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MOKA SFX Kinetic Lights use advanced kinetic lighting systems to create impressive visual effects that bring vibrant energy to your stage.

You can buy the Kinetic Winch separately or explore our product combinations for a complete kinetic stage lighting solution.

  • Advanced Kinetic Lighting Automation System
  • Sleek and Lightweight Aluminum Kinetic Winch
  • Expert After-Sales  & Personalized Support
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MOKA SFX Kinetic Lights System

MK-LB01 kinetic ball light

Kinetic LED Ball

MK-LB02 kinetic robs kinetic triangle lighting

LED Kinetic Triangle Tubes

MK-LB02 kinetic tube 1m

DMX Kinetic Single Tube

MK-LB03 kinetic footballs

LED Kinetic Football

MK-LB04 kinetic mirror circles

Kinetic Mirror Disc (Double-use)

MK-LB05 kinetic lightings

Golden Kinetic Waterdrop

MK-LB06 kinetic Meteor tubes

RGB Kinetic Pixel Tube

MK-LB09 stage kinetic lights crystal style

Stage Kinetic Crystal Sphere

Kinetic Crystal Waterdrop

MK-LB07 kinetic trumpet shell

Kinetic Conch

6m kinetic winch


Kinetic Stage ORB Lightings

MOKA SFX is a leading manufacturer and exporter of stage special effect machines and stage lighting, specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing various lightings, such as par light, uplighting, strobe light, DJ light, kinetic light, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA SFX for your LED kinetic lights orders.

Global warehouse for storing MOKA LED Kinetic Light, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.

  • 12-hour solution services for any MOKA kinetic lifting lights problem or new stage project.
  • Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  • Keep safe when using our lighting for all your stages.
  • Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA SFX kinetic lighting system, also called led kinetic winch lighting system, is widely used in events, concerts, theaters, nightclubs, museums, retail spaces, outdoor venues, and custom projects.

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MK-LB01 kinetic ball

MK-LB01 DMX Kinetic Winch Lighting System 2024

  • Basic Setup: One Kinetic Winch + One LED Ball
  • Control: DMX512, MADRIX
  • LED Ball Diameter: 12/15/20/25/30/35cm
  • Lifting Height: 0-3m/6m/9m/12m

MOKA SFX Kinetic Lights Finish Projects

Kinetic Ball Lighting Item-Singing Bar
Stage Club
kinetic ball application
Hall Lighting Fixture
kinetic ball application
Banquet Hall

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MOKA SFX Kinetic Light System

    ▾ Why Kinetic Light System? How can it Save my Function?
    ▾ The Features of Our Kinetic Light Sculpture
    ▾ Kinetic Light Sculpture Installation and Operation
    ▾ Advantages of our kinetic light sculpture
    ▾ Safety precautions while using the kinetic light sculpture
    ▾ Conclusion

Why Kinetic Light System? How can it Save my Function?

The kinetic light sculpture has several notable functions; apart from lighting up your stage and giving your club a pleasing appearance, it saves your power consumption. As an event organizer or planner, you will need a lighting solution that will improve your event experience and give your customers a concrete reason to revisit. Our kinetic light sculpture is, manufactured just to fill that gap and improve the user experience.

Available Product of Kinetic Lighting System

Our kinetic light fixtures are ready to shape people’s visual perceptions. Your business is in safe hands whenever you decide to install this available kinetic light sculpture. It has the feature of fast speed, and low noise, which makes it very suitable for concerts, theatres, studios, nightclubs, bars, and other places. We take a full stance that our kinetic lighting system has come to make your stage events consequential, enjoyable, and memorable. Also, our kinetic light sculpture is flexible, easy to install or use, and available at a very affordable price. In this way, there is no doubt about having indelible merriment.

What Makes Our Kinetic Light System Unique?

Amazing features of our MOKA SFX kinetic light sculpture make it unique from classic lighting devices. So, what are these outstanding features that will keep your audience interacting?

kinetic light effects

The Features of Our Kinetic Light System

Our kinetic light sculpture offers a wide range of light fixtures for various interior stages, static art, and event lighting applications. Kinetic light sculpture is more than just a unique and innovative light fixture; it is an operable work of art that physically changes shape. MOKA SFX kinetic light fixtures are dynamic, which makes them the best choice for your sequential events. Here is the highlight of the features of kinetic light sculpture:

Display Panel for Language Selection

MOKA SFX kinetic light fixtures are programmed to operate a two-language selection mode, where it gives the user the choice of switching between two languages; Chinese or English. The English language is one of the most recognized languages in the world, the language installed in this device, will be easy to operate by a wide range of users.

