MOKA SFX MK-LS7000 club laser lights

MOKA SFX MK-LS7000 Club laser lights are a full-color RGB show laser system that runs in DMX, auto, or music modes and has an ILDA interface for computer control with an output power of up to 7’000mW. MK-LS7000 Club laser lights are suitable for Small and medium club indoor and outdoor events.


  • Control systerm includes ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Automatic, Master-slave.
  • it’s simple and easy to operate whilst saving you time and labor fees.
  • It has 200 preset patterns for you to choose from.


Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC, 50/60 Hz
Max Power:21w
Power:R:637nm 180mw
G: 520nm 120mw
B:450nm 700mw
Sopt Divergence
Laser Source:Diode
Galvanometer:AT20 20kpps / AT20 20kpps
Control Mode:ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Aotomatic, Master-slave
Product Size:20*14*11 cm
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Club Laser Lights

MK-LS7000 Club laser lights are suitable for Small and medium club indoor and outdoor events.

It comes with an integrated FB4 control interface. It’s packed with the latest laser technology and some cool features to help you provide your customers with the very best.

It offers a long life span and performance that is sure to please your audience, it’s simple and easy to operate whilst saving you time and labor fees.

It’s recommended to turn off for 15 minutes after 6 hours of use due to the long time working will shorten the life of the stage laser.

Sometimes soot or smoke can get onto the lens surface when processing, causing decreased levels in output power.


Only clean the lens with approved lens wipes or a microfiber cloth. It is suitable to also use alcohol on the wipes or cloth when cleaning.

Please caution to avoid direct eye contact with laser light. Never intentionally expose your eyes or others to direct laser light.

You can 100% trust MOKA SFX because all our stage lighting and special effect equipment have passed the full certification include CE certification, FCC certification, and RoHS certification.

We also would like to design and customize the stage laser lights according to your request, which will help you get more sales and building the brand.

Any further doubts, just hit on us, always 24/7 hours here for your inquiry.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LASER LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

What Kind of Club laser light MK-LS7000 of MOKA SFX is


    ▾ What are the features of LS-7000 Club laser lights?
    ▾ Latest Laser Technology
    ▾ Full Color RGB Laser Diode Lights
    ▾ State-Of-The-Art Quality
    ▾ Compact Size and Weight
    ▾ Output Power
    ▾ Music Modes (Sound-To-Light)
    ▾ One-Size Fit All Stage Use
    ▾ Excellent for Events and Performances
    ▾ Simple Management Workflow
    ▾ Easy Learning Curve
    ▾ Other Related Products
    ▾ Buying Guide for Best Club Laser Lights
    ▾ Buy from Brands You Are Comfortable with And the Product You’d Love to Flaunt.
    ▾ Conclusion

Club laser light is not a specific type of laser, but it describes the field of use of the laser. DJ lasers are usually in the semi-professional range, and most of them come with a sound of light and stand-alone mode. In most cases, DJ lasers also have DMX control options. MOKA SFX MK-LS7000 club laser light is a perfect choice for your club parties or other exciting events.
Club laser lights are laser lights that you can use for DJ events. You can use them for entertainer shows and other uses in the staging industry. Club laser lights are special effects nightclub laser light equipment, which can bring out the spark in your dance parties, weddings, and stage designs.

Events stages without proper lighting and special effects are just flat, unattractive, and ordinary. At their worst, these events can be terrible, with no good memories for remembrance. What if that could change; What if you could make your events to be entirely on point? What if we could help you make the long-lasting impression you secretly desire? What if You can rekindle the life of your parties? And it becomes enjoyable again? This is where we come in.
DJ laser are laser projectors that can be used almost anywhere the DJ likes. These DJ lasers are small and lightweight, making them suitable for easy mobility applications. As a laser light special effect DJ equipment, the LS7000 is perfect for you. And all kinds of customers that need their stages, indoor and outdoor venues set.

What are the features of LS-7000 Club laser lights?

A longtime product in the stage market, the LS7000 has a Streamlined design. MK-LS7000 club laser lights have Integrated modules and can project Full RGB color. With our product, wedding-events, and music festivals become well lighted and glowing with shimmering beauty.

Latest Laser Technology

Our LS7000 DJ laser comes packed with the latest laser technology. The laser source diode technology is cool. You are giving rise to other cool features to help you serve your customers better. Our special effect is born out of thorough industry/market research; DJ laser light is equipped with a long-life span. Being pricey, having higher performance, it is sure to win you permanent clients.

Full Color RGB Laser Diode Lights

Just think back for a minute, think of a nightclub you’ve been to, or a wedding event you cannot forget. Recall how extraordinary everything was. That was probably the music and the lighting having its effect on you. Recall how the flickering lights in their myriad colors warmed your heart, how it set the mood for the night. Remember everyone was chatting, socializing, and buzzing with life.

