MOKA EPR LED 3715, the high-performance wall washer has a zoom range of 4-60 degrees, which is suitable for different scenes and is not limited by distance. Not only can it be used as a wash light to change the color, but all 37 LEDs can also be independently controlled to produce beams of different colors to meet various effects on the stage. It is a truly versatile and one-piece moving headlight.


  • Multi-function, three operation modes: wash, beam, FX effect;
  • Beam macro effect, fire & water effect;
  • Unique optical system with unparalleled zoom range (4 degrees-60 degrees) and uniform light diffusion.


VOLTAGEAC100-240V 50/60HZ
Color Temperature6500K
Dimensions(Carton Package)596X491X656mm
WEIGHT(Carton Package)28Kg
Dimensions(Flight Case -2 lights)805X525X815mm
NET WEIGHT/WEIGHT(Flight Case -2 lights)36Kg/61Kg
ScanPan540°, Tilt210°, Fixture could auto reset
Demmerlinear dimmer
Zoomlinear amplifier
Enlarged rotationCan be 360° degrees clockwise, counterclockwise rotation
Shutterelectronic shutter, random strobe
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MOKA EPR 3715 as a lamp panel composed of 37 15W LEDs, each LED lamp has its own parameters, which can be individually controlled. The lamp holder can be rotated 360 degrees, covering the place in all directions. The zoom range is from 4°to 60°, uniform light scattering, suitable for various places of different sizes. There are three operation modes: wash, beam, FX effect.

In the wash mode, the edge of the beam can be weakened and the dyeing effect is soft;

In the beam mode, each LED lamp can emit a high-intensity beam and scatter parallel beams, which can be used as a beam lamp.

In FX mode, the enhanced electronic engine creates a dynamic beam pattern with digital accuracy and repeatability. The rotating front lens can produce countless eddy current effects, which is suitable for aerial presentation effects or creating kaleidoscope projection effects.

It can be controlled online or controlled by DMX, independent control, or joint control. The designer needs to design the effect that the lighting needs to present in advance, set the parameters, and perform programming.


EPR LED 3715 can change the surface color of objects at any distance. The minimum beam angle can reach 4 degrees, which can be used in theaters or TV studios; the maximum beam angle can reach 60 degrees, so it can also be used in venues as large as an arena. Each parameter of a group of 37 LEDs can be individually controlled and combined to form a rich pattern. When the beam is reduced to 4 degrees, this washing lamp can also become a beam lamp, presenting a parallel beam in the air, showing different colors and patterns.

The output MOKA has improved the output of EPR LED 3715, it is brighter and the beam is stronger than the light of the same output power.

EPR LED 3715 introduces a new feature: the front lens can be rotated to create many small bright compositions, which can be opened and closed like petals. By adding colors and dynamic graphics, produces unprecedented graphic light effects.

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  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

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As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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EPR LED 3715 K20 wash light

    ▾ Why MOKA SFX Designed EPR LED 3715 moving head wash light
    ▾ Why should you lighten your event with MOKA SFX LED stage lighting?
    ▾ Moving head wash light description and specifications
    ▾ Features of LED stage lighting
    ▾ Exclusive hallmarks are found in MOKA SFX moving head wash lights.
    ▾ Advantages of having a MOKA SFX Company moving head wash lights at your event.
    ▾ How to operate EPR LED 3715 moving head wash lights
    ▾ Your safety is guaranteed.
    ▾ Conclusion

Why MOKA SFX Designed EPR LED 3715 moving head wash light

You’re on the right track to find the be your event lighting gadget. MOKA SFX Moving head wash lights are designed with the best and exclusive features to enhance your event lighting. It has been produced to make your event planning or parties experience marvelous. It gives an enchanting look even to simple parties, which means you can use it in any nature of the event.

These moving head wash lights have a wide area of applications. You can conveniently use it in parties, weddings, festival celebrations, DJ shows, theatres, churches, and many more entertainment venues to help create a lovely and romantic atmosphere for your audiences.

DJ Shows
DJ Shows demands colorful; dancing lights and nothing can be perfect for your next DJ show than MOKA SFX EPR LED 3715. Make it your first choice, and you won’t regret it.
Theaters have a different atmosphere, a different nature of programs. But you can use these moving headlights there as well. It will improve your show’s quality and will make your time joyful.
Festival Celebrations
You achieved the highest rank in business or academics; it will be the moment you want to celebrate with your friends and family. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order to boost your precious time of celebration with the perfect celebration ingredient which is, MOKA SFX EPR LED 3715.

Why should you lighten your event with MOKA SFX LED stage lighting?

