MK-CN11 Confetti Pistol

MK-CN11 Confetti Gun is a handheld gun-shaped electric device great for nightclub and wedding.

MK-CN11 confetti gun has 3 channels, you can put one or two or three electric confetti cannons into the barrel(s), each barrel is equipped with a connector for the power cable of the cannon.

When you pull the trigger, the loadable battery inside provides a current to the cannon through the connection.

This releases the pressurized nitrogen in the bottom part of the cannon, shooting the confetti into the air.

  • The powerful instantaneous explosive force
  • Shoot higher range


Spray height:8-10 meters
Max Power:20W
DMX Channel:
Confetti Load:3 Cartridges
Product Size:55 x 14 x 24cm
Packing Size (Carton):Size: 60 x 30 x 16cm
Packing Option:Normal case
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


We equip 3pcs 2200mAH 12V chargeable lithium battery inside the confetti gun.

Moreover, there is an LED battery level indicator on the MK-CN11 Confetti Gun board, you can see clearly the battery capacity.

When the battery indicator shows there only has 20% of electricity, please charge it soon, otherwise, it will reduce the battery working life.

The charging time needs 3-5 hours.

This MK-CN11 confetti gun can be operated in Single Shot or Full Shot mode.

With a fully loaded battery, the confetti gun can shot about 1000 times(single shot).

MK-CN11 Confetti Gun is controlled by hand directly instead of traditional DMX controller, you do not need to connect the power when using, easier to operate and shoot confetti to everywhere you want optionally.

Compared with the conventional confetti launcher, this MK-CN11 Confetti Gun has powerful instantaneous explosive force, shoot higher range, ignite your event atmosphere instantly.

You can use 40cm or 60cm or 80cm electric confetti cannon for this MK-CN11 confetti gun, with confetti paper or streamer inside.

But we recommend the 80cm, it shot higher.


As there is a small gas tank inside the electric confetti cannon, it is defined as dangerous item and forbidden to ship via air, you can buy it in your local.

If you need it in a large quantity, we could ship it to you via sea.

At the same time, we highly recommend you to use our co2 jet machine together, it can show the stage’s charming furtherly.

You can choose our co2 jet machine according to the different types of events, such as MK-C15 DMX CO2 CannonMK-C19W Led CO2 JetMK-C14 DJ CO2 GunMK-C30 CO2 Power Jet Machine, etc.

Not only the MK-CN11 Confetti Gun has passed CE RoHS and FCC certification, but also the MOKA’s co2 jet machine.

Besides, we offer one year warranty.

We will offer a solution to you for the first time if any problem.

Above all, MK-CN11 Confetti Gun is a must atmosphere machine great for DJs and dancers.

If you are looking for this confetti gun, please feel free to contact us MOKA SFX Team and take it.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Confetti Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • If to use indoor, please make sure the height of the room is not lower than 5 meters.
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-CN11 Confetti Gun


    ▾ Why MK-CN11 is a must-have confetti pistol
    ▾ How the Confetti Pistol Works
    ▾ More is Merrier
    ▾ Order MOKA SFX Products

Special effect pieces of equipment come in different types and sizes and are designed to produce a specific yet fascinating spectacle to amaze its spectators. With the advent of colorful and lively public social events like concerts, pageants, awarding of wines, political and proclamation rallies, and even sports competition, employing special effects has become the norm an exception. 

Faced with increasing demand and expectation from partygoers, having special effect equipment as part of any event organizer or planner’s inventory has become essential, if not, even indispensable.

Among these special effects machines available in the market are fog and haze machines, CO2 jets, fire emitting machines, cold sparks, dry ice machines, and even different types of confetti guns blowers, and many others.

