The cold spark machine is MOKA SFX’s best-selling machine, selling nearly 10,000 units all over the world every year, and has been widely favored by people in the industry.

MK-E18 Spin Cold Spark

  • Rotating double nozzle Spray
  • Remote & DMX control mode
  • 1300W power

MK-E11 Classic Cold Spark

  • Vertical spray
  • 750W power
  • Dumping automatic stop

MK-E15 Mini Cold Spark

  • Mini size Portable
  • 650W power
  • Dumping automatic stop

MK-E12 Cold Spark Fountain

  • Spark waterfall effect
  • Hanging function
  • Remote & DMX control mode

MK-E16 Moving Head Cold Spark

  • Multi-angle spray
  • 750W power
  • Spray distance 1-5 meters

MK-E17 Horizontal Spray Cold Spark

  • Horizontal spray
  • 650W power
  • Spray distance 1-5 meters

MK-E19 Mobile Charger Base

  • Portable power supply
  • Max-output power 900W
  • Charging time 5-7 hours

Why everyone chooses MOKA SFX Cold Spark Machine ?

  • Easy to operate, no card activation required
  • Affordable price, stable performance, the most cost-effective
  • North America and Europe warehouse stock, fast delivery
  • High-quality and timely after-sales service

A Complete Guide for Cold Spark Machine

A cold spark machine, also known as a cold spark fountain or cold sparkler, is a special effects device used in entertainment and events to create a dazzling display of sparks without the use of traditional pyrotechnic materials or open flames. It is a relatively new technology that has gained popularity as a safer alternative to traditional pyrotechnics.

Unlike traditional pyrotechnics that use explosive materials, a cold spark machine utilizes a combination of granulated metals and an electric current to create a stunning visual effect. The machine consists of a control unit, a power source, and a chamber containing the granulated metal particles.

Why do cold spark machines produce visually stunning spark displays? Here’s a general overview of how it works:

Granular Metal: A cold spark machine contains a chamber filled with granular metal such as titanium. These metals were chosen for their ability to burn at low temperatures.

Current: The machine is connected to the mains and controlled by the control unit. It can be a DMX controller, or the remote control that comes with the machine. When activated, current is passed through the chamber.

Heating particles: the bearing inside the machine conveys the powder to the heating chamber, and the electric current passing through the chamber rapidly heats the granular metal

Combustion and spark generation: The temperature detector inside the machine can detect whether the metal powder is heated to the set temperature, usually heated to 500 degrees Celsius, the green light on the display panel of the machine is on, indicating that the heating is complete, and you can operate the jet spark . At this time, the blower under the heating chamber will be started, and the blower will blow the heated powder out of the heating chamber, and the heated metal particles will be oxidized rapidly in the air and release energy in the form of bright sparks.

Spark Dispensal: Sparks from the combustion process are dispersed in the air, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

As a firework machine that can be used indoors, the biggest feature of the cold spark machine is safety

First of all, the temperature of the sparks it emits is only 40-50 degrees, it will not burn the surrounding items, and it can even be touched by hand, so it is harmless to the surrounding environment and people. A fire permit is not required.

Second: Although the cold spark machine will not produce harmful fumes or gases during use, it is recommended to have proper ventilation in the indoor space to prevent the accumulation of fumes or any minor emissions that may occur during operation.

Thirdly, usually there will be some confusion at the event site and the machine will be knocked over, but there is no need to worry about accidents caused by the machine toppling when using the MOKA SFX cold spark machine. The MOKA SFX cold spark machine has an anti-dumping device, which means that even if the machine is knocked down during work, the machine will automatically stop working immediately to prevent the sparks from spraying on the immature skin of the surrounding children.

Forth,will the cold spark set off the smoke alarm when used indoors?

There are very few chances of the cold spark machine setting off fire alarms or fire sprinklers. Most of the new models come with minimum smoke discharge. This means your cold spark machine indoors will emit smoke in less quantity, which will not trigger the fire alarm in any way or form.

In summary, cold spark machines are generally considered a safer alternative to traditional pyrotechnics. They produce cold sparks, produce no hazardous substances, and present minimal risk of burns or injuries. However, it is important to put safety first, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and comply with any applicable regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.

MOKA SFX currently has 6 models of cold spark machines, and the spraying angle of each style is different.

For example, MK-E11 and MK-E15 are both upward spraying, and the appearance is basically the same, but MK-E15 is smaller and lighter. , the ejected sparks are a little smaller than the MK-E11’s spark bundle, but the height is basically the same. Therefore, MK-E15 is more suitable for small events that often need to remove the devices. MK-E11 is a classic style with more stable performance and full bouquets, suitable for larger events.

