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Moving Head Wash Light

Moving head wash light is a high-end product in stage lighting, and it is an indispensable part of achieving beautiful stage effects.

MOKA SFX set up strict requirements for the products. Since every Stage design is not allowed to go wrong, only high-quality Moving head lights can undertake the trust of customers.

Since 2013, MOKA Moving head lights have been used wildly in stage, church, nightclub, weddings, and other scenes that require impressive lighting effects.

MOKA Moving Head Wash Lights


LED Bee Eyes Moving Head Light (Zoom)


LED Bee Eyes Moving Head Light (Zoom)


LED Bee Eyes Moving Head Light (Zoom)

3715 moving head wash light

LED Moving Head Wash Light (Zoom)

36*10W wash light

LED Swing Wash Light


Aura Moving Head Wash Light

1915wash light

LED Moving Head Wash Light

12*40W LED Zoom Moving Head


7*40 zoom

7*40W LED Zoom Moving Head


Moving Head Spot Wash Light

Moving Head Wash Light

MOKA SFX, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of moving head wash lights, specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing various kinds of moving head lights and other stage lighting, such as par light, uplighting, strobe light, DJ light, etc.

We gain a good reputation and feedback from our customers. You can rely on MOKA SFX for your moving head wash light orders.

  • Global warehouse for storing MOKA Moving Head Light, immediate shipping to meet your urgent need, no import tax on the customer’s side.
  •  12-hour solution services for any MOKA SFX Moving Head Light problem or any new stage project.
  •  Product guarantee from MOKA SFX professional technical team.
  •  Keep safe when using MOKA SFX Moving Head Light on all your stage.
  •  Short lead time and quick shipping time.

MOKA SFX moving head light, also called moving heads, is widely used in church, DJ parties, concerts, clubs, nightclubs, theaters, various stages, and so on.

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EPL 7*40W LED Bee Wash 2024

  • Voltage: AC 90-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1000W
  • Led source: 7X40W OSRAM 4 in 1
  • Control mode: DMX / primary / slave / sound control

Moving Head Light Finish Project Showcase

moving head light
Night Palace Club
moving head light
Beach Live
moving head light
Outdoor Live Concert
moving head light
moving head light
moving head light
TV Show

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 All You Want to Know About Moving Head Wash Light

    ▾ What is a Moving Head Wash Light?
    ▾ Are Moving Head Wash Lights Expensive?
    ▾ What Are The Different Fixtures For a Moving Head Light?
    ▾ Can You Run Multiple Moving Head Lights at a Single Event?
    ▾ What Are The Major Considerations to Keep in Mind While Using a Moving Head Wash Light?

What is a Moving Head Wash Light?

A lighting device controlled by a motor that can rotate with the X and Y axes, usually called Pan/tilt rotation. They are usually called Moving lights, Moving heads, and head-moving lights.

LED Moving head means the light source of the moving head light is LED. The Moving Heads are higher price devices. Their LED at least is LED RGB basic which can create various colors.

MOKA SFX Moving Head Wash Light Effects


Are Moving Head Wash Lights Expensive?

You do not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy a moving head light. Like other equipment, the price range of these machines varies with their features and size. Also, other factors like power consumption, and energy, determine the quote for moving head fixtures.

Usually, a medium-sized moving head wash light is perfect for different kinds of events. It emits defined light with a narrow beam and does not take up too much space. However, the small ones work as great and are no less when it comes to generating a powerful light beam.


What Are The Different Fixtures For a Moving Head Light?

These are the 4 main kinds of fixtures for moving head lights. At MOKA, you can find a diverse catalog of moving head lights for sale. It includes all these different fixtures meant for different kinds of events.

  • Spot Lights

These create a sharp focus on the stage. It covers a well-defined area of the venue or stage. You can use patterns as well as gobos in this light fixture. These lights are mainly used in theatres for music concerts. There are various types of spot fixtures. These include an ellipsoidal shaped spot.

There is a follow spot that will follow the person on stage. The moving head spot light moves in multiple directions, whereas the pin spot remains pinned to one particular area.

  • Wash Lights

These are versatile lights that produce simple optics with a wider beam coverage. These lights have color-mixing options as well. Basic wash lights are more suited for small events, whereas more advanced wash lights are meant for bigger venues. The wash light effect can cover the entire stage with a particular color or combination. These are best suited for larger events like sports ceremonies or parties.

  • Profile Lights

These are more complex than wash lights. They comprise gobos and complex patterns to create more astounding illumination effects. As opposed to washing lights, these are more focused on a particular person or object on the stage. These lights can be used for wedding ceremonies, or award shows that need focused lighting arrangements.

  • Beam Lights

These are very similar to the spotlights. However, there is one key point of difference. Beam lights are made of a wider lens. Therefore, they create focused light for a wider area. The angle difference between the beam and spotlights ranges from 12-25 degrees. These lights are commonly deployed in concerts with a larger public audience.


Can You Run Multiple Moving Head Lights at a Single Event?

Definitely! The best moving head lights from MOKA are small-sized and user-friendly. In fact, these machines deliver twice the experience if united with those of their own kind. Additionally, you can also try these out with other equipment, such as MOKA’s Bubble machine and Foam machine, to make your event a massive hit! However, remember that this will require more power supply.

MOKA SFX Moving Head Wash Light Effects


What Are The Major Considerations to Keep in Mind While Using a Moving Head Wash Light?

Although a moving head wash light is one of the easiest products to work with, it is crucial to know the Dos and Don’ts associated with it. Let us take a look:

  • To ensure the longevity of this device, never place it in a leaking or damp area. Also, ensure that your venue is never beyond 60 degrees of temperature, as such a high intensity disrupts the working of this machine.
  • Do not install this product in areas that generate vibration.
  • In order to curb the chances of an electrical shock, always seek professional aid for the maintenance of this product.
  • The power source voltage should always be steady. If it is too high, it reduces the life of the bulb. If too low, it hampers the lighting effects of the bulb.
  • Always wait 20 minutes for the lamp to sufficiently cool before reusing it.
  • An intermittent usage of this device efficiently extends its life.

To acquire stunning lighting effects, get someone to clean the equipment frequently. However, never use alcohol-based solvents to scrub the covering of the lamp.

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