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Where Did Those Flames Come From?

When you are headbanging at a rock music festival, have you ever noticed the machine that shoots flames into the air on stage? I guess you probably didn’t notice because the fire effect ignites you and the other audience members a hundred percent, instantly elevating the atmosphere to its peak! If you were impressed by the incredible effect of the flame machine and purchased one for your spectacular events, then you definitely need this blog on how to clean and maintain the flame machine!


The flame machine can spray real fire because of its high-frequency pulse ignition system, which ignites the fire oil and produces a stunning, realistic flame. This type of flame machine is widely used in music festivals and carnival events, adding a lot of color to the scene. However, to keep this cool flame machine running efficiently for a long time, you need to master some cleaning and maintenance techniques. Next, we will explain in detail how to properly clean and maintain your flame machine to ensure that it can perform perfectly in every exciting event.

I Bought an Incredible Flame Machine! Now How to Clean?

  1. Be sure to spray all the fire oil you added before the end of the event. If too much oil is stored, it will be difficult to clean the fuel tank and internal pipes. Moreover, residual impurities may also block valves and other components, causing failure and damage to accessories.
  2. Before cleaning, ensure that the power to the flame machine is turned off and the machine has sufficiently cooled, which may take approximately 15 minutes.
  3. Then, remove the fuel and use a cleaning cloth to wipe the body of the machine. wipe the ignition needle and the nozzle with a dry cloth.
  4. After ensuring that there is not too much oil residue on the flame projector, carefully inspect the nozzle, valves, and connecting pipes to ensure they are not blocked, to avoid affecting the next use.
  5. After inspection, wrap the machine and store it in a cool, dry place. Paying attention to these small details and maintaining them will ensure that your fire projector continues to perform well in future activities.
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How to Maintain a Fire Machine?

  1. In order to ensure the service life, we strongly recommend that you regularly check the nozzle, valve, and ignition needle of the fire machine.
  2. When choosing fire oil, MOKA first recommends that you purchase our fuel from MOKA factory to ensure its high purity. If you choose to purchase fire oil on your own, be sure to choose high-quality fuel. Lower-quality fuel may contain more impurities, which may cause the valve or other parts to be blocked.
  3. Although consumables can be replaced with diesel, using diesel will produce black smoke, affecting the visual experience. Therefore, we recommend careful selection based on personal needs and the occasion.
  4. When purchasing fire oil, buy according to your needs and avoid long-term storage. Long-term storage may cause chemical reactions inside the flame projector, affecting its performance. In addition, do not store flame oil in damp or high-temperature environments to ensure good storage conditions.
  5. If the fire oil you purchased cannot produce the expected flame effect, consider purchasing compatible fuel. Choosing compatible fuel is a key step in ensuring the normal operation and ideal effect of the flame projector.

Safety Issues

  1. Never place the flame machine in a high-temperature environment or near flammable materials to ensure safe use. High temperatures can cause damage to the internal components of the machine, and contact with flammable materials can pose a danger.
  2. Never use inappropriate cleaning agents to clean the fire projector. Improper use of cleaning agents may damage the machine’s appearance and internal components, and a clean cloth is sufficient for external cleaning.
  3. For on-site activities, ensure that professional personnel operate the flame machine and have proper fire-fighting measures in place. This includes emergency fire-fighting equipment and well-trained personnel to minimize the risk of fires.
  4. Some fire projectors need to be depressurized after use. Carefully read the instructions to confirm whether depressurization is needed. For example, if the PF-800 10m flame machine is not depressurized for a long time, irreversible damage may occur to the internal components of the machine. Regular depressurization is an important step in maintaining the stable operation of the machine.
  5. When installing the fire oil before use, make sure the installation is correct. If the holes are not aligned, oil leakage may occur, increasing the risk of the machine catching fire. Carefully check the installation before use to ensure all components are properly connected to prevent potential hazards.
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Simple Troubleshooting

You may experience some troubles when operating the fire equipment. The following situations may occur, and you can solve them by determining exactly which part of the machine has the problem.

  • Low-height flame output
    If the machine is operating normally but the flame is not reaching a sufficient height, it may be due to insufficient pressure of the fuel. It is recommended to replace the fuel to ensure that the blowtorch receives adequate spraying pressure.
  • Troubleshooting a low-pressure issue with our PF-800 flame machine
    In the internal system, pipes or valves may break due to tilting or inversion during transportation, causing fuel leakage. The equipment will detect low pressure and constantly display a fault code. In this case, you may consult your supplier to see if the valves can be replaced by yourself. However, we have already carried out internal upgrades to make the pipes and valves more secure, reducing the possibility of this situation occurring.
  • Frequent ignition failure or poor flame effect
    If ignition often fails or the flame effect is poor, try pulling the ignition needle back a little (while the machine is completely cool), do not adjust it to right above the nozzle for better results and a higher ignition success rate.

If you still encounter other problems, you could check on safety tips of the fire machine. It may mention some problems that you may encounter. If the problem you encountered is not mentioned here, please consult your supplier or MOKA staff. You can also take pictures and videos of faults to get better after-sales support. We are always committed to ensuring that your flame machine remains in top condition while in operation.

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