MK-C19W LED CO2 JET is a new gas column of MOKASFX.

It adopts the unique design of led double nozzle, double-tube cluster jet, and the instantaneous smoke output is large, which can up to 8-10 meters, creating an imposing and shocking power stage effects for you.

For your convenience, this air column is small and light, easy to carry, and comes with silencer treatment, that will be suitable for bars, nightclubs, stage performances, large and small concerts, and other places.

  • the unique design of the led double nozzle
  • double-tube cluster jet
  • smoke output can up to 8-10 meters
  • comes with silencer treatment


Spray Height:8-10 Meters
Angle:0-90 degree adjustable
Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC. 50/60 Hz
Max Power:90W
DMX Channel:6
Max Pressure:1600 Psi
LED Source:3W RGB x 18pcs
Packing Size (Carton):63 x 47 x 23cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord, Gas Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton / Flycase (Separate Cost)
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


MK-C19W LED CO2 JET looks simple and beautiful with a new upgraded design, in order to adapt to different occasions, our machine provides black and white two colors.

When the machine is working, the effect is more dazzling, because, with 18 LED lights, you will see, red, green, and blue mix and match different colors, it can not only drive the audience’s emotions, making the atmosphere of the scene to reach a climax but also bring you different surprises.

But if you need a dual-tube CO2 jet machine without LED light, we have an MK-C10A Co2 jet machine for you to choose from.

Thanks to MOKA SFX professionally-customized solenoid valve drive, the MK-C19W LED CO2 JET has the flexibility to control the opening and closing of the gas, so the machine has two big advantages: a strong explosive force and a long service life.

You will feel that although the machine is small in size, it can achieve the shocking effect of the large air column machine, not inferior to the large air column.

As you can see, the chassis design of  MK-C19W LED CO2 JET is hexagonal, which makes the chassis of the machine more stable, and not easy to slide, it also can be adjusted the angle by 180 degrees, making the air jet angle wider and flexible for different occasions.

In order to save time, you can see that the MK-C19W LED CO2 JET quick interface setting is portable, the fast interface can be quickly connected to the machine, and the interface gear is high, you don’t have to worry about the machine leaking during use.

For each MK-C19W LED CO2 JET machine, the configured 6m pipe will be standard for you in the package.


We use odorless resin explosion-proof high-pressure pipe, the number is up to 2610PSI, which means the explosion-proof strength is stronger, you can use it safely during use.

By the way, if you need the extra customized pipe, please feel free to contact MOKA SFX, we will provide you the reasonable advice.

MK-C19W LED CO2 JET is equipped with DMX control function and manual control operation.

When you use the console, you only need to plug in the power cord and signal cable.

The operation method is very simple and convenient.

For your convenience, each machine will be packed with the instruction manual.

Besides, MK-C19W LED CO2 JET accepts multiple series, so we will equip you with an alternate tandem aviation plug.

In order to make your work better, we use anti-interference signal connectors to ensure the stability of the signal when the machine is working.

MOKA SFX machines are tested and tested by professional organizations and have CE, ROHS, FCC, and other related certificates, so you don’t have to worry about machine import safety problems.

The warranty period of each MK-C19W LED CO2 JET is 1 year, during the warranty period, if the machine has quality problems, we will send you accessories for free, and you only need to pay the shipping fee, and we will send a video to teach you how to install test.

MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Products needs to be used with a siphon-type CO2 storage tank, and cannot operate normally in a standard CO2 storage tank. Therefore, when purchasing, you must ensure that the supplier provides a siphon storage tank.

Generally speaking, both natural gas and welding suppliers will sell carbon dioxide at the same time. We recommend using as large a storage tank as possible. When the storage tank is larger, the number of sprays (the duration of continuous spraying) you can use CO2 Jet is more. Each pound of CO2 will support a spray time of approximately 1.5-2 seconds.

If you need support for obtaining carbon dioxide tanks, please feel free to contact us.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

Helped 1000+ Customers Since 2013

Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

The MK-C19W: The Ultimate Model In CO2 Cannons


    ▾ Presenting the MK-C19W Cryo Jet: Features and Benefits
    ▾ Where to Use Your MK-C19W: Applications and Uses
    ▾ How to Make it Work: Operations and Installation
    ▾ CO2 Tanks for Input Method
    ▾ Safety Precautions and Standards
    ▾ Book The MK-C19W for the next event you organize!

Music festivals and parties aren’t complete without colorful smoke blasts signaling the start of a great event. The back to back plumes of multi-colored smoke shooting up into the air creates an atmosphere like no other! Wouldn’t this be the perfect way to add some extra zing to all your special events?

MOKA SFX wants to enable you to have the party of your dreams! When you organize a party or an event, everything on the checklist has to be ticked off!

