MK-CN06A Led Confetti Blower


  • Voltage: AC 110V/220V 60/50Hz
  • Power: 1800W
  • Control Mode: DMX/Remote
  • LED:12pcs x3W
  • DMX Channel: 6
  • Capacity: 0.3-0.5Kg confetti
  • Continuous Output: 20s-30s
  • Spray Height: 5-6m
  • Size: 57 x 33 x 33cm
  • Gross Weight: 9Kg
  • Shipping Weight:15Kg

MK-CN06A Led Confetti Blower


  • DMX 512 control and wireless remote control
  • 3 PIN signal plug

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower is a professional stage confetti machine, this is an upgraded version of MOKA LED confetti blower machine, equipped with a more powerful motor, lights, and higher confetti shoot.

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower has 12 pieces of 3W RGB lights.

When you holding an event or wedding, the colorful lights shining up star-shaped confetti or heart-shaped confetti in the air during machine working.

When you select confetti tissue to work with MK-CN06A LED confetti blower, the confetti which is less than 2x2cm in size is more recommended, as smaller piece confetti makes a better flush effect.

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MK-CN06A Led Confetti Blower: The Definitive Guide

MK-CN06A Led Confetti Blower

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower has both DMX 512 control and wireless remote control for its light color changing and lights running modes options, also spray ON/OFF control.

When you hold a small event but don’t have a professional lighting engineer, you can just use the remote control to the LED confetti blower, with such simple and convenient operation you can save some cost on labor hiring.

MK-CN06A LED Confetti machine

The controllable distance of the remote controller is not over 15 meters.

If you are in a signal interference situation or out of controlling distance, the DMX control method is a better way for more sensitive control.

DMX 512 connector we use is 3 PIN signal plug, DMX 512 signal cable has an effective signal distance of about 200 meters.

MOKA SFX LED Confetti Blower has passed EU CE ROHS certification and the US FCC certification, each machine has 100% QC passed on performance quality test before shipping.

Stage Confetti Effect

Our regular inspection, testing assures your machine a proper product function.

If you just looking for good quality LED Confetti Blower Machine, contact MOKA SFX SALES TEAM at any time.

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