MK-LD05C Portable Liquid Lighting Dance Floor

MOKA SFX Portable lighted dance floor is our new product, brings you different sensory experiences and effects. Compared with other LED dance floors on the market, the novel design of MK-LD05C dance floor can catch your eye easily. It is equipment available in any entertainment like party, night club, etc.


  • Dance floor is adopted anti-scratch tempered glass for the surface of panel.
  • Waterproof rating is IP55.
  • R/G/B colors using 60pcs 5050 SMD LEDs.


Voltage:90-240VAC, 50/60 hz
Power consumption30w
Led QTY60pcs 5050 SMD
ColorRGB 3IN1
Surface BoardTempered glass
Water proofIP55
Control modeSD controller(supply DMX, sound control, remote control), PC controller
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Portable Lighted Dance Floor

MOKA SFX portable lighted dance floor is adopted anti-scratch tempered glass for the surface of panel, which has high load-bearing with 500KG/SQM.

What’s more, its waterproof rating is IP55, suiting for indoor.MK-LD05C Portable lighted dance floor you can change R/G/B colors by using 60pcs 5050 SMD LEDs.

It’s not only with different colors change effect, but it comes with liquid flow effect, filled by toxic-free and safe liquid, environmental protection and abundant choices of color for different needs of arrangement.

You can imagine that when you step on the liquid dance floor, the color and liquid will follow your steps and flow. It is so amazing, isn’t it?

MOKA SFX MK-LD05C Portable lighted dance floor can be controlled by DMX, Sound control, remote control, WIFI and PC control the RGB full color.


Our liquid dance floor is easy to connect, you need to get ready for the fix connector firstly, and insert dance floor into the lock hole at the bottom of mould, then the dance floor can work.

MOKA SFX, as a professional special effects equipment manufacturer, always put product quality first. Our products have certifications of CE and ROHS, we keep stricting quality control process on every product.

Besides, we highly recommend that you use this portable lighted dance floor with our dry ice fog machine, I’m sure that your event will be more unforgettable definitely in this way.

Moreover, we still have MK-LD03 Abyss Mirror led floor and MK-LD05E Magic Cube Led Dance Floor.

Whether you are a retailer or a leaser, you can provide more a diversified led dance floor to your customers.

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  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LED DANCE FLOOR by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

How MK-LD05C is a Perfect led dance floor Wedding Solution?


    ▾ Features of the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor
    ▾ How to Operate the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor
    ▾ Advantages of Using the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor
    ▾ Conclusion

Do you think of making the best unique dance floor for your entertainment event? We offer you the ideal product for your dance floor solutions. If you install beautiful dance floors, your events always crowd with excited, fun lovers. The feeling derived from having a dance on the most fantastic dance floor goes a long way. Special occasions like weddings and special dance events call for such portable lighted dance floor as the MK-LD05C. If you get to dance on these floor tiles, you will make a lifelong attachment with them. As an event organizer, once you have your dance floor installed with these modern light up dance floors, you will always want to make your floor look spectacular. People tend to forget that you will always go looking for that good experience once you have a good experience. If you have ever had your dance on the MK-LD05C light up dance floor, you may relate perfectly.

Features of the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor

Waterproof- when using these dance-floors tiling, you don’t have to worry about water and liquid spill. The tile has a waterproof glass top that does not allow any water to permeate into it. If you wish to clean the surface, you will comfortably use water without fear. Those floors that seep water into the tile don’t last long. Leave alone long-lasting, the beauty of a tile once water enters the inner casing vanishes. You fail to see the intended beauty while dancing on a water-logged tile. That never becomes the case with the new MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor. The first glow remains till the end.