MOKA SFX has a unique lighting product that you will not find anywhere. Not to forget the warranty that MOKA SFX has on our products. MOKA SFX has a CE certification. We deliver quality products and offers that you won’t find anywhere. Moving head projector wash lights has several unique features and uncountable advantages for your colorful lighting experience. If you’re a DJ or an event organizer, led stage lighting got you sorted in your events such as clubs, weddings, parties, etc.

Moving head wash light description and specifications

EPR LED 3715 is a very efficient and the most recognized lighting device and surpasses many modern and traditional lighting devices in the market. Therefore, it’s a perfect solution to your lighting problems and a definite replacement for the habitual lighting system. Suitable and designed for your site conditions such as extreme temperatures, terrain, and site location, moving head wash lights has an RGBW LED 15W light source specifically for indoor use only.

Bright and Uniform LED stage lighting

The LED stage lighting delivers very bright and uniform lighting for your event. It is comfortable with powerful lumens and higher chromaticity and gobos wheels for excellent color rendering. While drawing power of as little as 750 watts. Moving head stage wash lights operate on 100-240V AC,50-60Hz frequency.

Lightweight Product

Moving head projectors are very lightweight in that they have a net weight of 22 kilograms for indoor use only.

Different Channels of Control

It has a linear dimmer strobe with 21, 16, two standard DMX channel models, and a network control model. These network modes and DMX control modes have independent control and combined control to ease your navigation through the fixture. Moving head stage wash lights has a linear amplifier zooming influence to enhance your stage lighting focus. EPR LED 3715 had designed with versatility and various conditions.

Features of LED stage lighting

LED stage lighting components and all the essential features are protected by a housing made of high-intensity plastic. Moving head wash lights from MOKA SFX Company fully show the up-to-date light characteristics with a beautiful structure.

Perfect to Enhance Colors

To enhance colorations and liveliness, moving head projector lights equipped with a virtual color wheel which consists of basic 7 colors+ white, with an adjustable speed to produce rainbow color effects for your event, discos, clubs, etc. It includes green, blue, red, white colors to provide to customer choices and preferences.

Control Features

EPR LED 3715 moving head wash stage lights to have DMX 512 control with up to 21 channels. Each of these channels; has a corresponding unique feature, which you can access through auto, DMX, sound-activated, remote control, and master-slave control modes.

Longer Lifespan and Auto Error Detection Features

Moving head projector lights have a longer lifetime of 50,000 hours and produce a color temperature at 6500K when in operations. MOKA SFX EPR LED 3715 has channels fitted with auto error detection, electronic shutter, and random strobing effect with alternating color shutters.

Easy Touch Display

The 37 RGBW lamp has been designed in that can be controlled separately with a touch screen display. You can conveniently enjoy the English menu. So, don’t be left behind with these and many more exclusive features.

Exclusive hallmarks are found in MOKA SFX moving head wash lights.

EPR LED 3715 has enormous exclusive features that are in a position. To honestly persuade and convince you to have them for your events because you will find nothing more magical, satisfying, and convenient to your events other than the MOKA SFX moving head wash light.

LED stage lighting has a waterproofing capability

Getting yourself moving head wash stage lights will make you forget water-related problems such as moisture, rainfall, and frost effects on your lighting devices. Led stage lighting is made of a high-intensity plastic casing which, acts as a waterproofing material capable of preventing entry of moisture from settling on the device.

Anxious about the cleaning of the device from any mess or dust? You can easily use a water-soaked material to clean the device without causing any damage to your device.

Maintains low temperature

Moving head projector lights have a well-established cooling system to help in driving away from too much heating when in operations. As a result of the too much heat produced when in use, LED stage lighting fixtures are outfitted with cooling fans. These heats generated are being considered a major threat to the product and are likely to reduce the device’s lifespan and performance.

Control modes

LED stage moving head wash lights have 2 control modes, which make it easy for you to control, the amazing effects of light, and several features incorporated within them. The devices are fitted with both remote controls system which is inbuilt while others have professional DMX controllers. The DMX control operational modes have 4 sub-modes, which include auto, Sound Activated, Master-Slave, IR remote control. These control modes have an adjustable speed, which is meant to control the color-changing speed during live performances in clubs and weddings.

DMX software upgrade

Our product has a software upgrade feature to enable you to upgrade the components of your desire. You don’t have to stay with the same software for a longer time. Since moving head stage wash lights are fitted with smart upgrade technology, you can jump to any of our more recent software you like at any time.

Multiple color options.

Moving head wash lights have color mixing options and produce simple optics with broader beam coverage. Meant for indoor lighting only, moving head projectors will. Therefore cover the whole stage with a combination of color effects. They can as well produce a strobing effect to enhance your event fanatics.


