The EPL Aura led moving wash light

MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light product that can easily produce bright and eye-catching colour effects for various occasions from small stage to large outdoor activities. MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light has advanced color mixing technology, can provide you with any color you need.


  • Control systerm includes ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Automatic, Master-slave.
  • It adopts independent design and production of integrated power supply, driver and integrated module.
  • It is simple in design, compact in size, easy to carry, and has a variety of operation modes to choose from.


Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC, 50/60 Hz
Max Power:95w
Power:R:638nm 1000mw
G: 520nm 2000mw
B:450nm 3000mw
Sopt Divergence Angle:ca.4mm/1.0mrad
Laser Source:Diode
Galvanometer:AT20 20kpps / AT30 30kpps
Control Mode:ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Aotomatic, Master-slave
Product Size:23*17*14 cm
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light produces full-color laser by generating solid-color lasers with red, green and blue diodes through the simulation mode of the machine to achieve color combination.

MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light brings those pattern effects programmed by computer to life with full-color laser.

When MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light is combined with music and the crowd dances in the full-color laser transformation you create, you will experience the endless fun brought by this little laser light.

MOKA MK-LS8000 colour laser light has all the advantages of MOKA laser light series products. It is simple in design, compact in size, easy to carry, and has a variety of operation modes to choose from, suitable for all kinds of people.

In this configuration, the output power is 8000nW, the power is a variety, and the application is more flexible.

Indoor or outdoor, combined with smoke machine, some other stage lights (inner chain) can create a very good atmosphere for your shows.

MK-LS8000 laser light has a variety of control modes, including ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Aotomatic, Master-slave, self-propelled mode, voice control mode, etc.

Does not require you any complicated operations, you only need to master the introductory machine operation methods can be in your Achieve very good results in the activities.


Of course, if you are a professional, you can create more personalized, unique and creative effects through DMX, quickshow,(inner chain) etc.

In order to produce more prominent effects, you can combine the MOKA special effects fog machine series products(inner chain).

When the laser light encounters smoke, it can magnify the light effect, and in combination with other lighting products(inner chain), it can bring out colorful and dreamlike effects.

Moka MK-LS8000 laser light series adopts independent design and production of integrated power supply, driver and integrated module.

So that our laser and other internal accessories are compact and sturdy, reducing the volume, while having precise and controllable manufacturing technology, we can explain And solve any problems you may encounter in use.

With all Moka laser light,we offer 1 year warranty, included MK-LS8000 laser show projector.

MOKA SFX always give reliable after service,you could always count on us. Also got full certifications,CE and ROHS. Please keep the ball rolling if you need more details, send your inquiry immediately.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX LASER LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head

    ▾ How Effective is MOKA SFX EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head
    ▾ WWhat are the Appealing Features of the RGB moving head
    ▾ How to operate the EPR 2825 RGB moving head
    ▾ Advantages of using our RGB moving head device
    ▾ Cleaning and maintenance
    ▾ Conclusion

How Effective is MOKA SFX EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head

With the growth in the entertainment industry, there comes the need for engineered lighting that will bring out the best feeling in any event. In this regard, we came up with our most exciting EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head. This RGB moving head has received unique specifications to help provide you with perfect lighting in whatever event you host. The manufacturers have followed strict CE standards to bring you the best in the lighting industry. The DMX512 protocol has been adhered to and ensures that this lighting device compares with no other in terms of quality lighting. Among many stage lighting suppliers, we may assure you that we pride ourselves in providing the best of this equipment.

What are the Appealing Features of the RGB moving head

Characteristics of RGB moving head are what makes MOKA SFX products special. EPR LED 2825 depicts the features which can fulfill the demands of modern events.

Exclusive Casing of EPR LED 2825

Exclusive casing- we designed this RGB moving head with high temperature-strength plastics merged with an aluminum cast for a fantastic outlook. If your stage lighting suppliers own this classic concert lighting equipment, all events and shows will provide that glamorous look. To stay ahead of your competitors, having a beautifully made product enables you to stay ahead. We made this device with your uniqueness at heart.

High brightness

We understand that your events may involve a large audience. For that case, our beam angles cover up to ten meters of highly bright light. The intensity of the light then disperses to cover a wider area. In that case, this RGB moving head provides you such high brightness that your venues produce that magnificent glow. You will not worry about poorly lit events when using our concert lighting equipment.

