The EPL 1915 Led moving head light

EPL 1915 is the most classic and best-selling LED moving head light with beam and wash function in MOKA SFX, it uses 19pcs high brightness RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, single light source 15W, 3 ZOOM motors work together with the same step. As society’s pursuit of the effect of stage art is getting higher and higher, it has been widely applied on more and more occasions, not only the smallest party but also the largest show.


  • Beam and wash 2 in 1 function
  • 3 ZOOM motors work together
  • 33 kinds of color changes


Source19pcs 15W high brightness RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs
ZOOM3 ZOOM motors work together with the same step
Working lifetime100,000 hours with low power consumption
Channel16/24 channels with macro effects
Strobe1-25 times/second
PAN540 degree with 16bit rotate
Tilt270 degree with 16bit rotate
Beam angle8-50 degrees
ColorRGBW infinite mixture
Dimmer0-100% linear dimming system
Net Weight7.5 Kg
Gross Weight9.2 Kg
Carton Package Size38*26*47.5 cm
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EPL1915 Fixtures are in high demand in the market because they meet many needs, from the smallest party to the largest show.

Moka’s EPL1915 clearly addresses these needs thanks to its amazing effect and cost-performance ratio.

This uniform wash light is only 8.5kg, gives fast and accurate motion throughout its Pan and Tilt movement. And you can replace much heavier and bulkier fixtures, which is also very easy for transportation and installation.

It also can work as a beam moving headlight when the minimum angle is 10°, and it also can create rich and colorful beam effects with built-in macro functions.

Thanks to the 0-100% linear dimming system, the dimmer is very smooth and great, it will be without shaking when low-brightness lighting up, which can fully meet the requirements of dramatic dimming.

EPL 1915 is suitable for TV stations, theaters, large-scale concerts, rental markets, and other performance venues.

High brightness, long-distance, huge range wash, and good beam effect are the bigger advancements for EPL 1915.


Moka EPL 1915 is a new design, fast, small size, lightweight zoom LED moving head wash light using high-temperature resistant & flame retardant engineering plastics + die-casting aluminum body.

This unique moving head wash light with extremely high performance and it can create countless colorful combination effect with preset the macro effect and the color changes.

It adopts a 19pcs high-efficiency LED module light source so that come with a long working lifetime of 100,000 hours in low power consumption.

This 19x15W amazing led zoom moving head light can be used as a beam or wash by adjusting with sharp zoom control of 10 to 60 degrees, which can create a beautiful effect for a stage or wedding. It also has DMX512, Master-slave, Auto, Sound control model. Via its DMX control, MOKA EPL 1915 also has smooth full-range dimming and variable speed stroboscopic effects.

The wide CCT range from 2500K-10000K applies a different control mood of color.

Please feel free to contact us if you want more details!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX MOVING HEAD LIGHT by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

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4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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How to change the outlook of your events with EPL 1915 Led moving head spot.

    ▾ What is EPL 1915 Led moving head spot? 
    ▾ Where can you use our led moving head spot?
    ▾ What are the amazing features of the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?
    ▾ How to install the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?
    ▾ How to Troubleshoot the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?
    ▾ How to purchase the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot? 

EPL 1915 Moving heads will add colorations and decorations to your events. By just using the concert stage lighting, you will be in a position to enjoy the multiple colors, which have the capacity of increasing the liveliness and illuminations to any of your events. They also have lens sequences that can focus and zoom your lighting output and light sizing. Together with the optic lenses, you can choose an illumination that suits your event. For example, you can use focus illumination during the couple’s dance during a wedding event and zoom illumination to highlight an artist during their stage performances. So if you are a DJ or an event organizer, having EPL 1915 moving heads will enhance your event fanatics and be enjoyable.

What is EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?

The EPL 1915 Led moving head spot is a lighting fixture from MOKA SFX, a company that have been in the stage fixtures industry for over a decade. They have a reputation of producing the best products which bring maximum fun, excitement and satisfaction to their customers all over the globe. The EPL 192 led moving spot is a moving head wash light, which implies that it belongs to the class of some lights called wash lights. Wash lights is a general term given to moving head lights that spread across a large area that is, it can spread all through the stage. Just like fresnel lamps. Unlike spot lights that only identifies and just like the name spots a single person with just a straight narrow beam of light which doesn’t expand as the distance grows bigger. Wash lights have a kind of spreading feeling to them. MOKA, the production company is given to continual improvement and constant upgrade to their products in order to serve their clients better. The moving led lights will completely change the outlook of your party and bring out the essence of the party. Your worries about how your party and event will go can be sorted with the moving head wash light.

Where can you use our led moving head spot?

Most large-scale entertainment events find our led beam moving head EPR LED 1915 very useful. These places and events include the following.

Many DJs and club owners enjoy the service provided by this lighting fixture. When this led beam moving head operates and produces an array of different colored lights, the club becomes beautiful. Good music tends to go hand in hand with highly decorative lighting as provided by led moving head light.

