MK-HLS10 Laser Projector

MK-HLS10 is a professional 10W full-color RGB laser projector that combines in-house developed module technology with a high-performance 35KPPS ±30° scanning system. In addition to all the regular laser effects, it can also change the size of the projected beam in real-time. This unique feature allows it to project laser graphics, animations, and abstracts in an entirely new way.

It is also the ideal choice for rental companies, professional performances, bars, and large stages. The MK-HLS10 Laser Projector is currently on special offer! Contact us now! Give your stage experience a fresh new look!


  • 10W RGB Semiconductor Diodes
  • Laser Beam, Spacetime Tunnel, Dynamic and Static Patterns
  • Full Analog Modulation Drive
  • Intelligent Dual-Temperature Control, Silent Fans, Semiconductor TEC Cooling Plate


Laser Source:Semiconductor diode
Laser Type:Full-colour RGB laser projector
Modulation Mode:Analog modulation
Modulation Frequency:100HZ
Divergence Angle<1.3mra
Power/WavelengthR:3000mw 638nm
G:3000mw 520nm
B:4500mw 455nm
Control Mode:ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Aotomatic, Master-slave
Voltage:AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Product Size:242(L)*220(w)*158(H) mm
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MOKA SFX is excited to introduce our brand-new creation – the MK-HLS10 laser projector. It’s compact, measuring 242mm (length) × 220mm (width) × 158mm (height), and super lightweight at just 9.5 kilograms. This laser projector is crafted using special aluminum alloy and precise oxidation technology, blending top-notch quality with a compact size.

When it comes to control, the MK-HLS10 laser projector is unmatched. You have the power to control it in various ways, including ILDA, DMX512, AUTO, SOUND, and MASTER, making it incredibly versatile for different settings.

Safety is also a standout feature of the MK-HLS10. With safety protection settings and a secure beam chamber, the safe transmission of laser light is guaranteed. The clever combination of a safety key and Interlock remote control technology further enhances the laser projector’s safety, preventing potential risks. The smartly designed safety hook provides extra security for the machine.

Without a doubt, the MOKA SFX MK-HLS10 laser projector excels in design, safety, and performance, making it a leader in the field of laser projection.

Whether you’re running a rental company, organizing professional performances, managing a vibrant bar, or overseeing a dazzling large stage, the MK-HLS10 will infuse your events with limitless charm.

Get in touch with us now to experience the outstanding design and top-notch safety features of the MK-HLS10 laser projector and instantly light up your events with unique allure!


MOKA SFX combines exceptional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to bring you the unparalleled MK-HLS10 laser projector.

The MK-HLS10 laser projector features a unique module design, housing a powerful 10W RGB semiconductor diode. It boasts a small divergence angle and a tiny spot size of around 5mm, delivering outstanding light power and wavelengths: Red (R) 3000mW at 638nm, Green (G) 3500mW at 520nm, Blue (B) 3500mW at 455nm. This distinctive design ensures excellent quality and long-lasting durability.

The drive system utilizes full analog modulation, reaching speeds of up to 100KHz, making each light beam dance like musical notes, painting a symphony of colors.

Its unique anti-oil-smoke design ensures that the brilliance of the light remains constant, adding a touch of elegance to any event.

With a 35KPPS ±30° scanning system, it can scan 35,000 points per second, delivering smooth and vibrant visuals.

Whether it’s a single beam, multiple intertwined beams, a fan shape, a space-time tunnel, or a selection from hundreds of dynamic and static patterns, the MK-HLS10 laser projector excels in showcasing diverse light effects.

The MK-HLS10 projection laser is not just a magician of light and shadow but also a masterpiece of solutions. It meets your needs, creating an outstanding experience. Whether it’s in a bar, on stage, at a party, or an exhibition, the MK-HLS10 laser projector illuminates the scene, unleashing boundless brilliance.

Unleash your creativity and experience the unique charm of the MK-HLS10! Contact us now to make your event even more dazzling!

