MK-E15 Mini Cold sparkular

The fireworks effect is an ordinary but also an essential element on many outdoor occasions, while a safe cold firework is more widely applicable for both outdoor and indoor, such as in celebration events, weddings, opening ceremonies, parties, festivals, concerts,s, etc.

MOKA SFX Mini Cold Spark Machine MK-E15 just can bring you such amazing non-pyrotechnic special effects.

Compared with the common size of the cold sparkler machine in the market, MK-E15 has upgraded with two main aspects of external machine size and internal structure of parts on the base of  Moka SFX cold sparkler machine MK-E11.

  • DMX & Remote Control
  • No irritating flavor
  • Touchable Spark Fountain
  • Spray 2-5m High


Spark Height:1-5 Meters
Spark Source:Aluminum
Angle:Up Straight
Voltage:AC110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Max Power:650W
Control:DMX 512 / Remote
DMX Channel:2
Product Size:20.5×20.5×26.5cm
Packing Size (Carton):29x29x30cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton
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On the overall dimension of the MK-E15 machine, its compact aluminum metal housing allows event planners to hide it in any place on the ground for a designed surprise spark effect, and its compact also benefits by reducing the cost of transportation.

However, it brings some big real power rate of 400W to run the machine like the big one MK-E11.

Inside the machine MK-E15, it’s equipped with an upgraded gear operation instead of a chain movement structure, this gear not only helps noise reduction but also avoids the machine stuck in remaining composite material, allowing the machine performs better.

Just because of the upgraded gear structure, you don’t have to clear powder with a remote controller, which has the same remote controller as MK-E11 with the “Clear Powder” button, now this is a button that does not suit MK-E15 mini cold spark machine.

This is the only difference during your operation of the machine between MK-E11 and MK-E15.

There is the same operation of our cold spark machines, DMX512, and remote control, for both single unit or multi-units, no chip card limited to the use, easy operation, high-quality cooling system, and environmental protection, keep your users safe and no irritant.


It uses an environment-friendly granule, which is made up of a mixture of zirconium and titanium, it loads into the machine and after heating up to about 500℃ inside and then blow out sparks through the internal fan to make a touchable and no odor firework.

Each 200-gram package consumable contains enough granules for about 15 minutes of firing time, in 90 seconds of heat-up, with a period for cooldown.

There is no need to reload the device after a single shot.

If you don’t want traditional pyrotechnics and fireworks but would like a classic pyrotechnic display without dangers, our Mini Cold Spark Machine MK-E15 is just perfect to create a phenomenal indoor or outdoor safe and without risk of a wonderful spark display. And the fashion is used with 360 photo booth in the party, which gets more and more popular all around the world. You can also install some LED dance floor cooperate with, all the types of equipment to make your event alive.

Wanna create focus and generate excitement for your audience on your shows?

Moka SFX products might help you out, take action to contact us.

  • Please handle the MOKA SFX Cold Spark machine by a professional person only.
  • Use the device at correct standing or hanging.
  • When using indoor, please make sure the height of the room is not lower than 5 meters.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Do not place the machine in a rainy and humidity environment.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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The Right Fit for Any Event – MOKA SFX MK-E15 Mini Cold spark Machine


    ▾ MK-E15 mini cold spark machine – Features and Benefits
    ▾ Where to use the MK-E15?
    ▾ How to use the new MK-E15?
    ▾ Safety tips and precautions
    ▾ To sum up

Have you ever attended an event where you got bored in the first 20 minutes? Well, it is no wonder that a poorly organized event surely fails to entertain guests. However, you cannot blame the host for this entirely.

Event organizers are the ones who orchestrate such parties and events. So, technically they are the ones responsible for the entertainment of the guests. As an event organizer, it is your job to make sure you set up events so that guests are left speechless.

You want to stun people, and the only way you can do that is to have the right tools. The MOKA SFX MK-E15 mini cold spark machine is one such tool that is bound to make any event ravishing.

Gone are the days when cold sparklers were considered inappropriate for small-scale events. People want dazzling décor at weddings, birthdays, and even going away parties. This machine has become a must-have for event organizers, and it is about time you have one.

