MOKA EST-306 Portable Scent Diffuser

MOKA EST-306 is one unique Household Battery Portable Table Top Wall-Mounted Small Air Freshener Scent Diffuser for 300m³. with battery inside, it is convenient to use with various places, widely used for hotels, auto 4S shops, restaurant and office buildings,etc.


  •  Long-lasting fragrance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small size, wide range of use.


MaterialPP Plastic
VoltageDC12V/4.5V Battery
UseIntelligence PCB
InstallationLay flat/Wall
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MOKA EST-306 Portable battery operated small Scent diffuser is suitable for small commercial places to create an aromatic atmosphere.

It uses advanced physical atomization technology to make the liquid oil into fog, can diffuse the fragrance into the air environment quickly, can maximize fragrance coverage and aroma concentration.

It is easy to change the fragrance oil and can change fragrances according to new themes and seasons. Like in the hotel, The intelligent remote control scent diffuser can adjust the fragrance release concentration and working time in different environments according to the customer’s needs.

So when you looking for a portable small scent diffuser, MOKA EST-306 Portable Scent Diffuser could be always one of the best options.


MOKA EST-306 battery operated small Scent diffuser build with PP plastic shell, high strength and anti-corrosion material could use for a long time, also lighter & smooth surface finished design, it will be popular on the retailer market if you are a reseller.

EST-306 battery portable scent diffuser can set up 4 groups work periods, freely set the aroma concentration,7 days timer program setting, and adjust fragrance concentration by PCB controller. PCB program can be locked after use, making it safer.

It has a locking clasp design, safe and convenient for changing essential oil. Also Fan inside design, release fragrance directly and would no-drip oils. Nana-level fine atomization diffused more finely and evenly.

With EST-306 battery portable scent diffuser, it is also easy to do the installation, you can put it on the table to use or wall-mounted, with humanized design.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of MOKA items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA EST-306 Portable Scent Diffuser

    ▾ How effective the EST-306 best scent air machine for home is?
    ▾ Features of the EST-306 Hotel Scent Diffuser
    ▾ How to operate the EST-306 Hotel Scent Diffuser?
    ▾ Routine and Troubleshooting of the best scent air machine for home
    ▾ Where to use these Amazing Room Diffusers?
    ▾ Conclusion

How effective the EST-306 best scent air machine for home is?

With the rapid growth in the room diffusers industry, quality demand has also increased. The demand to create the best scent air machine for homes that bring out the best fragrance in any room or space has increased. In this regard, we came up with our exciting EST-306 room diffusers. These room diffusers are considered hotel scent diffusers and have received an exclusive specification to help equip you with the best fragrance in whatever building it has used.

MOKA SFX has followed stern CE standards to present to you the best fragrance in the room diffusers industry. All protocols have been strictly adhered to, to ensure that these room diffusers match with no other in terms of quality fragrance. MOKA SFX assures you among many room diffusers that we delight in providing the best scent air machine for homes and hotels.

Features of the EST-306 Hotel Scent Diffuser

The characteristics of the EST-306 hotel scent diffuser are what make them unique. MOKA SFX EST-306; the best scent air machine for homes’ contains the features which can fulfill the demand for modern room diffusers.

1. Diffuser equipment
2. Atomization core/key
3. Wall screws
4. Wall-mounted back panel
5. Power adapter
1. Diffuser Equipment
It is common knowledge that the details on how a diffuser equipment works can be difficult to understand. To find out, how the diffuser equipment in the EST-306 works, visualize standing beside a waterfall. As the water tumbles down, it instills the air with a calm, cooling mist. That is literally what the MOKA SFX EST-306 hotel scent diffuser does: instills your air with perfect, essential wellness. Let’s have a look inside the EST-306 room diffusers and find out what exactly it is and how it works. MOKA SFX EST-306 is the best scent air machine for home that aids you to blend the potential of plants into your room.
2. Atomization core/key
The atomizer in the room diffusers is the core piece of the fragrant machine. The machinery of the atomizer precisely alters the atomization effect. Now, let’s take a look at the running basis of the best scent air machine for home. The air gets into the atomizer core and oil bottle after being constricted by the air pump, then the atomizer utilizes the atomization technology to reduce the necessary oil into mini particles. In the air, the fragrant spray will be blown into the whole room, to accomplish an enormous scenting achievement. The lesser the necessary oil particles, the more superior and great the fragrance is.
3. Wall screws
As we all know wall screws are mainly used for suspending objects ranging from light to semi-heavy on a wall. In the case of the MOKA SFX room diffusers, wall screws are used to hang the diffuser. These wall screws are applicable because they grant you the opportunity to hang your hotel scent diffuser virtually anywhere, without looking for a stud to drill the screw into.