That is the enchanting effect the LS700 club laser lights bring to you. Taking advantage of the RGB colors, you are never short of a creative setup. With our product, you can never go wrong. Colored black, we have fitted DJ Laser LS7000 stage Light for different stage designs. You can manage even event requirements that need professional setup. Also, you don’t have to be a pro operator or user to be able to use our RGB colors at your party stage or setup. Enjoy the rainbow of colors in your event!.

State-Of-The-Art Quality

Being a competitive company in China and overseas, we are at our best. Our MK-LS700 club laser light is gladly the best choice for many today. Moka SFX rakes more than five years of continued high-quality state-of-the-art stage light productions. Our special effects-creating group of lighting-lovers produces excellent laser lights for DJs and everyone in between.
We take great satisfaction in inspiring our customers and unearthing deep-seated emotions, and using our full-fledged lighting system and just the click of a button. Your minimal setup is complete, and you are as good to go. Using us means no extra lighting cost, no hidden charges because we want you serviced.

Compact Size and Weight

Weighing 3kg, product size of 20*14*11 cm and with a compact design. The lighting system of your dreams just got smaller and more portable to use. Sounds good, right? Wait till you learn about the other cool benefits our lights can empower you with.
The size and weight make it possible to move across cities doing your business. With minimal fuss and labor, you can now accomplish much more. What more? Its compact size makes it easy to survive falls and remain functional.

Output Power

Our MK-LS7000 has an output power of up to 7’000mW, 240 Volts and a power of 21w. You have nothing to fear for your staging setups. LS7000 DJ laser lights are suitable for small and medium indoor and outdoor events.

Music Modes (Sound-To-Light)

It is furnished with the ILDA interface for computer control. Club laser light can cause syn to the music and ambient noise. It uses this feature to control the light output on stage and provide entertainment. It is allowing for seamless control of event lightning.

One-Size Fit All Stage Use

There are many other types of stage lighting positions out there—each with its pros and cons. You can tweak LS700 club laser lights for the 5 basic lighting positions. That is the front lighting, side, high side, back, and downlighting as needed. Sometimes you may want to experiment with a better lighting position for maximum effect. Other times you may just want a simple setup. Whatever the case.

You can make MK-LS7000 club laser lights to fit your stage designs and event requirements. This best club laser light can be hung on walls or be stood on a surface. It can also get installed lastingly on a truss or affixed to the ceiling. You will use specially produced laser diodes and as many as 200 preset patterns. Your choice is practically endless. You are never short of what to wow your audience with. Or create that electric atmosphere often seen in wild parties and other memorable events.

Excellent for Events and Performances

Capable of lighting the whole arena. You can assure knowing that our lights are all you need for occasions. After successful setup, BOOM! Everywhere is well lit, clothes are glistering, faces discernable, drink-glasses obvious, etc. you can count on us to make every other thing become detailed. This is the power we put in your hands with our DJ laser lights.
For every one of your halls, it’s capable of lasting 6 hours of continuous use. Our DJ laser lights are in high demand because it covers more events. We also garner more enjoyment for your fans and an overall better music experience.

Simple Management Workflow

DJ laser lights MK-LS7000 have five sets of control options to ease your event-lighting workflow. They are the popular ILDA, DMX512, Music Mode, Automatic, and Master-slave. Each of these control options is very convenient, is simple to operate, and time-saving.
MK_LS7000 laser lights are computer controllable through a professional ILDA interface, which means using computer control and laser control software. Examples are Show controller and Quick show software. With them, you have more creative freedom at your disposal and can do more.

Easy Learning Curve

The best part of our MK-LS7000 is you need not to be an professionalto get started with DJ laser lights. In reality, you can learn to use our best DJ laser lights on the job. You can grow and mature as you proceed in the stage lighting industry.

The LS7000 club laser light has both stability and peak performance. Implying you can get started on the right-track with minimal effort expanded. Not yet convinced? No problems. Try out the LS7000 best laser lights for yourself, and you will be amazed.

Other Related Products

Moka SFX is an expert in SFX and stage lights. We have passed a lot of certifications tests like the CE, ROHS, FCC, etc. this is to certify our products’ useability. Besides club laser lights, DJ laser, and DJ laser light, Moka SFX manufacturing has some other pretty fantastic product line choices for you. The other options available to you are the widely sort after CO2 Jet Machine. That is a hand-held spray device that emits colorful CO2 gas.
The stage Confetti Machine that loads large-quality colored paper will blast confettis’ into the air. Suppose you can’t relate, no problem. Rethink moments like stage and performance awards, yeah, something similar. The confetti machine comes in handy in such situations. Another product is the flame machine—now, no need to fret. Our flame machine is safe and able to give an unforgettable stage flame-experience. Made from nothing short of high-quality materials and checked for safety. Our stage foam machine is second to none other in the industry.
Last but not in anyways, the least is the stage bubble machine. This is all the stage bubble producers you will ever need. These are all available to you for purchase on a need basis. They are always ready to be delivered. Send us an inquiry about our other products now!
And get an instant quote for your stage and lighting order now!

