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Maybe You’re Curious About Fog Machine

Have you ever seen that mysterious fog on Halloween night? Are you curious about these magical effects? Perhaps you are considering purchasing a fog machine, or have even added it to your shopping list, but still have some concerns? Don’t worry, this FAQ will give you the exact answer!

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FAQs: Here Are ALL You Want to Know!

How does the fog machine work?

In general, when the machine is powered on and receives the work instructions, the oil pump starts operating, drawing oil into the heating rod. As the oil heats up, it turns into tiny water molecules and oil molecules, rapidly expanding in volume. During heating, the water in the oil generates a large amount of water vapor, which is trapped in the heating rod. When the machine receives the smoke spraying command, the oil molecules adhere to the water molecules, and the water vapor pushes them toward the smoke nozzle. Due to the pressure difference inside and outside the machine, this allows the emitted smoke to be more rapid and concentrated.

Can the Machine Be Used Both Indoors and Outdoors?

This depends on the product you have purchased. If you have bought a dry ice machine, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, if you have purchased a water-based fog machine, the mist it produces is finer and can be easily dispersed outdoors when there is wind, so we recommend using the mist machine indoors. Based on your needs, purchase the appropriate fog machines.

ARE Fog Machines Dangerous?

Any stage special effects machine carries a certain level of danger. Follow our guidelines to ensure the correct usage of fog machines and minimize the risk. Additionally, the fog emitted by the machine is at a very high temperature, so make sure to keep it away from the human body, flames, and other flammable objects.

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How Can I Control My Machine?

Currently, most of our products feature DMX control and wireless remote control, with a few products that can also be controllable through the machine menu. Specific control methods vary by machine model. Before making a purchase, please consult our staff for the most professional guidance!
Read more about DMX control.

Can I Control the Output of the Haze to Be Timed and Quantified?

Yes, it has an easy-to-read LED function display with built-in timer. The haze output of the machine can be set for timed and measured release via the TIMER button, and the fan speed can also be adjusted through the control panel. Only a small portion of the products have quantitative smoke output.

How Should I Maintain Fog Machine?

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Regularly

When you have finished using the machine and there is still remaining fog machine liquid in the tank, you need to continue operating the machine until the fog liquid is used up. If there is remaining water in the tank, it also needs to be cleaned. If not cleaned for a long time, it will cause scale buildup and pollute the machine.
You can use water and white vinegar in a 1:20 ratio to clean the machine. White vinegar should dissolve impurities in the heating rod or other accessories, while water should be able to rinse off the impurities. Once the cleaning is done, discard the cleaning solution from the fog machine.

  • Maintain ventilation

When the machine is not in use, please clean the fog machine and place it in a well-ventilated area. Avoid exposure to wind and direct sunlight, which can also prolong the machine’s lifespan.

  • Follow all instructions!

Please follow the instruction manual we provide for using the machine to extend its lifespan.

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What’s the Difference Between Fog Machine and Smoke Machine?

The oil pump of the smoke machine has a lower flow rate, so the amount of smoke sprayed is also relatively small, and the fuel consumption is lower.
The fog machine has added an air pump, so the fog machine liquid heating is more thorough, thus the sprayed smoke is also more transparent.

How to Choose? Water-based Fog Machine OR Dry Ice Machine?

It depends on the activity scenario you use.

If it is used for holding a wedding, we recommend using a dry ice machine, which instantly produces a large amount of smoke that will surround the couple, creating a mysterious and beautiful atmosphere. This unique ambiance will give your wedding an unforgettable romantic feeling. And the smoke completely stays on the ground, without drifting upwards. Whether you choose to hold the wedding indoors or outdoors, the dry ice machine can easily handle it.

If it is for theater performances, or for professional performances such as concerts and stage plays, we recommend using a water-based fog machine. Because it can continuously output dense water mist for about 1 hour. This means that throughout the entire performance, you can maintain visual coherence and present a more delicate and dramatic stage atmosphere to the audience. Using a water-based machine indoors in a theater can also avoid the influence of wind outdoors, reducing the visual effect of the smoke drifting upwards.

What Consumables Do Fog Machines Use?

A Fog Machine or Haze Machine usually uses different fog fluids according to the model. Fog fluid can be divided into water-based oil and oil-based fluid. If the oil-based liquid is used indoors for a long time, it’ll cause oil stains in the room. If there is light, it will pollute the light. But it doesn’t need to be heated, it can be used as soon as it is turned on. But for water-based liquid, you don’t need to worry about this. It can be used outdoors and indoors, but it requires heating.
For example, water-based fog machines use water-based fog liquid or low fog liquid. MK-F14 Haze machine uses oil-based haze liquid. For specific fog liquid usage, you can inquire with our staff.

Can I Make the Fog Machine Produce Colored Haze?

No. Impure or low-quality fog oil will shorten the lifespan of the machine. If you don’t use the fog liquid we provide and it causes the machine to malfunction, we will not provide any free replacement parts.

If you want the fog to have color, you can add some lighting products (such as Par lights) to illuminate the fog, which has the same effect!

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Will the Fog Effect Trigger the Smoke Alarm Indoor?

Quite possibly, When the fog becomes too dense, the alarm will detect changes in light. Therefore, the smoke effect may deceive the alarm and trigger a fire alarm. You can ask the venue staff or organizers, or inquire with the local fire department for confirmation.

Amazing Effect From Fog Machine

Apart from being used to enhance the spooky atmosphere on Halloween, fog machines have also become unique and eye-catching devices in various settings.

  1. Stage Performances: Whether it’s a concert, a play, or a dance performance, the fog effect can add drama and mystery to the show. Actors dancing in the mist create a dreamy and mesmerizing scene, making the entire performance more impactful.
  2. Weddings and Celebrations: For those seeking a unique wedding experience, fog machines are also a good choice. As the newlyweds step onto the dance floor, the dense fog creates a dreamy fairytale feeling for their dance. Celebrations, parties, and other events can also use the fog effect to enhance the festive atmosphere.

3. Film and TV Production: In film and TV production, fog machines are an important tool for creating stunning scenes. From fantasy films to thrillers, the fog effect can enhance the atmosphere of the setting and immerse the audience more deeply in the storyline.

4. Theme Parks: Theme parks are another ideal place for fog machines to work their magic. As night falls, the dreamlike atmosphere created by the fog can provide visitors with an entirely new experience. Specially designed fog effects make attractions and scenic spots appear more mysterious at night.

Read more about using low fog dry ice machine on your wedding to create the most romantic moment!

Meanwhile, you can also combine other stage special effects products to make the whole atmosphere more in line with your ideas. If the fog machine you purchased from MOKA SFX does not work or match your ideal effects, please contact our after-sales person or refer to this article on common troubles of fog machines!
For more information about stage special effect machines, MOKA SFX will provide a full year of quality assurance for the products you purchase!

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