MK-CN06A LED Confetti Blower

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower is a professional stage confetti machine, this is an upgraded version of MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower machine, equipped with a more powerful motor, lights, and higher confetti shoot.


  • 3 PIN DMX signal plug
  • LEDs rendering effects
  • DMX 512 control and wireless remote control


VoltageAC 110V/220V 60/50Hz
Control ModeDMX/Remote
LED12pcs x3W
DMX Channel6
Capacity0.3-0.5Kg confetti
Continuous Output20s-30s
Spray Height5-6m
Size57 x 33 x 33cm
Gross Weight9Kg
Shipping Weight15Kg
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MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower has both DMX 512 control and wireless remote control for its light color changing and lights running modes options, also spray ON/OFF control.

When you holding an event or wedding select colorful lights shining up star-shaped confetti or heart-shaped confetti tissue to work with MK-CN06A LED confetti blower, the confetti which is less than 2x2cm in size is more recommended, as smaller piece confetti makes a better flush effect.

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower has passed EU CE ROHS certification and the US FCC certification, each machine has 100% QC passed on performance quality test before shipping.

Our regular inspection, testing assures your machine a proper product function.


When you hold a small event but don’t have a professional lighting engineer, you can just use the remote control to the LED confetti blower, with such simple and convenient operation you can save some cost on labor hiring.

The controllable distance of the remote controller is not over 15 meters.

If you are in a signal interference situation or out of controlling distance, the DMX control method is a better way for more sensitive control.

DMX 512 connector we use is 3 PIN signal plug, DMX 512 signal cable has an effective signal distance of about 200 meters.

If you just looking for good quality LED Confetti Blower Machine, contact MOKA SFX SALES TEAM at any time.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Confetti Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • If to use indoor, please make sure the height of the room is not lower than 5 meters.
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

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    ▾ Introduction
    ▾ Buyer’s Guide – Factors to consider when choosing a Confetti Cannon
    ▾ MK-CN06A Description
    ▾ How to care for your confetti cannon?
    ▾ MOKA SFX Stage Equipment Co, Ltd – Why trust us?
    ▾ Why do you need the MK-CN06A?
    ▾ Conclusion


Adding a dash of cheer and liveliness at your event is an undeniable necessity. Having a bunch of colorful paper or streamers fill the air at your event has proven to be one of the efficient ways of making it a long-lasting memory. Blowing confetti is an old tradition, which originated in Italy, signifying good luck. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing these colorful papers and streamers flying in the air and landing on cheerful faces.

With that being said, you must be wondering how to light up your next event with confetti. Using a confetti blower is the easiest way to improve the ambiance at your event, and we’ve got just the right confetti blower for your next big celebration.

If you need special effects equipment to glorify your event, the MK-CN06A is your best bet yet. Investing in the MK-CN06A is the best idea for your party, wedding company, night clubs, event company, making this masterpiece available for organizers and celebrants who need a reliable confetti cannon.

Taking your event to the next level is one way to make sure your guest didn’t waste time attending. With the MK-CN06A led confetti cannon, you wouldn’t just be blowing confetti in the air, but positive vibes and an eternal feeling of fun. While having the best live performance, bubble machines, and an unlimited number of special effect equipment to spice up your event: nothing entirely completes your event like the MK-CN06A led confetti cannon.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors to consider when choosing a Confetti Cannon

Choosing a confetti cannon for your event can be very tricky. You’d need to select the best choice for you, and there are lots of factors to look out for, so you don’t end up making the wrong decision that ruins your event.

Here are some of the factors to consider before making a purchase;

No event organizer wants a confetti blower that’ll take away sitting space from attendees. Leaving enough room for your guests is essential in making sure they have a great time. You don’t want a confetti cannon that takes up much space, so putting the size into consideration is necessary when looking for one.
Your ideal confetti cannon should be small and take up little or no space. Choosing a compact-sized blower also makes storage and transporting it easy. You wouldn’t need to stress yourself out just because you’re looking for the perfect spot to keep it safe.

When hosting an event, aesthetics is one of your top priorities. After making all the necessary moves to ensure that your venue is amazingly decorated, you wouldn’t want your party confetti cannon cramping your style. Selecting one that fits the theme of your event is the easiest way to go about this.

Selecting a black or white confetti cannon is the easiest way out, but you could go the extra mile of looking for one that matches your theme. Consider attention-grabbing when selecting a confetti blower for your event.

Power and shoot range
You want your confetti cannon covering as much ground as possible; we don’t want anyone feeling left out of the thrill. Choose a confetti cannon with a high shoot range that helps you keep the crowd full of cheer and saves you the cost of having to buy more.