DMX control enabled

This RGB moving head EPR LED 2825 will be easy to control using the DMX 512 control connection. This feature works for the most current and unique concert lighting equipment. You will not be dealing with an old-fashioned item once you purchase this item. You will find it accommodating to control the lighting using this DMX feature. All your event programs will run smoothly because the DMX control system will give you an easy time. We understand how engaging your work gets, so we need to simplify things for you whenever the chance presents itself.

Lightweight RGB moving head EPR 2825

The EPR 2825 will fit into your car, and you will easily carry a single one without help. This fact means we developed this concert lighting equipment to become lightweight considering your business. It will become easy to transport and install without straining since it weighs 21.3 kilograms. A single person may easily handle this weight.

Multiple Channels

This RGB moving head has 24 and 72 channel options. We have provided a 24 and 72 channel option for this concert lighting equipment. In this regard, you get to enjoy various channel options. These channels come loaded with different color codes that will offer you an exclusive lighting experience. These channels will serve well in whatever event you wish to host. The comfort that they will provide you will give you humble time to cater for your other events duties while your audience gets a well-lit environment.

Multiple control system

This concert lighting equipment has four control systems to facilitate your experience. You will find it DMX control enabled, remote enabled, automatic operation enabled, and sound enabled. How fun will it become to have an RGB moving head with all these control fixtures? Even when one operation device malfunctions, you stay on business using the other operating devices.

How to operate the EPR 2825 RGB moving head

We provide the best concert lighting equipment, but you have to learn the operating procedure before using it as well. Stage lighting suppliers know, so you can get help from professionals to learn operating systems. We can also help you with operating procedure, but before you run the device:

1. Ensure that you have set up all rigging and installation fixtures.
2. Ensure you never attempt servicing, installing, or mounting the machine while standing directly below it.
3. Ensure that the installation surface may hold a minimum weight load ten times the concert lighting equipment.
4. After fixing the installation fixtures and safely installing the RGB moving head, follow the following simple steps.

Now follow these operating steps;

1. Connect the power cable to a power source
2. Let it charge and disconnect from power
3. Turn on the RGB moving head- you will see a beam of light upon turning on
4. Use your control devices to test the different channels in the machine using the device manual for guidelines
5. After use, turn off the lighting device and unplug from the power source if it was connected.

Safety precautions while using the concert lighting equipment

This RGB moving head can pose a danger to its users if not handled effectively. When using this equipment to light your events, consider the following safety precautions for you and your target audience. This concert lighting equipment has been classified under protection-class one, making it fit for earthing during use.

Avoid Extreme Weather

Never power on the device if it had exposure to extreme weather conditions. Regarding the functioning of this equipment, exposing it to extreme temperatures and humidity may put it at risk of damage. You will have to wait until the device cools off to room temperature before switching it on. If you power it on during this exposed state, it may cause permanent damage to the device that may not guarantee warranty protection. The light quality may also get affected by extreme temperatures producing poor-quality light. It would be best if you had warranty coverage so adhering to these measures protects your warranty cover in case of a malfunction.

Rated Voltage and Frequency

Only use this RGB moving head with the rated voltage and frequency. Low voltages and frequency will render the device non-operational. If the voltage surpasses the given rates, then this may cause damage to the equipment. Excess power may cause short-circuiting or power surges into the device. You will need to ensure that the voltages and frequencies get maintained. By following these ratings, you will keep your device with you for longer. You don’t want to purchase a product and return to buying another one pretty soon due to voltage-related damages. We put the voltage rate and frequency rate a bit high to fit in most event venues where you often use the device.

Get Professionals Help

Let the electric connection be carried out by a professional. If you need your venue equipped with the desired electric connection, then let a professional do it. The right person will know the correct wires to use and the correct voltages. When the electric connection has gotten installed well, your equipment will be safe from electrical damage.

Power Code Protection

Ensure that your power code doesn’t get damaged and if this occurs, let a professional repair it. This practice will help you stay free from electrocution and also prevent electrical damage to the equipment.

Beware While Cleaning

When servicing or cleaning the device, switch off the main electrical supply. Most people try servicing their products when still connected to the power. This act not only risks the product for damage but also risks their life in case electrocution occurs. Whenever you have to clean or do any repair service to your device, ensure that the mains remain switched off. You will save your life or another person’s life as you save your money by preventing the purchase of a new item.

