MOKA LED Dance Floor Make You Dance On and On.
Dancing with MOKA LED Dance Floor, Let You Immerse the Joy of Party Nights, Make You Dance Forever.

Outstanding Functions & Features

MOKA LED dance floor has beautiful and colorful Lights, make your party night more excited.

Surface Board
We use tempered glass or acrylic material, durable to use, easy to clean.
Magnet connection
it is used wireless magnet connection,only needs to take 30 min to install, it can save you time effectively.
Full RGB color
For everything else full colors dance floors are most versatile and give the best experience,we supply all types moka dance floor not only full RGB.
led dance floor
Full Power
Guaranteed output power we called which is from output window instead of inside the led dance floor.
After our professional testing, every moka led dance floor can bear about 500kg/m² to 800kg/m².
Multiple operation
You can choose DMX, Sound, Remote or other control mode as your convenient.


Using DMX table , operating the LED Dance Floor according to the channel list .
LED dance floor's effect can be changed by voice or sound control mode.
Type words, make different design effects in different events.
Customized according to your needs


Each LED dance floor of MOKA SFX has it’s own special characteristics,
definitely can make your events

Gold star Mirror led dance floor
Matte led dance floor wedding
Laser led dance floor panels
Mat dance floor lights
portable lighted dance floor
Abyss Mirror led floor
Starlit led floor tiles
wedding light up dance floor
disco party dance floor
Digital led dance floor
Digital light up dance floor
Laser led light dance floor
Laser nightclub dance floor
light up floor
Infinity light up floor tiles
RGB Infinity led dance floor
led dance floor panels
disco dance floor
Digital starlight dance floor
360 Spin Photo booth
360 degree light-emitting pixel tube


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MOKA SFX LED Dance Floor

LED dance floor or disco dance floor also named illuminated dance floor, which is a floor with panels or tiles that light up with different colors, used for dance. Modern illuminated floors are using colored LEDs, normally is red, green, and blue LEDs are used to get a wide color range. The floors are typically constructed of solid sided square cells and titled with toughened glass, acrylic glass.

I know on most occasions, you have your friends, you got a limo, and you are headed to the event or parties you have been waiting for. While there is missing the led dance floor, you can not dance with people. I know it is important to have dancing at any party or event, so why not make it even more special with an LED dance floor?

What Types of Dance Floor You Can Choose?

Here at MOKASFX, we have a wide variety of dance floors for our clients to choose from, including most traditional models to more modern types.

When you hold a wedding and expect to create the ultimate party atmosphere, starlit led dance floors would be a good choice, it is a traditional type, which could give you twinkling effects. Also DMX acrylic led dance floor could be one option too. Except for traditional romantic venues you want to create, sometimes you want to make unique and special, then you can try our new models of led dance floor like our MK-LD07A disco party dance floor,MK-LD02 led dance floor wedding.

These new type led dance floor, it is wireless, different with traditional wired floors, some even with a magnet, easy to install. Also, it has interactive features, could bring more patterns and possibilities to your real party.

  • Choosing The Right Size Floors

How do you know what size of dance floors you need for your wedding or event?
This might be one question you been concerned about, while, you don’t have to worry about now. We will provide you a proper estimate, according to experience, we have fought that normally less than half of people would jump in and dance at the event. That means if you got a party for 200 people than 100 people(50 couples)will be the most number of people step on the floor at any time. Each couple needs nine square feet of space,  which is about 3×3 feet panel for each couple.

  • Below is a Rough Guide to Help You Decide The Right Size:

dance floor

Whether you are getting married, having a birthday party, or getting ready to hold prom, an led dance floor will be a hit with all guests. Looking to make your wedding or event memorable for a lifetime? Check the specific model of led dance floors, and contact us today to see what we can do to help.


The Ultimate Guide: Find Your Perfect LED Dance Floor

A good LED dance floor determines how much everyone enjoys the party. The important part of every party or event is dance, which is why a LED dance floor becomes the centerpiece.

While buying a LED dance floor, most people feel that there is not much to think about. But that’s where you go wrong. Buying a LED dance floor requires a lot of consideration.

You will be surprised to know how much there is to know about these twinkly surfaces. But don’t worry, we have this guide for you that will tell you everything you need to know about a LED dance floor.

Now, let’s go find a LED dance floor for the coolest event you will ever organize!


What is LED Dance Floor?

LED dance floors have been in the market since the 2000s. The sparkly surfaces have become a popular feature for every party, event, or wedding. These are filled with hundreds of tiny LED lights that emit opulence and bring grandeur to your event.

