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Special effects equipment manufacturing expert The independent design and production of integrated power, driversand, modules.

Outstanding Functions & Features

Every MOKA laser light is designed in our factory, with high-quality cover protection.

Safety Use
Each machine is equipped with a safety lock and fixed-point protection
Integrated Module
High-precision optical modules, the light is more pure and dazzling
Full RGB Color
Red, green, and blue optical modules, compact combination,
Streamlined Design
Exquisite design makes the body look more concise and beautiful
Quiet Fan
Built-in smart fan prevents the machine from overheating
Multiple Operations
DMX512, ILDA, Voice control, Auto-Running


Graphic design and multi machines working together
Standard option for Laser Light
Active along with the music
Automatic running

MOKA SFX Stage Laser Light

RGB DJ Laser Light Projector - 2W/3W
Disco Laser Light | Top Club Lighting - 6W
Wedding RGB Laser Light Projector - Pro 10W
Stage Laser Light Machine-15W/20W
Laser Stage Lighting - 30W
RGB Laser Light Outdoor - 20W
RGB Event Laser Projector Outdoor - 30w
RGB Outdoor Lasers for Landmarking - 60W
Green Laser effects - 30W
6 Head Moving Laser Projector - 500W
8 Head Moving Laser Projector - 500W
6 Head RGB Animation Laser Light - 12W
Moving Head Laser Light - 3W


We have been this field for some years,and meet many different type customers. And most of them is DJ,event entertainers,show organizer,Television and even sport events,as long as involved with stage industry.

Some of them don’t have experience with import at first,after cooperate with us,they got experience and start sourcing other more equipment related to stage,which included laser lights. But the most important is that they don’t know how to recognize a quality laser,and even maybe not familiar with laser stage lighting by themselves.

After try few times bought stage lasers from China,they not satisfied with quality and effects with laser light because didn’t find the right suppliers,they complaint about this and asked the favor,maybe we can help them get the good laser light. So we start thinking about this few years ago,did some research with laser light on the market,fought out that most clients only knew about Kvant and laserworld brand,their quality is good without doubt,but the price is high too,which is beyond some people budget. We start making laser light since then,as little part of our business.

Laser light,as part of our business now,we are proud of it.
You may call them dj laser light,laser stage lighting,laser show projector,laser show systems,laser display systems,professional stage lighting lasers,rgb laser,show lasers or party lasers,no matter what you named them,we manufacture part of them,and we make them as good as possible.

Laser light is useful in entertainment because it allows a narrow beam to be produced,which could use optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls,cellings or other surfaces. You can use laser lights on all kinds venue,like dj party,festivals,corporate shows and other large scale events too.

MOKA SFX Laser Light | Latest Style Release

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MOKA SFX and MOKA Laser Light

MOKA SFX is a leading manufacturer and exporter of special effects products. In a few years of making SFX equipment, we have achieved a great deal, more and more clients use our equipment in their shows and verify the quality of us.

Why do we start to sell laser light?

We have been in this field for some years, and meet many different types of customers. Most of them are DJs, event entertainers, show organizers, Television, and even sports events, as long as involved with the stage industry.

Some of them didn’t have experience with import at first, but after cooperating with us, they got the experience and started sourcing other equipment related to the stage, which included laser lights. But the most important is that they don’t know how to recognize a quality laser, and even maybe not familiar with laser stage lighting themselves.

After trying a few times to buy stage lasers from China, they were not satisfied with the quality and effects of laser light because didn’t find the right suppliers, they complained about this and asked a favor, maybe we can help them get good laser light. So we started thinking about this a few years ago and did some research about laser light on the market, We have started making laser light since then, as a little part of our business.

Manufacturer VS importer/Assembler

There are many laser beam light companies in China or aboard, that call themselves manufacturers, who are importers and assemblers. The reality is that you could be paying big money for a cheap and low-quality re-branded light show projector.

We develop, design, and manufacture every MOKA laser light in the house.
So we have many different advantages compared with other stage lasers, you can check the part “Why choose MOKA laser light”.

Laser Lights: A Comprehensive Guide

    ▾ What Are The Features of Laser Lights?
    ▾ Where Are Laser Lights Used?
    ▾ How Much Power is Ideal For Your Event?
    ▾ What Are The Various Controls and Color Modes That Are Available?
    ▾ How Can You Make The Most of Your Laser Lights?
    ▾ Are There Any Hazards When Using Laser Lights With Smoke Machines?
    ▾ Are There Any Requirements For Using Laser Lights?
    ▾ Are There Any Safety Standards to Follow When Using Laser Lights?
    ▾ What Regulations Should The System Comply With?

When thinking of adding a little bit of flair to your events, an image of beams shooting in all directions is the first thing that comes to mind. Laser lights are a fun way to liven your event and give your guests an immersive experience.

There is no limit to the use of laser lights. You can use them as a simple add-on to the rest of the event, or create a whole spectacle with the lights as the showstopper. These low-maintenance, low-cost products are incredibly beneficial, and you can even pair them up with haze machines.

