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MOKA SFX Flame Machine will Bring Your Audience an Unforgettable Night

You Need a Safer Flame Machine

The Flame Machine is capable of bringing an incomparable experience to your audience.

Anyway, safety is the top priority concern before your purchasing and actual use. In MOKA Fire Machines, we make lots of improvements to ensure everything under control when your shows going on:

  • Electronic Pulse Ignition (Over 98% success igniting)
  • Tipping Sensor (Stop the fire immediately when tipping happen)
  • Safe Channel Lock (Prevent mistaken operating to cause an accident)

MOKA SFX Flame Machine

moving head flamer machine PF-1800

DMX Moving Head Flame Machine | Outdoor

PF-800 10m high flame machine projector (1)

Sync Flamer 10M Flame Machine

flame machine, fire projector

iFlamer Handheld Flamethrower

flame machine mokasfx.com

DMX Flame Projector

flame machine mokasfx.com

Stage Flame Thrower

flame machine mokasfx.com

3 Head Fire Machine

fire projector, flame machine

Hi Fire Machine

flame machine, fire machine, fire projector

5 Head Flame Projector Thrower

LPG flame machine mokasfx.com

LPG Flame Genius Machine

LPG flame machine mokasfx.com

LPG Triple-Way Flame Projector

Stage Flame Machine

MOKA SFX, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of flame machines, specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of flame machines and other special effect equipment such as CO2 jet machine, confetti machine, stage fog machine, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA for your flame machine orders.

  • Global warehouse for storing MOKA Flame Machine, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.
  •  12-hour solution services for any MOKA Flame Machine problem or any new stage project.
  •  Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  •  Keep safe when using MOKA Flame Machine to all your stage.
  •  Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA flame machine, also called flame projector, flame thrower, fire machine, fire projector, is widely used in the festival, DJ party, concert, club, nightclubs, sports events, theaters, various stages, and so on.

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moving head flamer machine PF-1800

PF-1800 DMX Wave Flame Machine 2024

  • Flames High: 8–10 m (26.24–32.81 ft)
  • Control: DMX Control with 210° Flexible Angle
  • Voltage: AC100V – 240V, 50Hz – 60Hz
  • Power: 400W

MOKA SFX Fire Machine Finish Project Showcase

stage flame machine
Star Club
dmx fire machine
Central Festival
fire machine mokasfx.com
TV Show
fire machine
Val Bonne Country Estate
dmx fire machine
cold spark machine
Compeonato 2019

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MOKA SFX Flame Machine

MOKA flame machine heightens the joyous atmosphere of the scene highlights your show and makes your events more impressive when people loud WOW to the MOKA Flame machine effects.

We manufacture and sell all MOKA fire machines worldwide, supply voltage AC110V to AC 240V, frequency 50Hz to 60Hz flame machines to meet any of your country’s standards.

A device with real output power 80W Flame Genius H-E01 to high fire output 10M fire machine PF-800, giving you many options for your different usage and needs, no matter which field you are in, staging industry, sound, lighting, AV supplier, rental and hire business, or show services.

Moka SFX has 2 main series of fire machines, the MK series, and the H series. MK series flame machine has the MK-E02A LPG fuel flame machine. The advanced series H-series flame machines are H-E01 Flame Genius, H-E02 Dual-way Flame Machine, H-E03 Triple-way Flame Machine, H-E04 180W Hi Fire Machine, H-E05 5-Head Fire Machine, and LPG Flame Genius Machine(H-EO1A, H-EO3A).

Based on the categories of consumables, MOKA flame machines have LPG models fire machines and fire liquid (some people use car starting liquid) models fire machines, the fire liquid models can produce multi-color fire effects when using color flame liquid red, blue, green, and yellow.

Here we have a PF-series MOKA flame machine, which is a super recommend.
It is the PF-800 10M Flame Machine, which MOKA SFX just developed and launched, shaped with an elegant design and compact outer black metal cabinet, easy storage, and hidden for some of your show needs.

Built in both 3-pin & 5-pin DMX XLR connectors, any of your professional DJ gear controllers can be lined with our flame machines.

Its LCD screen shows you control status easily, LED indicates when the flame machine is working, and keeps your events going smoothly.

And what’s the key feature of the H-series MOKA flame machine, is its safe channel under DMX safety mode Channel-1, double safety during your show.

In MOKA SFX, all electronic devices we manufacturing, including flame machines, are all MOKA flame machine compliant with CE and RoHS.

Reach us for more info on MOKA Flame Machine and place an order now.


Your Comprehensive Guide to Flame Machines

    ▾ What are the best-suited events to use flame machines?
    ▾ Can you propel flame machines in different directions?
    ▾ Do you need a license to use flame machines?
    ▾ Do radios or mobile phones set off a flame machine?
    ▾ Does a flame machine set off smoke detectors and alarms?
    ▾ Can you use a flame machine made at home?
    ▾ What should you know about the safety regulations of a flame machine?
    ▾ What are the general safety rules to cater to while using a flame machine?
    ▾ What is a Sparkler machine?
    ▾ Are cold sparkler machines safe?
    ▾ What are the safety features of a flame machine?
    ▾ What are the components of a flame machine?
    ▾ What is a stage flame machine used with?
    ▾ Can you generate multiple colored flames through a flame machine?
    ▾ Are flame machines mobile?
    ▾ How do you operate a flame machine?

