MK-E22 6M Cold Spark Machine

Fireworks are an absolute holiday must-have. But the cold spark machine is the real star, whether you’re celebrating indoors or outdoors, it steals the spotlight at events like parties, weddings, grand openings, and concerts.

Despite its compact size, the MK-E22 cold spark machine packs a powerful punch. With just a gentle press, it shoots dazzling yellow sparks up to 6 meters high, creating a fireworks fountain effect that’s straight out of a stage production.

What really makes it stand out are its advanced wireless controls and DMX connections, which give you nearly 10 amazing visual effects. It’s eco-friendly and safe, addressing the concerns often associated with traditional fireworks. This top-notch cold spark firework machine definitely makes your celebration unforgettable and extra special.

  • Shoots sparks up to 6 meters high
  • Easy control with DMX and wireless remote for different effects
  • 200g powder pack lasts 8-9 minutes
  • Safe to touch, max temperature of 40°C
  • Smart self-cleaning mode


Spark Height:3-6 Meters
Angle:Up Straight
Voltage:AC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Max Power:900W
Spark Source:Cold Spark Powder (2 types, optional)
Control:DMX/ Remote
DMX Channel:2
Product Size:22x250x31cm
Packing Size (Carton):30.5×30.5x38cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord, Remote controller
Packing Option:Normal Carton
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MOKA’s MK-E22 6M Cold Spark Machine is just 7.8 kg, making it portable. It shoots cold sparks vertically using eco-friendly titanium composite powder, lasting 8-9 minutes each 200g.

MOKA offers two powder types for different projection distances: 2-4 meters for indoors and 3-6 meters for outdoors. Keep them dry. You can briefly touch the sparks without any harm. Plus, it’s smokeless and has no odor.

The cold spark fountain machine warms up super fast, thanks to its electromagnetic heating trick. Stand by in just 3 minutes. To keep it cool, this machine has a cooling fan. Plus, it has got 4 indicator lights (red, blue, yellow, green) that tell you exactly what it’s up to.

You can control it using a fancy DMX setup or go with a wireless remote.
With DMX, you get to play or customize the show by programming – adjust the flame height from ‘F1’ to ‘F10,’ and much more. The remote control works up to 30m away with a powerful 2.4G signal. It’s got up to 10 pre-made spark shows. And super easy to use, letting you handle up to 15 machines at once.


Nowadays, cold spark machines are all the rage at various stage performances, helping to elevate the show to its peak. This machine is your go-to for all sorts of occasions, whether it’s indoor or outdoor events, bars, concerts, weddings, you name it.

Safety is the top concern when using it indoors. MK-E22 makes indoor safe cold spark effects easily. It has a nifty anti-tip mechanism that stops the sparks if it senses an uneven surface. Operating it is a breeze – Just pour the powder in, close the rubber plug, and you’re good to go.

For those who want something extra special, pairing this cold spark machine with a dry ice machine can create a mesmerizing venue, especially at weddings.

But if you prefer the real deal with flames, MOKA SFX also offers a variety of flame machines for your performances – single, double, triple-headed, and even handheld styles, catering to different performance needs.

You’ve got two packaging options, either a flight case or a cardboard box. If you’re looking for a cold spark machine for sale, don’t hesitate – send an inquiry now!

  • Add metal powder before the machine is on.
  • Keep it away from flammable materials like fabric.
  • Avoid using it in damp areas; it’s not waterproof.
  • Always clean it after every use.
  • Maintain a safe distance of 4-5 feet from people.

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1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MK-E22 Cold Spark Machine: Lighting Up Your Special Moments

    ▾ Chance and Challenges of Cold Spark
    ▾ MK-E22 6M Cold Spark Machine: Your Safer Choice
    ▾ MOKA SFX’s Best Cold Spark Machine – Unique Design
    ▾ Everyday Uses of the MK-E22 Spark Machine
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Chance and Challenges of Cold Spark

Fireworks have always been the star of the show when it comes to celebrating special moments in the night sky. But, traditional fireworks, with all their brilliant displays, bring along a set of challenges. There are safety concerns, regional regulations, and the frequent need for replacements, as it uses things like gunpowder.

