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Outstanding Functions & Features

MOKA SFX LED dance floor has beautiful and colorful Lights, making your party night more exciting.

Surface Board
We use tempered glass or acrylic material, durable to use, easy to clean.
Magnetic Connection
It uses a wireless magnetic connection, only needs to take 30 min to install, can save you time effectively.
Full RGB Color
For everything else full-color dance floors are the most versatile and give the best experience, we supply all types of MOKA SFX dance floors not only full RGB.
MK-LD04 ABYSS led dance floor banner png
Full Power
Guaranteed output power we called which is from the output window instead of inside the LED dance floor.
After our professional testing, every MOKA SFX LED dance floor can bear about 500kg/m² to 800kg/m².
Multiple Operation
You can choose DMX, Sound, Remote, or other control modes at your convenience.


Using DMX table, operating the LED Dance Floor according to the channel list.
LED dance floor's effect can be changed by voice or sound control mode.
Type words, make different design effects in different events.
Customized according to your needs.

Stage LED Dance Floors

interactive led dance floor for Game or Event, kids
Interactive LED Dance Floor
3D LED dance Floor
Gold Star Mirror LED Dance Floor
MK-LD02 rainbow led dance floor
Magnetic Rainbow LED Dance Floor
MK-LD03 wireless abyss led dance floor
3D Magnetic Infinity LED Dance Floor
MK-LD04 magnetic led dance floor
8x8 Magnetic LED Dance Floor
MK-LD01A RGB Star Mirror LED Dance Floor
RGB Star Mirror LED Dance Floor
MK-LD02B Rainbow LED Dance Floor
Rainbow LED Dance Floor
Infinity 3D led Dance Floor
3D led Dance Floor Tiles
1m Acrylic disco dance floor
Laser LED Light Dance Floor
MK-LD05E LED dance floor panel
LED Dance Floor Panels
Circle led dance floor
Wedding Light Up Dance Floor
360 Spin Photo Booth
360 degree light-emitting pixel tube
360° Light-emitting Pixel Tube

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MOKA SFX LED Dance Floor

What Is an LED Dance Floor Made Of

Since 2000, LED dance floors have become incredibly popular. You can spot them at almost every party, event, and even wedding. These dance floors are covered with hundreds of tiny LED lights that emit beautiful glows, creating a dazzling atmosphere for your occasion.

You might’ve heard them called LED dance floors, disco dance floors, or light up dance floors – they’re essentially specially designed surfaces packed with LEDs that can emit a spectrum of colors (usually RGB, but the possibilities are endless). This modern dance floor is made up of robust square units, and its surface can either be acrylic or tempered glass. And the best part? You can control them in various ways. This lets you create dazzling lighting effects and patterns. It sets the mood for the party and gets everyone pumped up with excitement.

What MOKA SFX LED Dance Floor Brings You

When you step onto our MOKA SFX LED dance floor, you’ll feel incredible feelings right away. This fantastic LED dance floor isn’t just for dancing, it’s a space that expresses emotions, full of energy and passion. The flashing LED lights sync with the music, igniting everyone’s enthusiasm and letting them dance to the captivating tunes. We make and sell MOKA SFX LED dance floors that work worldwide, with power voltage from AC 90V to 240V and a frequency of 50Hz to 60Hz, meeting global standards.

The weight of our LED dance floors varies depending on the style and how they’re connected. It’s somewhat influenced by accessories, so the weight can fluctuate. However, most of our LED dance floors have surfaces made of tempering glass, rigorously tested to handle loads of 500-800kg/m². This means they can endure even if a car drives over them. Our MOKA SFX LED dance floors are known for their durability and safety, suitable for many events.

We offer a range of LED light up dance floor styles used widely in different fields, like stages, sound, lighting, rentals, and performances. We have many choices, including disco dance floors, starlight dance floors, standard LED dance floors, retro illuminated dance floors, frosted LED dance floors, and LED mirror dance floors, etc.

