MOKA SFX MK-HG10 Stage Green Lasers

MOKA SFX is a company that integrates production and sales, of which stage laser light is one of our hot-selling product series. MOKA MK-HG10 green lasers lights are used in a wide range of scenarios and can be used in birthday parties, concerts, stages, bars, grass festivals, and other scenes.


  • The material of our laser light is an aluminum casing and uses the effect of hard oxidation
  • It adopts independent design and production of integrated power supply, driver and integrated module.
  • It is simple in design, compact in size, easy to carry, and has a variety of operation modes to choose from.


Laser power/wavelengthG (green): 10000mW 520nm
Divergence angleca.5mm/<1.3mrad
ControlILDA, DMX512, SOUND (sound control), AUTO (self-propelled)
Laser sourceimported semiconductor diode
Modulation modeanalog modulation 100Khz
Scanning system35KPPS
Input voltageAC100-240V, 50/60HZ
Cooling methodair cooling + TEC cooling
Working temperature-10℃–45℃
Work rate240W
Shell material aluminum
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


Our MK-HG10 green stage lasers can definitely bring an unprecedented shock to your stage, let your show or performance bloom more vivid effects on the stage, and bring a greater impact on the audience’s visual sense.

MOKA MK-HG10 green stage lasers light colors are based on one color: green.

Through various control methods, we can combine with the music on the stage, it is enough to bring an unparalleled shock to your stage effect.

The material of our laser light is an aluminum casing and uses the effect of hard oxidation, even if it is accidentally scratched by a sharp tool or instrument, it will not produce scratches.

The logo on the front of the stage lasers is printed by laser, so if you need to print the logo, you don’t have to worry about the logo being easily wiped off. Then, if you want to customize the logo on it, please send me your logo.

MOKA MK-HG10 green stage lasers light has three operation modes: DMX, ILDA, sound control. Not only is the operation simple, and the colors and patterns are diversified.


As far as the patterns are concerned, there are hundreds of different patterns for you to choose from. You can also use Quikshow software to design the pattern or text you want to show.

At the same time, most of our stage lasers light customers like to use our company’s fog machine series products, including MK-F14 double fog machine and MK-F11 1000W forest fog machine.

Combining the use of laser lights and fog machines on the stage can not only enhance the atmosphere on the stage, show the charm of the stage, but also let the audience sink into it.

In addition, all of MOKA MK-HG10 green stage lasers products have passed international certifications , which guarantees your stage effect. At the same time, we also provide a one-year warranty.

During this period, if there are any problems with your product, we will provide you with technical solutions for free.

Finally, if you are interested in our products, please contact us immediately!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LASER LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

What makes The MOKA SFX MK-HG10 Green Stage Lasers A Perfect Choice


    ▾ Which features will Get embedded in MOKA SFX MK-HG10 green stage lasers?
    ▾ Where to use the MK-HG10 Pro Laser Lights
    ▾ Advantages of using the MK-HG10 green  laser lights
    ▾ How to use the MK-HG10 green laser lights
    ▾ Why Have MOKA SFX Stage Lasers at Your Event
    ▾ Conclusion

MOKA SFX MK-HG10 green lasers give your event and parties a real vibe and make your celebration heavenly. You won’t want to use any other product after you start using MOKA SFX’s MK-HG10 pro laser lights. Our stage lasers come in varieties, and you’ll be getting to know more here. Our special effects laser MK-HG10 green 10W stage lasers can bring an exceptional surprise to your stage, let your show bloom amazing vivid impact on the stage, and bring a greater effect on the audience’s perception of everything. That’s what we have set out to achieve with our special stage lasers, and we know you’ll enjoy using them. MOKA SFX MK-HG10 green pro laser lights’ colors are based on three colors: red, yellow, and blue, and through various control methods available on the stage laser, you can produce thousands of different colors and special effects laser that will make your event have that magical feeling you are long waiting for.

A party without special effects laser will lack that glow that comes with partying. But if you attend a party equipped with all the special effects lasers, you get the fun of your life. The stage lasers mixed with fog and smoke machines on lighting dance floor tiles offer the perfect experience. You might be wondering what stage lasers are or which ones’ may be the best. We offer the perfect MK-HG10 stage laser for a perfect lighting experience in the club, outdoor event, or weddings.

Which features will Get embedded in MOKA SFX MK-HG10 stage lasers?

This feeling that our stage laser light brings combined with the music, reading, walks, and dances result in the grooves, which’s enough to bring a phenomenal vibe or sense of belonging to your event. MOKA SFX stage lasers MK-HG10 green is the product for you. You only need to buy our stage laser light to see the wonders it does. It’s a portable device, well designed and environmentally friendly. The wonders aren’t only magical but powerful as well.

