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MOKA SFX Confetti Machine can Definitely Make Your Event More Wonderful and Colorful When the Large Amount of Confetti is Sprayed in the Sky.

Stage Confetti Machine

MOKA SFX Confetti Machine is a flight case package, that is easy to transport and disassembly. Our CO2 Paper Blaster Machine could load large quantities of confetti paper, which could meet the requirements of large events.

  • 10 years of Manufacturing Special FX products
  • Got Passed CE FCC and ROSH Certification
  • Warehouses All over World, Fast shipment and production
  • Using PRO USA AIR SYSTEM Professional Venturi system

MOKA SFX Confetti Machine

Co2 Confetti Cannon Machine MK-CN16

DMX Mini Confetti Cannon

confetti machine

1800W Confetti Blower

confetti machine

Confetti Streamer Launcher

confetti machine

DMX Confetti Launcher with 2 Tubes

confetti machine

Electric Confetti Launcher

confetti machine

18M Confetti Blower Venturi Effect

confetti machine

DMX Confetti Machine 15-18M

confetti machine

RGB 3-in-1 LED Wedding Confetti Cannon DMX

confetti machine

1800W 3in1 LED Confetti Blower 6M

confetti machine

180° Adjustable DMX Confetti Streamer Cannon

confetti machine

DMX Swirling Confetti Machine Covers 60㎡

confetti machine

10-13M Mini Confetti Blower (Angle 45°-90°)

confetti machine

8-10M Confetti Gun (Battery Rechargeable)

confetti machine

15-25M Confetti Streamer Cannon DMX/Remote Control

confetti machine

Electric Confetti Blaster Covers 250 ㎡

confetti machine

LED Confetti Cannon (Battery Rechargeable)

MOKA Confetti Machine

MOKA Confetti Machine is used in many large-scale events and parties, such as music festivals, concerts, bars, opening celebrations, wedding celebrations, opening and closing ceremonies for large events, stage performances, etc.

MOKA Confetti Machine is a flight case package, it is easy for transportation and disassembly. MOKA Confetti Machine could load large quantity confetti paper, which could meet the requirements of large events.

MOKA Confetti Machine for sale and rental supports DMX remote control mode and could connect couple units together, save labor cost and it is more convenient to operate.

MOKA Confetti Machine using PRO USA AIR SYSTEM Professional venturi system, don’t have any electric device, can blow 40KG confetti paper into the sky around 20 meters within 20 seconds, which makes the atmosphere of the scene reach a climax; and MOKA Confetti Machine has other best products to meet the different needs of different customers.

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CN05 CO2 confetti cannon

MK-CN05A DMX CO2 Confetti Cannon 2024

  • DMX Control, Remote Control Range 10-15 Meters
  • With 3 Meters High-Pressure Hose
  • Spray up to 15-20m
  • Paper Capacity: 20kg

Finish Projects Showcase

confetti cannon
Chang CUP 2019
confetti cannon
X-treme Live
confetti cannon
TV Show
confetti cannon
Listening Party
confetti cannon
confetti cannon
Sonic Club

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MOKA SFX Confetti FX Machine

MOKA SFX is a professional stage special effects equipment company integrating R&D, production, and sales. With the MOKA confetti machine, we would like to invest to do quality improvement.

MOKA SFX has a complete quality management system. The full range of Confetti Machine products has passed CE, ROHS, and FCC certification.

With product technology as our core competitiveness and customer demand as the market direction, we have provided design and high-quality Moka confetti machines for more than 1,000 bars.

Promote the international development strategy, and establish close cooperative relations with well-known enterprises in Europe, the United States, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Our overseas warehouses make customers’ shopping experience faster and more convenient, and also establish a perfect after-sales service system with MOKA confetti machine blower.

Our technical team provides technical support for the problems and difficulties you encounter during the use of the MOKA confetti machine.

Confetti machine


Your Comprehensive Guide To Confetti Machines


    ▾ Where Are Confetti Machines Used?
    ▾ What Are The Safety Regulations For Using a Confetti Machine?
    ▾ How to Fire a Confetti Machine?
    ▾ How Does a Confetti Cannon Work?
    ▾ How Long Does The Confetti Effect Last?
    ▾ What Height Can a Confetti Machine Reach?
    ▾ Is it Safe to Use Confetti Machines?
    ▾ What Are Some Things to Consider For Choosing The Ideal Confetti Machine?
    ▾ How Do I Know Which Confetti Machine is Best For My Event?
    ▾ Do I Require a Permit For Using Confetti Machines?

What is a celebration without some confetti showering down from the sky?

Modern-day events, be it a wedding or a concert, are almost incomplete without a confetti show. More than a tradition at events, you will witness confetti works in most stage shows these days.

