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What Cause The Amazing Effect Of Fire Machine?

There is no doubt that stage performances are a feast of art. Nowadays, large-scale events such as music festivals are being held more and more frequently, leading to a growing demand for stage special effects equipment. The flame effect of a fire projector is always a key way to enhance the uniqueness of an activity.

So, when you want to purchase fire machines, are you curious about what items can create such stunning effects? This article will take you through the story behind the flame machine and give you a concise guide to learn more about the fire oil.

stage flame, fire effect, consumables for fire machine

What is Fire Oil?

  • MOKA SFX sells the most suitable fuel for each flame machine, and different models of fire machines use different fuels.

For example, PF-800 can use isopropanol or isopar series of hydrocarbon fuels according to the venue and event requirements. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a fire oil canister by yourself, please consult our professional staff before buying. We will provide you with the most suitable fuel based on the model of machine you want to buy and the scale of the venue.

  • A regular 200ml bottle of fire oil canister can be used for 60-70 seconds. The spray nozzle of flame oil is 3mm, starting liquid size is 17×6 cm. You can choose the flame oil according to this model size, and canned propane can also be used as fuel for flame machines.

Fire oil could be divided into Flame Oil(Methanol 60% , White mineral oil 20% , Butane 15% ,Spices 5%) and Color Flame oil(glycerin 40% ,Silicone oil 30% , Butane 20% , Pigment 5% , Spices 5%).

  • It is important to figure out what model of flame machine you are purchasing or what type of fire oil it can use. For example, our H-E03 flame machine can use colored fuel to spray flames of different colors (but the flame height may become shorter).
  • There are many different types of fire machine fuel available on the market for you to choose from, but if the fire oil pressure is too high, it may result in only fuel spraying out of the nozzle without a flame effect; and if the fuel pressure is not enough, it may cause a the flame of the fire machine not to be high. In both cases, you will need to replace the fire oil canister with a new one.
fire effect, fire oil, flame machine
  • So, what’s the difference between a regular fire oil canister and LPG?

-First of all, the difference is that one is filled with fire oil and the other is connected to LPG. The pressure of the consumables is different, so the height of the spray is also different.

-Secondly, the nozzle diameter of LPG is 8mm, and the pressure of the LPG gas bottle itself is relatively low, which is not as high as that of fire oil. Therefore, the flame height using LPG will be lower, reaching approximately 2m.

  • For H-E02 and H-E03, they have multiple nozzles, and can also be equipped with one bottle of fire oil, but the effect will be not so perfect, and the spraying height is approximately 1-3m. If you only need a fire projector that requires one bottle of oil, it is recommended to buy a single-head spray torch, such as H-E01, one nozzle, small and exquisite, helps save your shipping costs.

Where Can I Buy Fuel For My Flame Machine?

You can buy a fire oil canister in the local store, also you can buy it from Amazon or eBay.

The Way That MOKA Transport

Our MOQ of fuel for flame machine is 100pcs. And on count of flame oil belongs to flammable and explosive items, it can ship by sea transportation only. It is recommended that you purchase more at one time, the shipping cost is relatively cost-effective. If it is in small quantities, buy it locally or on Amazon.

stage special effect, stage flame, fire machine, fire oil fuel

Safety TIPS!

  1. When purchasing a fuel for fire projector, ensure that the size specifications of the flame oil meet the standards to prevent safety issues caused by inferior fire oil.
  2. Strictly follow the usage instructions provided by our professional staff when buying MOKA fire projector.
  3. After choosing the correct type of fire oil, do not store it for too long (one year or more). Store the limited amount of fire oil canister in a cool place, away from sources of ignition and high-temperature environments. High-temperature environments can cause chemical reactions inside the fire oil canister, leading to excessive pressure.
  4. View more about Fire Machine Tips.

Or read more about A Guide to Safely Using a Fire Machine.

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