Wouldn’t you want to stand out among your competitors? MOKA SFX has cold spark machines that are affordable, versatile, and very easy to use. It would have been next to impossible to find an indoor cold spark machine with all these features before this but not anymore!

Continue reading as we make a compelling argument as to why the MK-E15 mini cold spark machine is the way to go!



MK-E15 mini cold spark machine – Features and Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, only the right tools can make your event the talk of the town. So, naturally, the cold sparkler machine by MOKA SFX is at the top of your central list. However, at MOKA SFX, you are not fed empty promises.

There is a reason why this machine is a great option for you. Be it any event, as long as you run your imagination wild, cold sparklers can do wonders.

Read more to find out what the real benefits are of the MOKA SFX MK-E15. Here are some of its top features that speak for the machine, so we do not have to!


Lightweight and compact body

This is one of the most important things that determine how useful your tools are going to be. If you use bulky tools, it is almost a given that your work will become less efficient. However, you do not need to worry about this anymore.

The MOKA SFX MK-E15 is a mini cold spark machine that can be used at most large-scale events. The best part about this machine is that it fits anywhere! Storing equipment was never easier, and with the MK-E15, you will say goodbye to all the hassle you previously endured.

This machine only weighs around 7.2 Kg. This may seem like a big number. However, if you are experienced in the event-organizing industry, you will know how bulky these machines can get.

This makes the machine portable too. You can carry it easily, and setting it up at venues will not be a difficult task either! Moreover, MK-E15 is very easy to store, too, as its total dimensions are 18.5 x 18.5 x 24 cm.

This machine does not occupy too much space and fits almost anywhere without giving you any trouble. Most cold sparklers are bulky but very delicate, but not this one. Store it anywhere and anyhow you please, and its quality will not be degraded.


Strong build, resistant to breaking

When you think of heavy equipment, you always assume that it is going to be delicate. It might look big, but it is very fragile, and 9 out of 10 times, you are right. Most indoor cold sparklers are very fragile even though they weigh tens of kgs.

This is because manufacturers rarely pay attention to their outer body, however, not in the case of the MK-E15. It is compact but has an extremely tough exterior. This spark machine can withstand minor impacts with no trouble.

The strong build protects the frail inner workings of the machine. This makes it extremely versatile and durable. You can use the machine in multiple events for as long as you want. The chances of this spark machine breaking due to constant usage are significantly reduced. All this because of its tough body!


cold spark machine


Easy to use

Even with the right tools, organizing events is a hassle if you don’t know how to use them. There are specific moments when your clients will want the cold sparklers to go off. It could be at a certain point in a song, or when the bride and groom exchange rings.

You will need great control over your machines to make sure your clients get exactly what they want. Timing is everything, and with the MK-E15, you will be as prompt as it gets!

The machine comes with a dual operating mechanism. This means you can use this spark machine with a regular remote control or the DMX. It features DMX512, which is standard when it comes to high-quality equipment.

There are no complicated controls on the machine itself. Everything can be controlled remotely so you can time it as it goes off. You can also connect multiple indoor cold spark simultaneously with the help of the DMX!


Great spray height

The spray height of cold sparklers is the total height up to which they can emit these sparklers. The MOKA SFX MK-E15 can spray sparklers up to 3m in the air. The base height starts at 2m; however, you can control it the way you want.

This makes the MK-E15 a great option for indoor cold sparklers. No matter what the height of the room, this sparkler machine will do the trick. You can use the DMX controller to manage how high you want the sparklers to go.

This feature ensures that you can use this machine for outdoor and indoor cold spark too! Only with a few modifications, the same machine can be used outside for bigger events.


Easy to clean and refill

If you want your equipment to last long, you will need to maintain it. The MK-E15 is easy to assemble and has easy controls too. However, if you do not pay attention to its upkeep, you will soon face its performance issues.

This spark machine is fairly easy to clean. Keep it away from water and other liquids, and make sure you use a cloth to wipe it down. You can also seek professional help if you want to get the machine deep cleaned.


cold spark machine



This mini cold spark machine by MOKA SFX is built with one thing in mind, customer satisfaction. All the products by MOKA SFX assure high-quality performance that is unmatched. It will be difficult for you to find products packed with features like these at such a price point.

