MK-E23 10M Cold Spark Machine

Are you looking for a cool outdoor spark show? The MK-E23 10m cold spark machine is your right choice. It sends sparks flying up to a whopping 4-10 meters high, and that’s seriously impressive! It’s super easy to use with a DMX console for fine-tuning. Want those sparks to go even higher? Just push the DMX channel.

MK-E23 cold sparkler has double DMX ports, so you can connect it easily to other equipment for some awesome effects. You can even program your own unique spark patterns using DMX.

MK-E23 cold sparkler machine is ideal for outdoor events and big shows like sports event openings, amusement parks, theme parks, etc.

  • Sparks up to 4-10m
  • Use titanium powder as fuel, smokeless and odorless
  • Each powder packs 200g, lasting 5-6 mins
  • Safe to touch, spark temp is 40°C
  • Self-cleaning mode for easy cleanup
  • Precise DMX control with programming support


Spark Height4-10M (Up Straight)
VoltageAC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Spark SourceCold Spark Specific Powder
ControlDMX for 2 Channels
Product Size46×37x30cm
Packing OptionNormal CartonFlight Case
Packing Size55×46×38.5cm48×45x58cm
ComponentPower Cord, DMX Cable, Hex Key
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MK-E23 Cold Spark Machine, weighing 23kg. It shoots cold sparks vertically up to 4-10m high using special titanium powder in 200g golden bags. With a 550g capacity, it can spray non-stop for 5-6 minutes.

The sparks are safe to touch at just 40℃, and there’s no smoke or odors during operation.
This Cold Spark Machine preheats quickly, ready in minutes thanks to electromagnetic heating. It’s equipped with cooling fans for heat dissipation and has a 4-color indicator light (red, blue, yellow, green) for easy monitoring.

It also supports DMX connection for custom display effects, including flame height (from F1 to F5) through DMX programming. For outdoor use, it has a safety ring at the back for secure anchoring.


When you want to blow the highlight to your outdoor events, the MK-E23 Cold Spark Machine is a must-have for you. It creates an unparalleled atmosphere at carnivals, festivals, EDM music events, and sports competitions.

The MK-E23 cold spark machine has an anti-tilt sensor that triggers the braking system when the machine becomes unstable. Operating it is easy—You just pour the powder, close the lid, and go.

For even more dazzling outdoor events, pair it with our MK-CN16 Mini DMX Co2 Confetti Cannon for stunning visual effects.

You can choose to pack it in a flight case or a carton box, and we offer a free 1-year warranty. If you’re interested in purchasing the Cold Spark Machine, contact us now for more details!

  • Turn off before adding the powder.
  • Away from flammables like fur, chiffon, etc.
  • Avoid damp areas; it’s not waterproof.
  • Don’t mix up the powder hole! Clean after use.
  • Keep a 5m from people, especially kids.
  • Check with MOKA SFX for circuit usage restrictions.
  • If powder ignites accidentally, use sand, not water.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
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4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MK-E23 10m Cold Spark Machine: Don’t Miss This Top Outdoor Prop!

    ▾ What’s the MK-E23 10M Cold Spark Machine All About?
    ▾ Why is the 10M Cold Spark Machine the Ultimate Outdoor Stage Effect Device?
    ▾ Where Can You Use the MK-E23 10M Cold Sparkler Machine?
    ▾ How to Operate the 10-Meter Cold Spark Machine
    ▾ How to Maintain Your MK-E23 Cold Spark Machine for Optimal Performance
    ▾ Are There Different Sizes of Cold Spark Machines to Choose From?
    ▾ Quick Delivery, Global Reach – Request Your Quote Now!
Looking to add some serious wow factor to your outdoor gatherings? Whether you’re celebrating, performing, or hosting special occasions, cold spark machines have become the go-to choice for creating mind-blowing visual effects. But here’s the thing: traditional fireworks and some old-school spark machines still rely on fireworks powder. That means explosions and sometimes, well, not-so-great smells and smoke.