  • Never directly or indirectly stare at scattered light sources, as it may result in blindness, complete loss of vision, or other severe injuries.
  • Laser equipment should be kept away from open flames and should not be used near flammable materials.
  • The laser beam must be positioned at a height of at least 3 meters (10 feet) from the ground to protect standing individuals and ensure safe passage.
  • Indoor use is preferable, and contact with liquids should be avoided. Always keep it dry.
  • Ensure that the laser does not enter airspace or pose a collision risk to aircraft.

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2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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    ▾ What are the advantages of the optical system of the MK-HLS10 laser projector?
    ▾ What Laser Effects Does MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Bring?
    ▾ Does the MK-HLS10 Laser Projector have more unique designs?
    ▾ Where is MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Suitable for?
    ▾ How does MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Ensure Safe Operations?
    ▾ Wondering How to Maintain MK-HLS10 Laser Projector?
    ▾ Conclusion

What are the advantages of the optical system of the MK-HLS10 laser projector?

Outstanding Modules
Crafted using unique 5-series aluminum and meticulous oxidation processes, we’ve achieved durability, aesthetics, corrosion resistance, heat management, and lightweight qualities like never before. This not only ensures the laser projector’s power remains stably enduring but, guided by this unique craftsmanship, it minimizes light scattering issues, presenting a clear and stable light effect.
The double-layer module design perfectly fuses aesthetics and practicality, injecting lightness and compactness into the product, giving your stage more creative space.

Semiconductor Diodes
Embracing cutting-edge technology, the MK-HLS10 laser projector is powered by RGB semiconductor diodes at its core. High-quality semiconductor diodes ensure high-quality and stable light output through fiber optic transmission.
With a reasonable power ratio of red (R) 3000mW at 638nm, green (G) 3500mW at 520nm, and blue (B) 3500mW at 455nm, this unique design provides a more diverse, vibrant, and varied range of light and shadow effects for your laser projector system.
The divergence angle, a critical parameter describing the extent of beam divergence, is less than 1.1 milliradians for this laser projector, resulting in a compact light spot of about 5 millimeters. Whether you need to maintain a clear light effect at a distance or make precise projections up close, it can present an eye-catching optical effect.
Ordinary light sources typically output 90% of their power. However, this laser projector can output at full power, 11000mW.
Even at a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers from the stage, the MK-HLS10 laser projector can still display captivating laser effects. It delivers a more powerful, efficient, and precise performance for your stage.

Full Analog Modulation
On the module driver board developed by MOKA SFX, we’ve adopted a unique full analog modulation technology. What’s even more exciting is that we’ve successfully pushed the modulation rate to new heights – over 100KHz! This means you’ll be able to capture more subtle changes in light and each light point will contain endless possibilities.
Compared to traditional semi-analog technology, full analog modulation leads the way in color mixing effects. The blending of colors will be as smooth as silk, and the colorful images will seem to jump onto the stage. Moreover, full analog modulation provides the light with a smooth, continuous ability to change. Whether it’s for creating a soft atmosphere or precise light control, it’s easy to handle.

Anti-Oil Smoke Design
To elevate stage effects, laser projectors are often used in conjunction with fog machines to create a richer sense of depth. However, without proper anti-oil smoke design, the lens and light source of the laser projector can be covered by oil smoke, leading to a significant decrease in light efficiency, or even blurry light and reduced power. In such cases, customers often struggle to resolve the issue through self-cleaning and have to choose to send the equipment back to the manufacturer for cleaning.
To solve this problem, MOKA SFX has specially designed an effective anti-oil smoke slot. This not only ensures the stable light efficiency of the laser projector but also extends the equipment’s service life, reducing maintenance costs and frequency.
Experience an exceptional optical system and unveil visual wonders! Inquire now and illuminate your creative event!

What Laser Effects Does MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Bring?