Confetti has become an essential element of any celebration. A part of its popularity also derives from the fact that it creates an atmosphere of entertainment and excitement. This makes it an obvious choice of item in every other event or festivity.

There is a vast range of confetti machines in the market to meet an exponentially growing demand for confetti. These machines come in various sizes and capacities to cater to different requirements. For instance, a confetti gun has an 8-10 meter capacity, while a confetti blaster offers a massive range of 20-25 meters.

This diverse array of confetti machines gives you the freedom to choose the ideal device based on its size, capacity, and price. Besides, confetti machines have a long life and are an excellent investment to fill your future events with colorful memories. They go well with a CO2 machine to make your celebration more thrilling.


Confetti machine


Where Are Confetti Machines Used?

As already mentioned, confetti can add an element of thrill into any event. Many events, both personal and public, use confetti for pumping up the attendants. The various occasions where you can widely use confetti machines are:

  • Concerts

Most music and dance concerts have a confetti show. Confetti along with all the light effects. excite the attendees more during the performance. It creates an aura of exhilaration among the fans. Concerts are full-fledged events that use large-scale launchers, streamers, and machines.

Other than concerts, confetti machines are also used in stage shows. This can include anything from a TV show event or an open-air stage performance.

  • Weddings

Another great use of confetti machines is at weddings. Amid all the fanfare of a wedding celebration, confetti amplifies guests’ enthusiasm and joy. Moreover, majestic confetti effects will create a memorable evening for everyone.

You can deploy many kinds of confetti machines and devices at a wedding. This includes a confetti gun, a blower, a streamer, and a giant cannon. These machines are used for different events and ceremonies involved in a wedding.

  • Parties

Events like New Year’s and Halloween are celebrated worldwide with much pomp. Confetti is a necessary part of these parties. A big public party with lights and LED dance floors would require something like a confetti blower. On the other hand, confetti guns are great for smaller, private parties.

Corporate parties and product launches are also some of the events that use confetti machines. The audience size and area are two main determinants for choosing the best-suited machine.

  • Public Events

You will find some fantastic confetti works at public events like award shows and sports ceremonies. All the major award nights have confetti flying over the audience. Many sporting events, like the Olympics or World Championships, kick off with an elaborate opening ceremony with a magnificent display of confetti, flame lights, and fireworks.

These big events have a full-fledged confetti launcher or blaster covering a massive area for a long duration.


Confetti machine


What Are The Safety Regulations For Using a Confetti Machine?

A confetti machine is built with a high-powered projectile system. It uses enormous pressure to launch the confetti, making it hazardous to use without proper information of usage.

There are certain mandatory precautions you should take while using a confetti launcher:

  • Read all the information given on the machine’s label to know exactly how it works.
  • Make sure that the machine’s tube is empty before you fill it with the confetti or streamers.
  • You must remove any wrapping that the confetti comes in.
  • Do not use a confetti launcher around any high-voltage electrical cables.
  • Ensure that there is no object in a minimum of 50-feet distance from the machine’s launch. These objects mainly include fans, sprinklers, etc.
  • You must screw in Co2 only when you are about to use the launcher. Screwing it while transporting can be fatal.
  • A launcher or machine has a high projectile effect and, therefore, should not aim at any person or object.


Confetti machine


How to Fire a Confetti Machine?

You need to first load the machine. Cut off the sleeve of the confetti wrapper from one end and carefully empty it into the tube or barrel of the concerned confetti machine. In case you wish to mix the streamers with the confetti, you should first load the streamers.

Once you are done with loading, you need to open the valve for firing. Different machines have different triggers to launch the confetti into the air. You should always practice how to pull the trigger in one quick motion before actually firing it. Once you screw the Co2 cylinder, your machine is ready for use.

Before pressing or pulling the trigger, make sure that you are in a safe state and that you follow all the precautions for placement. You should point your cannon or machine at a 45-degree angle or higher, depending on the effect you wish to create. You will feel some recoil after you pull the trigger.


How Does a Confetti Cannon Work?

Confetti machines are powered by compressed nitrogen energy that produces a projectile action when released. A cannon has a metal cylinder filled with compressed nitrogen gas at its bottom. On top of this cylinder, a rubber stopper blocks the gas from escaping.

When you press the trigger, the stopper of this cylinder opens, thereby releasing all the high-powered energy. This energy surges through the machine’s tube and pushes the confetti out of the barrel, creating a blast in the air.

The roar is one of the characteristic features of all confetti machines, irrespective of the size. The smaller handheld guns and streamers do not produce a deafening blast. On the contrary, the more prominent devices like the blaster or the launcher are known to create a resounding boom noise.


How Long Does The Confetti Effect Last?

