A good dance floor is one of the main attractions for people who go to the night club or parties. Well, As far as the varieties on the market are concerned, LED starlit floor tiles are very eye-catching.


  • Led dance floor is made of acrylic material with a thickness of 3 cm.
  • It is light, easy to move, and greatly saves transportation costs and storage.
  • It can receive signals remotely.


Panel size2ft*2ft Mix 2ft*4ft
Panel weight2*2ft: 6.5kgs/ 2*4ft: 12.8kgs
Panel thickness3CM
Light sourceSMD5050, RGBW, 16pcs/32pcs
Material of surfaceAcrylic
Color of surfacewhite / black
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If you are looking for the best floor tiles for your event, for wedding especially, wireless starlit MK-LD05A LED floor tiles would be your best choice!

When a starlit twinkle aisle for your wedding event, you can’t imagine how romantic when the bride and groom walk and dance on LED starlit floor tiles.

MOKA SFX LED starlit floor tiles added a new dimension of elegance to any event. The LEDs on the floor tiles flash and sparkly, they never get hot.

MK-LD05A LED floor tiles are available in two sizes, 2*2ft(60*60CM) with 16 pcs 5050SMD inside and 2*4ft(60*120CM) with 32 pcs 5050SMD inside.

You can flexibly match floor tiles according to the area of your event venue under different occasions

Moreover, MK-LD05A Wireless Starlit Floor Tiles don’t have to be square, the dance floor can also be rectangular and would also create a dramatic surface for a catwalk or product launch.

The panel of MK-LD05A LED Floor Tiles is made of acrylic material with a thickness of 3 cm, which is light, easy to move, and greatly saves transportation costs and storage.


MK-LD05A LED floor tiles can be placed on most interior floor surfaces such as wood floors, tiled and laminate floors. MK-LD05A LED Floor Tile has two colors of background for options, in white and in black, for different customer requests.

MK-LD05A Wireless Starlit Floor Tiles’ LED has 4 colors, R/G/B/W color change, and strobe speed are easily controlled by DMX512 and by remote controller, 12 buttons of different effects on the remote.

Of course, you don’t need to worry about the installation, MOKA SFX will provide you with detailed installation instructions.

Dancing on MK-LD05A LED Floor Tiles just like dancing on the sea of lights, brings those dancing on it into a completely different atmosphere.

To enrich the special effects of your events, the MK-LD05A Starlit LED Floor Tiles can be used along with the MK-F13 MOKA dry ice fog machine and MK-E11 Sparkler machine, they are the perfect combo to make a WOW factor in the wedding.

If you need to buy LED floor tiles for your event, MOKA SFX LED Floor Tiles are worth your purchase. Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiry.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LED DANCE FLOOR by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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    ▾ What are Wedding dance floors?
    ▾ What can the MK-LD05A Led Starlit Dance Floor do?
    ▾ What are the eye-catching features of the MK-LD05A Starlit Dance Floor?
    ▾ Where to use the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor?
    ▾ The MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor’s Size and Coverage
    ▾ The MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor Color and Control system
    ▾ Do You Want to Combine?
    ▾ What’s More?
    ▾ How to Get Yourself MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor

Can you imagine yourself having a boring wedding party or planning a boring party for a friend or neighbor? Is that too hard to reason? Okay, can you imagine yourself going to a party and you could not dance although you wanted to? What kind of party is that? Or you attended a ceremony, and you weren’t served food. It is just like going to school and not learning a thing. Like the old proverb, if the purpose of something is unknown, it is evident that abuse will become the day’s order. So for clarification’s sake. Why do we go to outings? Outings such as parties or go to places such as clubhouses, cinemas, theatre shows, film houses, and the likes. Before we go on, we may have to clarify terms in order to make things more straightforward. First, an outing is defined as a trip that is taken solely for pleasure. Some may last for a more extended period or shorter. The only common factor to all parties is that it is for enjoyment and nothing else. A party is also explained as a social gathering of several guests, which involves eating, drinking, and entertainment.

It is expected that event hosts do well in their planning towards eating and drinking, while the aspects of fun and entertainment suffer as though it was given to weaklings to handle. The company reached out to the general public to gather information from their perspective to parties and entertainments in events generally. The market reports revealed the reasons why most guests attend the parties they do attend. We were shocked by the discoveries, and those discoveries are sure to amaze you too. The first thing is that, opposed to the general belief that parties are for sociable and outspoken people, it was discovered that some people go to parties because they feel bored. Some people confessed to the fact that they attend parties to ease their loneliness. Parties, for some, are a route of escape from themselves, their past, their work, their toxic environment, and so on. Some people decide to go to parties because they don’t want to be at work. Some individuals wish to ease their broken state by partying.

It is apparent that you just don’t offer these kinds of people food and drinks and think you have had a lovely party or event. Just imagine your wedding ceremony with a mix of all types of people from different walks of life. You have someone who is lonely, one who is poor, looking for fun fare and plenty of enjoyment, one in the journey of purpose and self-discovery, another that wants to stay away from family or escape one thing or the other. With all these kinds of guests around, you would like to agree with me that offering them just food

and drinks is enough to satisfy their thirst. Then the problem remains what should you do to make things better. As you cannot keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. So one of the things you might have to learn is what you should do differently to make your party one to remember. Market reports showed that to satisfy your audience and guests, you need to do one of the following at your parties:
o Bring in a new and unusual element
o Get the service of a skillful DJ to keep the music rolling
o Be so weird and creative with your ideas
o Plan for any kind of person that might come for the party

What are Wedding dance floors?

