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What’s The Secret Inside Confetti Machine?

Do you want to add more explosive highlights to your party? Do you want to ignite the atmosphere of the crowd at key moments? The confetti machine would be your best choice! It decorates celebrations and events in a unique and delightful way, making them even more spectacular. But without consumables, the confetti machine cannot burst out colorful paper shreds, and it cannot take the party to the next level! This article will teach you how to obtain the “fuel” in the confetti machine, so that you can have a worry-free party!

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Where Can I Buy Confetti Cartridges?

In your country, you can purchase the corresponding confetti cartridges in local stores, as well as on Amazon or Taobao. If local stores have fewer party items, so it’s advisable to purchase online in advance to ensure timely delivery for your event!

So Many Types Of Cartridges! How To Choose?

For the confetti cannon, the confetti bullets come in sizes of 40cm, 60cm, and 80cm, and the spraying height is determined by the length of the confetti bullet you purchase. For example, the 40cm confetti bullet sprays 6-8 meters, the 60cm sprays 8-10 meters, and the 80cm sprays 10-12 meters.

For the confetti machine, you can use gold, silver PVC sheets or colored paper as consumables, and the specifications of the colored paper should not exceed 5cm.

Attention: The models MK-CN06A and MK-CN06 cannot spray ribbons, these two models need to use colored paper, and the paper should be no larger than 2*2cm. Using smaller colored paper can achieve better effects and create a colorful shower of confetti, allowing your guests to bathe in a colorful display of small colored paper!

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The Way That MOKA Transport

MOKASFX provides various lengths of colored ribbons and colored paper for the ribbon machine. When possible, we highly recommend using colored ribbons as they provide better results and are easier to clean!

For the electronic cartridges of the confetti gun, they contain small gas cylinders, which are flammable and explosive materials. It is prohibited to export them by air, and it is necessary to confirm with the freight forwarder whether they can be exported. Therefore, please inquire with our staff before purchasing the confetti cartridges to determine if they can be purchased here.


  • Celebrations and Festivals: Confetti cannons are a classic element of celebrating various festivals and special occasions. Cheer for the countdown to New Year’s or Christmas!
  • Sporting Events: Confetti machines are often used in the celebratory ceremonies of sports competitions to create an exciting atmosphere for the winning team or champion.
  • Gender Reveals: People choose to announce the gender of their child in various ways. At family gatherings, suspense builds as the baby’s gender is revealed with blue or pink confetti!
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  • Business Events: At product launches, promotional events, or corporate celebrations, confetti machines enhance the festive atmosphere of the events.
  • Corporate Celebrations: In corporate celebrations and annual meetings, confetti cannons are a fantastic way to showcase company success and celebrate achievements. As important announcements are made by the company. Boom! Explosive news!

As we delve deeper into the marvelous world of confetti machines, MOKA sincerely invites you to join this colorful feast, to experience the creativity and vitality within. Let us together master this vibrant art and make the confetti machine an indispensable artist at your next celebration.

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In addition to the colorful confetti machines, MOKA also offers other stage equipment, such as cold spark machines and flame machines. Click to learn more about consumables for other stage effects equipment, such as fire oil or CO2 tank!

If you still have any questions about consumables, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will provide professional answers with our expertise.

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