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Elevate your events with our innovative foam machines. Ideal for parties, concerts, and festivals, our machines produce voluminous clouds of foam that add excitement and entertainment.

Built for durability and efficiency, they ensure consistent performance and easy operation, making them a must-have for enhancing any indoor or outdoor celebration.

  • Passed professional CE RoHS and FCC Certification
  • Made of high-quality accessories and the quality is guaranteed
  • Fast shipment and quality production

MOKA SFX Foam Machine

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1800W Foam Maker Machine

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MOKA SFX Foam Machine

If you have witnessed a special foam party, there is no way you wouldn’t want to recreate it for events that you handle. The foam machine is a party favor product, it is a fun and exciting addition to any party and special event. Be it a wedding ceremony or reception dinner, a large event for kids, or even for adults, party foam is going to rock the occasion!

The foam released from the foam party machines is an amazement for adults and kids alike. This machine is sure to take you back to your childhood days. Foam Party will create an environment of happiness, delight, and liveliness.

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2500W Foam Machine 2024

  • Voltage: AC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Power: 2500W
  • Foam Output: 4m³/min
  • Fuel Consumption: 20 liters/min

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A Complete Guide To Foam Party Machines

    ▾ How Does The MOKA Foam Party Machine Work?
    ▾ What Are The Basic Features of Foam Machines?
    ▾ How to Control The Foam Machines?
    ▾ What Event Planning Can I Use These Foaming Machines?
    ▾ What Are The Safety Measures Concerning Foam Machines?
    ▾ What is The Output of The MOKA Foam Machines?
    ▾ How to Efficiently Operate The Foam Machine?
    ▾ What Are The Important Certifications of The MOKA Machines?
    ▾ How to Maintain The Foam Machine?
    ▾ Does The Foam From The Foam Machines Leave Any Stains?
    ▾ How Long Does The Foam From These Machines Last?
    ▾ How to Clean The Mess After Having Foam Parties?
    ▾ Does The Foam Create From The Machine Get Slippery?
    ▾ What is The Appropriate Height of The Foam?
    ▾ Are The Party Foam Machines Safe to Use Around Children?
    ▾ How to Determine The Right Foam Party Machine For Use?
    ▾ How Can The MOKA Stage Foam Machines Benefit Businesses?

Our range of foam party machines will provide amazing features at a reasonable cost. Whether it is for a banquet charity event or a grand wedding reception, these machines will fit perfectly for the events you are handling. Moreover, if you are planning a party for kids, using a foam party machine as an element for it is sure to please the party organizers! The best part is, the MOKA SFX foam party machines are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes!

You can find information on various types and features of our range of foam machines below. Check them out to step into a world of amusement and fun.

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How Does The MOKA SFX Foam Party Machine Work?

The MOKA SFX foam party machine has a simple and quick mechanism that is easy to operate, it uses normal foam liquid to create a relaxed aura. The party foam machine uses a high-pressure air pump to produce strong airflow. This airflow, along with the foam liquid, helps to make the foam. While this foam generated might be artificial, the effect is quite realistic!


What Are The Basic Features of Foam Party Machines?

  • Waterproof plug

Most of our machines have a waterproof plug for ease of use. This makes the foam party machines suitable for the outdoor environment. These are also appropriate for using it in the rainy season. The professional plug ensures the safety operations of the foam party machine. The machines specified for indoor use do not have this feature.

  • Durable body

The body of all MOKA SFX foam party machines is quite durable. These are rust-proof and sturdy to ensure a seamless experience for our consumers. The team of experts uses the best quality materials to ensure the quality of the foam machines.

  • Portable design

You can carry the foam party machine easily wherever you would like to provide dreamy and magical foaming effects. The machines are lightweight and easy to carry to the event venues. Most of them also include wheels for easy portability.

  • Adjustable volume

You can easily adjust the airflow of the pump to control the density of the foam. In most of our machines, you can also adjust the foam liquid flow rate to achieve the desired results. This enables you to produce a high yield of foam instantly.

