easy as pie. Clients may always refer to our comprehensive operation guide for any queries or concerns.

Certified and with Warranty Product

As a MOKA-SFX product, the MK-LD05E magic LED dance floor has undergone rigorous quality control. This means that the bubble machine has acquired different certifications that guarantee its safety and neat performance.

The product has met international guidelines. The CE / RoHS / FCC stamps testify that it approved countries that frequently use the device. It also means that it is safe to use in different climates. Local distributors and event organizers can get the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels to the dance machine without trouble through these certifications.
The CE and RoHS certification of the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine means that the machine has passed the quality control measures of the European Union. All countries under the European Union’s supervision can sell, advertise, and operate the area’s equipment. This device has the permit because it adhered to all safety-related requirements. Buyers need to consider this certification because it means that users will not result in any harmful aftereffects to guests and surrounding locations.

On the other hand, the FCC sticker means that operating the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine in the United States of America (USA) is legal. No hassle will happen when using or purchasing this product. Users just have to remember to meet the electronic interference requirements.

Apart from these certifications, the MOKA SFX MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels have a 1 year warranty period. This means that should the client experience equipment failure or damage, all repairs and consultations will happen for free. Employees will entertain them as long as the customer brings the machine to an authorized customer service center. Replacement is also free for damaged parts. This is a guarantee as long as reporting happens within the warranty period.


Reading the MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels, an amazing MOKA SFX product’s description will make a person realize that it will bring guests to lights heaven. The machine can transport guests into a serene light chamber and energetic fantasy lands through its varying speeds. Whether indoors or outdoors, the machine will work without fail. This magic LED dance floor is also a strategic investment because it is not easily broken. All internal parts are safe through its iron casing. Its longevity and high capacity make the MK-LD05E disco light dance floor machine a deal worth its name.

Our MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels will truly make your event the talk of the town. This product is available on the MOKA-SFX website. You may also buy it on third-party sites like Alibaba. Just make sure to double-check the authenticity of the device. For one-time users, you may rent this equipment through your local event organizers. What are you waiting for? Reach us through our social media accounts to grab your MK-LD05E LED dance floor panels. You will create smiles worth remembering.

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