EPR LED 740 Moving Head Spot Wash Light

MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 is a mid-size projector, that offers washing effects with accurate and vivid color. It’s already capable of putting out a lot of light.

Colors are brilliant and gorgeous thanks to 7 x 40W RGBW LEDs, a wash-beam with a narrow beam angle, and pixel effects that provide a wide range of applications, including nightclubs, DJs, TV shows, etc.


  •  High-efficiency 7pcs 40watt LEDs
  • Washlight with motorized zoom and RGBW color mixing
  • Smart in size and lightweight, very convenient to install.


Zoom4°- 60°
Lamp7*40W LED RGBW
Color Temperature6500K
Internet ControlArt-net
Color wheelRGBW
LensRotation lens
FocusLinear focus
DimmerLinear focus
Display2.0”touch screen
Batterydisplay with battery inside
Upgradefirmware upgrade with DMX cable
Net Weight5.8KGS
Working TemperatureMax45°
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Super portable type pocked moving head,  EPR LED 740 is not a really tight beam but a semi-tight beam to a nice wide wash, it really cool for wedding or church.

The perfect combination of seven bee-eye lenses and seven LED chips on the EPR LED 740, 40 Watt 4-in-1 LEDs allows you to do RGBW infinite color mixture and the color of each LED can be controlled individually, high speed LED shutter, and wonderful wash effect and strong beam effect, strobe from slow to fast.

The EPR LED 740 movable head has powerful noise-reduction motors that enable smooth pan and tilt movement while decreasing noise, it is suitable for a wide range of events and club setups. When you use this moving headlight, you don’t have to buy a beam light, with its movement you will get a nice static wide wash, you will have a lot of fun by mixing many color effects with its seven individual LEDs.


The MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 movable head is very compact size and only about 6kg in weight, quite small and easy to install, no matter for DJs or for a home party, the EPR LED 740 is just a good choice.

The EPR LED 740 features pan movement by 450°and tilt movement by 228°, fast and smooth movement. 0-100% smooth linear dimming system, wide zoom range and Art-Net, built-in programs, animated and static macros bring you diverse graphic lighting effects.

EPR LED 740 is a very flexible small portable light. It has a wide range of 4°-60° zoom. When turning it to a small angle, the beam produced is highly solid and focused, which is very suitable for aerial effects. These highlights are the reasons why many lighting designers choose this small moving headlight.

If you would like to know more details about MOKA SFX EPR SPOT 470, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 led moving head

    ▾ How MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 led moving head will make a difference at your Event?
    ▾ What features make the led moving head fixture unique?.
    ▾ Where can you use our led moving head light?
    ▾ How do you operate the led beam moving head fixture?
    ▾ Safety precautions while using our led moving head light-fixture
    ▾ EPR LESD 740 Installation process
    ▾ Why should you buy this light fixture from us?
    ▾ Final thought

How MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 led moving head will make a difference at your Event?

Do you want to create a decorative effect in your business? We bring you our fantastic led-moving head EPR LED 740 to color your world. It will be nice to have a good fun ground but entirely different when you add that decoration effect.

People move from one fun joint to another in search of these spectacularly made events. If you choose to invest in the led-moving head, you will get closer to achieving your entertainment goals.

If you need to make your events spectacular, then this device should be your first choice.

What features make the led-moving head fixture unique?

When making our devices, we focus on the specific features that work for the benefit of our customers. The following device features make this lighting fixture stand among the others in the market.

Perfect Angle of LED Moving Head

The head of the fixture, which consists of the lamp, will tilt up to 228 degrees. This tilting ability allows you to set the lamp at your preferred angle to illuminate the desired places. The lamp also rotates at a 228-degree angle to produce a rotating spectrum of colorful light for your audience. This feature makes our led moving head light a favorite among our clients. The flexible movements guarantee you a relaxed illuminating experience.
Robust Arms of EPR-740
We made this led moving head light with two strong arms. The arms serve to hold the lamp in place as it illuminates your venue. The arms have the light at a 450-degree arm length, allowing the lamp to illuminate at various angles. This holding makes the device very flexible and accommodating.