  • Lightweight : After you purchase these floor tiling, light in weight, don’t worry about their weight while installing. You may have come across these hefty tiles that if they fall on your feet, they may break you. Our most recent MK-LD05C light up dance floor comes in a portable lightweight. You will find them easy to install and carry when making that dance floor beautiful.
  • Color effect– the light up dance floor tiles or panels get to change their color effect. Once installed and connected, you may change the color to suit your desired theme. The color-changing happens systematically. These color-themed tiles bring the perfect mood to the dance floor. If you intend to make your place exclusively eye-catching, consider these dance floor equipment. No one will ever miss dance on such a spectacular dance floor. The memories for the dance on this dance floor will go a long way.
  • Water-effect- like the color effect on the dance floor changes, so does the water effect. The tiles will appear as though some watery sections exist among the colors. After stepping on the tile, the color and liquid follow your steps as they flow. This experience will be the most fun on the dance floor. The sight becomes so breathtaking when you install these floor designs into your event space. Many event places look forward to making the places enjoyable. These light up dance floor make the ultimate colorful floor solution. As a parent, honoring your child’s birthday or graduation party will require these floor products. Your daughter’s sixteenth birthday dance on the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor will be a memorable day. For weddings as well, these led dance floor wedding tiles will accord you the perfect performance. As a bride, having to walk on these led dance floor wedding tiles will be an un-forgetful experience. As an event organizer, let these dance floor products be on your budget list to offer your client’s the most amazing event in their life.
  • Accessible connection features- you need to connect the floor tiles to a power source to keep them working. Our company made sure you find the connection easy to connect and use. You will only need to install the connector. From there, fix the dance floor connection to the lock hole. The lock hole gets positioned at the bottom of the mold. Once you find the lock hole, insert the tile connecting device there. Within no time, your dance floor lights to the occasion. This easy connection will allow you to enjoy a perfect dance whenever the need arises.
  • Heavyweight adapter- you may look at the glass-topped dance floor and get thinking that you may break it. You will get surprised to know that these light up dance floor tiles may withstand even a 500-kilogram weight. I don’t mean that the whole floor setting. I mean that a single tile may withstand that weight. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to worry about the fragile nature of the tile. It may hold an imaginable weight as it serves you for a long time.
  • Interior décor capabilities- the light and water effect features make these portable dance floor tiles a perfect interior décor item. When considering the items to add up to your décor, our unique dance floor lighting may be a perfect fit. You only need to make the perfect color choice.

How to Operate the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor

  • Make sure the dance floor tile has enough charge or connect them to a power source
  • Use your remote control to power them on
  • When you power on, you will see the dance floor light into several colors
  • You may now use your sound system or DMX to change the light up dance floor color codes. Your remote control may also make it easy to change the color code offering you more choices than the RMX and sound system.

Advantages of Using the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor

When you install these dance floor lighting tiles, you stand to enjoy some benefits. The following consists of the benefits of using our dance floor products.