  • Adjustable angle

You can easily adjust the angle of any of MOKA’s foam party machines at your convenience. While some machines might have a 90-degree angle for straight output, others have 120 degrees for vertical foam dispersion.

foam machine

How to Control The Foam Party Machines?

The foam party machines have an easy control system. There are variations to the control system among the different models. These might be wired or wireless controls.

In a wired manual control, you can operate it with the buttons on the machine. This is convenient when you need to cover a small area, for instance, a house party. The red and green control buttons are easy to use, without any complications.


What Event Planning Can I Use These Foaming Machines?

  • Birthday parties

If you are planning a kid’s birthday party, you would want to plan something different for your young guests and create a unique kids’ party. This is the way to go about it! Kids will love the foam around them, and the Birthday Child will no doubt become a star after this private party. You can take the fun birthday to another level of excitement with an inflatable pool to complete the party’s birthday.

Foam party machines are child friendly, and the kids at the party fun will have a great time with the effects. If you are an event planner especially for kids, the foaming machine will no doubt be a secret machine for your kid’s birthday events.

  • Pool parties

If you are planning a pool party, you should consider to level-up to a pool foam party. While pool parties are already fun, the foam for pool parties will be a dressing on the cake! Whether you are organizing a party for teenagers, adults, or kids, A foam pool party is going to be a hit for everyone. You can also combine it with bubble machines for more fun or special effects for your party.

  • Weddings

Weddings are occasions where everyone is looking to have fun. Whether it is the friends of the couples, the kids, or the oldies in the family, you can add a foam machine to help plan out some interesting activities for the guests to indulge the guests in a fun activity.

Moreover, you can also create a fairytale setting for one of your events with the foam. It will create a romantic atmosphere for everyone.

foam machine

  • Kids parties

A perfect party for kids must be full of FUN, then the foam party is a perfect choice for the party theme. No matter whether boy or girl, all ages of kids love to play with the foam. And the party place is easy to arrange with the portable foam party machine.

  • Holiday celebrations

Whether it is a Christmas carnival or a new year celebration, foam can never go wrong. If the event is in a relatively dry region, it doesn’t have to mean that you will plan boring parties! The foam party machine will save the day. It will let you have some amazing foamy effects for the holiday party. You can always use it for other holiday party celebrations to brighten up the setting. CO2 jet machines and stage fog machines can also be used along with foam machines to create a wonderful experience. Whether it is a professional show or something casual, a foam machine fits right in.

  • Filming and shootings

If you are shooting a pre-wedding film, this is a very useful machine. It creates the perfect magical background for you to cherish for years to come. Not only that, but the foam will also go perfectly with a toddler’s milestone celebrations like 1st birthdays.

The foamy effects look lovely on the camera, both in the pictures and video recordings. You can also make great use of them in professional filming and photography.


What Are The Safety Measures Concerning Foam Machines?

There are certain measures that you should consider while operating a foam party machine. These are:

  • Do not use a machine without a waterproof plug in wet/ outdoor areas. These are meant for dry and indoor use.
  • Use the recommended foam liquid that is fully compatible with the machine.
  • Do not use the machine without the liquid in the tank to avoid any damage.
  • Make sure to unplug the cord before servicing.
  • Do not direct the foam party machine’s mouth to a person’s face. Especially with the maximum output setup, keep the machine far from people’s faces.

foam machine

What is The Output of The MOKA SFX Foam Party Machines?

MOKA offers foaming machines with a range of outputs. You should choose a machine that fulfills your requirements. This depends on the area coverage and the people in the area.

For a large output area coverage, you should go with the highest capacity machine with an output of 15-18 cubic meters per minute. It has a 2500W power pump and a large injection volume to ensure high coverage. You can use them for water parks, shopping malls, etc.

