MK-CN06 Wedding Confetti Cannon


  • Voltage: AC 110V/220V 60/50Hz
  • Power: 1500W
  • Control Mode: DMX & Remote
  • LED:12Pcs x 3W
  • DMX Channel: 6
  • Continuous Output: 20s-30s
  • Spray Height: 4-5m
  • Size: 57 x 33 x 33cm
  • Gross Weight: 9Kg

MK-CN06 Wedding Confetti Cannon


  • 3-pin signal connector
  • Runs on DMX channels

With MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon, you will not get bored at party or event, when a shower of confetti streaming down on a crowd or stage.

Now it’s easy for DJs, entertainers, and performers to add this festival effect anywhere in seconds with MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon.

A wirelessly controllable professional confetti launcher, MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon is ideal for weddings, concerts, parties, holiday celebrations and special events of all types.

Unlike other confetti launchers, you don’t need to use CO2 or compressed air, just need to add confetti and plug with power.

MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon can be used safely and easily virtually anywhere.

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MK-CN06 Wedding Confetti Cannon: The Definitive Guide

Stage Confetti Effect

Although lightweight and easy to use, MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon blasts out confetti that can cover an area as large as 540 square feet(50 square meters).

MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon has a throw distance up to 20 feet(6M), and with a powerful 1800W fan behind the confetti cannon.

You can put 0.5KG confetti paper inside, it bursts last as long as 20-30 seconds, filling up events and venues with a thrill.

There has 12X3W RGB 3 in 1 high brightness led with MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon, combined with confetti paper, you could get more visual effects.

MK-CN06 Wedding Confetti Cannon

It has a wireless receiver attached to the machine, you can operate the MK-CN06 wedding confetti cannon under DMX and remote mode.

With its own handheld wireless remote, allowing it to be operated from DJ booth, backstage or any location up to 50 feet(15M) away.

MK-CN06A wedding confetti cannon can also be integrated into your light show via DMX operation.

It features a 3-pin signal connector and runs on DMX channels.

We set MK-CN06A wedding confetti cannon with 6 channels, channel 1: turn on the fan; channel 2: led auto; channel 3/4/5: B/G/R; channel 6: LED strobe.

Wedding Confetti Cannon MK-CN06

MK-CN06 is the first generation, some people like, while other’s don’t.

Compare with the new generation of MK-CN06A wedding confetti cannon, we added one cover on the top of the confetti cannon tube, so when you use MK-CN06A wedding confetti cannon, the confetti will be more concentrate on.

Because of the spray height higher, also the confetti coverage more average.

So if you require further distance, MK-CN06A would be options.

But if you don’t mind the spray distance, MK-CN06 maybe better, since it gives you the wider coverage.

Stage Confetti Effect

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