CO2 Cannon: Experience the Magic Effects

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What is CO2 Cannon?

CO2 cannon machine is a special stage effect device that produces a large amount of air columns through the injection of high-pressure gas, creating a spectacular visual effect. It is often used to enhance the atmosphere at parties, concerts, or other events, providing the audience with a stunning visual experience.

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The principle of operation of the CO2 cannon is quite simple. After the machine is powered on, the solenoid valve starts to work, opening the valve. Due to the pressure difference inside and outside, liquid CO2 is sprayed out of the nozzle at a very fast speed, forming the white mist that we see.

Categories of MOKA CO2 Cannon

According to the model, we have the MK series and the Hi series.

Hi series

When your budget allows, we highly recommend choosing the Hi series. Not only does it have a longer spraying distance! The Hi series has been upgraded based on the MK series, with even better performance! High-performance accessories ensure that the mist ejected by the machine contains no ice residue. Additionally, we have added a safety passage, giving you and your event participants greater peace of mind. Considering the needs of international customers, we have upgraded the interface to a smaller 3/8 interface that is internationally universal, making the machine more international!

In addition to the fixed air column machine styles, we also have handheld air column guns, which can increase the interaction frequency between the host and the audience, making the event more memorable.

Is it Safe?

MOKA’s machines all have passed CE and FCC certification, so you can rest assured.
As long as you follow the wholesaler’s instructions, you can minimize the risk probability to the greatest extent.
At the same time, when you purchase MOKA products, we will provide 12 months of quality assurance and reassuring after-sales service. Please feel free to purchase our products.

What Accessories Do You Offer?

Apart from the machine you purchased, we will provide a professional manual, a high-pressure hose for the air column machine, a power cord for the machine, and a signal line for DMX control.
The hose equipped with the air column machine is 6 meters, and the hose equipped with the air column gun is 3 meters.
We also accept customizations for the length of the hose you require. However, MOKA recommends a length not exceeding 25-30 meters, as an excessively long hose will increase the transport distance of the gas, resulting in an unsatisfactory performance of the machine.

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What Consumables Does the CO2 Cannon Use?

Accurately, it’s liquid carbon dioxide.
Since CO2 tanks cannot be transported abroad, you need to prepare the cylinders yourself, which can be purchased at your local store or you can inquire with our staff before purchasing whether we can ship them.
A 40L CO2 cylinder can spray for about 40 seconds.
It is recommended to spray for 5-10 seconds each time during use, stop for 1-2 seconds and then continue sparying, otherwise, there may be some wear and tear on the accessories.
It is recommended to install a siphon tube inside the CO2 tank to better draw out the gas.

You can search for CO2 tanks near me in America.

Or buy a CO2 cylinder on website if you lived in England.

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Check out more tips about CO2 cylinders!

What Should I Pay Attention To?

Before each use, be sure to check that all components are functioning properly.

When shutting down the machine, after closing the valve, restart the machine again. This step is to release the remaining gas in the hose for the next use.

After completing this step, you can turn off the power.

I Have Two CO2 Jet Machine, Can I Use One CO2 Tank?

Yes. We have specially customized three-way interfaces for connection. Please inform the staff about the length of hose you want to use before purchasing the machine. We will provide you with the most suitable hose for your venue.

What if the Machine Has a Problem?

If the machine you purchased from MOKA has problems, please do not hesitate to contact our staff and send the machine failure video together. We will hand it over to the engineer for troubleshooting, which will help us solve the problem with the machine as soon as possible.

  • I bought a machine, but the CO2 spray distance is not as far as you said, and the smoke is not thick enough
    1)Insufficient CO2/CO2 purity
    If a siphon tube is not installed in the CO2 cylinder, it may cause insufficient CO2. If conditions permit, it is recommended to use a CO2 tank with a siphon tube or lay the bottle down and elevate it to about a 30-degree angle with the ground to facilitate gas extraction by the machine.
    2)Too low temperature, CO2 cannot come up
    Excessively low temperature will also cause the CO2 to sink to the bottom of the CO2 tank. At this time, you can place the bottom of the cylinder in hot water. The appropriate temperature can better transport the gas.
  • My machine starts spraying as soon as I turn on the power, and it is completely out of control!
    This situation may be caused by a blocked valve core or a malfunctioning motherboard. Please contact your dealer or MOKA staff for after-sales support.
  • CO2 is leaking!
    -If there is a gas leak from the nozzle, it may be due to valve blockage.
    -If there is a leak from the body of the machine, it is very likely that there is an internal component failure, and you need to take a video to confirm with our staff.
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If you are interested in CO2 gun, check our channel to know how to choose CO2 gun for your party!
Use MOKA CO2 Jet Machine to get more exciting effects, with the cold spark machine, with a cool atmosphere to light up your party at midnight!

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