Buying Guide for Best Club Laser Lights

Laser lights have been around for as long as we can remember. At least for most of us. But in truth, they have been with us for more than 40 years. And they don’t plan on going out of business anytime soon. The opposite is the case.

They will be with us for much longer, adding flavor and beauty to our gatherings. Having them around for this long has served to cement their place on our occasions. Not just in Hollywood.
From Hollywood to any other wood on the planet, club laser lights add their audio-visual stimuli. Their effects on our cooperate psyche are astounding. In our cooperate shows, in grand openings, and sports, we can’t do without them. That is why club laser lights are so important.
A pro may already know how to select or choose the best club laser lights. An amateur, on the other hand, may still need pointers. The guides here and there are to help him/her land a good product.

This is what this section is all about. It is about showing you how to pick the best club laser lights. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will understand some more basic things about selecting the best laser DJ lights for yourself. And it has ultimately become conversant with choosing club laser lights for more advanced uses.
As a general rule, the club laser lights you purchase may fall under any one of two categories—the mid-air categories or seeing graphics on a surface category.

The Mid-Air Categories

These are the ones you often see at wild parties. They are set up in the air above the crowds and often affixed to a beam or a truss. This category is set up to drive the crowd wild in excitement and is accompanied by fog or haze for effect.

The Seeing Graphics on A Surface Category or Laser Graphics

Laser graphics is used to animate a product, show a client’s logo, or tell a story. Other times it is simply to entertain people. Whatever the use-case, they are reflected on walls or surfaces. And can help to show stand-out forms and beatify halls. Here are some strong points to note when choosing club laser lights

Are the Companies Producing These Lasers Regulated?
Every electronic that has to do with power output must be measured and regulated. This is to ensure general safety. When it comes to purchasing your first club laser lights, check for regulation. The manufacturers you want to buy from should be subscribed to a standard.
MOKA SFX club laser lights are licensed and certified for safety, take note of it. It means it is probably good for your use. It is a commonplace that manufacturers flaunt their certification status. So, the best place to get the product or to have a quote is our official website, where you will get to know how beneficial our product is for your events.

Does Your Choice of First DJ Laser Lights Have Good Reviews?

As, it is seen that in e-commerce, reviews or products satisfactory reports are everything. After all, an angry customer will not hide their dissatisfaction at a purchase they made. Visiting online stores and doing research will reveal a lot to you. reviewing laser light product reviews will tell you more about successful products and their manufacturers
Stores like Amazon and eBay display customer comments/reviews on product pages. So, you can take your time to go through our products reviews. Any cumulative study from 4.0 to 5 indicates a probably right product to try.

Buy into Benefits, Not Features.

Features can be deceiving, and benefits are not. Every product out there has some grandeurs feature or the other. Product manufacturers do a good job of highlighting their product features.
As a beginner buyer of club DJ laser lights, take note of these features. But take more careful note of their benefits. Remember that you have a goal for purchasing in the first place. Your best bet is to select the products with benefits that closely align with your goals for the purchase.

Buy Within Your Budget Range.

Every purchase should have a budget. Every product has a specific price point. Some good products are expensive while others are not necessarily expensive. Buying your first and subsequent DJ laser lights should not spell bankruptcy for you.
It just means you have to mix your budget with market research and a little wit. With proper time allocation, it is not impossible to find decent lighting for a reasonable price. All you ought to do is just to apply yourself to some market research and, in the end, to trust your gut instincts.

Buy from Brands You Are Comfortable with And the Product You’d Love to Flaunt.

After your market research and setting aside a reasonable budget for your first lighting equipment. A perfect rule of thumb is to pick a brand and product you are conformable with. We live in a world of socials and big names like Instagram and TikTok.
It is better to pick a product that you are comfortable with. A club laser light you can easily flaunt on socials. To the ones that just annoy you for no reason at all. Purchasing your first club laser light isn’t as hard as it may seem with research, budget, patience under your belt. And all the other points raised above, and you should be fine. And be able to land yourself the best DJ laser lights.


LS-7000 Club laser light is an amazing product, perfect for parties or gatherings. LS-7000 DJ laser lights also have functions where the lights will follow the rhythm of the music.
Flashing lights, lights that go with the song’s beat, and various other options are available. The best will be if you have never settled for any random set of DJ laser lights, as it might lead you to a ruined gig in the middle of your set! Adding a good set of DJ laser lights to your stage lighting setup is a great way to get the crowd moving! There are all sorts of different DJ lighting types depending on the kind of gig you’re getting into. If you are a mobile DJ, club entertainers, and musician, the DJ Laser light is ideal for you, attractive, compact in design, and light in weight.

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