Before you invest in laser lights, you do need to have all the information, so you get the right laser light for your needs. Read on to find out everything you need to know about laser lights and more in this FAQ guide.

laser light

What Are The Features of Laser Lights?

When you invest in laser light, you need to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to select the wrong laser light for your event and make the lights an inconvenience. Keep these features in mind to narrow down your search for the perfect laser light.

  • Quiet Fan

Quiet fans allow the laser light to run smoothly and extend the battery life of the same. They are small 12v structures included with the product. As mentioned in the name, these structures work silently to improve the efficiency of your laser light. Since quiet fans act as an added feature to ensure the smooth operation of your laser lights, it makes the laser light more durable so you can use it to your heart’s desire. All MOKA laser lights come with 3pcs 12v quiet fans so you don’t have to worry about the laser light’s lifetime.

Where Are Laser Lights Used?

Laser lights are a blast to have at events, especially when paired with fog machines. These lights provide an immersive 3D experience like no other and are a tried and tested way to engage the audience. Here are a few places where you can witness the charm of these light systems.

  • Themed Parties

Indoor and outdoor-themed parties or corporate events make use of laser lights to up the ante. If you’re wondering how to get the dreamlike haze or get everyone awed, laser lights are the way to go.

  • Nightclubs

Having trouble getting everyone up and on the dance floor? Laser lights create an atmosphere that goes well with songs. Laser lights will not only set the mood for your nightclub but also enhance the theme of your party. For nightclubs, you can use laser lights with interchangeable colors and speed options. With full RGB color modes, MOKA laser lights are ideal for any club or party setting. With a full power output, you can have a laser light themed party all night. Soon, you will have all your nightclub visitors dancing to the music’s beat and enjoying the dark light spectacle.

  • Sporting Events

Ever visited a basketball or football game or seen televised Olympics or the super bowl? The one thing that makes their opening, so grand is an array of special effects. Sporting games usually mix and match their effects. Laser lights can be a great addition to any sports event at a stadium or even a small field. The features can be adjusted using integrated software to be engaging enough for the audience, while not distracting the players.

  • Concerts

Concerts are places where everyone is excited and swaying to the music as they see their favorite artist perform. What better to create a fun atmosphere or dreamlike night than laser lights? These concerts make use of laser lights that beam on the audience to make them feel a part of the action and enhance the music.

laser light

How Much Power is Ideal For Your Event?

When buying a laser light system, one of the things that you need to consider is power. The power determines the brightness, distance, and visibility of the laser light. However, when we talk about visibility, there are many other factors to consider. These include laser color, ambient light, beam divergence, fog, and other barriers, etc.

The area that needs to be covered also shows the kind of power you will require from your system. On average, this is the amount of power you require for the following areas.

  • Indoor events of up to 1500 people: 500mw – 2000mw
  • Indoor events of up to 3000 people: 2000mw – 6000mw
  • Indoor events of 5000 people or more: 6000mw – 10W
  • Outdoor events of medium size, small festivals: 10 – 20W
  • Large outdoor gatherings, fields, stadiums: 20 – 40W


What Are The Various Controls and Color Modes That Are Available?

Versatile control systems make laser lights adapt to any environment at the convenience of the user. There are multiple controls that you can use, and many of these systems have more than one way to control the lasers.

Laser lights are often distinguishable through their color. Multiple kinds of machines dispense color according to the system. The more colors available, the costlier the laser light is. Therefore, you must keep your needs in mind when purchasing a laser light.

With MOKA laser lights you get many control and color options that give you a large spectrum to design and dabble in. You can get a full RGB set or choose a more economical option if you aren’t looking for something professional. The laser controls are equipped with presets so you don’t have to use software controls to design new content. Hence, MOKA laser lights keep all its customers’ requirements in mind and cater to a variety of needs and combinations with their colors and controls.

  • Color

There are various colors that you can project with laser lights. The most common one is lime green due to its high visibility. You will find single-colored, mixed-colored, and full-color lasers in the market. A full RGB color laser light is the costliest but provides you with all the colors in the spectrum and is typically high-end. When it comes to color and visibility what you need to remember is that if the reading is nearer to 550nm (nanometer), the more visible it’s going to be when used.

  • Controls

Laser light systems have several means to control them. You can select these depending on what is more convenient for you. Controls include DMX, ILDA, and even sound controls. You’ll simply have to install a hardware control platform like FB system or QuickShow, and you’re good to go.

Listed below are some of the control settings and color options you will find on your laser light.

  • DMX

A DMX cable is used to have a semblance of manual control. Using systems like DMX 512 allows you to control the laser beams by choosing a pre-set. A pre-set is loaded into the system, and you can make use of the DMX controller to choose the one that you see fit for your event.

  • ILDA

ILDA is the most advanced kind of operating technology. The control system uses computer software to feed information into the laser light and control the beam projections. ILDA is generally used for laser shows or at big events and concerts where the user has more control over the beam projections.

