EPL 7*40W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light

MOKA SFX LED EPL 740W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light is powered by 7 high-brightness 40-watt RGBW LEDs, and each LED can be controlled individually. The light panel can rotate freely without limitations. It comes with color temperature control (CTO) and high color rendering index (CRI). You can control it according to your needs through DMX 512, Auto, and Sound.

Whether it’s a music concert, dance performance, theater show, or commercial event, this moving head stage light can bring different emotions and atmospheres to the performance, immersing the audience in a visual feast.


  • 7X40W RGBW 4-IN-1
  • Individual LED control
  • Infinite clockwise rotation of the panel
  • DMX512/Auto/Sound.


Max Power1000w
Light Source7X40W RGBW OSRAM LEDs
Control FunctionIndividual LED Control
Motorized Zoom 4.5°-45°
Control Mode DMX/Auto1/Auto2/Sound
DMX Channel23/35C/51CH
DisplayLCD and 5 buttons
Product Size270X185X345(mm)
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The MOKA SFX LED 7*40W moving head wash light combines beam, wash, and strobe effects, all in one. It’s versatile and cost-effective. It offers cost-effectiveness while delivering impressive results.

With its unique honeycomb-designed lens, it can create a variety of dreamy effects through endless rotations, allowing you to create the atmosphere you desire.

The built-in LCD display screen supports bilingual (Chinese and English) options and is accompanied by responsive buttons, making operation easy and convenient.

It also has its own scan position memory function, which can automatically reset, saving you time on adjustments during use.

Using a copper substrate as a heat sink, even high-power stage moving head light can effectively dissipate heat.

During operation, the light fixture includes fan cooling and automatic temperature detection features. If the system detects excessive heat, it will automatically shut down to protect the light, thus extending the lifespan of the fixture.


The MOKA SFX Moving Head Wash Light offers a wide range of colors and diverse control functions, allowing for color gradients, flashing, jumping, overlapping, and projecting lighting effects.

This product features red, green, blue, and white as the four basic colors, and you can control these color channels to achieve various mixed colors.

With individual LED control, you can independently adjust the brightness, colors, and blinking parameters of the 7 LEDs, creating a rich variety of lighting effects.

The light panel can rotate infinitely in a clockwise direction and adjust the speed, producing rainbow gradients, colored illumination, and vibrant colorful beams.

The color temperature control mode(CTO) can change the light’s color temperature, effortlessly adjusting between cool and warm colors. The high color rendering index (CRI) ensures excellent color reproduction.

The super-fast scan running mode completes 540-degree horizontal and 270-degree vertical scans in an incredibly short time, delivering a sense of high-tech excitement.

It supports various control methods like DMX512, Auto and sound control, with three channel modes (23/35/51) that cater to basic control and highly personalized programming, meeting all your control needs.

Don’t hesitate! The effects of the Moving head wash light will surely exceed your expectations! We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to contact us !

  • Make sure to use safety ropes properly to suspend the light fixture!
  • Choose a lamp hook that can bear at least 10 times the weight of the light fixture!
  • Be aware of the risk of electrical shocks, ultraviolet radiation, lamp explosion, or detachment!
  • Avoid severe vibration and impact to prevent damage to the internal components of the light fixture!
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX EPL 7*40W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light

    ▾ Why Have MOKA SFX EPL 7*40W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light
    ▾ EPL 7*40W LED Bee Specifications
    ▾ User Instructions for EPL 7*40W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light
    ▾ Areas where this spot beam wash can be used?
    ▾ Features of EPL 7*40W LED Bee
    ▾ How to Clean and Maintain Moving Head Light?
    ▾ DMX512/Auto/Sound Control – Meet Different Needs

Why Have MOKA SFX EPL 7*40W  LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light

EPL 7*40W LED bee moving head wash light is the modern lighting system designed to give you modern lighting services at your events. It is a 4-in-1 spot beam wash light with seven pieces each with 40W Osram LEDs to give you quality lighting. The modern technology will enable you to get colored lighting with a long servicing duration.

Don’t be left behind with this amazing product!

EPL 7*40W LED Bee Specifications

EPL LED bee is a 4 in 1 moving head wash light, meaning, the bulbs can give lighting to up to 7*40W. It uses a power supply of 1000watts to help you save your power usage. Furthermore, the device has a fuse to prevent the device from a power surge, thus ensuring the lighting time is maximum. Our company has incorporated modern technologies, whereby the lenses are made up of 3 layer optical lenses which are used to diverge the beams of light to ensure the whole space is lit.When paired with a fog machine, the colored beam becomes even more distinct and three-dimensional.

Spot Beam Wash Colorful Flavors
Moving head wash light has gobo wheels as well as a color wheel to add colorful flavors to your lighting experience. The gobo wheel has seven gobos plus white, while the color wheel with seven colors plus one white. Thus with RGBW color codes, you will give your guests colorful lighting memories. When the LED lights are mixed with soothing music and colored lights from EPL 7 BY 40 W led bees, you will not be ready to miss out.

3-Facet Prism
The moving head wash lights can also be used together with scent machines to make your event lively and worth enjoying. Led moving head spot wash has a 3-facet prism to make the gobos adjustable. Consequently, they have 23/35/51 DMX channel modes that can be controlled with the help of DMX 512, primary, slave, and sound control technologies in your comfort zone. The gobo wheels have both static gobo wheels and rotating gobo wheels to give your event colorful lighting.

