How to Maintain Moving Head Lights?

How to install and replace the bulb?

Please refer to the supplier’s instructions to determine the life of the lamp, because the lifetime of it varies according to its different wattage and actual power consumption system design. Before replacing the bulb, make sure that the power supply cord has been unplugged from the socket to avoid the risk of leakage. If the lamp is just turned-off, please wait 10-15 minutes to cool down, then loosen the screws of the case, open the case, and remove the lamp according to the instructions from the manufacturer, and replace it with a new lamp. Make sure the installation position is in place and fasten after replacing the new lamp.


How to maintain cleanness for the product?

Depending on the frequency of usage and the environment, different optical system cleaning plans need to be developed. Regular cleaning can maintain a good lighting effect and ensure that the machine is running in good condition. When the machine is covered with dust, heat dissipation will be affected, which will affect the life and the working status of internal components. In general, every 25-30 days, you need to use the special cleaner lens to clean the lens and clean the product shell with a soft cloth at the same time.


Special Note:

For the electronic circuits in the machine, please do not try to modify it, because it is very easy to lead to unstable for the machine or even unable to work.

During maintenance work, it is necessary to avoid flammable liquids, water, metals, etc. Unexpectedly fallen into the lamp.

In the following situations, you need to keep the machine power off to avoid damage: 1. When the humidity in the room is very high; 2. When the environment cannot avoid the accidental collision; 3. When the indoor temperature is higher than 40℃ or lower than 0℃.



  1. When the lamp is faulty or damaged, please replace the lamp immediately. Otherwise, it may adversely affect other parts.
  2. When replacing the lamp, please make sure that the power connection is in off status.
  3. The ground switch is always kept grounded.
  4. The power supply must comply with local buildings and electrical requirements and have overload protection functions.
  5. Do not let the highlight directly point at the eyes, it will cause unpredictable injury.
  6. Please make sure that the replacement lamp and the original lamp are the same models. Otherwise, it will not work correctly, and also may cause unpredictable damage to the machine.
  7. Flammable materials must be kept away from the lamp. To avoid the risk of spontaneous combustion due to high temperature.
  8. After turning off the lamp, please wait 10 minutes before turn it on again. Frequent switching on and off of the lamp will damage the product and reduce the working life of the parts.
  9. Keep the optical components cleanly as planned. If grease or dust attached to the lens, the brightness of the lamp will decrease.