A must-have special effects tool for any concert, rock band, sports event, or tour, high-grade flame machines add the X factor to your event. Flame machines offer an exceptionally dramatic fire effect for discotheques and stages. The Flame effects will leave your guests impressed on a whole other level!

Flame machines are not one of those conventional tools that add just a touch of craze to your parties. Rather, they are the real deal, thereby delivering you years of safe and reliable flame effects too! Even if you are not an expert in managing a flame machine, you can always ask a professional to do so.

Being a revolutionary product in the world of special effects, flame machines offer a legion of extraordinary features and functionalities. Flame machines are a one-time investment for years of a memorable experience.

You can use these throughout the year to fuel your events and heighten all the fun by a notch. Seen on tours, concerts, television, and various other platforms, these units generate fire-like special effects.

What Are The Best-suited Events to Use Flame Machines?

With an array of special effects, flame machines revolutionize various kinds of events. These systems fire a short-lived, tinted flame that adds a unique interest to both, outdoor and indoor shows. Offering mind-blowing visual effects, these systems are one of the most sought-after special effect units throughout the marketplace.

From dance performances and concerts to Broadway shows, flame machines are a versatile facet of pyrotechnics. Here are some of the most fitting events that utilize flame machines for special effects:

  • Sports Events

Many sports events make use of flame machines. Since these machines carry a massive moment radius, they help in creating large-scale effects during global sports commemorations and competitions. Also, you may use flame machines during opening ceremonies and team entries.

  • Award Nights

Firing visually-appealing effects through flame machines during stage performances at award nights significantly heightens the zeal of your event. Many production units install these machines on their stages to magnify the grandeur of dance numbers and plays. Furthermore, you can use multiple flame machines to create a chase sequence for additional effects.

  • Concerts and Musical Nights

If you have attended concerts, you must know the infectious energy passing through the crowd. Lively concerts like EDM and Ultra call for drastic openings.

Can You Propel Flame Machines in Different Directions?

Regardless of myriads of flame machine alternatives across the pyrotechnic industry, their flaming effects emit a sense of enthusiasm and light that the audience will never forget! With the assistance of a technician, you can fire the flame machine safely in several configurations and directions. Moreover, you can incur different kinds of effects, such as walls of fire and fireballs, that complement your stage requirements.


Do You Need a License to Use Flame Machines?

Yes. In the majority of locations in the United States, you will require a license to use a flame machine. The State Fire Marshall’s Office assigns these licenses to you. Therefore, to begin with, you may contact the fire department to obtain information regarding all your jurisdiction’s requirements. Additionally, it is also essential to receive approval of the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) before using your flame machine.


Do Radios or Mobile Phones Set Off a Flame Machine?

Hand-held radio devices and mobile phones do not carry sufficient radio frequency power to produce a current that blows a bridge wire. Yet, you should distance all kinds of electrical devices and gadgets away from a flame machine while it is being loaded.

Does a Flame Machine Set Off Smoke Detectors and Alarms?

Some venues possess the ability to switch their fire alarms to a performance mechanism. This negates their workability within the performance area while leaving the other parts of the building protected. If the smoke alarm in your building does not feature a performance mode, you can isolate the detectors during the duration of the performance. However, please note that you must never turn off the fire alarm under any circumstances.


Can You Use a Flame Machine Made at Home?

It is not recommended to use a homemade stage flame machine. This is because a broad range of safety features are involved in flame machines to curb the chances of accidental ignition. If you undergo an injury while using an in-house flame system, the HSE may prosecute you. Moreover, a flame machine made at home will not pass through local inspection by the authorities.


What Should You Know About The Safety Regulations of a Flame Machine?

A stage flame machine is constructed in such a way that it can be managed and operated securely. Typically, this refers to the prescriptions, situations, and usability of the machine. Before you install it to your stage, it is crucial to thoroughly read and follow all the instructions in the manual that you receive with your machine.

Have a look at the following steps that you must take into consideration while using a flame machine:

  • Place and use the flame machine in an environment with a fairly consistent temperature ranging between 20 and 50 degrees.
  • The humidity of that environment must not exceed farther than 75 degrees.
  • Your setting must be free of corrosive gases, dust, and organic vapors in large concentrations.
  • The environment should not have any source of vibrations while using the flame machine.

What Are The General Safety Rules to Cater to While Using a Flame Machine?

