EST-303 Intelligent and practical aroma expander

MOKA EST-303 Scent machine is intended for use in residential or any small commercial area like office, retails, spas ect., this an aroma diffusion equipment that can be customized program to make a consistent and long-lasting aromatherapy benefits.


  • Customized setting
  • Compact, smart and friendly use.


MaterialPP Plastic
VoltageDC 12V
ColorFace cover white/Silvery/Red/Blue
Use Intelligence PCB
InstallationLay flat/Wall
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Are you seeking a warm atmosphere suitable for your business, whether it is for a working environment or for improving the quality of the service to your customers, a commercial fragrance machine is an ideal to establishing a welcoming ambiance and the right scent can leave a positive impression for your customers that they will not forget.

MOKA EST-303 scent machine is a scenting solution for homes and businesses, it is environmentally friendly in use, and it makes people open-minded and enhances mood.

It turns the liquid oil into a fog using sophisticated atomization technology, and then swiftly diffuses the aroma into the air. As a result, it may cover a large region. The diffuser includes a built-in fan that may be utilized to swiftly spread the scent. It’s simple to alter oils in response to consumer demands.

The machine features a timer program that allows you to modify different fragrance concentrations for different rooms and set the working duration for each day, as well as a 7-day timer program to accommodate varied your requirements!


MOKA EST-303 scent machine is a diffuser system ideal for coverage of 200m³. It has an elegant appearance thanks to its metal shell, high strength, and corrosion paint processing simple design, you can use it Standalone or mount it on the wall.

It employs innovative atomization technology to turn liquid fragrance oil into fog, which is then forcefully and swiftly diffused to all corners, and, MOKA EST-303 features a built-in fan for more even and more rapid distribution.

With an intelligent PCB controller, you will enjoy concentration & timer settings, memory function setting just takes you few seconds to turn it on when daily use. You will find it quite operation with ultra-low energy consumption

MOKA EST-303 scent machine emits pure essential oil bursts of aroma to scent up to 2000 square feet, very easy refill oils to a 200ml bottle inside it. Here we have many different scents with many types of smell for your every mood and type of place, contact us and let’s get a special scent solution to your own.

  • Please handle the MOKA AROMA MACHINE by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of MOKA items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA EST-303 Scent Diffuser

    ▾ How Effective is MOKA Scent Machine?
    ▾ Why include the EST-303 smart scent diffuser in your next event?
    ▾ Features of MOKA SFX EST-303.
    ▾ How does the EST-303 scent diffuser machine work?​
    ▾ Where can you use the EST-303 diffuser machine?
    ▾ Why buy the Smart home diffuser machine?
    ▾ Frequently Asked Questions
    ▾ Conclusion

How Effective is MOKA Scent Machine EST-303

We understand there is nothing vital like fresh scented air when handling a large group of people. Suppose you are thinking of holding a party, then include the best scent diffuser machine. The fresh purified air covering the event area will make the party lively and memorable among your gusts.

If you are an event organizer or a DJ, you understand the importance of a relaxed partying environment. We have come up with the perfect solution for fresh scented air in events; EST-303 is all you need.

Why include the EST-303 smart scent diffuser in your next event?

MOKA SFX scent machine EST-303 is an advanced scent diffuser that effectively serves small areas up to 300 cubic meters. You can use this scent diffuser machine in different places such as nightclubs, weddings, music festivals, and outdoor events. The in-built fan makes the smart diffuser outshine the competitors as it can diffuse scented air directly.
Faster fragrance diffuser
The modern technology engineered in the diffuser enables it to turn the liquid oil into a fog for faster fragrance diffusion. When the mist is exposed to the air, it covers a larger area than the liquid oil. Use the installed timer program to set and change different aroma concentrations depending on the population and space.
Let us start!

