MK-C09 Cryo Jet Cannon

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon is professional equipment that can display a wide range of different effects and powerful jet for a wider range of stages.

It can be used in indoor and outdoor, large and small events such as restaurants/cafes/weddings/clubs/bars and so on, which can make the event more intense and impress the people present.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon uses LCD smart display, you can clearly see the corresponding address code when you set the DMX address.

  • the angle is adjusted in different directions
  • uses LCD smart display
  • nozzles are made of aluminum
  • Reduces noise generation and ice


Spray Height:8-10 Meter
Angle:Vertical Only
Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC. 50/60 Hz
Max Power:30W
DMX Channel:1
Max Pressure:1600 Psi
Product Size:27.5 x 12.5 x 23cm
Packing Size (Carton):31 x 28 x 25cm
Component:Power Cord, DMX Cord, Gas Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton / Flycase (Separate Cost)
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Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


There is also a power indicator light. When you turn on the power, the LED will light up to remind you that the machine has been powered.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon has two control modes. The first one is DMX512 control.

You can use DMX512 to realize one console to control multiple devices when you apply multiple devices.

It is suitable for any event and can save labor costs and improve your productivity.

The other is electric control, this feature is very useful when you don’t have a console.

Please choose the method that suits you best according to your events.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon’s nozzles are made of aluminum, which effectively reduces noise generation and ice, you don’t have to worry about the nozzle breaking due to too much impact when spraying.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon has a variety of installation methods for you to choose from.

You can attach the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon to the stage.

The nozzle is sprayed upwards with a 10 meters high smoke, or the angle is adjusted to different directions, or scattered to the target position, mostly used for performances/competitions and conferences.

The other method is to install the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon on the truss or DJ table.

On the metal base of MK-C09 CO2 Cannon, there have holes for truss mounting, you can use the light hook to work with it if you need this co2 jet to be mounted on a truss. You don’t need to disassemble the base or fix it with screws, which makes it easier for you to operate and save time.


When the equipment is sprayed from the DJ station towards the center of the stage, it can create amazing and freezing smoke that hits them, inspiring everyone’s inner enthusiasm and making the atmosphere more intense.

It is suitable for clubs/concerts/T-shows, etc. You can also install the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon in the ceiling, hide the equipment, and keep the interior beautiful so that guests can have a better experience.

It also can be used in indoor bar/hotel ballrooms, etc. A variety of effects show that it is suitable for large and small different event scenes.

If the MK-C09 CO2 Cannons work with cold spark machines, flame machines, or moving head lights, the effect will be more attractive.

So the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon will be your best choice.

If you want to have a more powerful Co2 jet like this, we suggest you use the MK-C10A Dual-barrel CO2 Jet machine which has a unique double nozzle design. It can make your performance pretty cool.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon’s packaging includes a 6-meter-long resin high-pressure hose and quick interface, instruction manual, DMX signal cable, and power-con, you don’t need to purchase additional accessories.

The new quick-release port is integrated.

When you use the quick interface to connect the CO2 tank, you only need to lock it with a wrench, no additional screws are required, more convenient for you to operate.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon will be tested by senior technicians before shipment to ensure that the equipment can be used normally and that all equipment has passed the international CE ROHS FCC product quality certification.

Please contact with MOKA SFX sales team and take it now!

MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Products needs to be used with a siphon-type CO2 storage tank, and cannot operate normally in a standard CO2 storage tank. Therefore, when purchasing, you must ensure that the supplier provides a siphon storage tank.

Generally speaking, both natural gas and welding suppliers will sell carbon dioxide at the same time. We recommend using as large a storage tank as possible. When the storage tank is larger, the number of sprays (the duration of continuous spraying) you can use CO2 Jet is more. Each pound of CO2 will support a spray time of approximately 1.5-2 seconds.

If you need support for obtaining carbon dioxide tanks, please feel free to contact us.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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Lots of SFX items made by China manufacturer are lack of the critical point: “Details”. But you will find an elegance arrangement product line in us, as we believe that only details will speak out for our difference to the others.

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon: The Cryo Jet Cannon for Every Occasion


    ▾ The Best of MK-C09: Features And Advantages
    ▾ The Stellar Applications of MK-C09 CO2 Cannon
    ▾ Working and installation of the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon
    ▾ Safety Precautions and Standards
    ▾ Why Wait? Book The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon for your Special Events Today!

What do you think of when you think about a party, event, or festival? It might be the music, dancing, or that adrenaline rush that keeps you pumped up and excited for such events. No grand celebration is complete without the special electrifying buzz in the air. To add that little extra thrill at your event, you can’t do without the right tools!

Nothing says party-mood like the shots from a CO2 Cannon as the DJ cranks up the beats! The vibrations in the air, the cold, smokey fog from a cryo jet, and the ecstasy of an audience lost in the performance. A CO2 Cannon adds a sense of exhilaration to any event, pumping people up and getting them ready for a show.

We, at MOKA SFX, want to make every event as stunning as possible by creating extraordinary experiences. Our products are meant to enhance the atmosphere and excite audiences through special effects.

The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon is an effective, fun, and reliable piece of equipment. It utilizes cryo jet technology with the highest efficiency. Since it is adaptable to both small and large-scale events, this cryo jet is perfect for every happening and joyous event, be it a concert, a grand party, a wedding reception bash, or something else! Big clubs, theatres, and theme parks also match the vibe of this amazing tool perfectly.

Being both easy to control and still very powerful, the MK-C09 is perfect for events like music festivals and live concerts. CO2 DJ effects are a prime example of how this cryo jet can be used to its maximum potential. CO2 DJ effects are especially impressive when well-timed, and add to the performance spectacle of the event!