If you’re planning a wedding, starlight LED dance floors are a traditional and popular pick. They leave a lasting impression on your guests with their unique sparkling effect. Alternatively, for weddings, you can consider using DMX acrylic LED dance floors to upgrade the venue’s visual appeal. If you’re going for a high-end event, disco party LED dance floors or standard LED dance floors might be your best options. Both of these classic effects offer fantastic visual experiences. If your client wants to rent light up dance floors, MOKA SFX’s magnetic LED dance floor is your perfect choice. Magnetic connection is the easiest to set up and take down. We’ve timed it, installation for a 20×20ft area takes less than 30 minutes, so quick!

Using LED dance floors is quite simple. Normally, the LED dance floor panels in a row share a control module, and these modules connect to your computer, iPad, or other devices by USB cables. In this way, you can easily access and control multiple sets of LED dance floors, more convenient to customize lighting effects. Furthermore, there are pressure and sound sensors that enable LED dance floors to generate dynamic effects based on the environment and the music’s rhythm. As you step on them, the LED dance floors display patterns that follow your movements or change colors, showing you extra fun and interactivity for your event.

LED dance floors provide a range of control options, including DMX, sound control, and remote control. The SD controller has nearly 96 default preset playback settings, which make light up dance floors show diverse forms available, including loop playback, pattern overlay enlargement, and even video playback. Moreover, with our control app, you can input text directly and combine it with patterns to add some more creative elements to your experience.

At MOKA SFX, we carefully test every LED stage floor for an intensive 72-hour quality evaluation. If you’re looking for light up dance floors that offer thousands of effects and are easy to use, contact us now and start a unique stage experience together.

How to Get Your Perfect LED Dance Floors?

    ▾ How to Choose LED Dance Floor Size?
    ▾ How Much Weight Can LED Dance Floors Handle?
    ▾ Are LED Dance Floors Slippery?
    ▾ Are LED Dance Floor Tiles Waterproof?
    ▾ What Types of LED Dance Floors Are There?
    ▾ Versatile LED Dance Floor Solutions for Every Occasion
    ▾ How Do LED Light Up Dance Floors Perform?
    ▾ How to Install and Connect LED Dance Floor Tiles?
    ▾ Multiple Control Options: Simplifies Your LED Dance Floor Operation
    ▾ What Accessories Come with MOKA SFX LED Dance Floors?
    ▾ Trustworthy LED Dance Floor Manufacturer – MOKA SFX
The heart of any gathering is often the dance floor, and that’s where LED dance floors truly shine. When you’re in the market for one, there are a few important things to consider. You might be surprised by the crucial details about these dazzling dance floor surfaces. But take it easy, we’ve put together this guide to give you all the info you need about LED dance floors. So, let’s find the perfect LED dance floor to make your next event one of the coolest parties!

How to Choose LED Dance Floor Size?

Have you been wondering about the right dance floor size for your event? It’s a question that may have puzzled you, but now it’s no longer a problem.

The size of your LED dance floor entirely depends on the number of attendees and the venue size. As the venue gets larger, you have the option to go bigger with your setup. As a manufacturer of special stage effects equipment, if you share a floor plan or design idea with us, MOKA SFX will create a customized solution for you.

If you’re still uncertain, we can offer a rough estimate. Based on experience, typically less than half of the guests will be on the light up dance floor at any given time. This means that if you’re hosting a 200-person party, there might be approximately 100 people on the dance floor simultaneously (roughly 50 couples). Each couple would require 9 square feet of space, approximately equivalent to a 3x3ft. dance floor panels.

  • Here’s some rough data to help you determine the appropriate size:

dance floor

If you haven’t bought LED dance floors yet, consider these data as your starting point. Take a look at LED dance floor sizes like 12×12 dance floor capacity, and 16×16, 18×18, or even 20x20ft to estimate their capacity. You can also find out the LED club dance floor size for 100 guests or 150 guests. If you need a larger LED dance floor or a more precise assessment tailored specifically for you, reach out to us. MOKA SFX is ready to create custom solutions that suit your needs!