Our special effects lasers are one of the best products coming from MOKA SFX, and since its release in the market, it has been doing well. Glowing and making parties, fashion runways, cinemas get this grand feeling that this special effects laser light comes with. It’s kaleidoscopic and grand. Brilliant pro laser lights will allow you to have a product worth your money and investment. You won’t like buying a poor-quality product, and these features should guide you into buying the best stage lasers.

Material & Logo

Our stage laser light material is an aluminum casing and uses the effect of hard oxidation to get results. If this stage laser light is accidentally scratched by something, it will not develop any sign of scratches, and this gives our MK-HG10 advantage above other products out there. We print the logo on the front of the stage lasers, so if you need to print the logo, you don’t have to worry about the logo being easily wiped off.

Fan of  MK-HG10 green laser

The pro laser lights have a fan that cools the device quietly. You may not notice it due to its quiet nature. The fan runs smoothly to cool off the special effects laser extending its battery life. A less-heated environment keeps the battery running optimally, preventing heat build-up. The heat build-up may cause damage to the internal structures of the stage lights. The three pieces of 12V pro laser lights ensure the lifetime of your product gets assured.

Fantastic safety features

The aluminum material for the casing ensures both safety and durability. It does not allow for electrocuting in case the device gets connected to an electric power source. The ideal use has been assured through grading the pro laser lights according to radiation levels. You will find the devices divided into 2, 2M, 3R, 3B and, 4. The first two get categorized as safe, while the 3B, 3R, and 4 need you to follow instructions while using. All users should follow the safety guidelines at all times to allow for safe fan times.

Many control options-

MOKA SFX MK-HG10 stage laser light has three operation modes: DMX, ILDA, sound control. These are already on the table. The operation is simple, and the colors and patterns are diversified; as far as the patterns are concerned, there are hundreds of different patterns for you to choose from and make your event have the right vibe. We know events are all about having the right vibes, so we also made it easier for you to use quick show software to design the pattern or text you want to show at your events. So, you will find the devise operate-able through three options. You need to install a hardware control base like the FB system. With the hardware installed, you may use the:

  • DMX controls work by choosing a preset laser beam. You have to install the preset and select the beam that suits your function.
  • An ILDA. The ILDA uses modern technology in beam control. Software gets installed in the ILDA system, and from it, you may control the stage light. You will apply this control system for significant events and concerts. The operator will sit and control the beam projections in the event. You may control the signals from your laser controller to produce graphics, texts, and shapes. Ideally, the class 3b and four laser beams work best with ILDA systems.
  • FB 4 and QuickShow. These systems allow you to use FB 4 as a hard drive. You will have to connect the FB4 using the CAT 5or 6 cable. Connecting the FB4 to your PC, auto-mode, or lighting-console will let you manage your stage light in style. If you got preset options or got personalized stage options, you will have the perfect lighting experience.
  • Sound Control. The sound control system lets you control the lighting effect. Upon setting up the ambient sound system, the laser beams react to the sound as it hears.
  • An automatic control system occurs when you let the laser beaming run on automatic mode. You don’t have to struggle with projections and patterns while using this lighting control system. The presets already available will offer you an array of stage lighting effects.
  • Variety of lighting options- when you wish to achieve the best in lighting options for the stage show, think about the LS9000 stage lasers. These lasers will provide you with the red, yellow, and blue stage light options.

Where to use the MK-HG10 green Pro Laser Lights

As an upcoming DJ, event organizer, or pro laser lights lover, you may require knowledge of the various events that pro laser lights use to determine their success. Below are various places you will find the MK-HG10 stage lights necessary.

Themed parties- if you use our HG10 pro laser lights, you will up your ante in the best way possible. All those who experience the effect of these lighting designs will be amazed for the longest time. The stage light gives that dreamy haze leaving your visitors awed. Don’t miss out on this unique experience.

Sporting events. Have you ever admired the way stage lights beautify the stadium during gaming events? The HG10 stage lights can make your event what you have ever wished for.

Clubs. The clubbing environment needs to be flashy and with a music effect. You will create a party mood mixed with a theme option to the extent of having everyone on the floor. You may set the colors to interchange, giving you the best lights on the dance floor. The speed options of the light will make the dances experience a dreamy, exciting feeling.

Concerts. The HG10 stage light effects will grant you an opportunity to make your stage the most welcoming. As the performances take place on stage, our device’s lighting will make the mood so welcoming. You will have an unforgettable time at the concert, ensuring all stage effects work together to make the concert memorable.