The fountain of the MK-E12 cold spark machine is sprayed from top to bottom. It is suitable for multiple machines to be arranged above the stage together, presenting the effect of spark waterfalls, which is very exciting.

MK-E16 Moving head cold spark machine can be adjusted 540 degrees on the X axis and 120 degrees on the Y axis. This is the only cold spark machine that can adjust the spray angle,suitable for scenes with special requirements for angles.

MK-E17 horizontal spray cold spark machine, as the name suggests, can spray sparks in the horizontal direction, the angle can be adjusted in a small range by the bracket to about 45 degrees obliquely above. some customers may ask, can I use MK-E11 vertical spray cold spark machine or MK-E12 cold spark fountain instead of horizontal spray Machine ? the answer is no, because each cold spark machine needs to be placed at a specified angle, otherwise the anti-dumping device will be triggered and the machine will be stopped if the angle is wrong, or the machine will be damaged due to powder backflow and material jam.

MK-E18 spin double spray cold spark machine is the most high-end model. It has two spray ports and the body can be rotated. The sprayed sparks show a spiral effect, and the effect is very amazing. Of course, because this machine has two injection ports, it needs more powder and the price is higher, but the effect is exciting and very suitable for high-end event sites.

In addition, it is inconvenient for some customers to connect to the power supply at the event site and need a mobile power supply. Then we have the MK-E19 movable power supply base. The maximum output power of this charger base is 900W, so it is only suitable for MK-E11 750W and MK-E15 650W. It is worth noting that the MK-E18 with a power of 1300W cannot use this mobile power supply. 

  1. The difference between indoor and outdoor powder, the particles of indoor powder are smaller, the spraying height is 1.0-3.5 meters (with an error of 0.5 meters), and there are few light spots falling to the ground when spraying. The particles of the outdoor powder are relatively large, and the spray height is 2.0-5.0 meters (with an error of 0.5 meters), and the sprayed light spots fall to the ground a little more than the indoor powder.
  2. Selection of consumables: From the perspective of powder types on the market, please try to choose the corresponding consumables from our factory, so as not to affect the use of the machine; (because you choose other unqualified consumables that cause damage to the machine, you will not enjoy warranty service) Please choose different types of corresponding consumables according to the place of use. 
  3. Storage of consumables: Consumables should be stored in a dry and sealed environment to prevent moisture. (Damp consumables and consumables with sundries must not be added)
  4. Adding consumables: If you find that the spray is less, please turn off the machine and observe whether there are consumables in the barrel, and add them
  5. How much powder can be placed in the machine at a time? you can put 200g/bag in the machine at a time, can be working 15-20mins.

1)Please do not spray continuously for more than 30 seconds, as it can cause a rapid increase in internal temperature and result in permanent damage. After a long continuous spraying session, it is advisable to take a short break before proceeding with the next spraying session.

2)The cold spark machine will automatically shut off after spraying continuously for more than 30 seconds. If you wish to continue, you can trigger the spraying function again.

3)It is only permissible to connect a maximum of 6 standard cold spark machines in series to a single power source. Connecting too many machines in series can lead to damage or fire hazards.

4)Clean up the residual powder: Please pour out the remaining material in the barrel after use. There is a cleaning hole at the bottom of the machine. After a long time of use, shake the machine to pour out the residual impurities inside. Then press the cleaning button to completely remove the remaining powder in the machine. If the material is not cleared after use, the remaining powder will be in the bearing for a long time, which will cause the machine to jam and cannot be used next time.

5)Do not cut off the power immediately after spraying, turn off the heating, and let the cooling fan draw out the hot air inside the machine when the power is turned on, otherwise the internal heat will be quickly transferred to the surface of the casing.

6)Make sure the device is turned off before filling.

7) If the consumable is accidentally ignited, please use sand to extinguish it, do not use water.

8)The warranty period is one year. If the machine breaks down, please take an operation video to clearly show the numbers on the display panel, so that we can judge the cause of the failure through the video. We will send you the parts that need to be replaced, and then send a video to show you how to replace the parts. After the replacement is completed, the machine can work normally.

After reading all above this, do you think you should own a MOKA SFX cold spark machine immediately, then send your inquiry quickly? Leave your contact information and requirements, and we will contact you within 12 hours. You can get the machine within 3 days at the fastest.