For those customers who are looking for fully-functional confetti pistols that are hand-carried operated, relatively light, and with manageable recoil, MOKA SFX has its MK-CN11 Confetti Gun available for their taking. If anyone has one or many confetti pistols in the entertainment business, it will always come in handy to any public event.


confetti machine


WHY MOKA SFX and MK-CN11 is the First Choice

MOKA SFX has been in the business for many years to produce quality, dependable and elegant confetti guns, cannons, blasters, and blowers. A visit to our official website or watching the video advertisement will give you a glimpse of how serious we are in ensuring customer satisfaction. The many event organizers, planners, and companies in the entertainment industry that have become Our regular patrons are an enduring testament to what we have to offer and how we have gained customers’ trust and confidence.

Trust, confidence, and reliance have enabled the event organizers to prefer MOKA SFX over other companies. The fantastic characteristics of the MK-CN11 Confetti pistol are clear proof of the customers’ trust. 

The MK-CN11 confetti pistol follows that long company tradition of competence and professionalism. A closer look at this confetti cannon gun would reveal elegant craftsmanship that makes it look like a menacing futuristic weapon. The truth is that the confetti pistol’s stylish design packs a fun-filled surprise to any spectators of a public event. 

Design and other convenient and easy operating features have made it a must-have confetti pistol to show up the spark of your event.   


Why MK-CN11 is a must-have confetti pistol

As a whole, this confetti pistol is a good buy, a smart investment, and so a must-have addition to one’s collection of special effects equipment. It is guaranteed for you not to regret and even become the envy of others.

Here are some of the reasons why:


Rechargeable Battery

The MK-CN11 confetti cannon gun comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, which is at 2200mAh. The battery can provide the needed power source of the confetti pistol of up to hundreds times of shots. Now that is one energy-efficient special effect gadget. With a battery life that long, charging it does not have to be done at close intervals. It also means that your power consumption is reduced, and that entails more savings.

Each confetti pistol is equipped with 3 pcs. of 2200mAH 12 V chargeable lithium battery and once needs recharging, it is only a matter of between 3-5 hours, and it is again ready to be put to action. 

Furthermore, the confetti pistol itself has been installed with a battery indicator. With this, the user does not need to guess if the battery needs recharging or has enough juice in the battery to make the confetti gun work properly.

The battery indicator comes in handy, and once it shows to have only around 20% power remaining, charging it immediately with substantially lengthen the battery working life. And the longer time it takes for the battery to be replaced, the less money you spend on replacements and more money going into your pocket. 


confetti machine


Compact but Explosive

This MK-CN11 confetti cannon gun is shaped like a handheld cannon and indeed feels like one. It looks like those laser guns used in sci-fi fiction movies we have been accustomed to seeing. 

With a product size of only 55 x 14 x 24cm, its size is almost like that of an M14 carbine but whose weight is much lighter at only 2.5 kilograms. The size and weight are taken as a whole would make this confetti cannon gun compact and lightweight. It may look that way, but it does produce an explosive force that shoots paper confetti or streamers into the air with a jet distance of around 8-10 meters.


Stability and Greater Control on the Confetti Cannon Gun

With this confetti cannon gun, you can do away with the usual dependency on the DMX controller. This is because the machine can be operated directly by the hand through its trigger. 

When using the confetti pistol, there is no need to connect it to any power source, making it more convenient. With no cord attached to the confetti pistol, it can be carried anywhere. This confetti pistol’s convenient movement helps to shoot at any part of the venue and in any direction to perform best what it is designed for. Shoot to fly those colorful confetti papers and streamers into the air and dazzle the spectators.

Likewise, the confetti pistol has been purposely designed for better control. Aside from the handgrip to conveniently put your trigger finger in place, it also has a forward handgrip for greater control. And with increased operational command on the confetti pistol, it becomes an added safety feature against misfiring or misdirection.


Multi-functional Barrels

The MK-CN11 Confetti pistol has a unique feature as it has multiple barrels, much like that of a Gatling gun. With three channels, two or three electric confetti cannons can be placed into each barrel. 