Features of MOKA EST-303

Our diffuser machine has many unique features that make it the best intelligent home fragment diffuser, such as:
Timer Program of Scent Machine
MOKA SFX diffuser timer, can’t be compared; to other competitors, as it contains an advanced intelligent PCB controller. You can adjust and set various aroma concentrations easily with the help of a dial adapter. Use the timer to select the preferred working time for a week by relying on different requests and space. The PCB controller helps in locking your functional settings due to the installed encryption program. Also, close the PCB control unit after using it; this makes the scent machine more reliable and safe, not forgetting its flexibility when multitasking.
Purifying Mechanism
Before investing in the MOKA SFX scent diffuser machine, keep in mind the fantastic purifying technology designed in the machine. We created a perfect purifying system to ensure you get clean and aromatic air, especially this pandemic season. The modern atomization technology enables the device to convert liquid oil to fog for easy fragment diffusion to the atmosphere. Fog fragments, once diffused into the air, covers more area as compared to liquid oil. Aside from receiving purified fresh air, the technology involved can clean the room or the event area.
Quality construction material
It is incredible how the scent machine is set up with a top-quality PP plastic shell that is friendly to the environment. Conserving the environment is our number one objective by producing air purifying devices and non-pollutant products. Smart home fragrance diffuser is anti-corrosive, finished with a smooth surface crafted from high-quality steel and aluminum. The scent machine is lightweight due to the standard materials used in construction.
Built-in fan
You will be amazed how the installed fan operates in setting the best partying environment? The fan is designed to release fog fragments rapidly through the diffuser nozzle. One impressive thing, the pre-set fan can use directly to spread the atomized fog particles faster. The powerful fan can surprise you as it covers over 200 cubic meters when used directly. When the machine fan is powerful, it diffuses the scented air to cover a large area.
Compact design
We kept in mind the product size and shape during the construction process. EST-303 scent machine has a compact design that makes it easier to transport for events. The diffuser machine weighs 0.85 kilograms and measures 12cm wide, 22cm high, and 7cm long. You will find no other scent diffuser machine with a compact design like this one.
Noiseless level of smart home fragrance diffuser
Your guests will have quality time listening to the event programs without disturbance, as the machine cannot distract their concentration. In general, the smart home fragrance diffuser has a noise level of less than 38dba and enables you to work in a quiet entertainment environment. Among other features, the quietness of this device is unbelievable and makes it outstanding.
Installation process
The installation process for this smart home fragrance diffuser is implausible due to the dual installations. You can choose to mount it over the wall with the help of wall-mount parts available in the package. Also, it’s portable; you can fix it to the ground and expect excellent results. We crafted the Grasse Aroma to fit all events despite the space or population.
Oil capacity
Wondering how long the scent diffuser machine operates before running low. The device can hold a maximum of 200ml oil capacity that can serve for hours before changing. Replacing the oil is a straightforward process, as it does not require any experience, only follow the few steps discussed below.

How does the EST-303 scent diffuser machine work?

To run your scent machine follow these simple steps;

  • Connect the adapter to a power socket that can support either 110V or 240V. Any source of power less than 110V cannot turn on the machine.
  • The scent machine contains several buttons such as ON, OFF, PULSE, and WORK. Turn on the diffuser and, the LCD screen will show the working status and time in Beijing.
  • The screen shows time in 24 hours and current working days from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Use the advanced PCB controller to adjust time, day, and aroma concentration for a smooth operation.
  • Suppose you are a newbie; remember to tighten the oil cork before connecting to power. By doing this, you avoid any risk that may occur in case the oil drips.
  • Once everything sets, press the WORK button, sit back, relax and enjoy fresh perfumed air.

Setting system time
Working time on the machine should lime with the actual time. Press the set button on the display that indicates hours, use the UP and DOWN button to adjust the hours. Once you have completed setting the hours, the minutes will pop up; use the same procedure to finish with minutes and seconds. Hold the SET key for ten seconds after the working time has matched the real-time to save the settings.

How to set up the working time

  • Press the MODE button to adjust the Beijing time for five working days. In addition, you can press the MODE button for ten seconds to restore the factory settings.
  • Use the SET button to start the program settings and balance the working time, days, and scent concentration. Hold the SET button for ten seconds to unlock and lock existing settings.
  • The UP button enables you to increase the working time, especially when matching real-time from Beijing time.
  • Press the DOWN button when decreasing the time to meet the real-time and other subjects like working days and aroma.

How to set up the work period

  • Once you have pressed the MODE button for the first time, the display shows meaning it’s the first time using the diffuser. Use the SET option to adjust time and working period with the UP and DOWN buttons.
  • When you press the MODE for the second time, the screen will indicate (EVENT 1 OFF), which shows the operation time PAUSED.
  • Pressing the MODE button for the third time will indicate (SCENT WORK PAUSED) on the screen. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to increase or decrease the aroma concentration.

Oil changing process
We designed the MOKA SFX smart home fragrance diffuser with a simple oil-changing process. Cut off the power supply before changing or adding the oil. Use the key to unlock the machine, remove the empty oil container by turning it anticlockwise. Open the oil cap and fill oil into the bottle, then close it, clean any oil spill around the oil container. Fix the full oil bottle by twisting it clockwise. Make sure you fit it tightly before locking the door. Finally, connect the smart home fragrance diffuser to the power supply.

Where can you use the EST-303 diffuser machine?