Horizontal and Vertical Scan
Made up of 16-bit horizontal scan and vertical scan of 540 and 270 degrees respectively. Thus, your event can move in all directions to fill the space with controlled lighting speed. When in operation, led moving head lights produce strobes at a frequency ranging between 1-25HZ plus a pulse effect that can be adjusted to increase or reduce the rhythm. The LCD screen can be accessed and operated in both Chinese and English lingual easily. So, get yours today from MOKA SFX company.
So, what are you waiting for? Click on us and send us an inquiry to experience these mesmerizing effects on your stage!

User Instructions for EPL 7*40W LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light

There are some of the user instructions that you should consider while using this EPL 7*40W LED Bee
Do not place your spot beam wash in a humid or leaking environment to prevent damage and avoid using it at places that are loose and vibrate very easily. Secondly, remember to work with your device in areas with a power supply voltage that is not exceeding plus or minus 10%. Lastly, always keep your lamp clean by not using organic solvents to avoid damage.

Areas where this spot beam wash can be used?

Moving head wash lights can be used in birthday parties, weddings, church, clubs, discos, concerts, live performances, and bars and restaurants.

This is because it generates bright lights with colored visual effects. The device is also very easy to install and operate with multiple control modes and working conditions.Lastly, in any case, if you are looking forward to owning an event lighting machine that is compatible with all your event needs, always choose MOKA SFX EPL7*40W LED bee moving head wash lights. The product has unique features that you will not find on any lighting device. The company is also a certified company to give you high-quality and long-lasting devices. You will be far ahead of other event organizers. The moving head wash lights will help you save your power consumption costs. Always choose our company.

Not sure if the equipment is suitable for your event?  Please contact us, and we will answer all your questions!

7*40W  LED Bee Moving Head Wash Light

Features of EPL 7*40W LED Bee

Here are some of the features you can enjoy with MOKA SFX’s best spot beam wash;

Moving head wash lights are rotatable
This product has a lamp head that can be rotated to target a particular direction. The lamp bead on this moving head wash light has a single lamp beam that can be controlled by a single lamp head.

Multiple control modes
For you to enjoy different features in this spot beam wash, our company has ensured that your operations are efficient. EPL 7*40W LED Bee moving head wash light thus has multiple control modes to meet various needs. With DMX 512, auto, voice control program self-propelled, this spot beam wash is thus suitable for various scenes, whether bars, restaurants, churches, or parties, you will be sorted.

Cooler temperature
To prevent the moving head wash light from overheating, the device is designed with intelligent temperature control for heat dissipation. This helps to ensure the device gives you a rated lamp life of 50,000 hours. The technology will also ensure the device is not destroyed.

Multiple colors
Your events will be so lit and colorful. EPL 7*40W LED bee moving head wash light has to beam and wash 2 in 1 functions that can give you an amazing RGBW color mixing system to give you the best visual lighting effect. Your wedding and house parties will all be amazing. The device can also give both static and automating color-changing programs together with strobe, gradual and full dimming effect to your events. Always choose MOKA SFX EPL 7*40W LED bee moving head wash light for all your event lighting applications so that you can enjoy all these unique features.

How to Clean and Maintain Moving Head Light?

Power Off
Before starting any maintenance work, make sure to turn off the power of the light to ensure safe operations.

Clean the Exterior
Use a soft, lint-free cloth dipped in high-quality glass cleaner to gently wipe the exterior of the light, ensuring no dust, dirt, or smoke residue build-up.

Clean the Front Lens
Clean the front lens once a week to avoid reducing the light output.

Clean the Cooling Fan
Clean the cooling fan once a month using a soft brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the fan and cooling vents.

Internal Cleaning
Use a vacuum cleaner or air blower at least once a year to clean the interior of the light. Make sure to thoroughly remove accumulated dust and dirt to maintain the light output.

Clean Air Filters
Clean the two air filter covers and fixture base placed inside the light. Use a vacuum cleaner or wash them by hand, then let them dry in a ventilated area.

Power On
After completing all the cleaning work, make sure to reconnect the power and test if the light is working correctly.

Remember, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the proper functioning and light output of the fixture. If you are unsure about how to do the maintenance, it is recommended to consult the MOKA SFX after-sales team for professional advice and assistance.

DMX512/Auto/Sound – Meet Different Needs

This light supports various control modes like DMX512,Auto and Sound Control, allowing you to have full control with simple operations or free programming.

There are three channel modes: 23/35/51CH. The 23-channel mode is great for basic color changes, the 35-channel mode allows fine-tuning of light parameters, and the 51-channel mode gives professional-level adjustments for various effects.
In Auto Mode, configure the fixture, schedule its trajectory and movement patterns, and set speed parameters to create dynamic beams and effects as the fixture moves according to the scheduled settings.

If you don’t have a DMX controller, don’t worry! This light also has a sound control mode. It dances to the music, adding more fun and excitement to parties and concerts.

Contact us now and find the perfect stage moving light solution for you!


MOKA SFX is all about bringing endless joy to the world while constantly exploring and innovating. We take pride in our LED Bee Moving Head Wash series, which maintains its super brightness, vibrant colors, versatile control, and high safety standards. We continuously seek innovation to meet various customer needs and create even more impressive effects! Follow MOKA SFX and witness our continuous growth together.

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