Enter the MK-E22 Cold Spark Machine. It’s here to overcome those challenges and create a spectacular sparkly display in a way that’s safer and more environmentally friendly – no gunpowder required. You can use it indoors or outdoors, adding a touch of dazzle to your celebrations and events. So, what makes the MK-E22 Cold Spark Machine stand out? Let’s look at its unique features and the mesmerizing visual treat it offers.

MK-E22 6M Cold Spark Machine: Your Safer Choice

The MK-E22 6M Cold Spark Machine uses some pretty fancy tech to create the cold firework fountain effect. When it lights up during stage events or performances, you get a clear view of bright sparks and fireworks. It’s safer and less restricted by the law compared to traditional cold fireworks with gunpowder. You can use it in more situations without a hitch. You might be wondering how it pulls off these cold sparks. Well, MOKA SFX mixes physics and electromagnetism to make it happen. The MK-E22 converts electrical energy into heat and uses an internal heating coil to create a powerful magnetic field with alternating current. This makes the cold spark effect without any internal ignition.

This clever heating method doesn’t just ensure a dazzling display, but it also amps up safety and stability, cutting the risk of fires to a big fat 0. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and it’s pretty common at weddings to add that extra sparkle. Using it indoors might sound a bit dicey, right? But don’t fret. The 6M Cold Spark Machine uses a special titanium mixed powder that’s designed specifically for creating those stage-like spark effects. The powder gets heated up and sprayed out. When the hot metal meets the air, it makes those flashy sparks. Compared to the old-school cold spark machines, this one cuts down on smoke by a whopping 95%. There’s no stinky flame smell, and it doesn’t spew out any nasty chemicals. Now, here’s the cool part: the flames it makes aren’t real flames, and those sparks? They’re only about 40-50℃. You can touch them directly because they’re totally safe, shining on your event. But, of course, always play it safe and keep your distance, especially around flammable stuff.

cold spark machine for DJ club

MOKA SFX’s Best Cold Spark Machine – Unique Design

Creating Stunning Sparks – Reach for the Sky

Imagine a fireworks show where sparks shoot up to 6 meters high, all under your control. That’s precisely what the 6M Cold Spark Firework Machine, as the name suggests, can do. And it has another fantastic feature – you can adjust how high those sparks go. The height usually depends on the type of stuff you use as fuel. With 900W power, this machine uses a built-in fan to push up the powder and go through the heating area, resulting in mesmerizing sparks.

The fuel it uses is a mix of 70% titanium and 20% zirconium metal powder. We offer 2 eco-friendly options, both packed in their own 200-gram packs. All the powder used in our cold sparkler machines comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. This helps reduce friction and minimizes the risk of explosions.

The difference? It’s in how far the sparks go. One is suitable for indoor use (2-4m), and the other for outdoor (3-6m). Just remember to keep them dry for the best performance. If you’re planning an indoor event like a wedding, the 2-4m powder is perfect. Imagine the newlyweds walking through a shower of sparkles and crossing a path strewn with bouquets on their big day.

Apart from the powder it uses, MK-E22 also has a smart design. It offers 3 spark height levels you can pick on the remote control: HIGH1 (lowest), HIGH 2, and HIGH 3 (highest).

Now, here’s what makes it even better. The 6m cold spark machine can hold 250g of powder at once, keep it running for 12.5 minutes without reloading. Compare that to the old fireworks, which you had to replace every time – that got expensive. If you’re hosting an event, this machine lets you make the most of your resources.

Easy Control – No Fireworks Expert Needed

Remember the days of buying fireworks, setting them up, and trying to time their explosions just right? Those days are gone. This cold sparkler fountain gives you options for easy control of your fireworks.