Avoid Combustible Surfaces

Never install the fixtures on combustible surfaces. As you know, electrical energy can cause fires. When fixing or installing this device, avoid flammable surfaces at all costs. You should also ensure that you maintain a 50cm distance from any surface or wall when installing the light. This setting will provide enough space for air circulation and prevent radiation. The fans and ventilators will function optimally when this distance gets kept.

Transportation Precautions

When transporting the equipment, store it safely in its box. This storage helps avoid excessive shaking. If poorly kept, the device may hit on other items and surfaces. If the screen display gets slammed by hard surfaces, it may cause damage to the device. Keeping the product safe from any physical damage will ensure quality light as a beautiful product functions as interior décor.

Safe Removal

When removing the lighting device from the installation, don’t pull it by the head. Ensure that you stably hold the device to prevent damaging other mechanical parts.

Avoid Dust Exposure

Avoid exposing the device parts or cables to dust during installation. The dust may cause damage to the unit or cause static connection, which may cause short-circuiting of the internal circuits. When dust enters the screen display, it may cause poor lighting beams from the device.

Safety Chains Appliance

When installing the device, ensure that the safety chain gets applied to the item. The stage lighting suppliers or installers should also screw the screws properly to offer firm support to the lighting device. If the supports don’t hold firmly, it may cause accidents if the device falls off. You don’t want to have accident cases in your entertainment facility or show. Or have concert lighting equipment fall off during a classic wedding event. To prevent such disappointments, ensure that all stage lights get well fixed.

Advantages of using our RGB moving head device

Here are the advantages you can have with our EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head!

1. You will get high-quality and durable products- when producing our products, and we ensure that the materials we use meet the best quality standards. By so doing, you will get to enjoy long-lasting service from our RGB moving heads. Most producers of these lights use lees quality materials, and it results in short-service products. By purchasing our EPR 2825, we assure you of durability.

2. Our items come with a one-year warranty- who buys products without a warranty nowadays? If you need to measure the trust level of your stage lighting suppliers, check if their products come with a warranty. A warranty will provide you with the confidence of getting replacements or repairs to your products free of charge during the warranty period. We do this to our customers, and so we will provide you with these free services during your warranty period. The products should not be tampered with and also free from customer-induced damages. You should follow the manual’s directives to the latter to stay eligible for the warranty protection.

3. You get to work with a trusted brand- our company has built its brand for many years. We enjoy numerous international certifications that prove our legit nature. You will never have cases of fraud within our transactions, and this provides customers with security.

4. Our company invests in research and technology to bring you the best products in the market. We understand that technology has put everything on our toes, and we try our best to catch up. Our products enjoy RDM control and sound systems. These control systems receive technological recognition making your event management easy.

5. Your device has favorable voltage and frequency ratings- you find that moving from one event hosting place to another place needs you to carry your equipment with you. We considered your profession and put up a device with a wide range of voltage and frequency. What does this mean? This profession means that you get to connect your device in several places without worrying about the voltage and frequency ratings. Most grounds will accommodate this device.

6. You get to enjoy perfect beam angle-positioning. Most light devices have rigid beam angles. These angles mean you get to work with static angling. Our EPR 2825 RGB moving head provides you with the chance to set your beam at 5 or 60 degrees beam angles. This setting will offer you ideal working angles during the events you host.

Cleaning and maintenance

While working with this product, conduct the following cleaning measures regularly.

Clean the inside and the outside of the display screen lens every week. This cleaning will help prevent the accumulation of dust particles that affect the beam light quality.

Clean the fan weekly. The fan helps cool the device system to allow for ideal working conditions without overheating.

Let a qualified electrician conduct a detailed electric check to the device after every three months.

Ensure to use a moist, lint-free cloth to clean the device. You should never use alcohol or solvents while cleaning the appliance.


To conclude, MOKA SFX EPR LED 2825 RGB moving head is the best in the market for your next concert. Stage lighting suppliers can help you choose the most appropriate device, and that will definitely be EPR 2825. Stage lighting suppliers can help you in operating procedures and after service as well.

Suppose you need to change the fixtures, contact stage lighting suppliers or trained personnel for fixtures. We can also help in fixing it as it includes in our after-service policy. Always consult the user manual at all times. Keep the manual safe for future reference concerning the device. So, you will get your device serving you for the long run by following all the above measures. Whenever you require to repair your lighting device, ensure to use genuine parts from the local stage lighting suppliers.

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