MOKA SFX MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding

When it comes to LED dance floors, what the first venue gotta pop in your mind? I think most people will go with the wedding first, except that, LED dance floor has become quite popular among the event organizers today. They can be used for bars, office parties, birthday parties and nightclubs, shows and more.


  • Super-slim panel, which is made with tempered glass & ABS
  • 20×20 FT size only takes around 30 mins for installation
  • DMX512, PC, SD, WIFI, Auto, or Remote control


Voltage:AC 110-220v, 50/60 hz
Power consumption15w
Led QTY60 pcs 5050 SMD
ColorRGB 3IN1
Surface Board10MM Tempered glass
Water proofIP54
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


When you searching a suitable led dance floor for wedding apply, you should know that there are 2 main types of led dance floors: Wireless-each panel connects, and power transfer through copper connectors; Wired-each panel connects and power go through with wired connections.

You don’t have to confuse which one to choose, just think about the convenience. With MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding, we use a super-slim panel, which is made with tempered glass & ABS, only 7cm in thickness,11KG in weight.

Most important, we changed wire to fast locker, only take few seconds to linked every 2 panels with ABS pieces. For 20×20 FT size, we only take around 30 mins for installation, which could totally improve your teamwork efficiency and save some labor costs.

Thanks to the wireless design of our wedding floor, which make work easy, also control mode with MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding, there has DMX512, PC, SD, WIFI, Auto, remote control, you can choose the mode which is suitable for yourself.

We design MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding with strong capacity, which able to support up to 500kgs and won’t break easily under the weight of dancers on the top.

Also with MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding, it is built with IP65 waterproof standard, so you don’t have to worry about the issues, like drink or water spread all over the dance floor.


Before you consider our MK-LD02 led dance floor, you might worry about the quality, which is totally understanding. With our production procedures, MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding will be installed and test for 4 times within 24 hours before packing.

1-When led panels finished, we connect power to see if each led lights can work properly.

2-After glued, install the led dance floor, and make it show effects.

3-Install led floor again, the engineer will do the QC with the part dance floor.

4- Rebuilt the dance floor, use software to try the functions.

We will take care of your order, make sure product delivery without flaws.

Bring your party life with cool light shows right beneath your feet, with MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding, will make your guests want to dance to the beat.

It is really necessary to have if you intend to make your party a blast, image on the wedding, on the center of the stage, there has led lighted dance floor, surrounded by sparkler and dry ice effects.

Please contact us if you need more details with MK-LD02 MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LED DANCE FLOOR by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

How MK-LD02 is a Perfect led dance floor wedding Equipment


    ▾ What Equipment Do MOKA SFX manufacture?
    ▾ How to select the right LED dance floor for you.
    ▾ Why MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding is the best choice
    ▾ How to operate your MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor
    ▾ Advantages of the MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding
    ▾ Passed professional CE RoHS and FCC certification
    ▾ High-quality state of the art accessories
    ▾ Conclusion

The MK-LD02 is a colorful LED dance floor with super slim panels made of 10 mm thick tempered glass and ABS material for its chassis. The tempered glass diffuses the light and gives an even color, while the sides and bottoms are made reflective for maximum performance of these LED tiles. These panels come as 60 pieces of SMD LED tiles that can be connected seamlessly to each other wirelessly. An improvement from the use of copper connectors.
The MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor is used for wedding celebrations and in a wide variety of places like bars, office parties, birthday parties, nightclubs, and shows

What Equipment Do MOKA SFX manufacture?

At MOKA SFX, we manufacture disco party dance floors and various other special effects gadgets like snow machines, foam party machines, and bubble fog machines for event organizers and enthusiasts. All our special effects depict a different purpose and give a fantastic touch to each wedding or party. What lies commonly in these special effects; is the festive aura that a special product brings to any particular social event.

The wedding light up dance floor is just one of the many LED dance floor models we have at MOKA SFX. Each model proves beneficial in uniquely different ways according to user necessities. Such different models are classified into the traditional and modern types according to their mode of connection. Therefore, you can choose the one specifically tailored to your needs. We have many confetti, snow, and other special effects and you can choose one according to your and your party’s requirement.

How to select the right LED dance floor for you.

Although all our LED dance floors including MK-LD02 work to create mesmerizing outcomes for your party, you still want the specific dance floor that will serve to your satisfaction. Therefore, you must have these several tips to determine the LED dance floor you want for a successful event organization.

To choose any special effect, you have to get all possible information regarding the products first. You can consult MOKA SFX if you have any queries concerning the LED dance floor you want.