  • Assured Durability- these dance floor tiles may last long since installation. The tiles fit perfectly together, leaving no chance for water to infiltrate. Water damages any electrical products within a blink of an eye. It was with this fact that we ensured our dance floor tiles met the waterproof standard. The fact that the dance floor tiles withstand enormous weight makes them very strong. No matter how heavy a person may be, they don’t stand a chance to break the glass top.
  • Beautiful dance floor- the colorful water and color effects of the dance floor make it fantastic. This MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor won’t be an ordinary everyday tile. You will get to dance on a multicolored dance floor with the most fantastic color effect. If you plan an event and install these dance floor tiles, rest assured they will be the most beautiful thing for your audience. If your dance floor gets equipped with a unique lighting effect and a fog machine, it will make the perfect place to spend your time.
  • Imagine dancing to your graduation party, wedding party, or eighteenth birthday party in a boring place. You will need a well-lit, beautiful, and lighted floor and unique fog effect to make your day special. The MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor offers no less an experience. Let your entertainment event be as entertaining as it needs to get.
  • Spectacular customer experience- if you design your dance floor in this unique way, your customers will always accord you their presence. For the clubbing industry, this floor set-up will ensure a continued supply of visitors. The dance floor comprises one of the most favored places in a club. When the music plays, and the floor lights up in such a welcoming way, you won’t think twice about getting a dance. If you intend to make the floor time un-forgetful, switch on the various lights using your remote. The more the colors change, the more fun and better the experience you will get with this light up dance floor. By choosing fantastic colors for your led dance floor wedding, your guests will enjoy their time. The led dance floor wedding lights will fit perfectly. You will amaze your guests with the choice of beautiful products once you light up dance floor tiles to reveal striking colors and beauty. If you intend to choose an after-party entertainment place, make sure your portable lighted dance floor crowns the event. If your newlyweds dance on the unique dance floor, it will form a special bond place for them. As an event organizer, you need to form bonding memories for your clients. This MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor will help you achieve your mission.
  • Variety in product selection- as a manufacturing company, we look forward to offering variety in the light up dance floors that satisfy your needs. You will have a variety of colors to choose from for your dance floor setting. The different colors will allow you to match your theme colors when decorating your event venue. Bright colors will light well for clubbing events, while mixed colors will serve your birthday and led dance floor wedding parties well. Our unique color selection will allow you to have a good client time since you will fit in their color theme perfectly. You will offer them a diverse selection base.
  • You will own scratch-free flooring products. As much as our light up dance floor MK-LD05C comes waterproof, we ensure the glass template ensures zero scratches. The anti-scratch tempered glass material will offer your customers the complete dancing freedom they require. You won’t worry about their shows scratching your floor tiles even a bit. We built the dance floor lighting tiles with tempered glass to build on your confidence. You will have a good time without the slightest worry. A good antis-scratch glass adds to the beauty of the tiles as well. With no scratches, no dirt sticks to the surface, and you will leave them sparkling after cleaning. The beautiful appearance adds to the glow.
  • The tiles allow for an easy washing experience- have you ever had to clean a rough and badly scratched entertainment floor? You will be exhausted after cleaning a small portion. If your floor offers you an easy washing, you will finish and find enough time to perfect other places. The MK-LD05C dance floor tiles guarantee you the easiest cleaning experience. The tempered glass offers a smooth surface allowing you to clean easily. No dirt sticks or offers resistance to the glass, and so with a simple wash, your glass becomes sparkling. For the visitors, a clean and glowing dance floor provides a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.
  • You will enjoy easy control- some dance floor lighting system makes it hard to switch from one color theme to the next. Our nicely made MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor may be controlled using a remote. It won’t matter which corner of the room you will occupy, but you will only press the remote when you need a change. We opted to make it easy for you by making the floor lighting remote controlled. For a good dance floor moment, you need to be in total control. Just press the remote button, and your desired colored theme comes to life.
  • Easy installation- people fear tiled dance floors due to the installation work with the dance floor tiling. Our newly designed dance floor lighting tiles enable you to install them quickly. The ability to fit in properly gets attributed to their latest model and model. The tiles effortlessly intertwine, giving your floor an exclusive touch and finishing. We made the tiles portable allowing you to move them to your desired location quickly. If you value your time, it won’t take beyond two hours while putting up your floor for a medium-sized room. It would save your time by making your floor unforgettable with the MK-LD05C floor fixtures.
  • The dance floor tiles add up to the interior décor. One way you know of a well-designed space has become through checking the place’s interior décor. Most people look forward to a fantastic floor experience that compliments the entire interior décor. The beautiful color effects may match your interior colors depending on your color choice. If you intend to decorate a wedding’s dance floor, feel free to choose from our led dance floor wedding collection. We specifically design and produce dance floor tiles that suit your wedding theme for maximum satisfaction. For event organizers, we deliver dance floor tiles that will perfectly suit your event. If you start looking for the perfect floor designs for your club, visit us, and we readily make exclusive deals. If you embrace a little creativity, you get the perfect floor solution to suit your lighting and smoke effect. Introducing an artist on a well-lit stage, entirely covered with our MK-LD05C dance floor tile and an exclusive smoke experience will be unforgettable. Don’t tire to make your event extraordinary by choosing our portable lighted dance floor.
  • Multiple operation flexibility. If you get fixed to one mode of operation to any device, you become a prisoner to that device. If your operation mode malfunctions, then you don’t get to operate the device as you require. The MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor may be operated using DMX, sound, or the remote. The DMX allows you to control three colors if you get an entire RGB color dance floor. The sound effect works perfectly in clubs where colors change in response to the sound effect. The sound sensors make this phenomenon possible. With the remote control, you will get up to twenty color modes. The other operation modes offer few color modes. If one method malfunctions, then you get the liberty to use the other operation methods. You may choose a given mode of operation to suit your purpose as well.
  • Wireless connectivity. If your events company got an urgent event to cover, will your floor be set in thirty minutes? It may sound entirely impossible to come up with a floor solution that quick. Guess what? With our modern MK-LD05C led dance floor wedding, our wireless connectivity makes this possible. You don’t have to panic as you require spectacularly hosting that particular guest. You may only take thirty minutes to install your dance floor tiles fully. The tiles will ideally rise to the occasion by lighting to produce the magnificent glow that satisfies your visitors.
  • You will attract more customers. When your event organizing company comes up with ideal and exclusive designs, you stand a chance to attract more customers. If your client invited friends to his wedding, seeing your dance floor solutions may be a game-changer. Everybody needs their occasion well planned and designed. By using our MK-LD05C led dance floor wedding experience, you invite more customers into your venture.


Many dance floor solutions may not meet the required standards to be accorded the exclusive title. Do you intend to achieve the perfect flooring experience? You need to install the latest floor models and designs. The MK-LD05C led dance floor wedding design will offer you an experience of a lifetime. While providing you with the latest feature designs, you will also get more advantages in your event. The different color themes will fit perfectly with your décor themes. When your clients dance on these floor tiles, they will never forget the personalized experience. We offer the perfect designs with timely deliveries upon order. Don’t wait for your event to get boring. Always find it easy and affordable to install these modern floor designs to your event.
Our products will offer you durable service. The quality of this MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor product ensures you save money as you get the perfect floor experience. Once installed, the dance floor may stay in place as long as you wish. You won’t fear breakage or tile shifts because the floor tiles form a strong magnetic attraction. Buy the MK-LD05C portable lighted dance floor today and enjoy a lifetime of dance and fun times.

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