You can ideally use ILDA for class 3 or 4 laser lights. Using ILDA, you can optimize laser lights creatively to create text, graphics, and shapes. ILDA-compatible laser lights can be controlled with signals from your laser controller.  Laser controllers can either be stand-alone or act as software integrated with a computer. Both provide great results for big shows, concerts, or stadiums, where it might be difficult to manually control laser lights without a controller.

laser light

  • QuickShow and FB4

You can use FB4 as a hard drive by connecting through a CAT5 or CAT6 cable. The onboard SD card also allows for show playback. Use these functions according to your convenience, through your PC, lighting console, or even in auto-mode. The software control mode also offers you multiple pre-set options for your laser light show. Software controls like QuickShow also help you design your laser shows and content so that you gain a more personalized experience. You can make use of this software to make multiple shapes and designs that suit your event and transfer them to FB4 after your cue is ready. The design software is the prime reason why laser graphics are a huge deal and that you can tell a story through the laser shapes that you upload.

  • Sound

You can also use sound for your beam projections. This is a fun way to control the laser light as the beams react to the ambient sound that they hear. Nightclubs often use this method to sync the light show with the music that is played by the DJ.

  • Automatic

These laser control systems are the most hassle-free. If you want to use laser lights without thinking much about the patterns and projections, you can let the laser light run automatically. The light will then pick pre-sets from the hundreds that are already loaded and familiar.

  • Single Color

Single-color laser light is very economical and the most common kind of laser light system available. They are generally found in lime green colors due to their visibility. Single colors are useful during corporate shows or themed parties when you want the light to match the rest of the venue.

  • Mixed Colors

Mixed colors use two colors, say red and green, in their projections. This also makes you available to a mix of colors, such as yellow or orange. They give a wider range and are economical as opposed to higher-end models.

  • RGB Set

The RGB or white light set has the entire spectrum of colors available in the laser light. These are especially available in high-end models and dominate the market for large events. However, you do need to keep white balance in mind if you manually operate the RGB laser lights as one beam could often overpower another. If you have the option to mix your colors with RGB, ensure that you keep the wavelengths of the color in question. The wavelengths help you decide the end product which is just the right color.

laser light

How Can You Make The Most of Your Laser Lights?

Laser lights are used for many reasons other than just projecting lasers. You can use them with flame machines or even create logo designs or other art with them. Some of the ways you can make the most of your laser lights are as follows.

  • Shapes and Structures

Laser beams generally have pre-sets which include various shapes and structures such as cones, fans, etc. They create an atmosphere of mystical curiosity and allow the audience to feel mesmerized by the structures. The beams can also create a haze to add to the atmosphere of the event.

  • Laser Graphics

Laser graphics are used to upgrade logos or other artwork with the help of laser lights. They grab the attention of the audience and can often tell a story with their use. The use of laser graphics may need software controls, but it does come with its special powers as well.

  • Usage with other stage equipment

You can use laser lights with the smoke or fog machines you already have purchased to create a special effects spectacle along with haze machines. When used together, the laser light gives a 3D quality to the venue and transforms the place into an experience for the viewers.

Are There Any Hazards When Using Laser Lights With Smoke Machines?

If you have decided to use a fog machine or smoke machine with the laser lights system, you are in for a spectacle. However, before using, especially in cases of an indoor event, you should clear the use with your venue authorities. Laser lights don’t have any special regulations, but for using fog or smoke machines, you might have to shut the smoke detectors to avoid mishaps.

laser light

Are There Any Requirements For Using Laser Lights?

Laser lights don’t have any specific requirements to follow. However, if you want to make the most of the lights, you can create a checklist with these requirements that will add to your light spectacle.

  • Beam Direction

The beam direction is projected from the front during concerts and shows. This is because the laser light is strongest when coming right towards you. You can also place them directly behind the audience.

  • Ambient Light

Ensure that there is little to no ambient light so that the visibility of the laser is higher. Ambient light can dull the effect of the laser lights as they are stronger. Therefore, try to keep the room dimmer at least when the laser light display is on.

  • Reflective Surfaces

Some venues may have reflective surfaces like mirrors or chandeliers. If the laser light has a possibility of bouncing off these surfaces, it is crucial to mask them, so they don’t create any audience reflections.

Are There Any Safety Standards to Follow When Using Laser Lights?

Safety is paramount when using laser lights. While most laser lights are incredibly safe, it is essential to adhere to all the safety regulations, especially the ceiling height. Here are some of the common safety standards to follow.

  • The venue must allow for 12 to 10 feet between the laser system and the audience to provide more safety.
  • The laser light should not directly scan a person’s eyes and skin as it may risk harm. Using a lesser-powered beam when pointing towards the audience dramatically reduces this risk.
  • Ensure that the lights are shut off or low enough to not distract any aircraft during outdoor shows. Laser lights are generally strong enough to come into a pilot’s field of +vision and may distract them from the task at hand.
  • The venue and the laser light system must comply with the regulations and protocols.

laser light

What Regulations Should The System Comply With?

The laser light system has to comply with the following regulations.

  • Compliance with the Centre for Devices and Regulatory Health (CDRH), a division of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the USA.
  • Any variance must have the legally required paperwork on the venue.
  • The system must comply with the maximum permissible exposure set by the international regulators.
  • Laser light systems must follow the International Laser Display Association’s (ILDA) code of ethics.

All outdoor events with laser displays should comply with aircraft safety.

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