The floor is lit up with modern illuminated panels with RGB colors, creating a spectrum of colors. LED dance floors are constructed of solid square cells, and tiled with a tough and acrylic glass. LED dance floors create a fun atmosphere for dancing and help to elevate the ambiance at the venue.

There are several varieties of these lit-up LED dance floors, such as disco, starlight, standard LED, retro light-up dance floors, and more.

For weddings, you can opt for a starlit LED dance floor, which is also the traditional type. It gives a twinkling effect that leaves a lasting impression on your customers and their guests. You can also consider a DMX acrylic LED dance floor for weddings.

If you are looking for an option to host an ultimate event and make it unique, you could opt for a disco party LED dance floor, or a standard LED dance floor.

Both of these classics work best.

If not, as an event company, feels free to ask your stage lighting manufacturer for laser lights to highlight your event.


Should You Get a LED Dance Floor?

A LED dance floor is fun for dancing, and that is our number one selling point. But if you are still not convinced with the beautiful and colorful lights they have. Then here’s why you should be considering getting a LED dance floor.

  • Floor Surface Board

The LED dance floor uses a tempered glass material or acrylic material for the surface board. This makes it easy to clean and long-lasting.

  • Connectivity

The system uses a wireless connection nowadays. This allows the set-up to take around 30 minutes to install, saving your company a massive amount of labor and time.

  • Great Colors

The essential feature of a LED dance floor is the colors it emits. These come in versatile colors to give you the best experience. The best LED dance floor is the one with a full RGB color mode.

  • Power

An output window powers the LED dance floor. Initially, the power used to back inside the LED dance floor, but today it is changed to minimize risk.

  • Load-bearing

You do not have to worry if your event is expecting to come in hundreds of numbers. Every LED dance floor is professionally tested to allow a certain amount of weight. The average weight carried by the LED dance floor is usually 500kg to 800kg for every meter squared.

  • Multiple Controls

You can effectively control the LED dance floor in several ways. There are varieties with DMX mode, Sound mode, Remote control mode, IPad control,PC control mode, and many more that are convenient to use. In fact, your customer can handle the controls at their own events. Learn more about these controls present in MOKA LED Dance Floors below.


How to Control a LED Dance Floor?

The four ways to control your dance floor are described as in-depth below:


  • DMX Control Mode for LED Dance Floor

DMX is short for the ‘Digital Multiplex Signal.’ You can also call it DMX 512 because the signal can control up to 512 channels.

To understand how channels work in DMX, imagine colors. So if you buy an LED dance floor with full RGB color, then the DMX will control 3 colors or ‘channels.’

  • Sound Control Mode for LED Dance Floor

Sound control mode helps to conveniently change the LED dance floor’s effects. The sound controller includes sound sensors that change lights as the music plays. This works well in bars, clubs, or music events.

The remote to this can control sound activation mode, light mode, and sound sensitivity.

  • Remote Control Mode for LED Dance Floor

The remote control mode is a traditional way to control the LED dance floor. You have to manually keep changing the effects, music, and lights.

A remote control mode can control LED lights inside the dance floor to an average amount of 20 modes. Most of the common effects include color fixing, fading, strobe, flashing, and flowing of lights.

This may be a manual way to control, but offers more color modes than its counterparts.

  • iPad Control Mode for LED Dance Floor

iPad control mode is a wireless method to control your LED dance floor.

Except for the fact that the LED dance floor connects to a wireless application, it is quite similar to the remote control mode. iPad control mode assists with managing the video display on the LED dance floor that you invest in. So, you get to manage the display of the dance floor, making the event a big hit!

Besides the in-build modes, you can also create your custom modes depending on the application. The iPad control mode for the LED dance floor can control light color, contrast, brightness, textures, etc.

All the effects and colors are jaw-dropping. Don’t be surprised if your customer requests your company to organize the next event as well!


How to Connect LED Dance Floor Tiles?

LED dance floors are fairly easy to assemble and manage. Therefore, setting up the LED dance floor tiles is easy and hassle-free when it comes to setting up the event.

There are two main types of LED dance floors that you can buy at MOKA. We have both wired as well as wireless models available for the equipment.

  • Wired LED Dance Floors

The wired one is quite simple since it is connected with wires between panels. They reduce the possibility of an uneven dance floor. However, they do risk tripping over the wires. You can check out the regular, wired LED dance floors available here at MOKA.

  • Wireless LED Dance Floors

At MOKA, we also have wireless models. The wireless models are connected via Wi-Fi. The LED lights have lithium-ion batteries in them. While wireless LED dance floors pose less of a risk, they do cause floors to be uneven if not connected well.