The MK-C19W LED CO2 Jet is the kind of machinery that pumps up the mood in some amazing ways. The additional features of this model make it an intense piece of equipment to cater to your hardcore party requirements.

Naturally, the MK-C19W is not just a pretty face. It comes with a ton of new features and benefits that increase efficiency. Check out the various applications and features of this cryo jet below!




Presenting the MK-C19W Cryo Jet: Features and Benefits

What’s special about MK-C19W? Take a look at these features to find out!

CO2 jet machines are indispensable at any event these days. They act as attention-grabbers and keep audiences engaged in on-stage activities. But when you’re looking to go a step further, your cryo jet has to match the pace. MOKA SFX believes in constantly innovating to provide newer and better versions of CO2 cannons for every occasion.

The MK-C19W is one of our high-end models, made with superior raw materials and as per the best designs. Along with a wattage of 100W, it is built to withstand heavy usage. Here are all the features that make it so extraordinary.


● Light it Up with Dual LED Nozzles

The dual-LED nozzle of the MK-C19W LED CO2 Jet is the real deal! This is the game-changing technology that allows the MK-C19W to reign atop the usual CO2 cannons. Not only is the design completely unique, but it also runs without a hitch. The intermingling of light and show creates a sight to behold!

Unlike single tubed cryo jets, this model has double the output, through two tubes. A dual-nozzle CO2 cannon is always a better option for bigger events. Although the length of the smoke may not vary, a dual nozzle creates a more impressive effect. The total volume of the smoke blasts is much greater, covering a larger area.

The spray capacity of this dual nozzle wonder is 8-10 meters in length. Even in a large crowd, it’s impossible to miss this towering jet stream of colorful smoke!

The LED specifications are what set this design apart from the rest. There are a total of 18 LED lights that can be displayed. Several possible color combinations can be created using red, green, and blue lights.

When the MK-C19W is used in the optimum conditions of a large arena, in relative darkness, magic can happen. The spectacle is like something out of a dream. An intense aura develops when the smoke envelops both the stage and the crowd, and the lights play to the tune of the music. No audience will be able to resist such a heady combo!


● Intense New Cluster Jet Technology

Each nozzle is customized according to cluster jet designs, which ensure heavier output than mainstream CO2 cannons. This is a new addition that enhances the amount of smoke that is released in one go. Thus the MK-C19W is enough to take care of your cryo cannon needs and helps you save on additional equipment.


● Flexible Angles for Enhanced Reach

Once your audiences and guests are enraptured by cool, foggy blasts, you can adjust the angles of the plumes. The flexible design of the MK-C19W allows you to adjust angles by 180 degrees. This important addition makes sure that the smoke reaches the target location. Depending on where your stage or venue is, change the angle for the best results.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Sleek Upgraded Design for a Smart Look

MOKA SFX doesn’t just deliver on efficient machinery. We also make it look good! The MK-C19W LED CO2 JET has an upgraded and sleek design available in black and white. While maintaining simplicity, this cryo jet is also unobtrusive. So, at every occasion, your smoke shots will be enchanting, and your machinery charming because no one likes bulky, unattractive equipment!


● Highly Durable Hexagonal Chassis Framework

At MOK ASFX, we value your time and resources. Our machinery is built to last. We guarantee the reliability of our products, so our customers never have to worry before an event.

The MK-C19W doesn’t just rely on attractive design. The chassis framework of the machine is in a hexagonal build. So with a high level of structural integrity, it is more stable than most CO2 cannons. To deliver powerful jets rapidly and repeatedly, the MK-C19W is a trusty and durable machine.


● Silencer Feature for Low Disturbance at Celebrations

Our products provide special effects to enhance your parties. But the main event should always be the center of attraction. The MK-C19W has a new silencer feature and doesn’t distract your audiences with loud noises. Unlike most CO2 cannons, this silencer feature keeps things running smoothly at every event.


● Intense Output and High-Volume Smoke Plumes

We have all seen concerts with the DJ riling up the crowd and the ceremonious release of huge smokey clouds. But this would not be a show unless the smoke stream was both voluminous and eye-catching.

The MK-C19W LED Jet has a strong output to make sure the party never stops! With a spray height of 8-10 meters, it has a maximum pressure of 1600 psi. Now with double the impact of two nozzles! There is no need to settle for less when MOKA SFX has got you covered.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Portable and Easy to Transport

You no longer need large and heavy machinery to produce powerful smoke streams. The MK-C19W has high output, while still being portable and transport friendly!

The total shipping weight of the product is 22 kgs, but the machine itself will be 11 kgs. It comes in a package of 63 x 47 x 23 cm.

To maximize the usage of your venue, a small but strong CO2 cannon is the best option. Moreover, since our durable machines can be used repeatedly, we make sure they are easy to move. You won’t need to worry about wasting resources on delivery every single time.