Feeling lost and frustrated about your stage effects? Craving for a laser projector that adds excitement to your events? MK-HLS10 laser projector, with its superb fusion of RGB semiconductor diodes, full analog modulation drive, and a 35KPPS ±30° scanning system, delivers not only multi-color and stunning white starry effects but also transforms instantly from a sharp beam to a classic moving headlight.

  • Mixed Seven-Color Effects: With the outstanding fusion of RGB semiconductor diodes, MK-HLS10 presents mixed seven-color beam effects, turning your space into a fantastic world of colors.
  • Aerial Beams and Atmospheric Effects: MK-HLS10 creates stunning aerial beams and atmospheric effects, filling your entire venue with a magical ambiance.
  • Various Laser Effects: Whether it’s laser beams, liquid skies, laser fans, laser sheets, laser waves, or space-time tunnels, MK-HLS10 can effortlessly achieve them, infusing creativity and surprises into your events.
  • Laser Graphics and Text: Want to tell a story or highlight a brand advertisement? MK-HLS10 can project laser graphics, logos, text, and abstracts. With over a hundred built-in dynamic and static graphics, you can even customize patterns through programming, captivating every audience’s attention and creating brightness and uniqueness that other digital signs can’t match.

Even at a distance of 2-3 kilometers, it delivers the best stage effects. If you’re considering purchasing a laser projector for your bar, this MK-HLS10 laser projector will surely exceed your expectations.
Which effect suits your event? Contact our sales team now! We’ll address all your doubts immediately.

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Does the MK-HLS10 Laser Projector have more unique designs?

35KPPS ±30° Scanning System
With a 35KPPS ±30° scanning system, MK-HLS10 can scan 35,000 points per second, providing smoother patterns and rounder contours. Every detail on stage will be accurately presented, offering you a higher visual enjoyment during performances.

Multi-Layer Cooling System
MK-HLS10 laser projector introduces a unique multi-layer cooling system, including intelligent dual-temperature control, silent fans, and semiconductor TEC cooling plates. These three cooling mechanisms work together to ensure that the equipment always operates at an ideal temperature. This innovative design not only extends the lifespan of the laser projector but also guarantees stable performance, allowing you to perform worry-free.

Multiple Control Modes
MK-HLS10 laser projector provides you with flexible options for multiple control modes. It supports not only professional control protocols like ILDA and DMX512 but also modes like AUTO, SOUND, and MASTER.
One of the most important features is its support for the ILDA (International Laser Display Association) control protocol, which is highly valuable for professional laser show designers.
The ILDA control protocol allows you to control the position, color, brightness, and motion trajectory of the laser beams with extremely high precision. This means you can achieve complex laser show effects, such as precise patterns, animations, beam movements, and shape transformations.Learn more about using Laser Light ILDA Mode in the MOKA SFX official video.
Whether it’s basic control or professional control, you can easily switch to the appropriate control mode based on different scenarios and requirements, achieving more diversity and creativity in your performances.

Where is MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Suitable for?

KTV: MK-HLS10 laser projector seamlessly blends music and visual effects. It can project colorful beams and fan-shaped light effects in sync with the rhythm, creating a vibrant and creative performance space for singers and audiences. Whether it’s a lively atmosphere or a heartfelt emotion, MK-HLS10 can accurately capture and give each song a unique visual story.

Bars: The MK-HLS10 laser projector’s multiple beam movements and mesmerizing pattern transformations will immerse the audience in an immersive experience as the music pulses. Every rhythm and note will be perfectly presented by MK-HLS10’s light and shadow, making the night more unique and unforgettable.

Stage Performances: On stage, MK-HLS10 laser projector will be the shining star of your performance. With its mixed seven-color effects, multi-layer patterns, and high-speed scanning system, it can deliver spectacular light and shadow interactions for performers, creating fantastic visual effects. From dance to concerts, from dramas to speeches, MK-HLS10 will infuse your performance with endless creativity and expression.