A Proper Plan

A proper plan of partying can help you to get a suitable special efefct for your event. You will draw a plan, that will give you the idea of party or event size, that will determine the audience size and it will help you to determine or choose the suitable place for your party. And, also when you will choose a proper place you can make up your mind to choose the type of led dance floor special equipment. If you are unable to make up your mind, our professionals or experts can help you to make a decision according to you, party type, audience and size easily.

Determine Your Event Size

Determine the size of your event is essential before having a special effect like MK-LD02. You can have a premium quality MOKA SFX product according to the size of your event, you can have the product for small, medium, and even larger events from us. When you will consider all the relevant features of your party, it will be easier for you to have a piece of suitable special effect equipment.

Determine Your Audience Size

Before choosing the proper led dance floor for your audience or client, you have to review your audience quantity. Assuming an event of 300 people, roughly half the population will be up on the dance floor and taking into account the social distancing measures taken between each person or couple. You can thus calculate the exact size of the led dance floor wedding you will require for such an event.

Why MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding is the best choice

Our team of experts at MOKA SFX designed the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding to have a couple of unique features. These include its:

Floor surface board

MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor uses tempered glass and ABS as material for its paneling. This provides a durable surface that is quite easy to clean. These floor surface boards come in 60 pieces measuring 50 cm by 50 cm in cross-section and 6 cm in thickness. The successful use of these high–quality and durable materials results in a sturdy LED dance floor assembly. A strong LED dance floor capable of supporting any form of pressure exerted onto it by the dancers.


The disco party dance floor system uses a wireless magnetic connection allowing you to set it up within a short amount of time- approximately 30 minutes. It is made possible by substituting copper wires as used in wired led dance floor wedding with magnetic board material that swiftly joins to each other. This will save you additional labor costs and time since an individual can set it up fast without needing extra help that would be costly in the long run. In case of any problems encountered with a particular LED panel, you can quickly disconnect it from its counterparts using a special tool we provide you with upon purchase.

Great colors

The MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding possesses a 3 in 1 RGB color effect. These produce a huge variety of color combinations that light up the dance scene keeping everyone on their feet.

Power input
The MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding is powered by an output window instead of the back powered arrangement of its predecessors. This minimizes any risk likely to result from an electrical problem.

Load-bearing capacity

All of our LED dance floors at MOKA are professionally tested and proved to support weights of up to 500 kg per square meter. Therefore, you need not worry about a huge turnout of people to your event. You can trust that our LED dance floor wedding will support your dancing audience no matter how many they may be.

Multiple control options

The MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding supports various control modes, including; WIFI, remote control, PC, SD, auto, and DMX functions. This makes it convenient to operate, from a distance, a far-off location, or close to it.
Finally, our wedding light up dance floors are installed and tested for efficiency in operation 24 hours before packaging and shipping. This ensures that our clients receive viable equipment from our factories and warehouses.

How to operate your MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor

To set up the MK-LD02 disco party dance floor, you need to connect its magnetic panels. This should be done carefully since these connections transmit power from one panel to another, lighting up the dance floor. You should meticulously connect these LED panels to avoid uneven surfaces and become seamless. You can control the disco party dance floor in various ways depending on your preference. These are the;

DMX control mode

The DMX signal for the MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding controls three channels. These are the channels responsible for the Red, Green, and Blue colors. The LED dance floor wedding is thus able to produce versatile color combinations that will surely give you the perfect disco experience.

Sound control mode
The noise control mode of this wedding light up dance floor machine uses sound to regulate the LED dance floor’s effects. This is made possible by the existence of noise sensors that switch light as the music operates on. This feature proves useful in the cases of bars, clubs, and music events. Its remote can control the noise activation mode, sound sensitivity, and light mode.

Remote control mode

This is a conventional method to control the disco party dance floor because you have to keep on adjusting the lights, music, and effects manually. However, a remote control mode can control LED lights within the wedding light up dance floor to an ordinary amount of 20 tones. Some of the prevalent effects enter strobe, flashing, flowing of lights, and color fixing. Despite being a manual control option for your colorful dance floor, the remote control gives more color modes than its equivalents.

iPad control mode

This is a wireless order of controlling your MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding. It is pretty relevant to the remote key mode, besides the fact that it has to be connected to a wireless application. The iPad keyboard mode aids with controlling the video presentation on your disco party dance floor. It also controls light color, contrast, brightness, and textures.

Apart from the in-built modes, you can also build your custom modes even while being depending on the administration used.

A single row of panels usually shares one control module. These control modules are then connected using USB cords to a device like a computer. Hence, these colorful LED panels join together to access the control module. Within the panels, pressure and sound sensors allow the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding to change its lighting effects and patterns.