● Suitable Voltage Options for You

The MK-C19W comes with two voltage options from which you can choose according to your requirements. We provide a model with AC110V as well as 220V. At MOKASFX, we want our products to be widely accessible and strive to make this possible. We cater to the varying needs of clients around the globe!


● Easy to Control DMX512 Operations

The MK-C19W LED Jet comes with the DMX512 control mode. It also has a manual control option. These have been provided for easy operations that don’t leave you stressed. The DMX mode can be used for linking and running multiple machines simultaneously. At the same time, the manual mode can be used for small-scale events without any issues.


● 1-Year Warranty for Customer Satisfaction

MOKA SFX guarantees the quality of all our products. To make sure our customers can put their trust in us, the MK-C19W comes with a 1-year warranty. In case of any issues in operations or quality, we will promptly address your concerns. MOKA SFX will also send extra free accessories and video tutorials for their installation, in any such cases.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Where to Use Your MK-C19W: Applications and Uses

Now that you know what makes the MK-C19W a premium piece of equipment find out how to best use it!

Here are some of the places your MK-C19W will truly perform to its maximum.


● Light-Up Night-time Events and Concerts

MOKASFX designs our products to serve your unique and special requirements. Each machine is both adaptable and also one-of-a-kind. The MK-C19W cryo jet, in particular, is highly versatile. But to really see it work in all its glory, be sure to use it for night-time events and large concerts!

When the darkness settles and the smoke lights up the sky in a spectrum of color, you’ll see the full potential of this cannon. CO2 cannons are used in most large events at any time of the day. But to make the night more special, add lights to your fog!

Music festivals, large concerts, and other big events are the perfect setting for the MK-C19W LED Jet. To grab the attention of a bigger crowd, you need both lights and smoke. The range of colors will be sure to excite and show up even at great distances. So now, everyone will know where the party’s at!


● Partying without the Noise at Clubs and Bars

The MK-C19W is the perfect cryo jet for nightclubs, bars, and indoor set-ups too. With its silencer feature, people can enjoy the smoke indoors without less noise. Not to mention, the LED lighting will dazzle anyone looking for a fun night out. Any bar, restaurant, or club that wants to create a special atmosphere should invest in this CO2 cannon.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


How to Make it Work: Operations and Installation

MOKA SFX ensures that all our products are easy to assemble and use. When you’re organizing an event, our team wants you to experience complete comfort and convenience.

That is why every shipment of MK-C19W CO2 LED Jet cannon will come with an instruction manual. To avoid untoward complexities, we package our products with all the required equipment. No additional parts will be needed for you to put together the MK-C19W cryo jet.

A 6-meter pipe is part of our standard shipment package for the MK-C19W. Our pipes are of the highest quality, made of odorless resin. These pipes can withstand up to 1600 psi, making them perfect for high-pressure usage. Their superior quality ensures your safety and prevents explosions or accidents.

The MK-C19W cryo jet is compatible with the DMX control mode, as well as the manual control mode.

While using the console, all you need to do is plug the power cord in, along with the signal cable. The signal cable we provide is anti-interference and thus, ensures smooth and stable functioning.

The MK-C19W cryo jet is also compatible with multiple series. We will provide you with tandem aviation plugs to suit your purpose.

Once you have taken stock of all the inclusive materials, the installation is simple. The connector can be used to link the cryo cannon to the CO2 tank. The connector is of the highest quality and thus, prevents any leakages.


CO2 Tanks for Input Method

Now that you know everything about the MK-C19W, here’s some information about the input. With the most compatible input methods, you can ensure the best output!

For input, you require a CO2 tank that should be available locally. Any tank from 20L to 40L will suit your purposes. Make sure that the size of the tank is adequate for your event. The larger your output requirements and the longer your event, the more the amount of CO2 needed. Any tank can be connected to your MK-C19W with the quick connector provided in the package.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Safety Precautions and Standards

When you’re organizing grand parties, leave the safety of your equipment to us!

All MOKA SFX equipment is thoroughly tested by professional experts and technicians. We do not deliver items unless they are up to the international CE, ROHS, and FCC standards.

Your new MK-C19W cryo jet will come with all the updated safety features to ensure you have nothing to worry about.


Book The MK-C19W for the next event you organize!

When planning your next event, ask yourself if it would look better with large streams of colorful smoke. It is because we think any event can be made special with just a few additions. The MK-C19W cryo jet is one such premium CO2 cannon that delivers both light and smoke special effects! To get one for your special occasion, contact our sales team without delay!

If the MK-C19W LED Jet fascinates you, then check out our other fantastic special effects machinery! We offer a wide range of CO2 cannons as well as other lighting and effects. In case you require a dual nozzle cryo jet without LED lights, take a look at our MK-C10A CO2 Jet machine.

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