Another tremendous advantage of these room diffusers’ wall screws is their flexibility: you are not limited to the exact layout of studs. More importantly, these wall screws for the EST-306 room diffusers are produced to prevent the density of the diffuser from yanking screws or nails out of the wall, which might lead to holes in the wall as well as posing a potential danger. The best scent air machine for home is one of the best fragrant diffusers that can spread the aroma holistically on different sides.
4. Wall mounted back panel
The wall-mounted back panel of the EST-306 room diffusers helps supply clean, fresh air straight into the room or occupied area. This best scent air machine for the home wall-mounted back panel also offers a historic displacement pattern and can be easily unified into architectural appearances or merged into a space. The wall-mounted back panel feature of these room diffusers is typically used in places, such as classrooms, offices, public spaces, and even lobbies.

The exceptional air quality accomplished by the displacement airing systems offers a variety of benefits for academic applications, in addition to higher test grades and decreased absenteeism. The wall-mounted back panel of MOKA SFX room diffusers is created to be unified with the architecture in an area and bring a low momentum air pattern into a room. These room diffusers are placed against the wall in the edge of a room with no discernible fasteners. These room diffusers also feature large gauge steel and flat punctured faces that are adhered to by high durable extruded aluminum frames. The punctured faces and internal daze assure equal air circulation across the face of the EST-306 hotel scent diffuser.
5. Power adapter
MOKA SFX room diffusers come with a plug and act much like a clock or lamp. MOKA SFX hotel scent diffuser has to be plugged in for it to work. I know it can be very enticing to keep this hotel scent diffuser plugged in all day and night, but it is not advisable to that since research has shown that lengthy exposure to room diffusers can cause an increase in your blood pressure, headaches, an increase in your heart rate, make your skin irritated, and even make your throat irritated.
Things to Care About while using Room Diffusers

  • It is advisable to immediately unplug the EST-306 room diffuser power adapter from the electronic channel if you observe a strange odor, unusual sound.
  • If the power adapter or the EST-306 hotel scent diffuser unit becomes hot, or if you observe other uncommon behavior.
  • So, if you will use the hotel scent diffusers’ power adapter despite its strange operations, it may lead to an electric shock. It can also cause fire or severe malfunctions.
  • When observing uncommon operation in the power adapter of the EST-306 room diffuser, immediately pause using the power adapter and consult your retailer.
  • If you are not using these EST-306 room diffusers for an extended period, unplug the power adapter from the electronic channel.
  • So, when packing, follow the procedures, allow the EST-306 room diffusers to dry, then place them in storage.

How to operate the EST-306 Hotel Scent Diffuser?

MOKA SFX effective room diffusers provide a fresh scent and a peculiar build for anchoring a room amid any period. This is how our hotel scent diffuser works or get operated;

  • Press and grip the cap button and open the EST-306 cover.
  • Grip the interweaved opening of the atomizer head, drag out the atomizer head, and twist counter-clockwise to pull out the essential oil bottle.
  • When you are done adding the right amount of essential oil, insert it back into the plastic atomizing head and twist it clockwise to stiffen the essential oil bottle.
  • When you are done fixing the essential oil bottle, adjust the hotel scent diffuser with the air channel of the device and press it back to the initial position.
  • The essential oil that is inside the bottle must be depleted while transporting the equipment to avert the equipment damage and essential oil leakages.
  • The equipment should be kept vertical when it is filled with essential oils, and cannot be tilted or turned bottom up, otherwise it may lead to damage of the internal parts of the equipment.
  • Do not use overwhelmed power cords, damaged power plugs, and overwhelmed power sockets, which may threaten your safety and may lead to a fire.
  • Please do not try to open the inner part of this hotel scent diffuser. If you discover that the product is unusual please get in touch with us on time.
  • Connect the adapter to the right power supply: ensure that the adapter is connected to the machine, then inject the adapter plug into the 110240V power socket. Batteries of height 59.0 0.5mm and diameter 32.3 0.2mm can also be used.
  • When the machine is turned ON, the time and the working status of the machine will be indicated by the LCD.
  • ON/OFF ( the ON simply signifies that the machine is in working time, the OFF simply signifies that the machine is out of work).
  • WORK/PAUSE ( the WORK signifies that the machine is working, the PAUSE means the machine has stopped working).
  • The current time in 24-hour is indicated by the LCD.
  • The present actual working days selected from Monday to Sunday are indicated by the LCD.
  • Operation for changing and adding the oil: when you want to use the machine for the first time, kindly open the cover with the key and stiffen the oil bottle before finally connecting to the power supply, setting up the working time adjusting the fragrance concentration.
  • If there is a need to change or add to the oil, please ensure that you turn off the power supply. Then carefully open the machine with the key, revolve the empty oil anti-clockwise to remove the bottle to put in the required oil.