You can sue this amazing MOKA scent machine at the different events;
Besides a delicious meal, you need fresh and scented air for you to remember your day. Adding our diffuser to your hotel will make the customers visit always. As they enjoy the environment with neat and clean breathable air. The machine will remove bad smells with perfume air.
Are you planning on doing a wedding? Add our scent diffuser to your budget as it will not only add beauty to the event. But also, produce aromatic air setting the event mood. Mounting it to the wall will create a classic and memorable day for you and your guests. EST-303 works best in confined and specious spaces, correctly what you need for weddings.
Creating a partying mood will take more than good music from the DJ. The customers require fresh air as they enjoy the dance for the party to be lit. Add the best diffuser for your customers to visit your club regularly as the venue will be remarkable.
Hall and conference rooms
The quietness of our machine works perfectly for conference halls as it sets an enchanting environment. The audience gets to enjoy fresh and scented air that imposes peaceful thinking. MOKA SFX scent diffuser machine deletes bad smells from the halls and replaces the rooms with fresh and aromatic air.
Music festival
It is vital to have a scent diffuser machine in music festival events to splash fresh air in the rooms. When the participants dance, they sweat and produce a bad smell, the scent diffuser help within cleaning the room with fresh and scented air.
Movie theatres
Many theatres hold a minimum of 200 people, and having the best smart home fragrance diffuser will aid in helping the fresh air to the audience. Solving the problems of bad smell and suffocation can be a challenge in a theatre. But with a scent diffuser machine, you are sorted.

Our scent machine can be helpful in stores, clothes shops, and banks. These places visit with many people throughout, it’s crucial to maintain fresh air. EST-303 works best in a small space with a few individuals and its results are impeccable.

Benefits of MOKA SFX EST-303
We have worked to the limit to bring you a smart home fragrance diffuser full of benefits on your side. The air purifier adds value to your party and makes it memorable for your guests through the fresh perfumed air. Also, the scent machine enhances interior beauty when mounted to the wall, as it appears unique and beautiful.

The smart home fragrance diffuser serves perfectly from various scenarios, and it is easier to operate. Aside from clean air, you can use the scent machine to clean event and party rooms. Enjoy different aroma concentrations as the diffuser gives a window of mixing your preferred perfume air content.

Maintenance of the scent machine
Proper maintenance of any working machine is vital as it prolongs the life span. Caring for this device is more comfortable as it requires you to clean it with a 95% alcohol-based detergent at the atomizers and other parts. You can also put alcohol on the empty oil bottle and turn the machine on five minutes after specific operations. Change the air pump after cleaning the atomizers and ensure it is in a good position before operation.

Why buy the Smart home diffuser machine?

We created the device with a durable compressed air pump the works efficiently. MOKA SFX scent machines are available in white and black eye-catching colors to suit your background. Impressively, it outputs five wattages for quicker diffusion of air fragments. The quietness of this scent machine is on another level making it the best home and office equipment.

The electrostatic purifying technology engineered in this device is outstanding. With the large oil capacity, you have a reason to buy the air freshener. Another reason to purchase the smart home fragrance diffuser is the compatible design that makes it easier to carry anywhere. In addition, the scent machine has been tested and certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the scent diffuser set work plans?
Yes, the machine enables you to lay down four working group schedules in seven days. You can set how many days a week the scent diffuser machine should operate and how long the scent machine should stop or work. Also, set the aroma concentration according to your customers’ requests.

Q: Does MOKA SFX EST-303 have a warranty?
Yes, we provide a 12-month warranty that enables repair for your scent machine if damaged. However, you should possess the purchase invoice and the warranty card for free repair or change of parts. Feel free to ask for repair or new device parts within the twelve months after purchase.

Q: When are you not allowed to access the warranty services?
The incidents include when wrongly operated, damage during transportation, and issues of fire or accidents. Also, when you don’t have a warranty card and if you got the diffuser from non-official channels.

Q: Which are the minimum and maximum aroma concentrations?
The minimum aroma concentration is 5%, and the device can operate for ten seconds then stops for 190 seconds. On the other hand, 95% is the maximum aroma concentration making the machine work for 190 seconds and stop for 10 seconds while consuming 6ml oil.


Are you looking for a way to add value to your party or event and make it memorable? Include the EST-303 scent machine for fresh and aromatic air. Our scent diffuser machine is designed and built with top-quality materials to guarantee exquisite and efficient performance. Once you have this scent machine, you can relax and enjoy the best results because this is the best aroma diffuser in the market. Buy it today and squeeze amazing offers, and thank us later.

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