How Much Weight Can LED Dance Floors Handle?

Ready to dance the night away? Our LED dance floors are up to the challenge of even the wildest dance moves. The surfaces are made from 10mm tempered glass or acrylic panels, they’re robust and easy to clean. These LED dance floors have been put to the test, supporting loads of 500–800 kg per square meter, equivalent to the weight of a car driving over them. So, go ahead and invite more friends to your party – our LED dance floors can handle it all!

Are LED Dance Floors Slippery?

Don’t worry about slipping or sliding on dance floors! The underside of LED dance floors features an anti-slip design, and they come with protective edges. Your guests can dance with confidence on these stable floors, and there’s no panel shifting. What’s more, light up dance floors are scratch-resistant, so people can wear any type of shoes – from high heels to dress shoes – leaving no marks.

Cleaning is a breeze with our club dance floors. A simple wipe will quickly remove any stains, leaving the dance floor looking clean and shiny. Just remember to avoid using harsh or acidic cleaning agents that could damage the surface.

Are LED Dance Floor Tiles Waterproof?

Absolutely! MOKA SFX’s LED dance floors can be customized to be waterproof which level up to an IP67 rating. They don’t get dirty easily and can handle a little bit of water without breaking. You can confidently dance the night away at indoor parties without any concerns. For outdoor weddings or other events during heavy rain, we recommend using professional rain protection equipment to ensure the dance floor’s safety. If you have other requirements, let us know. Just reach out to our sales team for a detailed solution!

What Types of LED Dance Floors Are There?

At MOKA SFX, we offer versatile types of LED dance floors. Let’s take a closer look at what might catch your eye:

1. Diverse Sizes:
LED dance floors are available with different border options, such as 50cm, 60cm, and 1 meter.

2. Multiple Installation Options:
We offer two types of light up dance floors, wired models, and magnetic models. You can choose the style that best fits the size and layout of your venue.

3. Versatile Selection: Depending on your functional requirements, we provide the following types of LED dance floors.

    • Infinity Dance Floor Series: Includes interactive, double infinity, and Neon styles.
    • Digital Pixel Dance Floor Series: Featuring 36 pcs, 64 pcs, or 144 pcs LEDs.
    • Rainbow Dance Floor Series: Includes pressure-sensitive models and various other styles.

Versatile LED Dance Floor Solutions for Every Occasion

When you’re hosting a wedding and want to create the ultimate party, consider the starlight LED dance floor. This traditional option offers a dazzling star-shining effect. We also recommend pairing it with our cold spark machine for a romantic feeling that complements the LED light up dance floor. Also, the DMX acrylic LED dance floor is not bad.

Looking to create something beyond the traditional romantic ambiance? Well, sometimes you want to make it unique and extraordinary. In that case, you can have a look at our state-of-the-art LED dance floors, such as our MK-LD01 Gold Star Mirror LED Dance Floor and MK-LD02 Wedding LED Dance Floor. These cutting-edge LED dance tiles are wireless, setting them apart from traditional wired ones. Some types are even built with magnets, which simplifies the installation. What’s more, they offer interactive features that bring additional patterns and possibilities to your parties.

Furthermore, we highly recommend the Magnetic Infinity 3D LED Dance Floor and the Magnetic 64pcs Pixel Video LED Dance Floor. These two options are MOKA SFX’s best-sellers and incredibly versatile LED dance floors suitable for a wide range of settings. They can serve as a nightclub dance floor or an LED dancing floor for weddings. Moreover, if you’re looking to create an interactive space in your gaming arcade, where multiple people can join in, groove to the music, and chase game blocks together, we’ve got just the thing – our dedicated interactive LED dance floor.