You can choose to use DMX connections or a wireless remote to put on your sparkly show. First, it has DMX ports, so you can use a DMX console for precise control. 2 channels make you smoothly adjust the spark effects by just pushing up and down.
Certainly, DMX offers more than just linking up multiple machines. It allows you to personalize programs for distinct spark shows, incorporating a range of visual effects.
If you’re planning a big performance, using several machines could be smarter. Just remember, each circuit can handle up to 4 machines. Running too many machines at once could lead to damage or fire, so be careful.

Here’s also where the MK-E22 shines. It can save you a lot of time and effort. Multiple cold spark machines can be connected with DMX signal lines, all controlled from a single DMX console.
You can make each machine individually for different dazzling effects or manage them all from one place, releasing your hands from a mess. If DMX programming sounds like too much work, we’ve got you covered with wireless remote control. It offers around 10 display effects. The built-in receiver makes sure the signal stays strong, even over 30m away.

Cold Pyro machine

Remote Control – Simple Control

The remote control is divided into 2 parts: basic functions and special effects. With it, you can manage easily the 6M Cold Spark Machine, such as heating, starting, spraying speed, and more. If you have many cold sparklers working together, you can activate “chasing effects.” This means sparks can shoot out one by one from right to left or burst out from the middle to both sides, etc. This versatility is especially great for events like music festivals. Now, let’s look at the machine itself. It has an LCD screen and 4 indicator lights in different colors:

  1. Red: Heating, with the temperature displayed on the screen.
  2. Yellow: Error warning, with codes displayed for troubleshooting.
  3. Blue: DMX connected.
  4. Green: Ready, all set to go. For more detailed information, you can refer to the user manual that comes with the MK-E22. Also, please stay updated by checking MOKA SFX’s YouTube channel for the latest news. When it comes to safety, operating the 6M Cold Spark Machine is straightforward. Simply pour the powder into the machine’s powder hole, cover the rubber plug, and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s ready, you can easily control the sparks. Here’s a useful tip from MOKA SFX: if you’ve been using the machine for a while and the spark fountain effect isn’t as impressive, a gentle shake can help the powder settle inside for a more perfect effect.

Safety Tips and Precautions

Is the safety features that all? In fact, the 6m cold spark machine is also equipped with a high-quality flame-resistant case (ABS and aluminum optional). Once the machine reaches 500℃, it’s prepared to create the cold spark effect. However, without a robust case, it is vulnerable during this process. Only anti-flame materials can handle this challenge, as they are less prone to ignition at high temperatures and provide effective fire protection.

In addition, the internal cooling fan along with the placed heat holes on the case effectively prevents the cold spark effect machine from overheating during high-temp operation to prolonged operation and stable performance.

Concerned about potential accidents when it overloads? MOKA’s best cold spark machine comes equipped with fuses that automatically cut off power in the event of voltage overload, ensuring the machine stops running to avoid potential dangers. Furthermore, both the remote control and DMX channel are equipped with emergency stop functions. If an urgent pause is required during an event, simply press the corresponding button or manipulate the DMX channel controller. The response is swift, with no delay, allowing you to swiftly address any unexpected situations.

Are you worried about accidents if it gets overloaded? No need to stress! MOKA’s top-notch cold spark machine takes you relaxed. It’s got fuses that kick in automatically if there’s too much voltage, shutting down the power to keep you safe. And guess what? The remote control and DMX channel have emergency stop buttons too. If things get hairy during an event, just tap that button or work the DMX controller, and voila! Quick response, no hassle. You’ll be prepared for any unexpected turns without delay!

The machine also comes with a built-in safety feature – it sprays for about 30s each time. If want it to work again, you need to repeat the spray. But be mindful, that if MK-E22 sprays for too long, the inner temp will rise rapidly, possibly causing permanent damage. It’s best not to use it continuously for more than 1min.

6m cold spark fountain projector is also equipped with a tilt safety setting. It can automatically stop spraying after tilting to a certain degree, but it won’t cut off the power. In this situation, you should keep an eye on the LCD screen for an “E6” prompt. Simply place the machine back in a level position, restart the power, and you can resume the cold sparks releasing.

