How to select lighting fixtures for a Wedding?

The wedding is no doubt one of the most memorable timing. And one key to successful weddings is their lighting.

In this article, we will walk you through the most common lighting types used at the wedding, and let you know why it is being loved by most of the event companies. So in case you or your vendor or the hotel gets a query, you will know exactly how to answer them.


Up lights

An Up Light is exactly what it sounds like: A light that shoots up from the ground. Most weddings and corporate events will have these along the perimeter of the walls to add ambiance. And color up lights are a must for your great fat wedding because if you don’t have them, it’s going to look like you’re having a big fat boring meeting.

Another fantastic part about the up lights is that you can use them because they’re very, very versatile, with over 16 million different color options to choose from. This is the top reason to use up lights that you can use during the dancing session, and they’ll be changing colors to make everybody feel like they’re in a club.

Uplighting adds a glow of color to the room. This is always the No.1 favorite type of lighting because it makes such a big impact. It really just sets the mood. The way it works is quite simple, that you place the small lights on the floor, up against the wall. They light up the walls from floor to ceiling. You can set them to pretty much any shade of any color. This is definitely a staple for any events.

And please make sure you ask your DJ or Lighting company if they use wireless Up Lights because it’s a lot safer and more cost-effective.


Pin spots

If your centerpiece or flowers are the stars of your table, you need to make sure you highlight them. That is why you need the pin spots. The pin spots are the spotlight to your centerpiece. Anytime you see a gorgeous picture of a centerpiece or some flowers; you’ve got to remember there is a pin spot that is lighting it up, but not a big spotlight.

Pin Spot shines right down on top of the cape or the flowers, the reason you want to think about doing pin spotting is that in the venue the overhead lights are usually dimmed. So you wanna make sure that all of your gorgeous details don’t get lost. Pin spotting is going to really make them pop. It’s also great for photos because all those details will really stand out in your wedding photos.



GOBO or a monogram is a light that is shining on a piece of metal that has your design on it. So once it shines through, you will see your design or logo on the dance floor or the walls.

The way it works is that you use a special global projector that has a little disk inside customized with your design. All you have to do is just set it around a table, plug it in, and point it wherever you want to display the monogram. This is a great way to personalize your venue.

These days more and more people use them as a mark of a hashtag for the projects. With this highlighted mark, nobody’s will forget what is the best part about this time, and also you will get so many pictures with your hostage on, then you can share more with identification on Instagram or other places.


Wash Light

There are many varieties you can have, a Dance Floor wash, a Cake wash, or a Stage wash. The major importance of the wash light is it can highlight a certain area. For stage wash at the wedding, it will have a white light, which is enhancing the colors and the beauty of all the decor that’s on the stage along with the couple. The Wash light washes the entire area with its wide lights. Say for one of the events you’re having is a carnival theme, well then we would take the dance floor wash and highlight the dance floor area with carnival type of colors. Remember that there are 16 million colors you can choose from – the sky’s the limit.


Market light / String Light

Market lights are best for outdoor events. They are strings that have lights on and go from one site to another. What they do is they highlight the area that you’re in, such as the lawn where you’re having your outdoor event. Marketer light is an X-factor. They will help to make sure your guests have a great time when you are outdoors in sundown time, or event on a patio, or an event on the beach. Market lights are amazing because they are cost-effective, and they will go a very long way. They are not too bright, but yet not too dim, and with those glass bulbs, they are making your photo shine wonderfully.


Moving head light

Moving head lights, also in some places are calling them party spotlights. They can create patterns of light that move all around the room. You can set them to change patterns and colors to the beat of the music. Or you can even do a special light show. With the dynamic brought by this lighting effect, it is a great way to add energy to the dance floor and motivate all the guests.

Here need to take attention is there are two types of moving head light: i.e. Moving head beam light and moving head LED light (BEE light, the shape is light a honeycomb). The latter one is more used in Stage, not the wedding.

So those are 6 types of wedding lighting. Now, just to make sure that you’ve got it mastered, I’m gonna do a quick cheat sheet just to make sure you can remember everything. Here we go. Uplighting adds color. Pin spotting makes things pop. GOBO / Monogram lighting puts names and marks. Wash light will light up a certain area to outline the theme of the wedding. Market light perfect for outdoor. Moving heads add energy to the dance floor. Now 6 types of wedding lighting. I hope that now you can speak the language of lighting. You can go out and get exactly what you want to make your wedding project amazing. Now if you wanna check out some photos, you can visit our website: We’ve got pictures and videos for all these different types of lighting. So it’s a great way to really get a better idea and get some ideas for how you can use lighting.


Thanks for your time and we love to share more with you about lighting in the next article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.