That’s where the MK-E23 10m cold spark machine steps in! It ditches the fireworks powder drama and uses fancy electromagnetic heating tech with titanium powder. You can easily create stunning spark effects without all the hassle and safety concerns. Let’s go into what makes this product so fantastic.

Stage Effect-cold spark

What’s the MK-E23 10M Cold Spark Machine All About?

So, you might be wondering, what’s the deal with the MK-E23 10M cold sparkler machine? Well, it’s all about creating a spectacular cold firework fountain effect that can rival the grandeur of traditional fireworks, but with a modern twist.

Here’s the magic: This good boy uses electromagnetic heating technology. It has these internal heating coils that conduct electricity and generate a powerful magnetic field. This field transforms electrical energy into heat energy, and see! You get those mesmerizing cold sparks without any internal ignition. This heating method slashes the possibility of a fire breaking out to a solid “0”!

But that’s not all. MK-E23 cold spark fountain machine uses a special titanium powder as its fuel source. No nasty smells, no harmful chemicals, and it cuts down on smoke production by a whopping 95%! Unlike traditional fireworks, this cold spark machine eliminates the need for gunpowder. That means you won’t have to worry about customs giving you a hard time when you decide to purchase one. And the flames it produces? They’re not real flames at all. The sparks it sprays out are just warm to the touch, hovering around 40-50°C. It’s so safe that you can even touch it with your bare hands. Of course, for safety’s sake, it’s wise to keep a safe distance and steer clear of anything flammable, like delicate chiffon or fuzzy fur.

It’s these very features that have made the MK-E23 10M cold spark machine a true crowd-pleaser, especially in those grand, open venues. It has a knack for stealing the spotlight at outdoor product launches, electrifying concerts, igniting excitement at sports arenas, and infusing a carnival aura wherever it goes. When you take it into your stage performances or events, get ready to treat your audience to a mesmerizing display of dazzling sparks and breathtaking fireworks effects.

cold spark effect

Why Is the 10M Cold Spark Machine the Ultimate Outdoor Stage Effect Device?

10-Meter High Sparks

MK-E23 10M cold spark machine sparks up to an impressive 4-10m high, roughly a three-story building. With 1700W power output and the help of its blower, this machine gracefully propels the powder into the air, creating a wonderful spark show thanks to electromagnetic heating.

And don’t forget the secret – our special and eco-friendly Super Powder. You can spot it by its sleek gold packaging, with each pack holding 200g. The powder we use in our cold sparkler machines comes in special air-tight packaging. Sucking out all the air like that reduces rubbing between the particles so there’s less chance of an explosion happening. We strongly suggest getting your supplies from MOKA because, well, using other powders might not only give you lackluster results but could also put your machine at risk. (Keep the powder dry to get that awesome cold spark effect going)

powder, Cold Spark Machine Powder, Machine powder

MK-E23 cold sparkler machine can filled with 550g total. Based on our tests, it consumes a mere 70g per minute. So, if you want to use up the entire 550g fuel supply, you can enjoy a continuous show for 5-6 minutes. That’s fantastic news for your performances because you won’t have to constantly add more powder. If you’re an event organizer, the MK-E23 cold spark machine changes the rules, compared to one-off fireworks, significantly reducing your overall expenses.

By default, MK-E23 has a 15-second duration for each spark spray. Why, you ask? It’s a safeguard to prevent a rapid increase in internal temperature that could potentially lead to permanent damage to the equipment. Now, if you need to keep the sparks flowing, simply trigger the spray again. Here’s a heads up, make sure not to run it continuously for more than 1 minute at a time to keep everything running smoothly.

Ready to Brave Light Rain

When you’re hosting outdoor events or putting on a show, you need something that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. MK-E23 cold spark machine has got a tough aluminum housing that doesn’t just brush off corrosion but laughs in the face of scratches.

And here’s the cool part – it’s rocking an IP65 rating, which means it’s all good to go even when there’s a light drizzle. Imagine this scene: The bride, and the groom, strolling hand in hand through a gentle rain of glorious sparks. It’s like a fairy tale, right? The sparkles set the mood, blending perfectly with the entrance music, making the moment even more magical.