Opening Ceremonies: MK-HLS10 laser projector will add a grand atmosphere to your events. With its high-power output and colorful beams, it will project the glory of light and create a more solemn and ceremonial atmosphere for your ceremonies. Moreover, MK-HLS10 can adapt to different ceremony needs through various control modes, presenting a brilliant display for every significant moment.

Exhibitions: MK-HLS10 laser projector will become the lightbrush for artworks. With its various colors, patterns, and effects, it can showcase the unique beauty of exhibits. MK-HLS10’s creativity and flexibility will help create captivating exhibition experiences, attracting the audience’s attention.

What kind of event are you planning? Regardless of the event type, MK-HLS10 laser projector, with its powerful performance, diverse effects, and high safety, will enhance your event’s charm. Please feel free to contact our team, and we’ll provide you with the perfect solution!
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How does MK-HLS10 Laser Projector Ensure Safe Operations?

To ensure operational safety, MK-HLS10 Laser Projector incorporates a series of strict safety measures to protect operators and the environment:

Safety Protection Settings: There are adjustable switchable safety protection settings. When the device experiences a malfunction or requires single-point laser protection, you can set the safety protection to the off position to ensure that the laser beam does not output, avoiding potential harm.

Beam Safety Cabin: The device has a foldable beam door located at the front output port of the body, effectively safeguarding the safe transmission of the light.

Safety Key: The laser projector comes with a safety key system. Turning it to the “OFF” position signifies the closed state, while turning it to the “ON” position indicates the open state. Operators need to insert the key and turn it to the “ON” state to activate the laser device. When the laser is unattended, removing the key prevents accidental operation, ensuring safety.

Interlock Remote Control: The Interlock remote control head has a remote start-stop control function, preventing potential dangerous situations through a safety interlocking mechanism. This design complies with international laser safety standards.

Safety Hook: There is a safety hook at the back of the device that can connect to a safety rope, providing additional security to ensure the stability of the machine during operation.

MK-HLS10 Laser Projector belongs to CLASS 3 level and is equipped with a series of safety measures. However, during operation, it is essential to strictly follow the operating manual and understand local regulations regarding laser projectors to ensure safe and compliant operation.

Wondering How to Maintain MK-HLS10 Laser Projector?

When maintaining MK-HLS10 Laser Projector, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Dust and Cleaning: While dusting, be sure not to scratch the casing. You can use a lint-free cloth and alcohol for wiping to ensure a clean appearance.
  2. Lens Care: Avoid using wet cloths or other chemical solvents to clean the lenses to prevent damage to the lens surface. For lens maintenance, you can use a lint-free cloth and alcohol for gentle wiping to maintain the cleanliness and transparency of the lens.
  3. Internal Cleaning and Maintenance: If internal cleaning and maintenance of the laser projector are necessary, it is advisable to send the equipment to the factory or a professional repair center for operation. Unauthorized disassembly can lead to equipment damage or improper operation, so it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Maintenance is key to ensuring the proper operation and extending the lifespan of the equipment. Following MOKA SFX’s provided maintenance guidelines and precautions will ensure that your MK-HLS10 Laser Projector remains in optimal condition. If you have any questions or need further assistance, it is recommended to contact MOKA SFX’s after-sales team.


MOKA SFX’s MK-HLS10 Laser Projector, equipped with a 10W laser beam from RGB semiconductor diodes and a scanning system that can scan 35,000 laser points per second, delivers rich laser effects, even at a distance of 2-3 kilometers from the stage, including tunnels and patterns.
Based on outstanding optical, scanning, and cooling system technologies, safety measures, and various control methods, the MK-HLS10 Laser Projector is an ideal choice for bulk purchases.
It is suitable for various occasions such as KTV, bars, stage performances, opening ceremonies, and exhibitions, bringing a unique visual feast to different scenes and infusing events with limitless creativity and visual impact.
Interested in learning more about wholesale prices? Contact us now!

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