Lastly, please be aware that though the sparks are harmless, there may be a small amount of dust on the ground after spraying. So, make sure people don’t get too close to avoid inhaling it or irritating their eyes.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Easy Handling

When it comes to cleaning, the MK-E22 6-meter cold spark machine performs nicely. The real kicker is that after your event, you won’t need to go through the hassle of disassembling and reassembling the machine for cleaning. Instead, you can perform the cleaning operation directly while the machine is still on standby — Thanks to its built-in “CLE” (clear powder) function. Just press the button, and the machine will conduct a cleaning cycle, thoroughly removing any remaining powder inside. For case cleaning, you can easily wipe away with a soft cloth or sponge.

Thought cleaning up the area was a chore? Not at all. A simple broom will do the trick. While cold spark fuel may leave behind some black dust after it’s burned out, don’t worry; this dust is harmless and non-toxic, and it won’t stick to the floor or other objects. Just use a broom or a vacuum cleaner, and the dust is cleaned up, restoring the venue to its pristine state. This way, you can make the most of the MK-E22’s cold spark effect at your next event. There are also observation holes on the side. Remove the rubber plug, and you can easily check the working status of the chain, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

The MK-E22 makes cleaning and maintenance a piece of cake. Fully immerse yourself in every spectacular performance without worrying about tedious upkeep.

cold spark machine used in weddings with dry ice fog machine

Everyday Uses of the MK-E22 Spark Machine

MOKA SFX 6-meter cold spark machine, MK-E22, is a versatile modern marvel that fits into a wide range of settings. It’s compact, easy to handle, and packed with various cold spark effects that won’t disappoint. Actually, it’s the spark that showcases where the cold spark machine can shine.


For weddings, the MK-E22 6-meter cold spark machine is a must-have for creating attractive visual moments. Bathed in the soft glow of sparks, it writes the newlywed’s love story into a romantic and unforgettable experience. If you want to dial up the vibe, consider pairing it with dry ice fog machines. This combo envelops the venue in a dreamy mist, turning the ceremony into a fairy tale.


MK-E22’s magic shines just as brightly at concerts. It’s your ticket to creating stunning visual effects for every song, seamlessly blending music and sparks together. Cold sparks trigger at the peak moments, immersing the audience in a mesmerizing musical journey. For maximum impact, try alternating the placement of the cold spark machine with the CO2 jet machine. Whether it’s a mega concert or an intimate gig, MK-E22 cold spark machine and the CO2 cannon machine work together to make the music truly shine.

Auto Shows

At auto shows, positioning the 6-meter cold spark machine around new cars or in the background can make a big impression. It offers a distinctive way to showcase automotive brands, leaving a lasting mark on spectators. You can also pair it with other special effects gear like smoke machines or LED lighting to create an unforgettable auto exhibit.


In nightclubs, the MK-E22 6-meter cold spark machine takes your nighttime revelry to the next level. Its visual effects sync seamlessly with the nightclub vibe, making an electrifying experience for partygoers. Amid thumping beats and dazzling light shows, the MK-E22 adds a theatrical touch to the nightclub. When those cold sparks fly, the dance floor and the crowd come alive, instantly amping up. Whether it’s a DJ set or a themed night, the MK-E22 can bring a burst of visual excitement, ensuring each night is unforgettable. For nightclub owners and operators, our 6m cold spark fountain machine is the ideal choice to draw in crowds and make your venue stand out. It pairs perfectly with features like LED dance floors, dipping your nightclub into a showstopper in the city.

Get a Quote Now

If you’re looking for a durable, efficient, and portable device that can be quickly set up before your event to ensure smooth operation, MOKA 6-meter cold spark machine is the perfect solution. It’s incredibly easy to operate. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, whether it’s a wedding, concert, or any celebration, this spark machine can create unforgettable special effects that will leave your audience in awe. Contact us now to get a quote for the MK-E22 and make it your reliable assistant to elevate your next event! Don’t wait, take action now.

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