Quality of light LED Moving Head
The led screen display offers maximum lighting opportunity. This screen allows the different light bulbs in the lamp to project their lights farthest. By so doing, you will get a magnificent glow and quality light. This feature serves to make this lighting device the best in all entertainment events.
The lighting fixture of LED Moving Headlight
The lighting fixture also comes with a robust and comprehensive base area. The base area provides maximum support and holds the device upright. You will not worry about this machine toppling and getting destroyed. Our engineering team made sure that the base area took care of the arms and head weight perfectly. So, when operating this led-moving headlight, the base will always guarantee you safety.
Combination of Button Keys
Led moving head light also comes with a mixture of button keys and a display for the perfect user interface. You will find it easy to select your desired channels on the screen display. The buttons help you navigate through the channel list and choose one that suits you perfectly. These features make the led-moving headlight easy to use and navigate. Most of our clients enjoy the way the device saves them time while operating.
EPR LED 740 Long-Lasting Battery
We also ensured that the led beam moving head EPR LED 740 had a long-lasting inbuilt battery. This feature helps when it comes to saving charges. Some functions may take place in remote areas with poor power supply systems. So, you may charge the device and use it for up to 24 hours with single color lighting. If you use this with mixed color mode, this lighting machine will serve you within six to ten hours.
Lightweight Machine
Led moving head has a compact and lightweight compact design. With these features, you will find it portable and easy to help you in your mobile entertainment events. The device will fit in your car and contribute to more decorative moments for your special occasions.
Faster Operating System
We made the screen interface touch-screen enabled. This technology means that you get a faster operating system to touch the screen and select your preference. Technology has made things digital, and this touch screen feature makes this fixture modern and efficient.
DMX, Remote Control System
Led moving head serves as a multi-controllable device too. As much as you get to use the remote/master-slave control system, we also have the DMX system. DMX will allow you to more effectively control the lighting and get a chance to run other duties in your event.
Automated Running System
Led moving headlight has an automated operating system. The device runs once you charge, power, and select your color modes/channels, providing an excellent lighting experience. This automation makes it easy for our clients to operate the machine and mind their other businesses as the device runs。

Where can you use our led-moving headlight?

Most large-scale entertainment events find our led beam moving head EPR LED 740 very useful. These places and events include the following.

Many DJs and club owners enjoy the service provided by this lighting fixture. When this led beam moving head operates and produces an array of different colored lights, the club becomes beautiful. Good music tends to go hand in hand with highly decorative lighting as provided by led moving headlight.

As the audience drinks, dances, and have a good time under the beautiful glow of this lighting device; they feel entertained. If you have a low club visitation experience, consider investing in our EPR LED 740 lights. You may also invest in other special effect equipment like fog and smoke machines. A scent diffuser may also do the magic in your magnificently lit club.

Movie theatres
The light in a movie theatre needs to be dim whenever it’s needed. When enjoying different types of movies, the lighting color theme takes a unique purpose. For instance, horror movies require dull lighting like a deep blue color, while romantic movies require a red or brightly colored illumination. These different colors serve to entertain the audience further while adding excitement or horror to the movie atmosphere. If you own a movie theatre, consider investing in this illuminating machine and give your theatre a unique glow.

In-door Wedding
Since this led wash moving head needs to be used for indoor events, it will certainly work if you have an indoor wedding ceremony or reception. The different color selections will suit perfectly a wedding mood. MOKA SFX EPR LED 740 should be among wedding planners and other event planners. You don’t want to host a gloomy wedding ceremony.

This lighting device will bring life to your party or reception. As the groom and bride enter, you may consider giving them a grand mixed color lighting grand entrance. I remember my wedding planner doing precisely this for me. Whenever I get flashbacks of my wedding day, the light comes flashing. So, consider having our EPR LED 740 in entertainment devices and make someone’s day special.

Do you wonder how to light up your sports ground or indoor stadium? MOKA SFX led beam moving head will be the perfect solution. It will light up the sport’s ground with its single white light to give the players enough light to play successfully. The different color lighting will serve as decoration to celebrate a win. As a coach or event planner, this device will be the ultimate game-changer in your games.

Most hotels have customers who visit to get entertainment, accommodation, and food services. If you invest in one of these machines in your hotel, you will enjoy excellent lighting. The decoration effect from the many-colored lighting will serve as a marketing tool. Customers need to stay in a beautiful hotel environment. This led beam moving head will guarantee you exactly that. You consider using the scent diffuser together with this special-effect lighting device. You will offer memorable experiences for your customers.

Marketing tool
For effective marketing of products, this decorative-effect equipment serves a great purpose. The lighting makes it possible to illuminate buildings or other products of concern, sales, and client attention increases. So, if you feel struggling to achieve outstanding sales in your business, consider bringing in some more attention using our EPR LED 740 led beam moving head.