Another variation of the machine is an 1800 W foaming machine that provides an output of 10 to 13 cubic meters per minute. The powerful pump of the machine makes it appropriate for larger areas. You can use these for homes as well as commercial spaces.

You can easily determine the output of the machine by checking the power consumption. The more power consumed, the higher the output of the foam party machines.


How to Efficiently Operate The Foam Party Machine?

While the actual working mechanism may differ from the models, here is a standard mode of operation:

  • Add foam liquid and water to the oil pump. The ratio of input should be 1:20 between the foaming oil and the water. Stir it well.
  • Now repeatedly add water to the water pipe till the water reaches the oil pump.
  • The next step is to turn off the green light (or the fan button). Wait for about 30 seconds for the fan to start functioning. Then press the red light (or the pump button) to automatically start the water pumping.

Check the manual instructions to know about the exact working of the machines.

foam machine

What Are The Important Certifications of  MOKA SFX Machines?

All the foam party machines of MOKA SFX go through an intense testing process. Besides, the equipment has passed certifications of CE, ROHS, and FCC.

The MOKA foam machines are of top quality and are used worldwide, including in the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.


How to Maintain The Foam Party Machine?

Maintaining the foam machine is quite easy and quick. Just remember to clean the machine properly after use. This ensures that the machine does not clog. Keep in mind some tips while maintaining the machine.

  • Unplug the machine once it is used.
  • Then empty the tank from any residue of the oil.
  • Make sure to handle the interiors of the machine with care.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.


Does The Foam From The Foam Machines Leave Any Stains?

The foam generated from these machines is quite similar to bubble foams formed while bathing or related activities. Hence, you must inform the party attendees beforehand to wear appropriate clothes while enjoying the foam party that you have set up for the client.

As the machine uses pure oil, the foam usually does not leave any stain marks. However, you should inform the party owners to be careful and inform the guests about it.


How Long Does The Foam From These Machines Last?

One of the most convenient features while using a foam machine is the quick output and long-lasting effects. The density of the foam plays a major role to determine the lasting time. Another important factor is the temperature and humidity of the place. Under standard foam output and normal weather conditions, the foam can last up to 30 minutes. It will start to subside eventually.


How to Clean The Mess After Having Foam Parties?

While it may seem like a huge task to clean up after foam parties, it is quite easy to clean the mess. After some time of foam formation, the water in the foam is lost due to the process of natural evaporation.

Once the water evaporates, it leaves behind a white chalky residue. This residue is light enough to get blown away by the wind. You can also use water pipes to get rid of them.

foam machine

Does The Foam Create From The Machine Get Slippery?

Yes, the foam can be slippery on certain surfaces. Hence, you need to choose the location wisely while using the foam machine.

For outdoors, grass is the best surface for using foaming machines. Whereas, in the indoor environment, make sure that the surface has high friction. You should get professional advice while using it on commercial floors, like bars or dance floors.


What is The Appropriate Height of The Foam?

You can fill the foam into space as per your requirements. Once it reaches the desired level, turn off the pump. Ensure that the height does not exceed chest level.

While creating foam for kids, adult supervision is necessary to monitor the water and foam levels.


Are The Party Foam Machines Safe to Use Around Children?

Yes, the party foam machine is completely safe for children. It does not cause any harm to the plants, skin, or eyes. The machine produces non-toxic and skin-friendly foam.  You can easily plan to use it for events involving kids or any celebratory event.


How to Determine The Right Foam Party Machine For Use?

Consider the following factors while selecting the perfect foam party machine for you:

  • Output capacity
  • Area coverage
  • Power consumption
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor use
  • Mobility of the machine

How Can The MOKA SFX Foam Party Machines Benefit Businesses?

MOKA SFX offers premium quality stage foam machines for businesses. It will skyrocket the sales of your machines.

If you want to print your logo on the machines, you can directly contact the team. All you need to do is to send a PDF file of the logo. We will silkscreen it on the machine.

What are you waiting for, come and get a MOKA SFX foam party machine to start your best business!

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