MK-E09 Stage Flame Machine


      • Voltage: AC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
      • Power: 1000W
      • Controle: DMX-512, electric control
      • Spray Height: 6-8m
      • Product Weight: 80KG (176lb)
      • Product Size: 32 x 40 x 50cm

      MK-E09 Stage Flame Machine


      • With aluminum cabinet and professional designed structure
      • shoot up to 8 meters (26 feet)
      • system of high voltage ignition
      • Quick-release coupling for easy setup

      Moka big fire machine MK-E09 is perfect visual effect device for outdoor events, like sports events, outdoor live performances, acrobatics display shows, circus performance, landscape project, musical synchronous shows etc.

      Brings you a shocking fire visual effect.

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      MK-E09 Stage Flame Machine: The Definitive Guide

      With aluminum cabinet and professional designed structure and finishing, the MK-E09 stage flame machine is widely used outdoor working for producing a very powerful flame burst, big power 1000W to produce strong flame output working under voltage 110V or 220V.

      The system of MK-E09 flame project is four units to one set, you can link multiple units work separately or simultaneously by programming under DMX512 signal control, the creation of musically synchronized fireballs or flame pillars shoot up to 8 meters (26 feet) vertically from bottom to top.

      By using gasoline or nitrogen (N2) gas as fuel, this pyrotechnic device not only long working time but also better stability of flame spray than LPG fuel, moreover, you will find this way more economic so to save your budget during your event planning.

      The MK-E09 stage flame machine is constructed with double spark plugs and under a system of high voltage ignition, which can produce more spark ratio, it means high sensibility performance.

      Quick-release coupling for easy setup and connection of hoses even reach to 30 meters (98 feet) long-distance, this can prevent you from short usable hose trouble for a large operating distance venue.

      No matter large-scale events or small parties, no matter you need device work with convenient canister, LPG gas or gasoline as fuel, MOKA SFX offering you different flame projects options.

      Also, here we have other special effects devices like CO2 jet, confetti blaster, sparkler machine, fog/haze machine, bubble machine, snow machine and stage lighting to catering for every aspect of indoor and outdoor events.

      What you need to do is reach us with your specific requirement of what kind of effects you / your client need.

      Let’s get start it!

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