Larger confetti blowers usually cover up to 12 meters, while smaller ones can shoot confetti for as far as 8 meters. Be sure to do proper research on the shooting range of a confetti blower before finalizing the purchase.

Venue size
Sometimes, we might require using a giant confetti blower because of our event’s nature and the number of expected guests—Opt-in for a bigger confetti cannon when the venue is big enough to accommodate it conveniently. Otherwise, a smaller confetti cannon would do the trick. Either way, make sure your confetti blower doesn’t take up too much space.

Event type
The type of event you plan on hosting will also play a role in your confetti cannon choice. For parties, weddings, night clubs and music festivals, you’d need confetti cannons with enough confetti capacity, so you don’t have to reload your confetti blower too often. For smaller events, you wouldn’t want to waste your money by purchasing big ones.

No one wants to have to purchase more than one confetti cannon in a lifetime. Ensuring that a confetti cannon will not get damaged easily, especially when the warranty period is over. To successfully purchase a durable confetti blower, do a proper company background check. Most times, party confetti cannons made with iron have proven to be more durable than other materials.

When choosing a confetti cannon, it is also necessary to find it price-friendly. You don’t need to break the bank just because you need special effect equipment. Most times, electric party confetti cannons controlled using a remote are usually more expensive than the manual ones. For event companies and wedding companies, investing in a relatively expensive one is a better choice. If you’d be needing a confetti blower less frequently than others, it is best to rent or purchase smaller ones.
If you need a party confetti cannon that suits your demands, the MK-CN06A is strongly recommended. Could you stick with us, so we can show you why?

MK-CN06A Description

The MK-CN06A is yet another magnificent special effects equipment from MOKA SFX Company. After doing proper research and doing a full test and run on this equipment, we were amazed but not surprised as MOKA SFX has always proven to be the best at producing top-notch special effects equipment. There are so many reasons to love the MK-CN06A, and you’re just about to find out.

Here are some of the reasons to choose the MK-CN06A Confetti cannon for your events:

Multi-colored LED Lamps
The MK-CN06A led confetti cannon is equipped with 12×3 RGB led lamps placed around the head. Using this confetti blower at your party, music festivals, and concerts will help brighten up your venue, especially in the dark. Not only would you be filling the air with colorful papers, but you’ll also serve it with beautiful lights.

With this party confetti cannon, you will not need the help of a professional light engineer for your small events; you have all the bright lights you need with the help of its wireless remote control. This party confetti cannon’s LED feature helps you save the cost of hiring another labor, allowing you to spend on other forms of decoration, entertainment, or drinks.
Wireless Remote for Blower
Within the range of about 15 meters, you can conveniently control the; light color change, light running options, and spray ON/OFF control. Using the MK-CN06A is comfortable with the use of its wireless remote control. When hosting a party, the tendency of people getting in between your remote and confetti blower is high. Try keeping your remote as close to your confetti cannon as possible to prevent an interruption in signal.

Controlling the MK-CN06A will help you blow confetti in the air quickly, so you don’t miss the perfect moment to have colorful papers in the air. You sure don’t want to miss blowing confetti when the couple says I do or after singing the celebrant’s birthday song.

DMX 512 Signal Cable
When there’s a signal interference while using the remote control, the next and more reliable alternative is its DMX control. The MK-CN06A features a DMX 512 connector that uses a 3 PIN signal plug, which makes controlling your confetti blower more efficient than ever.
This signal cable has a healthy connection range. You can turn your spray ON/OFF as long as it is within 200 meters for events with a significantly different arrangement and bigger event venues. You need not worry about the effect’s distance over control when working with this special effect equipment.

Compact Size
Looking for a confetti blower that wouldn’t take up much space, especially for events with many attendees, is one of the significant issues large-scale outdoor event organizers worry about. You don’t want your guests to find it challenging to move about because the equipment is eating up their space; it kills the whole essence of having a confetti cannon at your event, bringing joy.

Putting your event venue’s size into consideration is essential in having happy attendees; this is where the MK-CN06A comes in handy once again. It is compact and will take up very little space. With a 57 33 33cm dimension, you cannot only fit into your venue, but you can also transport it easily to your venue and store it after use.

Confetti Capacity
You wouldn’t have to worry about how much confetti will be blown in the air or how many times you might have to reload for music festival organizers that need confetti in the air multiple times in the course of an event.

This confetti cannon can load up to 0.3 to 0.5 kg of confetti in the air, reducing the number of times you’d have to reload your party confetti cannon.