The choice of installing; the Chinese language is also beneficial as China is, regarded as one of the leading industrial countries. Our users will enjoy operating the device in these two languages as more languages may be available in the future with the everyday advancement in technology.

DMX Features of Kinetic Light System

DMX features enable our users to choose between different color codes displayed by the kinetic lighting system. This feature also serves as an indication; when there is a signal, there is no signal. The DMX indication feature has three modes;

  1. Mode 1 – On /when there is a signal, off /when there is no signal
  2. Mode 2 – Off /when there is a signal, on/ when there is no signal
  3. Mode 3 – Flashing/ when there is a signal, off/ when there is no signal.

With this feature, our users will be able to; set the device to any of the modes that will suit them better.

Screen Saver of kinetic light system

Our kinetic light sculpture is accustomed; to classic and colorful screen savers that will improve our user experience. This feature allows our users to set the display content or method of the screen after no operation within 30 seconds. Just like, the DMX indication, this feature; also has 3 modes; mode 1 – Screen off, mode 2 – Black screen, display the address code of the current fixture in the bottom left corner, and mode 3- Display brand information, address code, and operating mode.

Perfect Power Rating

One of the features to look out for when purchasing an electronic device is the frequency and voltage of both input and output. MOKA SFX kinetic light sculpture enables our users to operate between 90 to 240 volts and a frequency; of 50-60 Hz. This rating gives the device rigid protection and, our users do not have to panic about power destruction that may be caused by short-circuiting. The device has power consumption to be as moderate as 100 Watts. It denotes that the device does not consume much power while operating.

Easy Installation

A device that is difficult to install may not only be boring to users but also reduce its market value. Therefore, we have ensured to decrease the stress for our users by making the installation of the kinetic lighting system less complicated. With 3-4 steps, our users can completely install our kinetic light sculpture – it is as easy as that.

Changes in Commands Feature

Our kinetic light sculpture also enables our users to calibrate different commands in it. Even though a device with a single rule may be advantageous by having a specific function. For the same reason, especially for a kinetic lighting system, it may also be disadvantageous.

We want to ensure that our users get maximum satisfaction when using our device. Therefore, we made sure our users have, different options when operating the machine. For example, when the kinetic light fixtures are not in use, the user can easily switch to screen saver mode by clicking/touching the command button/screen. This feature hugely contributes to the feasibility of this device – it was professionally put, in place for our user’s comfortability.

kinetic light effects

Kinetic Light Sculpture Installation and Operation

For every device, whether an electronic or mechanical device, there are always operational and installation guidelines to follow promptly to ensure the effectiveness of the device. Kinetic light sculpture, just like every other device, has some measures that must be put in place to ensure its maximum proficiency. The instructions to follow when installing our kinetic light sculpture are safe, reliable, and easy to implement.

Kinetic Light Fixture Instructions

Therefore, our users should consider the following instructions when installing our kinetic light sculpture.

For the installation, you may have to follow three (3) steps;

Step 1: Connect the light clamp to the winch:
The first step here is to connect the light clap to the winch. That is for elevation.
Step 2: Hang the lifter on, the truss clamps it, and, use the safety rope correctly:
Hanging; the lifter on the truss, like the framework that forms a rigid structure supporting the roof is the second step. After hanging; the lifter, the lifter will be fastened with a clamp. That will hold the light clamp firmly to the truss.
Step 3: Connect the kinetic light fixture to the winch:

The last step is to connect the kinetic light fixture to the winch and, the device is ready for use.

After the Installation of the Kinetic Light System

After the installation process; is completed then the next is how it operates. No user is to be blamed; for misusing a device that has no operational guidelines or instructions. Therefore, we have also ensured easy and simple hacks to use our device.

The Highlight of Kinetic Light Sculpture

Here is the highlight of how our kinetic light sculpture operates.

  • After complete installation, the top title displays the name of the light, and the bottom, which is the status, displays the current kinetic light fixtures’ signal, fixture status, and fault (but when there is no fault information, it will display “ERR”, otherwise it will display “NOR”).
  • This winch supports DMX/RDM protocol. When the winch, is searched by the RDM host, the “RDM” will appear on the panel, indicating that the lamp is enumerated ordinarily.
  • Be informed; that the display and operation are similar to the “Android operating system,” all you have to do is; click the corresponding item with your fingertips to operate.

