MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon

MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon is the latest LED 6-head confetti gun designed and developed by MOKA SFX.

It is unique in its design to create an atmosphere for Halloween, parties, bars, etc.

The appearance is hollow design, and there are 2 skull heads on the left and right sides. When you turn on the power switch, the skull will also light up, the middle of the led tube is more radiant when led is on.


  • With LED Tube
  • 8 hours Charging Time
  • Battery Capacity 3600mAh


Battery Capacity3600mAh
Charging Time8 hours
Product Weight5.3Kg
Gross Weight7.5Kg
Package Size77 x 41 x 27cm
Product Size72.5 x 41 x 27cm
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When you use the MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon, you can choose 40cm / 60cm / 80cm electric cannon.

This machine not only can spray confetti, but also Co2 gas. I’m sure that this machine is very suitable for all different kinds of events. It is ideal for use in bars, Halloween, etc. to make the whole event more intense.

If you use MOKA SFX’s electric cannon, the launch success rate will reach 90%, and the launch will not be delayed.

When you connect the power cable corresponding to the power cord of the electric cannon, the corresponding led indicator will light up, indicating that the electric cannon is good. If it’s not light up, it indicates that the electric cannon is a dud.

MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon can put 6 electric cannons at the same time, you can use the dialler to set the quantity you want to launch.

Anyway, you only need to have MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon, you can create a variety of effects you want, suitable for different outdoor or indoor events.

We also have the other type of LED Confetti cannon for you to choose from, it is MK-C05 LED CO2 Cannon.


MK-CN15 LED Confetti Cannon has a built-in 3600mha lithium battery and has a power indicator.

The ‘0’ means that 6 electric cannons are spray at the same time, 1 means spray one electric cannon, ‘2’ means launching 2 electric cannons at the same time, ‘3’ means launching 3 electric cannons at the same time, ‘4’ means launching 4 electric cannons at the same time, and ‘5’ means launching 5 electric cannons at the same time. The ‘6’/’7’/’8’/’9′ all indicate that 6 electric cannons are spray at the same time.

When you choose 6 electric cannon to launch at the same time, the large amount of confetti that is spray at that moment gives you a visual shock.

You can also choose to launch an electric cannon for the first time.

The second time, 2 electric cannons are spray at the same time.

The third time, 3 electric cannons are spray at the same time, and the atmosphere of the event is slowly pushed to the climax, or only one electric cannon is spray at a time.

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  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Confetti Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • If to use indoor, please make sure the height of the room is not lower than 5 meters.
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MK-CN15 Confetti Cannon

    ▾ BASIC FUNCTIONS OF MOKA SFX Confetti Cannon Machine
    ▾ ADVANTAGES OF MOKA SFX Confetti cannon

BASIC FUNCTIONS OF MOKA SFX Confetti cannon Machine

Confetti cannon is created mainly for wedding occasions. Confetti cannons when the bride or groom start their first dance or first steps. Confetti cannons are made in several different colors to brighten the light of any special occasion. Confetti machines are available in many different shapes also.

A distinction of Confetti cannon is made between confetti and glitter. Usually, glitter comes in a smaller size than the confetti and is very shiny. Many confetti tables are also polished. Confetti machines are also called metallic confetti.

MK-CN15 comes according to the season’s ways to make the ceremony comfortably beautiful. Many confetti machines also come with the snowflake. This snowflake confetti mostly comes in requested shapes. Mainly in party supply stores, the combination of paper and some metallic confetti.

Confetti cannon is used at social gatherings like parties, weddings, and Dance bars. The simple confetti shreds papers which can even be made with scissors or paper shredders. Confetti Machines are used for a huge ceremony. Now, the use of confetti is also a cosmetic addition during trophy presentations at sports events. The use of Confetti cannon has become increasingly common.

For larger venues or volumes of confetti, the air mover is used to propel significantly larger volumes of Confetti large distances. At weddings, natural petal confetti is used as these are made from freeze-dried flower petals, which are completely biodegradable.

Confetti machines work by using energy from nitrogen, which is compressed. A Confetti cannon is stored in a cylinder at the bottom of the cannon. In Confetti Machines, nitrogen is released by turning a catch to undo the stopper that kept it in place.

