MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot

MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is a stage professional double-headed confetti launcher which is developed independently by MOKA SFX in 2018.

The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher has a simple overall operation, it uses a confetti cartridge.

First, connect the power cord and the DMX signal cable.

When you place the confetti cartridge and fix it in the confetti launcher barrel, insert the power con of the confetti cartridge into the corresponding power plug, and turn on the power button.

The corresponding indicator will light green to indicate that the confetti cartridge has been successfully powered.

  • Simple overall operation
  • Angle Could be customized
  • Without delayed injection


Spray height:6-12 meters
Voltage:AC110V -220V, 60Hz /50Hz
Max Power:60W
Control:DMX 512/Remote
DMX Channel:4
Confetti Load:Cartridge x 2
Product Size:36x12x22cm
Packing Size (Carton):38x17x24.5cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton, Flycase (extra charge)
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


This machine has a DMX512 and remote control mode.

You only need to trigger the jet button when you select the remote control.

If you choose the DMX512 control mode, you need to connect the DMX signal cable and the console, and then use the console to control it.

The whole operation is very simple and easy to use, so it will become a good helper in your events.

MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher can adjust the angle of the spray barrel, only need to adjust and fix the angle by hand.

The adjustable angle of a single spray barrel is 180 degrees, and the two spray barrels can be in the same direction at the same time, or one front one back in a different angle adjustment.

The desired angle will be customized according to different event requirements so that your MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher can cover a larger area, and you can also concentrate the confetti to spray in a fixed direction.

The motherboard of the device has been improved to follow up, so that the next second will be sprayed when the firing command is sent, avoiding delayed injection and missing the best launch time.

The confetti cartridge is confetti consumable with a high-pressure gas cylinder.

You only need to use a confetti cartridge when you use the MOKA SFX confetti launcher.

You don’t need to connect a CO2 tank like a confetti blaster to more operations and take up more event space or use a fan-confetti blower with a larger volume, which will save more space and reduce noise for your event.


The atmosphere of your event will not be affected by them.

You can choose the length of the 40cm/60cm/80cm salute and the type of confetti cartridge according to the specific activities.

The effect of the release is different.

The longer the confetti cartridge is sprayed higher and more confetti paper.

MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is mainly used for celebrations, such as awards ceremonies/music festivals/product launches/opening ceremonies.

The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher weighs only 3kg and is designed to be small and beautiful.

It can be easily hidden during use, making your stage more beautiful.

Convenient for transportation and save more transportation costs.

Each machine has passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification, MK-CN16 Confetti Launcher is a professional confetti launcher.

At the same time, we have a single-shot confetti launcher, a four-shot confetti launcher, so that you can choose the more suitable equipment according to different events.

Please contact the MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Confetti Machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device in the correct direction, vertical standing / vertical hanging (based on the different machines).
  • If to use indoor, please make sure the height of the room is not lower than 5 meters.
  • Smoking near the machine is prohibited.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humid environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.


1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

Complete Guide for MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot


    ▾ Why should you buy MK-CN03 Electronic Confetti shot?
    ▾ Firing confetti or streamers from the MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot
    ▾ Advantages of MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot – Wedding Electronic Confetti Shot
    ▾ Safety precautions

A Celebration without memorable moments can be very disappointing. Many have ended up with such events because of the wrong choices they made when buying celebration triggers like confetti machines or launchers. As an organization, MOKA-SFX has over the years produced qualitative celebration equipment that does nothing but to impress beyond expectation. The MK-CN03 Confetti shoot is one of our best when it comes to celebrations where real funfair that leaves lasting memories is a priority. It is ideal, simple and anybody can operate it conveniently.

We know for sure that as institutions, when launching new products or when celebrating your end year party or whatever it is that matters to you and your clients, you want to impress. We have produced the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher just to achieve that for you. The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is professionally designed to shoot the confetti or streamers much faster without any delay. With its unique double-headed confetti launcher, the MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot can spray the confetti or streamers simultaneously from both the tubes thereby covering a wider surface area in the atmosphere.

Indeed this is just one of the many high-quality products manufactured by MOKA-SFX to impress and make your institutional events loving, adorable, memorable, and excitingly fun parked. As the producers of excellence, we are not in a hurry to throw products in the market just to make a quick kill. No that is not our style. We only release a product in the market when all due diligence and customer’s approval has been satisfactorily attained.


confetti machine


When we began the journey of manufacturing MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher, we took the time to look at what our competitors had and how they are being received in the market. We spoke with many event organizers across the globe and corporate bodies who are confetti launcher consumers and identified some missing marks. This then formed our desire to be different in our production of this new model of MK-CN03 electronic confetti shot.