Oh, and there’s this handy safety ring right on the machine’s case. It’s your sidekick for keeping things locked in place, so you can say goodbye to any concerns about unexpected shifts. If you’re thinking of making your 10m cold spark machine a permanent fixture in one spot, no problem. Just grab some ropes and tie them down securely.

Stage Effect-cold spark effect

Total Fine Spark Control with DMX

You can get that spark height just right with the MK-E23 cold sparkler. You can tune it from F1 to F5 to fit your vibe. With the trusty DMX console and a quick signal hookup, you’re in charge of all the settings, making it super easy to dial in the perfect spark height. It’s like fine-tuning your favorite playlist, but for sparks! And the most important? No need for those annoying activation cards – it’s all ready to roll.

But here’s where it gets even more amazing. When you team up the MK-E23 cold spark machine with other stage effect machines, like a dry ice machine, it’s like they’re in sync, creating a vibe that’s absolutely tuneful. Double DMX signal ports are designed especially for easy cascade connection between devices. (Note that circuit cascading between individual MK-E23 is not allowed.)

Multiple Safety Measures

MK-E23 10M Cold Spark Machine takes your safety seriously, and we’ve got some cool tricks up our sleeve to ensure everything goes well.

First off, the MK-E23 cold sparkler has an internal cooling fan that keeps the machine running stably. Combine that with the clever design of heat-dissipating holes, and you’ve got a setup that’s got your back, preventing any overheating mishaps.

You know, when you’re hosting an epic event and don’t want any hiccups, MK-E23’s fuses are your supporter. If by some chance there’s an overload in the internal components, fuses will cut off the power, putting the brakes on the machine’s operation. And speaking of brakes, our DMX controller has a cool emergency stop feature. If you ever need to pause on the cold spark show, just slide that channel value between 11 and 220 – it’s super responsive, no delays. So, you can handle any unexpected timing like a pro.

MK-E23 cold spark machine also comes with an LCD screen and 4-color indicator lights to keep you in the loop about what’s going on with the machine: (For all the nitty-gritty details, don’t forget to check out the manual!)

  • Red: It’s heating up, and you can see the temperature on the screen as it rises.
    • No worries about overheating, the sensitive temp-sensor stops heating when it reaches most top, and when the temp dips into the lower range, it kicks back into heating, lighting up that red light.
  • Yellow: If there’s an issue, you’ll get an error code displayed.
  • Blue: Keep an eye on the DMX connection.
  • Green: When it’s ready to roll (default at 600°C), that green light tells you it’s time to go.

Moreover, MK-E23 has an auto brake system that can stop on a dime, even when it’s cranking at full blast. This feature kicks in under those conditions (you’ll spot that yellow light):

  • Anti-tip: If it senses any tipping or tilting, the machine automatically hits the brakes and displays “E6” on the LCD screen. Just level it out and power up again.
  • Overheating or power hiccups during heating.
  • Sensor glitches.
  • Blower acting up (either overcurrent or no current).

Getting the 10M cold spark machine ready is as easy as pie. Just follow these steps: Pour your powder into the powder hole (don’t pour in the spray hole), put the lid on, and let it heat up. Once it’s on standby, you are free to adjust the spark height and effects to your liking. Here’s a little tip for you: If you notice the spark fountain isn’t looking its best after a few rounds, give the machine a gentle shake to evenly distribute the powder inside. It’s a simple move, but it does really step up the show.

One last thing to keep in mind: While the sparks from the MK-E23 Cold Spark Machine are harmless, there might be some residual dust (due to the Super Powder’s high ignition point that didn’t fully burn) after the performance. So, remind your guests, especially kids, to maintain a safe distance of at least 5m to avoid any sneezes or eye irritation.

Where Can You Use the MK-E23 10M Cold Sparkler Machine?


Sports Event Openings

MK-E23 cold spark machine is a fantastic choice for sports event openings. Imagine 10-meter sparks shooting into the air within massive stadiums. When the athletes enter, these dazzling cold sparks will ignite the crowds, creating an exciting moment for the games.

