MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine


  • Voltage: AC 110/220V 60/50Hz
  • Power: 30W
  • Control mode: DMX512
  • Package Size: 33 x 21 x 21.5cm
  • Net Weight: 3.7Kg
  • Gross weight: 4.5Kg

MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine


  • With DMX512 Control
  • With Strong Clamp
  • Maximum Weight for hanging can reach 5KG

Before a product launch or opening of a show, the product on display or the leading actor behind the screen is the most expectation of the audience, while what is the most important for the event planner, is the factor for making it more mysterious, surprised and excited.

MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine just an indispensable kit to accomplish this mission for many product launches and live performances.

MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine is also called Kabuki Drop, it is a device to creates an unexpected and sudden reveal.

It uses curtain and makes it drop to the floor, so the hidden elements can be suddenly exposed to the audience and make the audience focus.

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MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine: The Definitive Guide

Power Drop Machine MK-PD01

MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine is constructed with a hook for suspending curtains.

When using it, the hook will shake for 3 seconds then curtain drop from vibration.

The MK-PD01 Power Drop has an automatic power-off protection function, the hook of the machine keeps shaking for 3 seconds when power connected, it will automatically stop to avoid damage and will work again reconnect power in.

This action can be controlled by DMX512 with the connection of DMX signal cable with your DMX console, set up the code well through machine dial decoder to DMX controller, push machine button to “DMX” position, then power on and control it with your DMX controller.

Power Drop Machine MK-PD01

Or you can control it through electric control mode directly by pushing the button to the “POWER” position after all is set up well.

Normally people use multiple units linking for an opening, a set of machine amount is subject to the scale of your stage, MOKA team will offer advice to you if you have no idea about how many quantities of Power Drop is right to events.

What do you need to create for power drop when setting up stage?

The first thing is to build overhead rigging above your stage, so you can attach the MK-PD01 Power Drop Machines.

It is equipped with a strong clamp for hanging on truss and you can fix each unit well in the desired position, you can create a circular or a line power drop effect.

MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine

Next is to use a barrier that can drop, such as a curtain or cloth material, which is not over than 5kg in weight, since MK-P01 Power Drop Machine would not work properly if overload.

Wanna create focus and generate excitement for your audience on your shows?

MOKA MK-PD01 Power Drop Machine is just a perfect option to help you out.

It meets demand in AV equipment and any event services.

We also have professional stage lights, such as moving head lights, par lights, and led dance floor to make the stage complete, so everything can be achieved at MOKA SFX.

If you are in this field and just need help in stage design, take action to contact us MOKA SFX!

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