  1. When it comes to assembling wireless LED dance floors, take care of the copper wires. The copper connectors transfer power panel to panel and the LED dance floor relies on this power. The panels could lose the power immediately when the connectors lose the connection. Eventually, shutting down the entire LED dance floor.


2. Another type of High-end model of LED dance floor available at MOKA is the magnetic tiles model. The tiles are completely magnetic in nature, and no wiring is essential for it. All you need to do is fix the tiles on the board having a magnet. The magnet holds the dance floor tiles together, making the assembling and disassembling simple and quick. At the same time, you can easily replace any of the tiles using a tool we provide with a new LED dance floor tile in case of issues.


What Does a LED Dance Floor Consist Of?

LED dance floors, also known as illuminated floors, use several LED colors. Usually, these colors are red, green, and blue LEDs, which combine to create a wide spectrum of colors.

The floors are constructed and tiled with either toughened glass, Lexan top, or acrylic glass. The sides and the bottom of the LED dance floors are reflective, while the top disperses lights in an even color. Under control modes, you can make the floor display various colors and effects.

One row of panels usually shares the control module. USB cords connect these control modules to a device, like a computer or iPad. In a simpler way, the dance panels connect together to access the control module.

Pressure and sound sensors allow the dance floor to change patterns, effects, and lights.

The LED dance floor does not have certain standards to follow because they pose no risk at all.


How Do You Choose The Right-sized LED Dance Floors?

The size completely depends on how many guests are attending and the size of the venue. You can opt for more fixtures as the size of your venue increases. However, ensure that the lights do not go to waste.

Make sure that you have a room diagram or blueprint on you at all times to show it to your stage equipment manufacturer.

Even as an event management company, selecting the right-sized LED dance floor can be tricky. But the best-LED dance floor or stage equipment manufacturer will give you a proper estimation of sizes.

They have a ton of experience to determine how many people will be able to dance on which size of the floor.

You can calculate it this way. In case you are expecting around 200 people at a wedding organized by your company, then it is possible that around 100 people will use the dance floor at once. Consider a 9 square feet space between every dancing couple.

Most manufacturers will provide you with an extensive guide to help you decide the right size of the LED dance floor for your ultimate event.


How Do You Select The Right LED Dance Floor?

Every LED dance floor has distinct characteristics that can make your events unforgettable. It is important to keep in mind a couple of tips that will help you buy the best LED dance floor.


  • Contact Listed Manufacturers

This is pretty simple to understand. At MOKA, you get exactly the type of LED dance floor you are looking for! All you have to do is check out the models available. You can request us for a quote for the LED dance floor model that appeals to you the most.

If you are confused about which one to pick and have other queries, feel free to get all your queries cleared! All you have to do is get in touch with us and we will guide you through perfectly to help you pick the best model suitable for your needs.

Save yourself the time and hassle, get in touch with MOKA today!


  • The final step

At MOKA, we even save you the trouble of visiting a store physically and looking for the right model. We make it all available for you right on our website!

You can check out the specifications of the varied LED dance floor models we have available here. The range and specifications available at MOKA are plenty. So, you can rest assured that you are going to find the model in the budget you have in mind.


  • Look At Reviews

MOKA customers are more than just satisfied with the products. We excel at selling premium quality stage equipment for big as well as medium-sized events and stage shows. Our equipment is even suitable to organize fun-filled parties and weddings.

So, we have got excellent reviews and responses from all our clients.


Are The LED Dance Floors Water-resistant?

Yes, LED dance floors can be made water-resistant. However, not all models are that way. Many special effects manufacturers offer LED dance floors that are connected outdoors, which is why they are water and moisture resistant. This means the bride and groom will still be able to have their first dance in the rain!

These illuminating floors exceed any event company’s expectations when it comes to adapting to their demands.


What Colors Are Available in LED Dance Floors?

There are many colors available such as RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW, and RGBAWUV.

RGB is the most common color available across markets. The initials for the same stand for red, green, and blue, respectively.

For the remaining acronyms, A stands for ‘amber,’ and W stands for ‘white.’

Amber and white LED’s are more expensive than the regular colored LED’s.

The combos were created in the last few decades. Due to this, the companies shifted into the LED lights trend and adopted all these color combos. Allowing them to create a wider range of patterns, textures, effects, and colors for the LED dance floor.

The RGB color fixtures used to lack the wow factor even though many events were successful. This called for the addition of amber, white, and the UV LED’s into the color fixtures.

You can select any of these to create a variety of effects and ambiance for the room.