And with three barrels, one will have no problem in showering the event with confetti papers or streamers either simultaneously or one at a time. With each barrel equipped with a connector to the confetti pistols’ power cable, it can be made to operate either through Single Shot or Full Shot mode. Meaning, one barrel can be fired once, or all three (3) barrels for maximum effect. These barrels show the multi-functional features of this confetti cannon gun. 


confetti machine


Transporting and Storage with Ease

As mentioned earlier in this article, the MK-CN11 is a compact special effects equipment. A size like this will come in handy when transported to another venue or stored somewhere for safekeeping when it is not in use.

It only weighs 2.5 kilograms, which is way below other confetti cannons, blowers, and blasters. While its shipping weight reaches 7.5 kilograms, it remains relatively light and can even be compensated with its packaged size of 60 x 30 x 16cm.

And in the entertainment business, where being on the road is always considered an occupational hazard, having equipment that functions well is a luxury. It is always a bonus if it is also miniature, light, and easy to carry. 


Choices of Electric Confetti Cannon Sizes

Despite its size, the MK-CN11 Confetti pistol packs a punch with its explosive release of confetti papers or streamers at a relatively high range compared to other conventional confetti launchers. Depending on the public event requirement in terms of too high should the confetti be released, the user has various choices. For smaller venues with less crowd or those done indoor, a 40cm or 60cm confetti cartridge may give justice to the event. However, for outdoor events and one that involves a larger crowd, it is highly recommended that the 80cm confetti cartridge for this MK-CN11 Confetti pistol has a higher range of confetti release. It would be safe to conclude that the longer the electric confetti cannon, the higher the release is. And the higher the confetti papers and streamers are released into the atmosphere, the better and the long effect it will cast. This way, the crowd will be treated with the colorful spectacles.

And regardless of the length and explosiveness of the confetti pistol, its easy control and handling are not compromised. The double grip handle, handgrip, and forward handgrip installed on the confetti cannon will give the operator a secure grip.


confetti machine


Certified and Guaranteed Quality Product

All products coming from MOKA SFX are a product of skilled craftsmanship and designed to meet the expectations of event organizers themselves and those in attendance. Aside from the skilled professional who designed the special effect gadgets coming out of the production line of MOKA SFX, the MK-CN11 Confetti Gun included, are guaranteed to function as designed and safe also. The MK-CN11, like all other products of MOKA-SFX, are CE/ROSH and FCC certified.

And it is no easy feat for any product to be certified by those badges of excellence and safety for a product must undergo the stringent test that it passes their standard.

The European Union issues THE CE and ROSH certification in the MK-CN11 Confetti pistol. It indicates that the product can be legally sold in their member countries, having passed the standard set on any electrical equipment based on health and safety protocol to both humans and the environment. 

In the United States of America, they also issue FCC certification on products sold in the country if it passes their test of having the product’s electrical interference within the accepted limit. The MK-CN11 has been issued FCC certification by the American government. A testament of its compliance to advanced countries standard and a seal of its competitive quality if compared to similar special effects gadget manufactured by other companies in Europe, America, and elsewhere around the world.

The MK-CN11 is also given a warranty of one year from the purchase by MOKA SFX. If the confetti pistol encounters glitches or broken parts within the warranty period, it will be serviced at no charge by a technical team coming from MOKA-SFX. If needs parts replacement, it shall also be replaced with an original, again for free.


Competent and friendly MOKA SFX Technical Team

Any event organizer or just an avid collector of confetti guns is in for a treat once they purchase our MK-CN11 Confetti pistol or any other product from MOKA-SFX. The reason is, it is the standing policy of MOKA SFX,  the maker of MK-CN11,  to look after our patron even after the products are delivered to their doorstep. We at MOKA SFX are committed to our clients’ continued satisfaction in the performance of our MC-CN11 and all our other products. 

