EPL 12*40 ZOOM RGBW LED Moving Head Wash Light

EPL 12*40 ZOOM RGBW LED Wash Light is a professional moving head wash light. It features 12 pcs 40W 4-IN-1 (RGBW) LEDs that can be controlled independently, allowing you to generate impressive pixel-mapped effects. And the motorized zoom (2.8°-55°) that enables this fixture produce a wide wash or tight beam. Besides, it also offers a wide range of built-in colors and gobos effects.

Perfect for stage heights of 8-12 meters, suitable for event rentals, concerts, theaters, nightclubs, indoor arenas, bars, corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, and art exhibitions.

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  • 12*40W Osram RGBW LEDs
  • Independent control, pixel-mapped effects
  • 20 color effects and 40 gobos effects
  • DMX512(18/24/68CH),Sound Active,Master-Slave,Auto


Max Power600W
Light Source12x40W RGBW Orsam LEDs
Luminous8212lm/10m 2.8°
Control FunctionIndependent Control
ColorRGBW+20 Color Effect+CTO
Gobo20 static and 24 dynamic gobos
Lifetime5,0000 Hours
Motorized Zoom 2.8°~55°
Variable CTO2800K-8500K
Control ModeDMX512/Master-Slave/Sound/Auto
DMX Channel18CH/24CH/68CH
DisplayLCD and 5 buttons
Voltage AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Product Size470x400x270(mm)
Package Size490X360X470(mm)


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The fixture is powered by an array of 12 potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW color-mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently by you.

With variable motorized zoom (2.8°-55°) and tunable white color temperature control from 3,200-10,000K

It also has 20 color effects and 40 gobo effects that can be played automatically.

You can access these through a color LCD display panel with a 5-button menu interface located on the side panel of the fixture.

Its compact size (400x270x470mm), light weight (14.3KGS), power and features make the moving head wash light ideal for your venue installations, events and for mobile productions.

The moving head light offers a range of 3 DMX mode options (18/24/68CH), as well as a variety of customizable options, including selectable LED refresh rate and dimming modes.

In addition, it also supports master-slave, sound active, and auto appropriate to different applications.

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Make your event truly spectacular – choose the EPL 1240 ZOOM RGBW LED Wash Light.

EPL 1240 ZOOM RGBW LED Wash Light is a versatile moving head luminaire capable of creating wash, beam, zoom and pixel-mapped effects.

After professional testing, this moving head wash light can provide an amazing luminous output of 8212lm / 10m 2.8°, which works best on event venues with 3-4 floors to wow your audience.

With its independent control, you hold the power to fine-tune the intensity of each RGBW LED color, allowing you to achieve the exact lighting.

When paired with the motorized zoom, it allows you to create both expansive washes and focused beams.

This capability is especially effective when paired with a fog machine, delivering clearly visible and expansive color effects that will elevate your event to new heights.

Impressive pixel, 20 built-in color and 40 gobo effect that including petals, windmills, rainbow, flowing water, waves, and more, each of effect can create wonderful stage.

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  • Regularly clean the ventilation openings to prevent the accumulation of dust, which could lead to abnormalities.
  • Allow the fixture to cool for ten minutes before disassembling it.
  • Handle with care, avoiding impacts and vibrations to ensure the fixture remains undamaged.
  • To prolong its lifespan, do not place the device in rainy or humid environments.
  • Avoid exposing the fixture to high temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent damage to electronic components.

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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    ▾ Why is the LED Wash Light suitable for stages with heights of 8-12 meters?
    ▾ Why Color and Gobo Effects like Nature’s Canvas?
    ▾ Suitable for Which Occasions?
    ▾ Multiple operating modes – which one are you looking forward to?
    ▾ What are the designs for the base of the LED Wash Light?
    ▾ How can you maintain it for optimal performance?
    ▾ Conclusion

Why is the LED Wash Light suitable for stages with heights of 8-12 meters?

Professional Testing
Thorough professional testing has demonstrated that the EPL 12*40 ZOOM RGBW LED Wash Light can deliver an astonishing brightness of 8212 lumens with a 2.8° beam angle at a distance of 10 meters.

Clearly, in events with stage heights ranging from 8 to 12 meters, this moving head light can still deliver the best lighting effects.

Enhanced Visual Effects
Stages with heights between 8-12 meters typically require stronger lighting to ensure performers and props are clearly visible to the audience. This moving head light uses Osram LED bulbs, boasting ultra-brightness, high lumen output, and exceptional quality, guaranteeing bright and clear illumination even at such heights, bringing endless brilliance to your events.

Color Reproduction and Uniform Distribution
Featuring RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and White) color-mixing LEDs arranged in two concentric circles, independently controllable for pixel mapping effects. Adjustable color temperature ranging from 2500K to 8000K provides a wide spectrum of colors, from refreshing blues to warm oranges.

The use of multi-layer coated optical lenses not only enhances light transmission but also ensures accurate color reproduction and uniform light distribution. This is crucial when showcasing art, clothing, or props on stage, allowing for better presentation of details and colors, making the entire scene more captivating.

Light Control and Adaptability
The 2.8°-55° motorized zoom feature gives this device greater flexibility. Its motorized zoom function allows for smooth alteration between an extremely tight 5-degree beam, which will cut through haze to generate aerial effects, and a wide 50-degree wash that will cover a large area of the stage or crowd. This versatility, from broad color washes to tight beams, is highly beneficial for adapting to different stage, program, and performance requirements, empowering lighting designers to have better control over the stage lighting. In addition, you can pair them with moving head beam lights to create a wonderful effect!