Confetti blasts at your big event and surges at speed and pushes the confetti out from the top of the tube.
It is essential to get the right product for the first time to use at a wedding or other celebration while using a confetti machine.

It is worth practicing to hold the confetti, and it is important to get the position right. But before using, make sure that no people or animals are in the path. With one hand on the top part of the cannon, twist the bottom part anti-clockwise. This will let you release your confetti with a pop.

Moka SFX Confetti Machines are safe to use as it is provided with special care. Ensure to hold the confetti cannon safely and be aware of others in your vicinity if you plan to let it off. And also, don’t give in the hands of children.

MK-CN15 Confetti cannons are powered by compressed air instead of explosives so that there is no fire and smoke. We provide a variety of different sizes that come in different ranges. It has a longer cannon to secure safety for the further shoot.


  • The MK-CN15 Confetti machine is suitable for all kinds of celebrations on a large scale.
  • Moka SFX also offers Rainbow Confetti cannon, which is mainly suitable for a variety of large and medium-sized celebration activities, which includes all kinds of celebrations, opening ceremonies, parties, and stage shows.
  • Moka SFX Confetti Machine is very easy to handle and use. Confetti Machines don’t need any electrical power to function. The Confetti Machine creates stunning visual effects to make your ceremony memorable.
  • Our MK-CN15 is the latest addition to the range of any other confetti cannon. This offers green event organizers several advantages over traditional CO2 Confetti cannons.
  • We manufacture DMX-controlled Confetti cannons, which allow remote functions with several other powers.
  • The main feature of MK-CN15 Confetti cannons is that it doesn’t require CO2 cylinders and provide a much lower carbon footprint.
  • With an extreme easy-feed hopper, they are supplied so that all the confetti can be prepared and stored in the Confetti machine for use.
  • We provide a choice of cannon to suit every customer’s choice.
  • Confetti Bluster is the most compact Confetti Machine in the industry, which includes a footprint of 10″. This controls easy angle output and connects the CO2 inlet quickly. Confetti Bluster is applicable for several applications and can launch confetti up to 50 feet in the sky.
  • Confetti cannon comes in standard form with three-pin Neutral input and output for easy control. You can also connect with those five-pin connectors to upgrade the functions. Confetti Machine includes a 15-foot hose, and you will be able to upgrade to any longer hose.
  • This machine comes with a standard steel base plate of 10 “×10” for ground use. If you are concerned about purchasing the best quality Confetti Machine, then you can blindly adopt this product.


  • Moka SFX Confetti cannons can be used repeatedly throughout the ceremony without storing large quantities of heavy CO2 cylinders. This blaster can be stored in the machine, ready for swivel bases to pan the effect over a wide area.
  • This blaster offers manual control.
  • The integrated case with a simpler outer case of Confetti cannon is easy to assemble, and you just need to open the cover and pit the output tube in the right way. By putting it in the right direction, you can pack it back when stored.
  • Mkoa SFX Confetti cannon uses the for silence wheels, and you don’t need to bear any noise sound during transport if the machine when you are in a situation of a little silence scene and need to transport.
  • Because of the silence wheel features, your team will get light work to transport this big device.
  • By comparing other ordinary confetti machines, our MK-CN15 is highly professional and comes with an aluminum case venturi system. It creates a cyclone in a special diversion pattern to a venturi effect when it comes into the machine through the gas pipe. These functions allow spray to a higher level, even up to 18 meters in the sky, and confetti sprays keep going till it is out of confetti paper. And the scene became memorable.
  • MK-CN15 provides the perfect quality Confetti cannon to bring a shocking rainbow effect for outdoor occasions.
  • But sometimes you need to pay attention to a few situations while using a Confetti Machine in any special functions. When your machine gets damaged, then we don’t suggest you disassemble it without our proper advice for maintenance. This will enable any further damage.
  • To operate or Moka SFX Confetti cannon for a perfect performance, fill the gas cylinder with rich gas filling. It will create an amazing experience in your memorable events.
  • You can choose any shape of confetti paper in several colors to subject your events.
  • This Confetti cannon saves space and packs a big punch with a footprint of oy 10 “×10”. It can throw confetti up to 50 feet in the air and makes the scene unforgettable. This machine comes with first-class by manual control, and that makes it versatile for several applications.
  • Moka SFX Confetti Machine makes easy transportation and setup safety by providing a locking system. You don’t have to worry about the power being unplugged unexpectedly.


