MK-E06A Dmx Flame Projector


  • Voltage: AC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Fire Height:3m (10ft)
  • Coverage: 1m3
  • Power: 200W
  • Control: DMX-512, Switch Power
  •   Package Weight: 7.5kg
  • Package Size: 29 x 29 x 39cm

MK-E06A Dmx Flame Projector


  • dual nozzle and double ignition needle design
  • Flame height can reach 3 meters
  • ignition success rate up to 95%
  • added a new power failure safety device

The MK-E06A Dmx flame projector is an upgrade of MOKA SFX based on the first generation of four-corner and hexagonal flamethrowers, which has a great improvement in both appearance and performance.

The biggest feature of this DMX Flame Machine is the dual nozzle and double ignition needle design.

The ignition success rate is very high, up to 95%.

When you are using it, it will not affect your activity because of unsuccessful ignition.

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MK-E06A Dmx Flame Projector: The Definitive Guide

DMX Flame Machine MK-E06A

The equipment is more stable and reliable in the activity.

Compared with the first generation of flamethrowers, the MK-E06A Dmx flame projector is smaller in size.

You don’t have to reserve too much space for your stage, and it will not affect the overall appearance of your stage because of its size.

Convenient, can save you more transportation costs and storage space.

MK-E06A Dmx Flame Projector

MK-E06A DMX flame projector flame height can reach 3 meters, the point spray reaction is fast, and the flame can form a fireball shape, which is very spectacular.

In addition, this lighter can be connected in series with the signal line between the machine and the machine.

You can connect multiple units in series and control it with the console, multiple units connected in series, fired together, and the giant fire column sprayed to give the viewer a visual impact.

MK-E06A Dmx flame projector has added a new power failure safety device.

MK-E06A Dmx Flame Projector

When you or your customers use the fire-breathing machine, the safety is higher, which makes the safety of the people on the spot a better guarantee.

When you are not careful when you touch the DMX flame projector, it will immediately cut off the power and stop the flames immediately, which will not bring safety hazards to your event site, make your operation safer and the activity will go smoothly.

The DMX flame projector will surely bring your event atmosphere to a climax, impressing the people who come to the event.

And this DMX flame projector is used by major and medium-sized outdoor performances, concerts, music festivals, etc. around the world.

Flame Stage Effect

In summary, the MOKA SFX Dmx flame projector, a unique design of the lighter, will bring you more surprises.

If you want to get it, please do it now and contact us!

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