As the audience drinks, dances, and have a good time under the beautiful glow of this lighting device; they feel entertained. If you have a low club visitation experience, consider investing in our EPR LED 1915 lights. You may also invest in other special effect equipment like fog and smoke machines. A scent diffuser may also do the magic in your magnificently lit club.

Movie theatres
The light in a movie theatre needs to be dim whenever it’s needed. When enjoying different types of movies, the lighting color theme takes a unique purpose. For instance, horror movies require dull lighting like a deep blue color, while romantic movies require a red or brightly colored illumination. These different colors serve to entertain the audience further while adding excitement or horror to the movie atmosphere. If you own a movie theatre, consider investing in this illuminating machine and give your theatre a unique glow.

In-door Wedding
Since this led beam moving head needs to be used for indoor events, it will certainly work if you have an indoor wedding ceremony or reception. The different color selections will suit perfectly a wedding mood. MOKA SFX EPR LED 1915 should be among wedding planners and other event planners. You don’t want to host a gloomy wedding ceremony.

This lighting device will bring life to your party or reception. As the groom and bride enter, you may consider giving them a grand mixed color lighting grand entrance. I remember my wedding planner doing precisely this for me. Whenever I get flashbacks of my wedding day, the light comes flashing. So, consider having our EPR LED 1915 in entertainment devices and make someone’s day special.

Do you wonder how to light up your sports ground or indoor stadium? MOKA SFX led beam moving head will be the perfect solution. It will light up the sport’s ground with its single white light to give the players enough light to play successfully. The different color lighting will serve as decoration to celebrate a win. As a coach or event planner, this device will be the ultimate game-changer in your games.

Most hotels have customers who visit to get entertainment, accommodation, and food services. If you invest in one of these machines in your hotel, you will enjoy excellent lighting. The decoration effect from the many-colored lighting will serve as a marketing tool. Customers need to stay in a beautiful hotel environment. This led beam moving head will guarantee you exactly that. You consider using the scent diffuser together with this special-effect lighting device. You will offer memorable experiences for your customers.

Marketing tool
For effective marketing of products, this decorative-effect equipment serves a great purpose. The lighting makes it possible to illuminate buildings or other products of concern, sales, and client attention increases. So, if you feel struggling to achieve outstanding sales in your business, consider bringing in some more attention using our EPR LED 1915 led beam moving head.

Backyard lighting   
I enjoy hosting movie nights and parties in my backyard. Before I invested in this lighting fixture, my backyard was dark, and movie times didn’t bring the fun. When I invested in the led moving head light, everything changed for the better.

My children found the backyard more exciting, and we could even have dinner there. The intense illumination made the backyard our perfect place. We found it enjoyable to decorate the home with different color-lighting from the various channels. If you need to experience this fantastic feeling, invest in your EPR LED 1915 moving head light today.

What are the amazing features of the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?

The moving head wash light has a maximum power output of about 350 watts. The moving led lights uses an alternating current of about 100 to 240 volts at a frequency of 50/60 hertz. The led light features 19 times 15 RGBW bulbs. The average lifespan of the moving head wash light is about 50,000 hours, which implies that it can last for over 5 years. The moving led lights have five methods of controlling it. There is the DMX 512 control mode, voice control mode, automated control system and an uncommon RDM. The moving led lights have a zoom capacity of 550 degrees for the horizontal scan while it has 250 degrees for the vertical scan. The net weight of the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot is about 9 Kg. The DMX channel features a 14/25 channel system. The size of the moving head wash light is 38 by 26 by 47 centimeters.

How to install the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?

You need to follow the following instructions religiously in order to safely install the moving led lights. First precaution is that you must not stay directly under the moving head wash light when you are installing it. If you want to mount the moving head wash light in a fixed spot, be sure to use the brackets that came with the package. Be sure to attach the moving led lights firmly to any surface. If you are not sure on how to go about it, you can get the service of a professional and experienced person.

Never install the moving led lights on stands without using a safety chain. To be double sure, ensure that the chains breaking rating is over ten times the weight of the moving head wash light. Therefore whatever chain you want to use must have a strain rating of at least 90 Kg. Worthy of note is the fact that the moving led lights will work perfectly both in an upright or even an upside-down positional orientation. Placing it in a perpendicular position is awkward. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation for the moving led lights in whatever position you want to put it. Moreso, avoid the temptation of looking directly into the moving head wash light when it is working. Lastly, always ensure the moving led lights are out of children’s reach.

How to Troubleshoot the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?

All machines and equipment have their up and down moment. They can come up with faults and system glitches at any time. The EPL 1915 Led moving head spot is not out of the equation as it can suddenly develop an issue too. What to do when such happens to the moving led lights is not to panic or call a local engineer. The first is to call the support team or the customer care. If it is something you can easily fix, a video will be sent to you with guidelines on how you can fix the problem wrong with the moving led lights. Asides the video, spare parts will also be sent to you if there are any parts of the moving led lights that are not in perfect working condition.

How to purchase the EPL 1915 Led moving head spot?

To get your own EPL 1915 led moving head spot, you only need to contact the sales department of MOKA SFX. You can also contact them for your enquiry about the product. Log on to

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