Advantages of the MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding

  • The LED dance floor wedding has fast lock connector installations, making it simple, fast, and convenient when setting it up. This saves you the extra labor costs incurred and time spent on hiring extra hands for assistance.
  • Also, the LED dance floor panels weigh only 11 kg, making them easy to disassemble and move to different locations to the user’s convenience.
  • The led dance floor wedding is sustainable in order. It stores energy through direct heat dissipation, excluding the demand for an auxiliary cooling machine. The best of MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor is that it produces no sound while operating. Previous models of LED dance floors have had to include the use of external auxiliary cooling devices due to high heat levels produced over long operation spans. Continuous research and improvement on these LED dance floors have resulted in the invention of more sustainable models that save energy and do not impact the environment. Besides, the MK-LD02 produces no noise during operation, making it acoustically sound for any given environment.
  • The MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding has an IP54-IP65 waterproof grade. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Most electrical equipment is prone to breaking down when exposed to water. Surprisingly, our wedding light up dance floors do not get affected by exposure to moisture. Our team of experts at MOKA designed the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding to be waterproof and water-resistant. Therefore, it can be used for a wedding dance in the rain, or any other wet joyous occasion you may have in mind. You also need not worry about any drink spillages that might occur on its surface, the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding is the perfect dance floor for you.
  • MK-LD02 disco party dance floor has the perfect lighting, and sound effects running independently with quick responses to adapt to any rhythm or party atmosphere required. This makes it a highly reliable LED dance to create the perfect dance experience for you and your guests.
  • MK-LD02 disco party dance floor includes a non-slip and sturdy paneling system. A feat made possible by the use of tempered glass for the surface board paneling and ABS material as the chassis. This makes the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding a durable LED dance floor. A guarantee of the long operational life that our LED dance floors exhibit.
  • We produce high-quality and elegant designs with the ability to create the perfect dance experience you could imagine. Not only are our products visually appealing, but they also perform to their ultimate capabilities.
  • The MK-LD02 consumes only 15 W of power making it suitable for connecting with other special effects equipment like fake snow and fog machines. This enhances the LED dance floor’s performance and successfully creates the disco mood you require.
  • Besides, the MK-LD02 wedding light up dance floor has displayed extensively long life spans of more than 10 years of successful operation. This is indeed a long time for one to reap the benefits of special effects equipment such as an LED dance floor. Not only ensuring the long-term returns on the part of event organizers, but also a prolonged lifetime of mesmerizing disco displays one can ever dream of.

Aside from the features discussed above, the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding displays certain unique advantages on account of certifications like the:

Passed professional CE RoHS and FCC certification

The MK-LD02 disco party dance floor is a certified product due to its safety and quality. This shows that the LED dance floor wedding has passed international product quality standards.

Hence, the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding is allowed to gain entry into foreign markets. Our products are sold globally and therefore can be delivered wherever you are.
The approved CE and RoHS certifications that appear on the product’s body are a mark of approval by the European Union (EU). They allow member EU nations to sell our products to their citizens. They also prove that our products do not contain any harmful components that may be hazardous to users

On the one hand, the FCC approved certification plastered on the LED dance floor panels is issued by the USA. It guarantees that the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding as a piece of electronic equipment is within the allowable electronic interference the machine may have. Therefore, the MK-LD02 is safe to operate.

Also, the MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding has a warranty of up to one (1) year. We will therefore provide any necessary repairs encountered by your machine for free within that specified period.

High-quality state of the art accessories

The MK-LD02 LED dance floor wedding is designed and adapted to withstand constant rugged wear and tear. An eventual circumstance that many special effects equipment are often exposed to. This is made possible because of the durable tempered glass and ABS material used in its assembly.


To conclude, MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding is a clear and perfect answer to a lot of our questions. MOKA SFX offered us a unique special effect that has covered the beauty and enchantment part of our parties. It acts like icing to the cake as it adds up allurement to your disco parties or wedding parties. So, to have a MOKA SFX special effect at your event is always a wise investment.

If you are a party planner or event organizer, you will get millions of choices to enhance your event’s beauty, but it is a certification that none can act as our special effects like MK-LD02. The best of its features is the rainbow features. So, adding rainbow colors to your party has become more comfortable with this led dance floor wedding equipment MK-LD02. Easy to operate and to get your favorite dance floor within minutes has become amazingly easier with MOKA SFX equipment. It will never disappoint your expectations of having a perfect led effect. So, help yourself and your clients make their parties cool and worth remembering with the MOKA SFX MK-LD02 disco party dance floor. You can purchase it from our official site or access third-party websites, which offer our products. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order now!

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