We have been very deliberate in recruiting professionals who will subscribe to the needs of our ultimate clients. And to deliver the best our production team responded to your needs in manufacturing this new model of our MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot. Indeed, this is a superior MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher that is very unique and equal to none of all known confetti shoot equipment ever manufactured in recent history.

Since its first production and subsequent release to the market in 2018, MK-CN03 Confetti The launcher has been the darling of all it’s users. We are indeed humbled with the market response to this unique masterpiece of MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher professionally produced by the very best team of experts at MOKA-SFX.

The performance of the MK-CN03 Confetti shoot has been great all-round, triggering gigantic joy leaving a thrilling fun parked audience yearning for more. And to the host of the events, people to whom the event matters the most, MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher has done the magic leaving nothing but a lasting memorable mark in their lives. Therefore, if you are an event organizer and your clients have contracted you to organize for their events, I believe and agree with you that you want to impress.

As the MOKA-SFX production team, we have professionally designed MK-CN03 Confetti shoot, to help you make a name for yourself before your clients. MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is the equipment you need for the job. We guarantee to you that MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher disappointments are eliminated. Instead, you will get more referrals from all over seeking your services as an event organizer to preside over other events. When that happens, the MOKA-SFX products will do the magic for you.

Other than MK-CN03 Confetti shoot, we also have other quality and superior products in our catalogs like MK-CN02, MK-CN01, MK-CN13, and many more. You can make your order through our sales team for all your celebration needs. Our greatest task in everything we do is to satisfy all our client’s needs. We assure you that when you buy any of our products, success will be your portion all through the journey.


confetti machine


Why should you buy MK-CN03 Electronic Confetti shot? 

MK-CN03 electronic confetti shot is a unique confetti blower only available at MOKA-SFX. Made in a serene environment, it comes with a DMX512 and is conveniently operated using remote control mode.

The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is suitable for many celebration events including music festivals, award-winning ceremonies, opening and even closing ceremonies when launching a new product, and many other public parties.

When using the MK-CN03 wedding confetti shot, you will not worry about the weight and size. This equipment is user friendly as it only weighs 3kg. This makes it portable and can be position at any desired venue conveniently.

Because of its size, and weight, it can easily be kept strategically in the event venue leaving a more attractive stage ready to release the surprise to the guest when the remote-controlled button of the MK-CN03 wedding confetti shot is pressed releasing the beauty of color paper confetti or streamers.

Using MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is more convenient and cost-effective due to its small size. Shipment cost becomes affordable as it only weighs 3kg and it is not bulky either.

Because it is a remote control, the operator will only need to press on the jet button to trigger the much-desired effect.

If you take the option of using the DMX512 control mode, the operator will only need to conveniently connect the DMX signal cable with the console. When this is done the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher can also be controlled using the console.

The spray barrel of the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is made in such a way that it is flexible and the angle can easily be adjusted and conveniently fixed using your hands.

The MK-CN03 wedding confetti shot comes with a double and adjustable spray barrel that stands at 180 degrees. Depending on your needs, the two-spray barrel can either be directed to spray its content (confetti or the streamers) in the same direction or both in the opposite direction. The good news is that all these actions can be done simultaneously no matter the choice of direction or the angle of the shoot.

For clients and event organizers looking forward to using the MK-CN03 wedding confetti shot to cover a much bigger circumference in the atmosphere, the operator needs to customize the desired angle according to the needs of each event. When this is done, the confetti can now be shot in a single fixed direction.

The launch of confetti is systematic using the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher. That is because its motherboard has been upgraded to sequentially follow up allowing the next shot or spray at the command of the next firing. This sequential spray is essential as it prevents any delayed injection and possibly skipping the best launch time.


confetti machine


There is absolute maximum use of the event space without any space going to waste. This is because when using MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher, there will be no need of connecting the CO2 tank as the confetti blaster. Because of that omission, space ought to have been taken by the CO2 tank and the fan for the confetti blower will be put in good use for the event.

It is important to note that the confetti cartridge in us is confetti consumable when used together with a high-pressure gas cylinder. Which means you only need to use a confetti cartridge only with our well designed MOKA-SFX Confetti launcher. All these are user friendly and will not in any way have any negative effect on the celebration event air space or atmosphere.