The length of the confetti show depends on the capacity of the Co2 tank. The bigger the Co2 capacity of the machine, the longer the confetti effect will last.

While a 25 lb Co2 tank creates a 30-second confetti show, a 50 lb tank makes a 90-second confetti effect. A good trick to make the effect last longer is to keep closing the machine’s valve and opening it again after some seconds.

The launcher, blaster, and blower create a more lasting show than a handheld cannon or streamer. These giant machines come with much bigger Co2 tanks to not only shoot a more significant volume of confetti but also to produce a more extended confetti shower of 5-10 minutes. You can supplement a confetti show with some special effects of flames and sparklers.


Confetti machine


What Height Can a Confetti Machine Reach?

Different confetti machines have a varied range of heights that they can cover. A small confetti cannon or handheld gun can go up to 8 meters. A little larger machine like a blower can reach as far as 15 meters. The blasters and launchers carry the largest capacity of Co2 and can cover a vertical distance of 20-25 meters. So, the height of a confetti show depends on the size of the machine and its specified height range.


Is it Safe to Use Confetti Machines?

Confetti machines are safe to use. The only requirement is that you take every precaution mentioned in the instruction label and follow the exact steps. You should hold the confetti device precisely in the prescribed manner and handle it with utmost care. Apart from that, you must ensure that there is no person or object in the way of the launch machine.

There is no danger of any fire since confetti machines are powered by compressed gas. However, you should pay attention to the handling of Co2 tanks to avoid any leakage and further consequences.


What Are Some Things to Consider For Choosing The Ideal Confetti Machine?

Confetti machines come in all shapes and sizes. With this vast range of devices, one is spoilt for choice to pick one best machine. You can end up with a machine that is too big or too small for your event. At the same time, you can waste your money on buying/renting a machine that is not fit for use at your venue.

Before finalizing your choice of a confetti machine, you must evaluate your requirements. These are a few parameters that will help you make the right choice.

  • Scope of the event

You must first decide the scope of your event. This includes an estimation of the expected audience size at the gathering. The number of people involved is an essential determinant for the expanse of the confetti show.

  • Size of the venue

Every confetti machine has specific area requirements for use. If the venue for your event is not large enough for a launcher, then you will end up wasting the money spent on buying one. Therefore, you should have a complete idea of how big or small the venue for the event will be. This will help in making a more appropriate choice of confetti machines.

  • Type of venue

While determining the venue’s size is important, you should also factor in the type of venue that is whether it is an outdoor, semi-open, or indoor space. For an open space like a stadium or an arena, you can use bigger blasters. For a closed or semi-open space, however, you will need to consider how many cannons you can use.

  • Budget

Another crucial consideration for choosing a confetti machine is the budgetary estimate. Based on your spending limits, you can purchase either a single large blaster or place multiple confetti guns or cannons at different points in the venue. The budget is, therefore, an important factor to finalize your purchase.


Confetti machine


How Do I Know Which Confetti Machine is Best For My Event?

There are many different kinds of confetti machines that come with a variety of specifications. Your choice of machine mainly depends on the size of the venue and the scope of the confetti show you wish to have. This list of machines will give you an idea of what to use for specific occasions.

Blowers are meant to create a continual shower of confetti. They come in many sizes that cover different distances. You can find blowers starting from 6-meter coverage height and up to 20 meters. These are good for wedding celebrations or corporate parties where you require a confetti show for a small group of people.

A cannon comes in various sizes, from handheld devices to large-capacity machines. You can use single-barrel cannon for personal celebrations with a limited audience. Double-barrel cannons are more suited for public events that have a larger gathering, like a New Year’s celebration.

This humongous machine covers a height of 20-25 meters. With a confetti shower of 250-meter distance, a confetti blaster is ideal for majestic events like sports ceremonies and grand music concerts.

Similar to blowers, streamers are tube-shaped devices that shower confetti from longer heights. They can reach up to a height of 15 meters. Use this machine for business launch parties or housewarming celebrations.

The name suggests that this is a smaller device in comparison to all the other machines on this list. This is ideal for people who do not want to spend so much time in understanding the mechanics of a large-sized machine. The confetti show does not last as long. One of the popular uses of confetti guns is in photoshoots.

Launchers are beast-sized machines with two and four-barrel variants. These huge machines are deployed mainly in sports ceremonies, like the opening day of the Olympics. You can also use these for creating a majestic wedding ceremony. They create a more long-lasting effect, as well.


Do I Require a Permit For Using Confetti Machines?

No, you do not need a permit to operate a confetti machine. You can either purchase a confetti machine based on your requirements. In case you are hiring a venue, you must confirm with the owners if you can use a confetti machine or not.

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