MK-CN14 Confetti Blaster


  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 2000W
  • Control: electronic control
  • Size: 95 x 57 x 106 cm
  • Weight: 120kg
  • Capacity: 5kg confetti
  • Coverage Area:250㎡
  • Spray Height: 20-25m

MK-CN14 Confetti Blaster


  • With flight case and easy to disassemble
  • Reach up to 25 meters
  • Angle-adjustable exit for directing exit of confetti

MK-CN14 confetti blaster is a professional stage effect.

This wind rainbow machine comes with a configuration air box, which is unique in appearance and easy to disassemble.

It has a powerful power fan and can quickly blow a large amount of confetti paper into the sky.

It uses wind power as the power to spray confetti paper into the sky, up to 25 meters in height, and spray confetti cover 250 square meters, it brings a spectacular scene of a confetti-sky.

The confetti paper can be continuously added during use, and the jetting time is not limited, which is more flexible to any of your events need.

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MK-CN14 Confetti Blaster: The Definitive Guide

Stage Confetti Effect

This machine is quite suitable for large and medium-sized outdoor or indoor activities, the effect is very shocking.

MK-CN14 confetti blaster is based on the original CO2 rainbow machine.

It does not rely on any gas, no trouble of transporting and cost of gas cylinders, what’s more, convenient to operate.

MK-CN14 confetti blaster has a unique design.

MK-CN14 Confetti Blaster

First of all, it is an integrated chassis, it is easy to transport during activities.

It does not need to be installed and disassembled during use.

It can be used directly after a power-on operation.

In addition, it has a control switch at the exit position for a lower or higher power to run the machine.

There’s an angle-adjustable exit for directing exit of confetti, you will find it a quite simple operation but brings a great WOW confetti effect to your activities.

Based on the superior performance of this wind rainbow machine, it is widely used in large concerts, large and medium-sized outdoor activities, large-scale performances, etc., multi-scene use and superior performance.

Stage Confetti Effect

MK-CN14 confetti blaster needs your attention in a few aspects during use.

The basic one is the machine is used under 380V voltage.

Do not use it in a rainy or humid environment and you need to avoid hand, body touch on the output exit when the machine is working.

MK-CN14 confetti blaster, a uniquely designed wind rainbow machine, will bring you more surprises.

If you want to get it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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