MOKA SFX aims to provide premier customer service too. If you are interested in MK-E15, all you need to do is reach out to us on our platform for an instant quote. You will have all the basic information you need hassle-free and in very little time.


Where to use the MK-E15?

The possibilities here are endless! With MOKA SFX, you can create a party so memorable people would not want to leave. Moreover, you do not need a single tool to make this happen. Get your creativity flowing and try to combine multiple MOKA SFX equipment at once.

This will result in a unique set-up no one has ever experienced before. You can use your cold sparklers machine with a fog machine or a flame machine. The results can vary, but one thing is for sure. Your clients will be satisfied and beyond happy with your work.

Here are a few events where you can experiment with indoor cold sparklers like the MK-E15.



All couples feel the sparks fly every time they kiss or touch. Make this feeling a reality on their wedding day! Set up the MOKA SFX MK-E15 mini cold spark machine and time it perfectly at their ‘I do’s. The guests, along with the wedding party, will be stunned, and it will give the wedding an extraordinary flair!


cold spark machine


Music festivals

Music festivals are full of energy. Young and old people visit these festivals to lose themselves in the music. Do you know what goes best with good music? Yes, of course, it has good visual effects! Set up cold sparklers on the edge of the stage along with confetti and CO2 machines.

You can let the mini cold spark machine go off at one point in the song and, in the next, combine it with the flame machine. The energy levels in the crowds when you do this will be astronomical!



Loud music, flickering lights, and a jam-packed crowd. That is what raves are all about. However, there is one way to make them better. Use the MOKA SFX MK-E15 at raves to make the crowds go crazier. The monotonous flickering lights can get boring, so a sudden flare of sparklers is sure to catch the audience’s attention!



People visit nightclubs for fun and to socialize with their friends. The energy inside a nightclub is incomparable to anywhere else. One moment you see people lounging with drinks, and the next, the dance floor is full of happy people grooving.

Add to their fun by installing cold sparklers around the DJ and the music console. You can set it up around the dance floor, too, with the fog machine. The eerie atmosphere will attract people to the dance floor!


Private Indoor and outdoor parties

The MK-E15 is a highly versatile product that can be used indoors and outdoors. This is because you can easily control the height to which the sparklers will rise. Moreover, the compact build ensures that it will fit anywhere you take it. This makes it the perfect outdoor and indoor cold spark solution!


cold spark machine


How to use the new MK-E15?

It is very convenient to set up the MK-E15. If you are well acquainted with the DMX controls, you will have no trouble getting started with this sparkler machine. There are two methods to operate the MK-E15.

The MK-E15 has two outputs for DMX. You can connect multiple indoor cold sparklers in a series and control them remotely. Additionally, if you are not comfortable with the DMX control, you can use the other remote-control alternative.

It is advised that you skip the electric wiring controls because it can get too complicated. Use the simple controls of the machine and make your job easier.


Safety tips and precautions

Although it is important to maintain safety precautions when handling heavy event equipment like these, the MK-E15 mini cold spark machine is safe for use! You do not have to worry about the safety of your guests when using this machine.

All the wires are intact inside the body so there is no chance of an electrical hazard. Moreover, the body is strong and durable, so it is fully capable of withstanding the machine’s heat and pressure.

Despite these features, you should still be very careful. Avoid letting this machine and its connecting wires come in contact with water.


cold spark machine


To sum up

The MOKA SFX MK-E15 is the revolutionary compact cold spark machine that you need to have in your collection. It is strong, durable, safe to use, and easy to set it. There is no way that you will get all these features compressed into one piece of small equipment! That, too, is at an unbelievable price.

It is completely up to you how you use the equipment. With numerous options available, you can create an event like never before. All you need to do is mix up the sequence of special effects with cold sparklers and use them all at once.

MOKA SFX believes in providing high-quality services to all our clients. No matter how big or small your requirement is, we have got you covered. Make the most of our exceptional client services and take your event organization to the next level!

You can always reach out to us on our website for any assistance regarding your order. So, wait no longer and visit our platform today to assess your options and get an instant quote on them!

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