Although flame machines are extremely safe to use, yet, you must cater to a few safety rules while using it. These are as follows:

  • You must only use a flame machine if there are no animals, people, or inflammable articles within the proximity of the danger zone.
  • Determine the danger zone by viewing the cylindrical space encircling the machine. It lies within a radius of three to four meters.
  • Make sure that the flame machine is not accessible to unauthorized personnel, children, or any animals.
  • Never touch the flame machine while it is operational and working. At times, even if the machine is not operational, it may be ready for initiation.
  • Neither should you render the safety devices inoperative nor remove them.
  • All safety devices must be in proper working order while functioning well.
  • Always ensure a supply of adequate lighting in the area.
  • Make sure that only professional technicians get to operate the flame machine.
  • Using a flame machine in an environment carrying flammable fluids is strictly prohibited.
  • It is advisable to seek permission from the fire brigade before using the stage flame machine at any location.


What is a Cold Spark Machine?

Cold spark machines are another unique dimension of stage machines. This state-of-the-art technology brings a ground-breaking revolution in the legion of special effects. They generate cold fireworks that create a safe and magical element to your party. These machines allow you to personalize the timing, design, and the emerging distance of the fireworks.

Despite their ability to emit sparks, these machines are not hazardous, if used with strict compliance with the regulations. Additionally, you can monitor the functions of Sparkler machines through the LCD screen after syncing it with the DMX control systems.

Are Cold Spark Machines Safe?

The safety of yours and that of your guests has to be your leading priority. Luckily, cold fireworks emitted by these machines are not subject to catching fire or exploding. Rather, the impeccability at which these machines generate wonderful sparks, both – outdoors and indoors, will take you by surprise!

You and your guests can even run your hands across the fireworks without any injury. However, it is not advised. Neither is a Sparkler machine noisy nor does it generate any smoke. All it does is produce a brilliant, illuminating stream of fireworks that never cease to amaze.

What Are The Safety Features of a Flame Machine?

A stage flame machine carries an array of features. One of these is to determine whether the machine is tilted or exposed to shocks. In such a situation, the flame machine automatically stops working and generates flames.

Additionally, if the flame machine undergoes a failure to launch itself, then it displays an  “error press reset” message on the display portal. Subsequently, you can prepare it for reuse by pressing the reset button for five seconds. Furthermore, flame machines also offer other safety features, such as optical ignition detection, spark ignition, and pan-tilt feedback to guarantee uncompromisable safety for you and your audience.


What Are The Components of a Flame Machine?

You will find some components in a flame machine. These are listed below:

  • Power Button
  • Power Input and Output
  • DMX Input and Output
  • Display Screen
  • Menu Button
  • UP and DOWN Button
  • Aerosol Can Lid
  • Warning Signal LEDs
  • Flame Tube
  • Gas Bottle Input

Additionally, you will also find three accessories in a flame machine, each of which has a unique function. These are as follows:

  • Propane Gas Reducer
  • Gas Hose (Propane)
  • Emergency Stop Button

What is a Stage Flame Machine Used With?

A stage flame machine is a device, specifically built for generating flames on a stage. This machine is intended to be solely positioned on an even surface and burst out upward flame effects.

You can use a flame machine with approved propane gas bottles and aerosols. Moreover, many flame machines carry a gigantic mode wherein you can accommodate both the aforesaid substances. You can use the following kinds of substances to produce flames:

  • Aerosol

Forms flames up at a low to medium altitude level.

  • Gas Bottle

Produces flames at a medium altitude level.

  • Big Flame (Gas and Aerosol)

Generates flames at a high altitude.


Can You Generate Multiple Colored Flames Through a Flame Machine?

Yes, flame machines can produce a diverse spectrum of colors. This can also be done by simply adding the coloring agent of the shade you prefer. For instance, potassium compounds supplement a purple color to the flame. Similarly, Strontium and Lithium are capable of turning the flame red.


Are Flame Machines Mobile?

Yes, you can move and relocate flame machines as per your requirements. These compact systems also operate with a fully-wireless mechanism while you add a wireless DMX receiver, at the same time, you need to add a DMX signal sender on the DMX console,  in addition to being mounted on movable objects. It is because of their streamlined, self-contained structure that you can pump these machines inwards or outwards within a few seconds.

Moreover, you can also mount flame machines on free-standing pillars, enabling people to walk right underneath the roaring flames. Also, with the intelligent safety mechanisms that prevent these machines from functioning if knocked over, you get 100% assurance!

fire machine mokasfx.com

How Do You Operate a Flame Machine?

Operating a flame machine for use is not as complicated as it appears. If not sufficiently skilled to implement the procedure, always seek assistance from an expert technician who is well-versed with all the intricacies of the machine. Here are the steps to operate a flame machine for use:

  • Step 1

After preparing the flame machine and setting the DMX address accurately, you can initiate the operation stage. Wait for the three-second flame machine countdown while it checks the entire system before activating itself. You will find the LED lighting to start blinking on the back of the machine.

  • Step 2

Press the flash button on your flame machine to select the start option on the DMX controller. You can now watch a flame emit from the system. However, before shooting them, always remember to ensure that there is nobody nearby. Additionally, you may also refer to the DMX controller manual for clearer instructions.

  • Step 3

After using the flame machine, set it back to safety mode once again. You can do so by setting the channel outside the 40% to 60% range value. Your flame machine will not function when it is in safety mode.

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