Routine and Troubleshooting of the best scent air machine for home

  1. Malfunction
  2. Elimination
  3. Maintenance Method

When there is no display
What you need to do is check if the power plug is connected. If it is not connected you just have to reconnect the power plug.

When there is no fogging
There are so many reasons why this could occur. The reason could range from whether the air pump is working as it should, whether it is currently in the working hours of the equipment, or even whether the power plug is connected.
You can start by checking the working condition of the air pump, reset the program and turn on the power.

When there is an oil spill
If the sealing ring of the bottle mouth has fallen off or if the essential oil bottle is loose. Now, you can check if the sealing ring is in the correct position. The solution to this problem is simple, re-screw the essential oil bottle.

When the atomizing factor sprays liquid
If the equipment is tilted; it means whether the atomization joint is loose
So, keep the equipment up, try and tighten the atomization connector.

When there is an unusual sound of the equipment
If your best scent air machine for home is creating an unusual noise, it can be due to the fan grey or loose air pump. So, try cleaning the fan dust
and try installing the air pump correctly and fix the position.

When there is a little amount of atomization
If the air pump is aging, and the atomizer is blocked. You should replace the air pump and clean the atomizer core.
Warranty Regulations for the EST-306 Room Diffusers
These are the warranty regulations you will get on your best scent air machine for home purchase from MOKA SFX.

  • This warranty applies to brand-new room diffusers sold by our distributors or agents in mainland China for personal use rather than resale
  • This warranty is provided for failures caused by manufacturing reasons under normal conditions of use.
  • The warranty period ends after 12 months from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, the service or accessories covered by the warranty will be exempted. This warranty item does not include essential oil consumables.
  • To obtain warranty service, please be sure to get in touch with the after-sales department during the warranty period and present the original or copy of the valid warranty card and official commercial invoice to the relevant department.
  • If you do not enjoy the free warranty service in the following situations: Damages and malfunctions caused by fire/accidents (such as fire, earthquake, breakage, etc.).
  • Failure to operate by the requirements of use, use in the unsuitable working environment and conditions, and cause malfunctions.
  • The product has been damaged by repairs or replacement of additional parts by non-authorized personnel of the company.
  • Damage caused by improper transportation after delivery.
  • Failed to provide a valid warranty certificate, the content of the certificate is inconsistent with the product or altered.
  • Daily maintenance and cleaning are not performed as required.
  • The product runs beyond regulations.
  • Products, consumables, parts, or other parts not produced or provided by our company.
  • Products sold abnormally.
  • For equipment that needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, the recipient must be notified in advance for confirmation.

Where to use these Amazing Room Diffusers?

As the name of the best scent air machine for home shows that it is a diffuser. You can use it in your room, room, hotels and parties, and other commercials as well.
Room Diffusers
These room diffusers can help you to eliminate bad smells from your room. It can give a new flavor of enchantment to your house and rooms. You do not have to keep it on continuously, but after proper diffusion turns it off. So, these room diffusers can work as energy-saving devices for you as well.
Hotel Fragrance Diffusers
You can use these fragrance room diffusers in your hotel restaurants and rooms as well. This is not only the best scent air machine for home but also hotel dining, clubs, gyms, and other areas as well.
Commercial Areas
The best part about MOKA SFX room diffusers is you can use them in commercial areas to make your time worth spending. You can use it in your events at a medium level, like indoor concerts, tea parties, indoor games, office meetings as well. It will leave an enchanting impact on your sport and fun time.


To conclude, read the manual carefully before using this product, and please read it properly for future reference as well. This product is non-artificially damaged from the date of sale, free warranty for one year of paid repairs beyond the free warranty period, and has record maintenance. The best way to use such everlasting and efficient products is to get detailed information from the manual before using it.

It can expand, advance the effectiveness of aroma coverage. The aroma concentration setting device and the inherent time certify that the structure can modify the aroma to release concentration in distinct environments in contrast to the customer’s demand. The command panel can stack the encryption program to secure the room diffusers’ operating system and make it safer to use. We provide a free quote according to your area and demand, so what are you waiting for! Provide your requisites, and we have covered you for your worth remembering party.

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