Moving head wash lights are easier to operate and handle because they are made with adjustable knobs and joints. It will exceedingly enable you to move it freely from one position to another without any fear of causing breakage. The joints can also be set to automatically change from one direction to another. It can simply pan up to 450 degrees and tilt up to 228 degrees.

Internal protection.

Moving head stage wash lights have their components protected from short-circuiting and electrocution. It’s because they are fitted with fuses to act as a shock absorber and prevent damages resulting from excessive and minimal current flow.

Automatic operations.

Our device has a monitor which can ON/OFF automatically. It will only operate according to the settings on your moving head projector. You can set your display screen to flip or hand over automatically to save on your views.
Do you need a fixture that will help you detect any error or mess-up during your event performances, moving head wash lights is your answer? This device automatically detects any error in the device that includes installation, operational, or even device malfunctions.

Advantages of having a MOKA SFX Company moving head wash lights at your event.

Here are amazing advantages you can enjoy with MOKA SFX EPR LED 3715;

Lesser power consumption

Moving head wash lights are considered power-saving machines. These fixtures have a very minimal power consumption capacity. Moving head projectors use the power of up to 750 watts in producing bright and colorful beams in upward lighting and stage lighting. Therefore, you can deploy moving head projectors for your stage shows, concerts that require prolonged lighting use.

Produces bright with colorful beams

Moving head wash lights will enable you to entertain your audiences for a very long time. As a result of the bright lighting, which can illuminate a roomy area in your club, your event will be so lovely and lively. Moving head projector lights will enable you to have stable performance for a longer period without eye fatigue problems.

Easy to mount.

Moving head wash lights has mounting brackets. They can be supported or suspended by a pair of mounting brackets. Apart from this golden feature, you are also provided with a user manual upon purchase with a clear and distinct guideline on how the moving head projector should be mounted. Our team of experts and technicians are also in place to offer help when need be.
It has two strong brackets. For this reason, you can put it on the ground or hang it on the trusses according to your needs and event capacity.

LED stage lighting is durable.

Moving head wash lights are made from a highly durable material that can maintain the appearance and protect the internal components from damages such as moisture intrusion and hit by hard material. They are also equipped win fuse to offer protection and enhance the service life of this product.

Long-life usage

Moving head projectors are also designed, with a serving life of up to 50,000 hours. Moving head projectors are also easy to maintain compared to other lighting devices.


Our device can either be used as an entertainment tool or a lighting device. Moving head wash lights can be used to help in enhancing, the moods of the audience and to offer a wonderful visual effect to the audience.

It is capable of producing a high-quality bright, and colorful beam at your event.


Moving head projectors have the autorotational capability, which enables the device to rotate in the direction of your choice especially, to incorporate the movements during stage performances. It also has an auto-reset scan mechanism that can pan at 540 degrees and tilt at 210 degrees. Moving head wash lights have an enlarged rotation that can be 360 degrees clockwise, counterclockwise rotation.

How to operate EPR LED 3715 moving head wash lights

Using our user manual as a guide, you can easily install this moving head wash light device at your event. First, you’ll have to unpack the package by opening the flight case cover and lift off the fixture from the casing. Mount your device using the available mounting positions using the two provided mounting brackets while strictly following the illustrations from the user manual. Connect your light source to the main power source using the plug of the power cord.

Make a DMX connection while following keenly from one step to another to enjoy these features. Control your display by navigating through the menu by using the up, down, and enter buttons until you get the features you are more conversant with. Using the various control modes, set the DMX address, DMX values, functions of the different channels. You will be in the apposition to enjoy the various exclusive and unusual features of your device.

Your safety is guaranteed.

Ensure that you go through the user manual before handling this device to prevent device malfunction and destruction.

MOKA SFX will not admit any liability for those damages caused by unauthorized modification or failure to observe the manual guidelines.
Avoid looking directly at the light source with your naked eyes, as it can cause severe eye damage.
Do not switch the fixture on and off in short intervals.
Do not operate the device in temperatures that are above the maximum ambient temperatures of 40 degrees.
Always protect the power codes from destruction or damage by sharp objects.
Remember not to connect the EPR LED 3715 to a dimmer pack and, any electric connection, repair, and servicing should only be carried out by qualified personnel.


MOKA SFX has the best devices to enhance your lighting experience, including the EPR, LED 3715. So, get yourself amazing moving head wash lights for your event. The moving head projectors will give you multiple color effects and codes of your choice. You will use fewer efforts; when installing the devices either, on trusses, stands, or even walls using the mounting brackets provided. Lastly, if you want to have a new experience with your event lighting, MOKA SFX EPR LED 3715 will turn your events moments into future memories.

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