MOKA SFX has a technical team on standby all the time, online, to offer services from inquiries regarding our product. Our technical team is even ready to provide detailed instructions on troubleshooting the product once the problem is identified. One need not worry about looking for anybody to repair them because MOKA SFX is more than eager to assist them. And there is no better qualified to extend their help other than the very people who manufactured our products, like the MK-CN11 Confetti Gun.


confetti machine


How the Confetti Pistol Works

The confetti pistol has a rechargeable battery, and once charged, it can electronically operate the confetti pistol. Once the trigger is squeezed, the battery and cannon’s connection sets the firing mechanism’s motion to operate. 

To release those confetti papers, there are confetti cartridges available that can be loaded into the MK-CN11 confetti pistol. The confetti cannon gun, in effect, functions as a trigger to launch those confetti papers lodged in the confetti cartridge.

Aside from using the confetti cartridge to eject confetti papers into the air, the MK-CN11 has other options to spray those. One can connect with a nitrogen canister and use the air pressure to push the confetti papers out to the air. It is the pressurized nitrogen that spews the confetti into the air with such force. That is why the confetti pistol operator is reminded of that small tank filled with nitrogen. It should not be transported through air transport because of the danger of exploding. It is advised that if the MK-CN11 is transported via air, the pressurized nitrogen tank should be removed. The same is available in the local market, and it is more prudent to purchase them locally and at a time that the confetti cannon will already be used. 

Another way of spraying the confetti papers is to make use of an electronic fan to blow those confetti papers out. And with that many options, a superb performance of the MK-CN11 is a foregone conclusion.

This handheld confetti pistol has three channels, which can double up your event’s spark by having as many confetti cartridges at your disposal. Each barrel of this confetti pistol is provided with a connector for the cannon’s power cord for guaranteed operation.

On cue, and once those confetti papers or streamers are released, it will certainly make the event livelier and animated. An event that will surely be remembered by the lucky who witnessed the spectacle and shared with many envy.


More is Merrier

One MK-CN11 at your disposal can already make any event organizer, especially small events, feel at ease that they have something to make the event animated. However, there is nothing wrong with having more than one of the confetti machines, even to make the occasion grander and full of energy. Having many MK-CN11 Confetti pistols will give the event organizer the added advantage to preposition the shooters in different strategic positions and ready to fire them simultaneously or one at a time, depending on the desired effect. Whatever be the case, it will surely more than double the fun.

MOKA SFX can cater to bulk orders and purchases as they could be shipped through sea transport. 


confetti machine


Order MOKA SFX Products

Have those parties come alive by having our MK-CN11 Confetti pistols firing glittering, colorful, and in various sizes confetti papers or streamers into the air. The price attached to the product is always its fair value considering the quality invested in it, the dependability of the product, and the guaranteed prolonged use despite rigid wear and tear condition if adequately handled.

Contact our dynamic sales agents at MOKA SFX and inquire about the MK-CN11 Confetti Agent’s detailed specification. It won’t take long before you are totally convinced about the product.

Waiting time for the arrival of products is just a matter of days. Once a decision is made, and the order is confirmed, delivery is within 3-5 days, if within Europe and U.S.A. However, outside those countries will take more days, between 5-7 days—still, not much waiting time. Once the MK-CN11 arrives, the wait is always worth it.

Suppose planning to organize an event and is at a loss at to the number of special effects equipment needed, like that of the most-sought MK-CN11, inquire with our staff or official website at MOKA SFX and request an estimated cost. The same will be computed for you and be given to you as soon as the final computation comes out. And that is not the good news in itself; the quote shall be given to free of charge. It is the company’s token of appreciation for trusting us to provide you with that kind of service. 

If the condition continues, you may visit MOKA SFX or that of our distributors, both in Europe and in the United States. And, indulge yourself in a physical encounter of the elegant MK-CN11. While at it, you may also indulge in our other products of special effects and lights at our showroom. It will not come as a surprise if you walk out from there with more than just the MK-CN11, but an array of our other quality products.

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