Each LED dance floor has its unique touch. At MOKA SFX, you can discover the LED dance floor type that suits your needs! Whether you’re looking for a light up dance floor for a bar, a birthday party, a banquet, or an auto show, feel free to reach out to us anytime for details on the LED dance floor price. If you ever feel uncertain or have questions about your choice, we’re here to provide you with support and assistance.

people dance on the enchanted LED dance floor with pixel animation

How Do LED Light Up Dance Floors Perform?

Different types of LED dance floors offer a diverse range of visual effects, so choose the one that suits your event.

1. Solid Light Up Dance Floor:
This one provides a consistent and stable lighting effect, perfect for events looking for a simple yet elegant feeling. It usually has single-color lighting, you can pick the perfect fixed color to match your event theme or decor. This solid LED dance floor effect works wonders for occasions that need a calm and classy ambiance, like weddings, dinners, or corporate events.

2. Mix RGB LED Dance Floor:
With vibrant RGB lighting effects, Mix RGB LED dance floor can showcase a wide array of colors and dynamic effects. You can adjust colors and effects based on the music rhythm, event theme, or personal preferences. Paired with sound control, it’s a fantastic choice for parties, dances, concerts, and any event that needs a dash of fun and energy.

3. Starlight Dance Floor:
This option, ideal for weddings and romantic occasions, creates a twinkling starry effect. Each LED light flickers like a star in the night sky, adding a touch of serenity and romance to your event.

4. 3D Infinity LED Dance Floor:
3D LED infinity mirror dance floor offers amazing 3D effects that transport your guests to a whole new dimension. It seems to extend infinitely, creating breathtaking illusions that make your event truly unique and unforgettable. This dance floor is perfect for creative events, clubs, product launches, fashion shows, and any occasion that demands attention.

5. Checkerboard LED Dance Floor: black and white dance floor wedding
Known for its classic black-and-white grid pattern, this dance floor provides a stylish and well-designed effect. It’s suitable for retro parties, social gatherings, and any event that calls for unique decoration.

6. Interactive LED Dance Floor:
Interactive dance floors are pressure-sensitive and can respond to your movements, like dancing, stepping, or walking. With real-time visual effects that follow your actions, it’s as if the dance floor is dancing along with you. Some effects even let you and your friends play light up floor tiles games, creating a fun challenge. These are great for game rooms, entertainment venues, or any event that encourages active participation.

If you want a unique dance stage at your party, choose MOKA SFX’s LED dance floors. You can customize it to match your event’s style and vision. Just share your ideas, and our experts will create the perfect light up dance floor for you. We take your venue and stage layout into account to create stunning displays, from dazzling shows to starry night effects. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll work closely with you to deliver an exceptional LED dance floor experience!

How to Install and Connect LED Dance Floor Tiles?

Installation Made Easy

When installing MOKA SFX’s LED dance floors, you’re in for a seamless experience, whether you opt for our wired or wireless models.

1. Wired LED Dance Floors
Our wired LED dance floors are designed simply. They connect between panels with wires, making a smooth, even surface across the dance floor. There are no tripping hazards while you enjoy your event. Explore MOKA SFX’s wired model LED dance floors now.

2. Wireless Portable Dance Floors: 1 Second, 1 Tile!
For you – our valued clients looking for a premium LED dance floor experience, we are excited to introduce the Magnetic LED Dance Floors. These cutting-edge tiles come equipped with embedded magnets, freeing you from the complex wiring. Just follow the arrow directions, and there you have it! The tile blocks easily click into place. Thanks to these magnets, your setup is both quick and reliable. This simplifies assembly and disassembly. Imagine, with our Magnetic LED Dance Floors, you can have a 20x20ft dance floor up and running in as little as 30 minutes, saving you time and money.

Seamless Connectivity

Our LED dance floors no longer require direct power input inside the panels. Instead, they rely on a dedicated power supply unit for operation. You can choose between 2 power options: 400W and 1600W, based on the size of your venue and the number of LED dance floor tiles you plan to use.