Your choice of the type of confetti cartridge and the length of salute will depend on the nature of your event or party. The salute comes in different lengths of 40cm, 60cm, and 80cm and this means that the expected effect will also vary. Longer confetti cartridges shoot much higher than shorter ones. The consumption of confetti paper also varies with the longer ones feeding in more confetti paper.

Like we had said before, as an organization, MOKA-SFX is a beehive of professionals. We are keen to details when manufacturing all our products. That is why this MK-CN03 Confetti shoot is a unique masterpiece. Having been tested and passed all the international CE, ROHS, and FCC product quality certifications MK-CN03 Confetti shoot is a super fit for your coming event.

Our dedicated team of professionals left no stone unturned when manufacturing this state of the art, MK-CN03 electronic confetti shot. We have done our part to produce the best for all functions. What remains is on your part. The information above will help you make informed decisions. And when that decision is made, our sales team will be waiting to receive your order and arrange for delivery as will be agreed upon.

Nonetheless, if you are planning for a relatively smaller event, MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher, may not be appropriate for you. For such an event, we advise you to settle for our smaller equipment like the MOKA-SFX Single-shot confetti launcher or MOKA-SFX Four-shot confetti launcher.


confetti machine


Firing confetti or streamers from the MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot

This is of great effect. Any wrongdoing will mess up the occasion. MK-CN03 electronic confetti shot is spectacularly made to spice the occasion and to make your guest thrilled and leave a lasting mark in their memory. Therefore you must take careful consideration in ensuring that the act of firing, spraying, shooting, or launching the confetti or streamers is perfect. To do that appropriately. The following are essentials:

Following the guidelines given, you first need to load the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher with confetti or streamers.

How to load. Carefully unpack the confetti or streamers from the wrapping paper and empty the content into the spraying barrel or tube of the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher.

In the event you are mixing both the confetti paper with the streamers, ensure that this is done separately before loading into the mixing tube or barrel.

Carefully open the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher valve for firing after the confetti or streamers is loaded and press the remote control or carefully pull the trigger to jet out the beautiful color confetti paper or the streamers into the atmosphere.

Remember to follow all the safety precautions laid down before pressing the remote control or pulling the trigger.

The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher should be pointed at an angle not lower than 45 degrees and this can be adjusted depending on the expected


confetti machine


Advantages of MK-CN03 Confetti Shoot – Wedding Electronic Confetti Shot

Simplicity and Elegance

MK-CN03 electronic confetti shot is uniquely designed to suit all your celebration needs. It is attractive, simple and anybody can operate.



MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is small in size making it easy to carry. It is portable and can be moved from one venue to the next conveniently.



MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher shoots the confetti paper without delay and the injection is equally timely.


Adjustable Angle

this allows operators of MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher to customize operations according to their individual needs by adjusting the angle of the spray barrel conveniently.


This article is rich in the advantages of MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher. Every description above is essential addressing the goodness of MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher. We have taken our time to get the best into the market and that will only remain our word if you don’t explore the option of buying one this season. We would like to hear from you after using our super superior MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher machine in your event. Place your order now and prove us right.

Meanwhile, let us conclude this description with a few precautionary measures to take when using MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher. Like it is with all products, users need to follow all the guidelines to get the best out of the product. The following are some of the safety guidelines:


confetti machine


Safety precautions

We have already addressed the safety precautions taken in the production of the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher. But when you finally purchase one you will be issued with a user guide. Kindly read carefully and follow all the instructions given to the letter.

Ensure that the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher tube is empty before refilling it with fresh confetti or streamers.

Only screw in the Co2 just moments before using the launcher. When the MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher is in transit, screwing the Co2 can be dangerously lethal.

For efficiency do not mix the confetti or streamers with any wrapping material when refilling.

Keep all high-voltage electric cables and appliances away from MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher.

The MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher must never be pointed directly at people as it has a high missile-like effect which can be dangerous.

Finally, the best (MK-CN03 Confetti Launcher) has been described. You now know. You also have a need and you want to impress and leave a memorable mark. We agree with you that you must get nothing but the best. And if you also agree with us, then you will take the next step in contacting our sales team. We have a robust, kind, and courtesies sales team. They will handle you with dignity no matter the distance. Talk to us and get the work done professionally.

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