Wide Voltage Range
With the MK-CN06A led confetti cannon, you wouldn’t have to bother about running low on the power supply. It adopts a wide voltage range that makes it possible to work efficiently in any country worldwide. With a voltage range of 110V to 220V, you get to save both energy and cost that other confetti blowers might force you to expand.

Shoot range
Covering a wide area for larger events is possible with this confetti blower. It is powerful enough to shoot confetti for as high as 5-6m. It is coupled with its confetti capacity, blowing a large amount of confetti in the air, most gloriously and magnificently. Your attendees get to see a fountain of confetti; they won’t be forgetting your event anytime soon.

Now you see why the MK-CN06A led confetti cannon is one of our faves. Trusting the fate of important moments at your event in this confetti blower wouldn’t be the wrong choice to make.

How to care for your confetti cannon?

The manufactures of your confetti cannon can only go as far as assuring you of top quality and durability, but how long your equipment lasts is really up to you. Taking proper care of your confetti cannon is the only way to guaranty its longevity.

One way to go about this is by cleaning your confetti blower. Avoid bathing it with liquids; they only damage the circuit. Giving your confetti blower to highly skilled engineers to carry out a routine check on it is another way to rejuvenate and prolong its life span.

Always try to avoid forceful contact with the floor. Do not drop or cause it to fall, especially from a high top. Also, store in a cool and dry area, and you’re good to go. You wouldn’t have to bother buying another confetti cannon for a long time.

MOKA SFX Stage Equipment Co, Ltd – Why trust us?

There are indeed so many great confetti blowers produced by notable companies, but there’s none like MOKA SFX. Guangzhou MOKA SFX Stage Equipment Co., Ltd holds a high reputation for having the best special effects equipment in the entertainment industry, and the MK-CN06A is just one of their many innovations.

MOKA SFXsure know what your event needs, producing all the best special effects equipment to glorify your occasion. Your guests will not forget your event so quickly. You even stand the chance of being awarded the party of the year.

Not only is MOKA SFX great at producing the best special effects equipment, but also have the best customer service ever. You get your products delivered to you swiftly and a 1-year warranty just in case anything goes wrong. Whenever you need any help, the customer care agent must attend to you 24/7, giving you solutions to all your problems and detailed answers when you make inquiries.

Whenever there is an issue with your purchased product, customer service is there to assist you. In less than an hour, you get a response that will help fix any technical or assembling issues.

You can trust all products manufactured here. MOKA SFX have all the necessary certifications that prove manufactured products are safe to use, reliable, and thoroughly professional—issued with CE EU ROHS and FCC certificates. By the EU standards, products manufactured here are not only safe to be used in the environment, but are also safe for the consumers.

It is no surprise that MOKA SFX have gone so global and are making a promising market trend. Customer satisfaction is its top concern, and that is why MOKA SFX keep delivering the best year in; year out.

Why do you need the MK-CN06A?

The question is, why not? You need the best special effect equipment money can buy, and the MK-CN06A led confetti cannon is always at your service.

Your event needs a positive vibe injector, and the MK-CN06A confetti blower is just the right guy for the job. It is the gift that keeps giving, giving your audience and guests a spirit of good cheer.
Whether you run a night club owner, event organizer, or you work in an event company, the need for the MK-CN06A is that feeling of emptiness you get even after doing a great job.

However, the effect of this confetti blower can be affected by some variables. The event venue, the wind direction, and other weather conditions can affect how confetti soars in the air. Not to worry, its spray height will reduce the effect of the weather, giving your confetti enough time to fly in the air while your guests wait for it to land on their faces.

Make your photo album pop with color when you use this confetti blower to celebrate beautiful moments. With confetti finding its way back to the ground, you get to turn your photographs into a masterpiece. You get to kill two birds with a stone; have a magnificent photo album, and fill the air with positive vibes.


A quality confetti blower like the MK-CN06A is just the right way to make your event perfect. With this confetti blower, you can create long-lasting moments on a budget as it is price-friendly. Having a blast without spending lavishly is possible with the MK-CN06A led confetti blower.

Whenever you get stranded on how to operate your confetti blower, or you need recommendations on what confetti blower best suits your event, you can put a call through the customer service at MOKA SFX. MOKA SFX care for all customers; prospective or existing, it doesn’t matter.

Mastering the art of organizing a perfect event is just one piece of equipment away. The fate of your event is in good hands, as the MOKA SFX company holds their integrity high; you’ll enjoy the thrill of a great party confetti cannon and the comfort of their excellent customer service.

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