Advantages of using the HG10 Pro Green laser lights

You get to enjoy great gatherings. If your club, concert, or sporting venue uses our HG10 stage lighting effect, you will enjoy the most incredible crowds. People enjoy stylish and extra-ordinary settings to have fun. This lighting device will allow you to give your audience the best clubbing and sporting night.

User-friendliness. The laser stage lights don’t have difficult to understand user manuals. Once you purchase one, you go through and effectively succeed in using them. The control features let you choose between colors effortlessly. When it comes to HG10, you won’t find it challenging to give your crew the best moments.

Portable. Due to the average size, you will find this device easy t carry by one person. You may strategically position the stage light on higher ground on the wall or the ground. The lightweight offers you the perfect angle positioning to illuminate the stage exclusively.

Various lighting styles. Our HG10 pro-stage lights can offer you an array of lighting options. The three significant colors of yellow, blue, and red get displayed in various ways. You may decide to have the single-color laser light. This design proves ideal and economical since it has a wide usage range. Most people find it enough with themed or corporate party events. Some devices mostly offer the green single color light. Another color presentation used with our device includes the mixed colors laser lighting. If you choose this color option, you mix two different colors to offer you a unique presentation. You may also choose to use the RGB set. With this set, you enjoy the entire spectrum of colors in the laser light. The set proves ideal for large events to offer the most fantastic fun times.

How to use the HG10 Pro laser lights

1. Place the laser light device at a stand-off distance from moving materials.
2. Make sure that the place where the device gets erected provides safety from a fall during fun times. You may come up with a safe place to secure the HG10 machine.
3. Connect the machine to the power source. This power source will ensure that the device doesn’t go off during the show.
4. Switch on the lesser light machine until you see a beam of light projected on the stage.
5. You may now jog along with the lighting effect to set the favorable beaming effect of your choice.

Why Have MOKA SFX Stage Lasers at Your Event

The effect of a single light tends to make a person focus more on it, but when the light is varied, the eyes focus is reduced on them; that’s, the people at the party focus much lesser on their environment but the light. This helps to manage the space and achieve a great ambiance for the party. The MK-HG10 stage lasers by MOKA SFX do this well with sparkling special effects lasers that make your event, show, parties look like that of successful party organizers.
Though our stage lasers aren’t limited to small spaces alone, you can use them in large concerts, theatre, and even in open space, on the beach, and lots more. Our stage laser light works for you when you are ready to be creative about how you use it. When designing this HG10 pro laser light, MOKA SFX had one basic thing in mind. The customer experience must be grand, and the vibe should be there. Though event decorations and other finish touches would have done what they did, the client ran on a tight budget, so all they had is to be creative with the stage lasers. Fortunately for this, party organizers and experts prefer to use MOKA SFX HG10 pro laser lights.

At the same time, most of our stage lasers light customers like to use our company’s fog machine series. These are other products you might want to look up, but let’s focus on this one. Our MK-HG10 special effect laser is amazing, and I’m not flattering you. This is the truth.
Also, combining the use of our stage laser lights and fog machines at your events can enrich the setting and let the audience reach the peak of the feeling our stage laser light brings. It’s a movement. The HG10 stage laser light from MOKA SFX comes with a year warranty, and during this period, if your stage laser light ran into any problem, MOKA SFX will provide free technical support. If you are a DJ, event planner, set designer, artist, or reading this, you should get our stage laser light, and you won’t regret doing so.


The entertainment industry boasts of great innovation to make entertainment fun as it should be. The special effects lasers have modernized with the advancement in technology. You may now make your stage as colorful and beautiful as you wish. With dazzling beams of light from our HG10 stage light machine, your stage gets the attention it deserves.

The benefits of these special stage effects range from serene viewing to perfect fun time. The floor looks terrific as different color-coded lights flash on them when the music plays. Our company focuses on special effect equipment. We deliver to you supporting equipment like the smoke and fog machines to go together with your lighting system. We also produce dance floor lighting tiles that may compliment your stage lighting effect. Imagine a lighting dance floor with water effect lighting to complement the beaming stage lights. The view may prove so welcoming and warming to the audience. As an event organizer or DJ, you need this special effect equipment to keep your reputation high. All event managers will require you to host their shows, concerts, and parties. The fun that you will deliver to your audience will build your name, offering more opportunities. The HG10 stage laser lights have the potential to make your event unforgettable. Feel free to let us provide our special effects lasers to you today.

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