Connecting your LED dance floor is a simple process. You’ll link it to a controller, such as an SD controller or another compatible device, to manage the mesmerizing lighting effects. We offer various control methods that cater to your preferences, including options like DMX, remote control, sound activation, and more. Our SD card is pre-loaded with an array of stunning preset effects, you can randomly switch between different lighting modes without extensive programming.

Just a quick heads up – There’s a maximum limit to how many LED dance floor tiles the signal controller can handle. This limit can vary depending on the specific model you’re using. If you ever have questions or need a hand while working with your light up dance floor, call our friendly MOKA SFX sales team.

MK-LD11 DMX Acrylic LED Dance floor

Multiple Control Options: Simplifies Your LED Dance Floor Operation

Are you wondering if the DJ booth can control the LED dance floor lights? Yes! With a DMX console or other control devices, you can put all the control devices right there in the DJ booth.

MOKA SFX’s Nightclub dance floor offers a variety of control modes, including DMX, sound, remote control, iPad control, and PC control modes. Your clients can even handle the controls at their events. Let’s find out these control options available in MOKA SFX LED dance floors.

  • DMX Control
    DMX (Digital Multiplexing) is a commonly used control method for LED dance floors. Through DMX, you can finely control all the channels of the LED dance floor, such as colors. If your LED dance floor features 3-in-1 RGB colors, DMX can manage the red, green, and blue color channels.
  • Sound Control
    Sound control mode synchronizes the LED dance floor effects with the music rhythm. It includes a sound sensor capable of changing lighting effects based on the music’s beats and volume levels. This mode is perfect for use in bars, clubs, or music events, adding dynamic visuals to the occasion. You can even connect a microphone to make the LED dance floor react to the external sound by changing its brightness and colors in sync with the voice.
  • Remote Control
    Remote control is the traditional method of controlling LED dance floors. It can manage sound-activated mode, lighting modes, and sound sensitivity. Through a remote controller, you can switch between various modes, including fixed colors, gradients, strobes, flashes, and flowing lights, among others. This method offers up to 20 different modes for you to choose from according to your event’s needs. To make it even more flexible, you can jazz things up by downloading the LED dance floor’s control app. Just scan the QR code and connect via Bluetooth to unlock extra cool features.
  • iPad Control
    iPad control is a wireless method for controlling the LED dance floor, similar to remote control but more convenient. Through an iPad, you can control the LED dance floor’s light colors, contrast, brightness, textures, and even create custom patterns. This method is suitable for managing video displays and projections. The coolest part is that you can enter text directly on the iPad, choose fonts and patterns, and then project them onto the LED dance floor. The effects and colors are truly stunning. If your clients ever want you to handle their next event, you’ll be more than ready!
  • PC Control
    With MADRIX, you can trigger and switch between various effects on the LED dance floor. MADRIX supports multiple LED control protocols, including DMX512, Art-Net, sACN, and DVI, making it compatible with various LED devices and hardware. PC control needs a signal connection and PC controller to manage functions such as LED dance floor light colors, patterns, switching, and playback. It’s a highly flexible and customizable way to control LED dance floors, ideal for situations that require precise control.

What Accessories Come with MOKA SFX LED Dance Floors?

  • Cables
  • Power Adapters
  • Signal Wires
  • Signal Controllers: SD Controller or others
  • Control Panels
  • Protective Edges

Trustworthy LED Dance Floor Manufacturer – MOKA SFX

MOKA SFX is a pro manufacturer at making stage effects and cool lighting gear, and we’ve been at it for more than 10 years. Our magnetic connection tech is top-notch in the industry, best known for its easy setup, reliable power, and solid connections.

We’ve got custom services for all our LED dance floors, whether you’re partying in a massive space or a more cozy spot. And hey, if any of your LED dance floor accessories run into issues, we’ve got your back with a 12-month warranty. Looking to get an LED dance stage? Get in touch with our experts today.

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