Bear it in mind that any intelligent event planner would want to go out of his way to make his event a memorable one. Spicing things up in your wedding will not only serve to satisfy your guests alone. It is also for you as it crafts an unforgettable memory in your brain as the days roll by. Can you see yourself on a wedding dance floor on your wedding day, and you are rocking the whole stage in your flowing wedding gown instead of dancing on the everyday, common, and traditional red carpet or rug, as the case may be. Or dancing on a regular tiled floor as every tom dick and harry does. You can bring in something new and entirely fascinating to your party. There are many magic wedding dance floors that can perform for you. For instance, a wedding dance floor will enhance the decoration as other stage lights do. On a normal day, the essence led lights or stage lights as a whole in parties and events is to enhance the decoration. In an exclusive interview with an event planner and interior decorator, she revealed that the purpose of the moonlights and moving headlamps and lights they use in events is to showcase the beauty of their decorations.

Asides from the fact that a wedding dance floor will enhance your decorations, it also offers a cheap way of setting up a cinematic wedding scene that is easy to install and remove. Unlike other decoration and stage setups for weddings and other kinds of events, wedding dance floors are effortless to install and remove. The wedding dance floors can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. In any case, they are used to bring about an elegant style of event and always stand out.

What can the MK-LD05A Led Starlit Dance Floor do?

After speaking so much about the wedding dance floor and starlit dance floors, most people get confused and mix things up. Some end in the confusion of not being able to differentiate which from which, and they just go out there and buy that which they shouldn’t have thought of spending their hard-earned money on. That is why it is necessary to show you the kind of LED starlit dance floor you should buy and probably why you should buy it. Based on the recommendation, it would be nice to go for the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor. As stated

earlier, an excellent starlit dance floor will attract and provide an electrifying atmosphere that will keep your guests at the edge of their seats throughout your event. It would be such that anyone who sits at the back in your event will know that he is missing a lot by taking that back seat position.

The MK-LD05A LED Starlit Dance Floor is a trendy starlight dance floor whose use cuts across many angles. The MK-LD05A LED Starlit Dance Floor is produced by a China-based manufacturing company that is armed with over five years of experience in the production of stage effects and products of such kind. The MK-LD05A LED Starlit Dance Floor has a user-friendly interface which means that its installation and setup are effortless and without stress.

What are the eye-catching features of the MK-LD05A Starlit Dance Floor?

The wedding dance floor panel has a mix of sixty by sixty centimeters dimension size and a sixty by one hundred and twenty centimeters. While the smaller-sized kind weighs about six and a half kilograms, the longer weighs over twelve kilograms. The material has an acrylic surface, and it can display about four colors at the same time. They have a mixture of red, green, blue, and white colors, which brings a special kind of dreamy effect to your event. It has a thickness of just 3 cm, making its handling, carriage, and transport extremely convenient.

Where to use the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor?

The led starlit dance floor can be used for any event, but the best use is still in weddings. For anyone planning a wedding, the led starlit dance floor’s best choice is still the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor. The reason is not far-fetched; just imagine how romantic it would be if the starlight twinkled the aisle at your wedding. You are obviously dying to see that kind of thing happen at your wedding. This memory is not seen all over, and I believe you would like this kind of experience for many of your family, friends, and well-wishers who have come from different walks of life to grace the event.

The MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor’s Size and Coverage

There are two different sizes of the 3d led dance floor. Both of them have the same thickness of three centimeters. This thickness is what allows for their lightweight and easy carriage. This helps save on transportation as they are so easy to move. The size of the product is 60 by 60 cm with just sixteen pieces. This one will cover almost a thousand square centimeters. While the other one is 60 by 120 cm per tile, and it has thirty-two fragments of tile. This implies that it would cover nineteen by 38 meters. More so, the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor is not always square like its previous edition. The 3d led starlit dance floor could be installed to match the area of the event you will be using. They could be rectangular, making it possible for them to create a dramatic surface for a catwalk, product launch, fashion parade, or even walking down the aisle.

The MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor Color and Control system

The 3d led dance floor comes in four different colors to give you a dreamy atmosphere at your event and parties. It has red, green, white and blue color. The speed of each color can be controlled easily with the DMX 512 control system. They can also be controlled with the remote control system, which has about 12 buttons with different dance floor effects. You do not have to be very near the dance floor to control it as it can receive its signal remotely from anywhere in the hall that you are.

Do You Want to Combine?

To enhance or bring further boost to the already incredible atmosphere produced by the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor, you can just use it along with a dry ice fog machine and/or with a sparkler machine. Those two are the perfect combination for any memorable wedding party. The three in combination, it is so sure that you cannot satisfy your guests better. the variety of colors produced by the wedding dance floor with the dreamy atmosphere of a fog machine will create a wonderland

What’s More?

There is no worry on the path of installation because they are easy to install. Also, you will be provided with an easily understandable installation guide, and just applying those simple principles will surely secure you. You will be able to not only install it but have a perfect party.
Be reminded that dancing on the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor can be likened to dancing on a sea of light. This experience alone will bring you and whoever is in your event to a completely unique atmosphere and environment.

How to Get Yourself MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor

Now that you have seen the many advantages, benefits, and profits of getting yourself the MK-LD05A LED Starlit Dance Floor. Should you ever need a 3D LEDstarlit dance floor, you should not box the air or chase the wind. Just look to get yourself MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor. The machine is in various shapes and forms; it has several power output ranges and sizes. Therefore, MOKA SFX Company would just deliver the exact size and power of the LED dance floor you are looking for. No matter how big or small. All you need do is to contact the sales department. The company has extensions and warehouses in several countries of the world. Their products have been exported to many different European countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. It has extensions to other countries like the USA, South America, and Southeast Asia, etc.

As a matter of fact, you can get an inquiry through to the Moka SFX sales team and get all the other information you need or desire on the MK-LD05A Starlight Dance Floor. To fill in the query, you can log on to You will only need to fill in your contact details and the specific requirement in the dialogue box.

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