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Why Color and Gobo Effects like Nature’s Canvas?

RGBW Smooth Color Mixing, Don’t Miss Out!
The EPL LED 12*40W 4IN1 Zoom Moving Head Wash Light features a powerful RGBW four-in-one light source, offering limitless color possibilities. It not only effortlessly achieves smooth color mixing but also allows temperature adjustments from 2500K to 8000K, offering a wide array of colors, from refreshing blues to warm oranges.

What’s even more exciting is 20 fantastic color effects in this stage machine, including jumps, pulses, and gradients. These effects transform colors into art, breathing life into your events. Whether it’s instant jumps, pulsating excitement, or gradual fades, they are all perfectly presented, adding vibrancy to your events.

Over 40 Exquisite Gobos, Take a Look!
With twenty static effects built-in and additional rotating effects, you can easily switch between them by referring to the channel chart. Moreover, there are 24 dynamic effects! Gobos can rotate in both directions, with options like petals, windmills, rainbows, streams, and waves, and more…

Whether you are performing on a professional stage for a musical night or Event Rental Company, this moving head wash light is sure to meet your needs!
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Suitable for Which Occasions?

If your event venue has a stage height ranging from 8 to 12 meters, then this moving head light is undoubtedly your best choice! After professional testing, it consistently delivers outstanding stage effects even on a 12-meter high stage.

This moving head light is highly suitable for various types of events and venues, including:

Enhance the music experience by combining lighting effects with music, creating an immersive concert atmosphere. Whether it’s rock, pop, or classical music, it blends seamlessly, generating an exciting ambiance.

Transform your bar into an illuminated entertainment hub. This moving head light can transform your bar into an electrifying entertainment hub that attract customers and make nightlife more appealing.

Highlight the expressions and emotions of actors on stage, providing audiences with a profound theatrical experience. Whether it’s a play, musical, or dance performance, it can deliver the required lighting effects.

Fashion Shows

During fashion shows, this moving head light can accentuate the details and designs of each outfit, presenting a chic and fashionable visual spectacle.

Moreover, this moving head light is reasonably priced, easy to transport, and install, making it an excellent choice for event organizers and stage equipment rental providers.

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1240 wash light

Multiple operating modes – which one are you looking forward to?

If you need precise control over each light fixture’s color, brightness, and position, DMX512 is the way to go. This moving head light supports DMX control and offers options for 18 channels, 24 channels, and 68 channels.

The major difference between these three channels lies in the level of control over the individual LEDs. In the 18 and 24-channel modes, you can control the intensity of the red, green, blue, and white LEDs. In the 68-channel mode, you can fine-tune the intensity of 12 individual RGBW zones, including backlight colors, enabling precise and intricate lighting setups.

With DMX512, you have access to 20 built-in color effects and 40 gobo effects, including petals, windmills, rainbows, flowing water, waves, and more, adding infinite charm to your stage.

It supports both slow and fast auto modes, allowing your lights to change automatically in sync with the music’s rhythm or the needs of your event, creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Presets scenes and parameters, enabling you to pre-edit and save various scene modes, effectively avoiding errors during real-time operations. If you’re looking for simplicity without sacrificing creativity, scene mode is the ideal choice.

Sound Active
This moving head light reacts to sound based on its intensity and frequency. Sound Active is perfect for events where lighting needs to change in response to music or sound effects. You can adjust the sensitivity parameters to make the moving head light more responsive or conservative. This feature allows even beginners to easily create impressive light shows that synchronize with music or sound, adding more fun to your event.

No matter which control mode you choose, you can freely switch between them to achieve the best lighting effects for different occasions.

Ready to light up your event? Choose your preferred control mode now!

What are the designs for the base of the LED Wash Light?

The base of this device features a large color LCD screen and five navigation buttons on the front, providing access to an intuitive menu-driven interface for DMX addressing and customizing various operational parameters of the device.

On the back of the base, there are DMX input and output ports, a power input, a fuse for current protection, and a power switch.

These user-friendly designs make it convenient for you to control and manage various functions and settings of the moving head light while ensuring the safety of connections and power supply.

How can you maintain it for optimal performance?

Keep it in a Dry Environment
Make sure to store the fixtures in a dry environment and avoid operating them in humid conditions. This helps extend the lifespan of the fixtures.

Regular Use
For fixtures that may remain unused for extended periods, it’s recommended to periodically operate and test them to ensure their normal functioning. This helps maintain the performance of the equipment and prolong its lifespan.

Maintain Ventilation and Cleanliness
To ensure proper ventilation and lighting effects, regularly clean the fans, fan grilles, and lenses. This prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt, preserving the clarity and performance of the fixtures.

Avoid Organic Solvents
Do not use cleaning agents containing organic solvents, such as alcohol, to wipe the exterior of the fixtures to prevent damage. Use appropriate cleaning tools and methods to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the housing.

By following these simple cleaning and maintenance steps, you can ensure that your stage lighting always operates at its best, providing reliable lighting effects and extending its lifespan.

If you need more information or encounter any equipment issues, please refer to the user manual or contact the MOKA SFX professional support team, who will provide solutions within 24 hours.


The EPL LED 12x40W 4IN1 Zoom Moving Head Wash Light will beyond your expectations! It features an Osram LED light source, delivering powerful output and limitless RGBW color mixing. With various creative control functions like independence control, variable motorized zoom, strobe effects, and dimming, it can create stunning effects at concerts, parties, theaters, and fashion shows.

To inject vitality and allure into your events, the EPL 12*40 ZOOM RGBW LED Wash Light is an essential selection.

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