Outdoor/Open-air Venues

Whether it’s a summer carnival, a market, or a city’s festive celebration, this 10m cold sparkler machine adds a unique charm to your outdoor events. Its safety and eco-friendly features make it the ideal choice for outdoor settings. No worries about gunpowder or smoke – you can fully enjoy the festive.

Large-Scale Performances

Imagine yourself being at a colossal concert, a thrilling stage play, or a vibrant music festival. The MK-E23 cold spark machine adds its magic to the live. Placed at the stage’s edge, its precise DMX control syncs the spark heights and timings with the performance. As you watch, you’ll be captivated, feeling the enchanting fusion of music and cold sparks. It turns these events into unforgettable spectacles.

When considering the MK-E23 cold spark machine for your shows, consider teaming it up with a CO2 cannon machine placed strategically. The cold sparks’ spectacular effects complement the unique atmosphere generated by the CO2 jet machine, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and injecting more vibrancy into your large-scale performance.

How to Operate the 10-Meter Cold Spark Machine

Coordinated Control with Series Units

In the past, creating a jaw-dropping fireworks show required loads of fireworks and complex setups. But now, with the MK-E23 10-meter cold spark machine, it’s too easy.

MK-E23 is equipped with DMX double ports (DMX in and out), featuring both 3Pins and 5Pins cable connectors. You can easily manage your cold spark display using a DMX console. If you’re planning a big performance, using several of these machines is a smart move. They can be daisy-chained with DMX signal cables, so you can control them all at once. Whether you want to tweak each machine separately or create a synchronized show, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

DMX also lets you get creative by customizing your performance. For example, you can program “chasing effects” between multiple machines, making sparks shoot out one by one from left to right or making a dazzling alternate. MK-E23 doesn’t just cut down on labor expenses, it also frees up your precious time.

With the MK-E23 10m cold sparkler machine, you can control various aspects like heating, starting/stopping, and spray height (F1-F5). Whether it’s a small gathering or a big event, the MK-E23 will enhance your fireworks display, giving it a boost of energy.

How to Maintain Your MK-E23 Cold Spark Machine for Optimal Performance

Maintaining the MK-E23 cold spark machine is a piece of cake. You won’t have to struggle with disassembling or waiting until your event is over to clean it up. We’ve designed a handy “CLE” (clear powder) feature. Just slide the DMX channel to the value between 221-239, and the machine will automatically clear out any remaining powder inside.

Cleaning the outside is simple, too. A soft cloth or sponge will easily wipe away any dust.

When talking about tidying up the spot, a vacuum cleaner is enough. Although the cold sparks may leave a bit of black powder residue after they’re done, don’t worry, it’s harmless and won’t stick to anything. A broom or a vacuum cleaner will quickly get your space ready for the next exciting event.

We’ve even added an observation hole at the back of the MK-E23, so you can check the internal chain’s status at any time. If you happen to run into any issues like it is jammed, you can use the Hex Key we provide to fix it. Don’t forget to turn off the power first. Our MK-E23 cold spark machine makes maintenance so relaxed, so you can focus on delivering stunning shows without the complex upkeep.

Are There Different Sizes of Cold Spark Machines to Choose From?

If you’re looking for a cold spark machine that better suits your specific needs, we’ve got you covered. This chart breaks down important factors like power, rotation capabilities, spray height, control methods, models, and more, so you can quickly grasp the distinctions between them. You can also check out videos about different cold spark machines to get a better idea.

how to choose a proper cold spark machine

Whether you’re planning a big music concert, a lively carnival, or a unique private party, we’ve got a cold spark machine that can add that special visual flair to your event. If you need more info or personalized advice, our expert team is here and ready to provide the support you need.

Quick Delivery, Global Reach – Request Your Quote Now!

We’ve got you covered with warehouses all around the world, from Europe, including Spain, Germany, Italy, and many more countries, to the United States, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. Your order can be at your doorstep in just 3-5 business days. Contact us right now to request a quote for the MK-E23 10m cold spark machine. Don’t miss out on the chance to the unique spark – act today!

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