Backyard lighting
I enjoy hosting movie nights and parties in my backyard. Before I invested in this lighting fixture, my backyard was dark, and movie times didn’t bring the fun. When I invested in the led-moving headlight, everything changed for the better.

My children found the backyard more exciting, and we could even have dinner there. The intense illumination made the backyard our perfect place. We found it enjoyable to decorate the home with different color-lighting from the various channels. If you need to experience this fantastic feeling, invest in your EPR LED 740 moving headlight today.

How do you operate the led beam moving head fixture?

All these special-effect lighting beams require little knowledge in operating them. Follow through the following simple steps to have your machine running.

  • Connect the power cable into the power source
  • Switch on the ON button
  • The screen at the base will light up and enable you to select your channel and brightness intensity.
  • Select your channel and let your lamp light up your function
  • Connect the DMX device to help you control the device using the DMX function
  • Switch off the machine using the OFF button
  • Store the device in a dry and safe place after use.

Safety Precautions while using the moving head sport light

This led beam moving head, like all other machines, uses electricity. All electrical devices require strict preventive measures to avoid personal injury or electrical damage. Ensure you follow through with the following preventative measures for perfect functioning.
Protect from Severe Environment
Do not expose this device to agents of weather. We manufacture this product to operate in enclosed in-door environments. This device has no waterproof effects, and rain or mist and freezing conditions may damage it. Extreme high temperatures will cause damage or malfunctioning. If this fixture gets exposed to extreme weather conditions, ensure you let it stabilize to average functioning temperatures before use.

EPR LED 740 Installation process

Let an authorized dealer carry out the installation process. We make this a precautionary measure to prevent damage during installation. If the led moving headlight gets damaged by a non-skilled installer, then; you may not get compensated since this act breaches our warranty terms.

  • If you secure your device on a raised point, ensure that you make secondary safety attachments. These safety attachments will prevent parts of the device from falling. Secondary attachments include catching nets under the machine.
  • Don’t install this led beam moving head above people’s sitting places or walkways. The machine has such a weight to cause injury if it falls on a person. We should avoid accidents at all costs during and after installation.

Electrical Devices
Ensure that all plugs and cables have no weak joints and damaged areas. Since these areas carry electricity, it may put the handlers at risk of electrocution. The power cables should not have open wires or use a faulty power plug. Electrocution and short-circuiting pose a threat to all electrical devices.

  • You should never run the device without the lamp.
  • Handle the device with care. Forceful shaking and handling transportation and installation may put the machine at risk of damage.
    Ensure the distance between the light source and illumination surface meets the 0.2 meters distancing. This distance will help in protecting our eyes from extreme light that may harm our eyes.
  • It would be best if you prohibited unprofessional operation on the device. Anyone running the fixture should familiarize themselves with the device function. This familiarization prevents damage to the device.
  • The power code should not come into contact with other cables to prevent short-circuiting the device.
  • Before connecting the fixture to a power source, be sure to check the voltage of the power source. The voltage should never exceed the voltage provided in the user manual.
  • The device’s housing may become hot during operation. It would be best if you did not touch it with bare hands to avoid accidents.
  • When the led moving head has no use and not operating, ensure that you disconnect it from the mains. This rule may apply during servicing and cleaning too.

Why should you buy this light fixture from us?

Many people might be confused as; why they have to buy this led beam moving head. So, to clear your thoughts; here are the extra benefits you can have except its features;

  • MOKA SFX delivers worldwide. It would help if you did not worry about your location while purchasing with us. We have partnered with reputable shipping companies that bring your item directly to you.
  • We have operated in special-effect equipment production for decades. Our reputation runs across cities and countries, offering legit and trusted services.
  • We pride ourselves on producing quality items that will guarantee you durability.
  • MOKA SFX enjoys a wide range of certification that serves as proof of authenticity and legitimacy. Don’t fear making financial transactions with us because whatever your order, we deliver.
    We provide you with a 12-month warranty guarantee. When you follow our preventive measures, we perform repairs and offer a replacement for products that break down. After the 12 months, you will now pay for repairs or any replacement needed.

Final thought

You don’t have to endure poverty in your business when we provide excellent solutions for your business. Invest in our EPR LED 740 moving headlight today and transform your business. The best part is our products are certified and have repairing options for you as well. You can get a free quote from our official website to get an idea of the price. So, what are you waiting for? Just place your order and make your party worth attending.

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