Moka SFX Confetti Machines are almost similar to confetti cannons, which are released at the right moment. It works by storing up compressed nitrogen to push the confetti paper out with glitter. Much other confetti uses electricity to function and to release the stopper, which allows the gas to travel. This works without electricity.
To use an electric Confetti Machine, you will need to use a battery-powered firing system that is triggered by a remote. Moka SFX Confetti cannon works without using any power-firing system. MK-CN15 Confetti cannon is to get your hands on the most suitable ones for your big event to keep its memory forever.

By purchasing an MK-CN15 Confetti cannon, your parties or any special event will not get bored at any cost. This will shower confetti down on a crowded stage, with lots of eternal blessings. It can be used in any entertainment programs like DJ’s for performance on stage to add the festival effect everywhere.

In seconds this will shower the effect of the festival with a Confetti stream. This is wireless and controllable professional confetti, which is designed for wedding confetti. This wedding Confetti Machine is ideal for weddings or concerts and every special celebration.

We also provide an MK-CNO6 wedding Confetti cannon to use safely and virtually at any place. It comes extremely lightweight and is easy to use. MK-CN06 wedding Confetti machine can be used to blast the confetti covering an average area as large as 540 square feet. This Moka SFX Confetti cannon has a throw distance up to 20 feet and a powerful 1800 watt fan behind the confetti cannon. You can easily put 0.5 Kgs of confetti paper inside the cannon, and it will burst for a long time. It bursts to fill the whole event and venue with sparkling papers.

Moka SFX Confetti cannon with bright confetti paper and adds a more authentic look to your events. It has a wireless receiver that is attached to the machine, and you can easily operate with remote mode.

MK-CN06A wedding confetti can be integrated into a light show by using DMX operation. It has special features of a 3-pin signal connector and also runs on DMX channels. We set it with six channels, including the channel of the fan, auto led, strobe, etc.

Now comes the Confetti cannon, as compared with the new generation, this machine is widely accepted all around the world. You can use this machine during your special events to make your event more beautiful.

Moka SFX Confetti cannon with LED function is used for the professional stage. This is equipped with a more powerful motor and lights to reach up to the highest level in the air.

It holds events or weddings with colorful lights shining up in star-shaped confetti or heart-shaped in the sky while the machine works. This MK-CN06A LED is more recommended as a smaller piece of confetti is used and makes a better flush effect.


Moka SFX is a big name in the market of special effects equipment manufacturing. We have been in this manufacturing business for the last five years and strive to be the best of all. Moka SFX Confetti cannon comes with a warranty of 12 months. In case you face any kind of problem with your Confetti cannon, you will get assistance from our expert in just no time. A small video of the issue you are facing or take pictures of the defective part and send it to our customer support team, and you will get it all replaced or repaired within the warranty period. We love to make our customers feel free and light with our special effect equipment.


Being a leading name in the special effects machine manufacturer in China, Moka SFX has CEE/ROHS/FCC certification for all its products. Moka SFX confetti blower has CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, and ROHS certification. We have innovated ourselves with the latest AI videos that enable our users to know more about the newly launched products and machines with an amazing showcase appearance. We believe that the product details are the most important feature that speaks for the authenticity of our products.

MK-CN15 confetti blower works on the highly advanced PRO USA venturi system, which is a professional air system. We use the best in class technologies and systems to deliver a high-class experience to our customers. With no electric device fitted inside, it requires no extra supply to operate. With a voluminous container, the confetti machine can store and blow 40kg confetti papers into the sky, making the entire atmosphere colorful.

Moka SFX is here to back you up with the best and the latest technology to make your celebratory event even more fabulous with our colorful effects.


Apart from confetti blower machines, Moka SFX is also involved in the production and supply of many more varieties of special effects machinery. You can avail of any of the amazing products from the website, where you will find a range of products including CO2 FX, Flame FX, Fog FX, Bubble FX, Foam FX, Snow FX, and Cold Spark machine. And not only a range of colorful bliss, but we also deal in with amazing lights like Moving Headlight, Laser Light, and LED Dance Floor Lights.

So why wander all-around or turn down millions of web pages to just land on the right one, when you have got us by your side.

Enquire now about your requirement for a Confetti cannon.

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