HOW Do Bubble Machine Work?

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What Is Bubble Machine?

In the hustle and bustle of modern cities, the bubble machine seems to be a relaxing and innocent time machine, instantly taking people back to the joyful moments of childhood. This simple and magical device, with its endless creativity and unique charm, has long ceased to be just a part of children’s games but has become an indispensable highlight in various celebrations and entertainment activities. This article will lead readers into the magical realm of bubble machines, exploring the scientific mechanisms behind bubbles and the colorful roles they play in our lives.

How Do Bubble Machine Work?

The bubble machine simulates the action of blowing bubbles to produce a large number of bubbles in a short period of time. Inside the machine, there is a fan that starts working when the bubble ring touches the bubble solution, generating a large amount of bubbles. The smoke bubble machine, on the other hand, adds smoke oil on this basis and produces smoke and bubbles at the same time by heating. It looks like the bubbles are wrapped in smoke, and when pierced, the smoke disperses!

bubble machine, bubbles machine, party bubble

Any Difference?

It’s no different than a bubble bottle in the hands of a child. But only one thing: the bubble machine needs electricity!

Safety TIPS!

  • Do not store the bubble machine in a high-temperature or humid environment.
  • Do not smoke or place flammable and explosive materials within the range of the machine. Keep flammable items such as curtains and books at least 100 cm away from the machine to avoid any possibility of fire!
  • Do not use dishwashing liquid, poor-quality liquids will cause permanent damage to the machine, poor bubble effects, and problems such as foam outlet blockage or oil pump blockage.
  • It is forbidden to add flammable liquids (such as cooking oil, gas, perfume, etc.) to the bubble oil or smoke oil.
  • Do not block all the air outlets of the machine, and do not place items above the machine to ensure good ventilation.
  • After the bubbles rise and break, there may be some residual bubble solution on the ground, which is unavoidable. Clean the ground promptly after the activity to prevent unattended premises from causing people to fall.


  • Children’s Celebration: Undoubtedly, the bubble machine is a common device at children’s parties, and the children love chasing and playing with the floating bubbles in the air.
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  • Theatrical Performances: In theatrical performances, the bubble machine can create a magical effect for the audience, enhancing the artistic and entertaining nature of the show.
  • Wedding Ceremonies: The bubble machine can also provide a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for the newlyweds at the wedding ceremony. As the couple enters or leaves the wedding venue, bubbles fill the air, adding a festive atmosphere to the scene.
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  • Photography: A large number of bubbles can create interesting effects for photos or videos, and some photographers use them for creative photography.

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In the dazzling world of bubbles, we seem to have found a never-ending source of joy. However, while enjoying the laughter brought by the bubbles, we should also ensure that this joy includes safety in a relaxed manner. Whether it is to spark childlike innocence or to add to the festivities, bubble machines enhance our lives with their light and colorful bubbles on various occasions.

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