Note: We implore our users not to use any sharp or pointed object in clicking on the display to prevent damage to the kinetic light fixtures.

The screen supports both Chinese and English language. The screen will display “language selection mode” and, you will be asked; to select your preferred language.

Additional Information on Kinetic Light Sculptures

There is other information we would like to share about the devices, it’s the channel list. Therefore, for a complete breakdown of the operational guidelines. We implore our users to read the instructions highlighted in the device’s user manual for a better understanding of; how it works.

kinetic light effects

Advantages of our kinetic light system

What interests a buyer or consumer of a particular product or device is its advantages over other products. Nobody would spend a dime on a product that has no specific function or does not solve any problem. It is the advantage, in other words, the significance of a product that influences a buyer or consumer to purchase a certain product. Just like every other device, the kinetic light sculpture is of significant value. Here is the highlight of some of the advantages of the device:

Kinetic Lighting System Enhance Your Event

Kinetic light sculpture gives your event a glamorous appearance. An event with a classy appearance that gives your audience or guests an appealing impression is one of the sure ways to get their attention. People tend to listen to a speech or play given in a conducive and humorous environment.

With our kinetic light sculpture lighting up your stage, you stand a chance of making beautiful and evergreen moments with your guests, fans, or audience. Perhaps your event falls at night, then the more exciting it is because the darker it gets, the more colorful it becomes. So, if you desire a unique notion for your next event, you need to consider our product.

Kinetic Light Fixtures Quality and Durability

One of the flaws of most electronic devices is the inability to last long. On this account, many people have otherwise thought when purchasing kinetic light fixtures. But the good news is, our kinetic light sculpture; has been proven to be durable, with several testimonies from our existing customers. Apart from being a durable device, our kinetic lighting system is a quality device that will usher your guests in style in the world of entertainment.

Legit Purchase of Kinetic Light System

Over the years, we have been known to be a reliable and trustworthy brand where you can always purchase the original product without the fear of being scammed or duped. When you buy from us, you get to purchase from a reliable brand; where you will enjoy 100% authenticity of the product. We relish numerous international certifications that will also boost our buyer’s confidence to purchase from us.

Safety Precautions while Using the Kinetic Light Sculpture

To keep the product in good condition and ensure safe operation, users should read and follow the safety matters and the warnings in the devices user manual;

  • The kinetic lighting system is a high-voltage product; the user may experience electric shock when touching the wire. Therefore, users should be cautious before operating the product.
  • Ensure that the voltage is not higher than the product’s acceptable range as the voltage of this product is 90-240V and for indoor use. Also, the power plug must be plugged into a protective Class I socket.
  • Ensure to keep the kinetic light fixtures in a dry and well-ventilated place. Avoid using it in humid environments to prevent percolation of a water droplet; water or wet conditions are not ideal for the device and may cause short-circuiting.
  • Ensure the safety robe is tightly attached to the lifter before hanging it to avoid falling off.
  • Always ensure to call on professionals whenever you need a fix or repair to avoid further damage or electrocution risk.
  • Ensure the power cable is; frequently checked to ensure that the power cable is not scratched. Also, ensure not to connect with other cables.
  • Familiarize yourself with the operating functions of the product before use; unprofessional operation may cause a short circuit, burns, or electric shock.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and do not allow unprofessional to touch the product.
  • Ensure not to modify these kinetic light fixtures without authorization contrarily the product may be damaged.
  • Ensure to read the device manual carefully whenever you want to observe optimum usage or clarify certain information.

kinetic light effects


Over the years, the world has experienced significant advancement in technology, most especially in the field of entertainment. The use of kinetic light fixtures has come into the limelight and has become an important; aspect of sculpture in this 21st century. Until recently, people have taken pleasure in its features which include the color-changing RGBs feature.

However, our kinetic light sculpture was designed to meet our users’ satisfaction, and it can be used, in places and events such as concerts, studios, clubs, theatres, bars, weddings, parties, and dinners. The presence of the kinetic light sculpture in those mentioned places will ensure the utmost satisfaction to the guests, audience, or participants. When it comes to bringing you the best pleasure from the world of entertainment. Our kinetic light sculpture is a good; way to start, and our manual is a guide. So, whenever you need clarity about any of the device’s features or want to know more about the maintenance of the device, be sure to consult the manual.

We wish you a happy experience with our kinetic light sculpture and, we are looking forward to your next purchase from us.

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