MOKA SFX ensures smooth functioning with its ultimate products like this one, the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon.


MK-C09 Cryo Jet Cannon


The Best of MK-C09: Features And Advantages

The MK-C09 is the best cryo jet machinery. If you are looking to create a dreamy atmosphere or an intense party vibe, this is the CO2 Cannon for you. With its adjustable build and streamlined features, it is the perfect product for parties and stage events!

MOKA SFX has improved on the older version of CO2 Cannons by adding several new features to the MK-C09. It is highly user-friendly and designed to perfection. You can avail of the following benefits with this cryo jet canon!


● Adjustable and Adaptable to your Requirements

No two parties are the same. MOKA SFX wants to enable you to celebrate; however, you want to! For your individual and unique party-needs, we have designed the MK-C09. This CO2 Cannon is a professional piece of equipment that displays a wide range of effects.

The maximum pressure is 1600 Psi, making it a powerful product. The adjustable angle reaches a spray height of 8-10 meters in different directions. As a result, it is the right fit for a range of stage-events.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Whatever the situation, the MK-C09 is guaranteed to wow audiences. So if you’re looking for a multi-purpose party prop, look no further!


● Smoother Functioning and Control with DMX512

At MOKA SFX, we realize the worth of efficiency and reliability. High-pressure events demand the smooth-functioning of machinery and devices without a hitch. The last thing you need to worry about at your party is the special effects because MOKASFX has already put your needs first!

The MK-C09 is easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to control too. This cryo jet has two control modes. It is compatible with the standard DMX512 control mode and uses an LCD smart display. You will be able to clearly see the corresponding address code when you set the DMX address.

The DMX512 control mode uses a single console for running multiple devices. You can save on labor costs and improve your productivity through this mode.

However, in case you don’t have a console, the MK-C09 has got you covered! This CO2 Cannon is also compatible with an electrical mode for such situations.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Lower Noise and Ice Output for Customer Comfort

We believe that our products should always enhance the party. But nothing spells downer like a cold blast to the face. To ensure that our customers are happy, we wish to ensure that their parties are filled with happy people. This is the reason why we have customized the MK-C09 to fit the needs of the people!

The MK-C09 has reduced levels of noise generation and ice output thanks to its aluminum nozzles. So, no more odd whirring and buzzing in the middle of awkward silences, which means no more distractions from the main event.

With the CO2 Cannon working behind the scenes, the entire focus will be on the DJ. Thanks to the addition of CO2 DJ effects, everyone will be in the mood for some intense beats!


● Durability and Resilient Build Made to Last

When you are looking for a reliable product, its resilience should be on the top of the checklist! Our product offers a highly resilient build, with nozzles made of aluminum. With a very powerful spray, it is designed to withstand heavy impact for much longer.

You no longer need to worry about the durability of your CO2 Cannon at your parties. So, sit back, relax, and let the aluminum nozzles of the MK-C09 do their magic!


● Portability and Transport-Friendly

This product is portable and easy to transport, making it convenient to use at stage-events and parties.

With a light shipping Weight of 7 kgs, the MK-C09 can be placed anywhere, either on or off the stage. The package size is 31 x 28 x 25 cm (1pc/ctn). This is fairly compact and thus, making it easy to carry to your event site.

Jet Cannons are all about visual spectacle. After all, it’s not a special effect without the element of intrigue and surprise.

You can also keep this compact machine on the DJ table itself. With frosty smoke coming from the stage, the audience is bound to be mesmerized by these CO2 DJ effects!


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


The Stellar Applications of MK-C09 CO2 Cannon

Cryo jets have now become an indispensable part of every exciting party! Knowing how unique an event can be, we have built the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon to cater to the differing needs of all your occasions.

Here are just a few examples of how you can best use the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon.


● Pump up Music Festivals and Concerts

The outdoors, large crowds, great music, and the cooling smoke of a cryo jet Cannon is just the perfect combination for any successful event. Audiences go wild for bass drops and CO2 DJ effects! When the smoke travels from the stage to the main arena, there is a sense of awe and excitement.

Since the MK-C09 can be adjusted to spray at target positions, it is great for large-scale events. By using multiple CO2 Cannons, you can vary the intensity and effects as per your requirements. Its powerful output also makes it perfect for such outdoor events.


● Make Clubs and Nightlife More Exciting

The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon is ideal for use in nightclubs and bars too. It creates the right mood for party-goers and clubbing enthusiasts. In addition to creating an ambiance, cryo jets are the perfect product for amping up the dance floor.

Clubs are no longer just a place to eat, drink, and dance in a corner. Clubs are a miniature version of large concerts and fests. To keep your regular clientele hyped, it is necessary to keep innovating and upgrading.

With the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon, your party people will never again have a mundane moment in their nightlives!


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Make Celebrations More Special

In their busy lives, people seldom get time to celebrate. So, when they finally do, they want to go all out! To make sure that people can celebrate to their heart’s content, MOKA SFX has introduced the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon.

This cryo jet cannon is easy to operate and works just as well indoors too. It can be used for great birthday parties, grand wedding anniversaries, celebrate a college fest, or other such occasions too!


● Add Thrill to Stage Events

Naturally, the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon is great for stage events and perfectly designed for the job. Stage events cover a diverse set of scenarios. It may be a personal occasion, a theatrical performance, an exciting competition, or even a professional sales event for a large audience.

The stage is a platform, and MK-C09 is the best tool for transforming it! Depending on how the cryo jet canon is used, a normal stage can be turned into an exciting zone. The audience at the event will be left captivated by such amusing effects and the use of this spectacular stage equipment.

The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon, in particular, is especially effective for stage events due to its portability and noiseless operations.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Working and installation of the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon

After you get your cryo jet canon, it is important to know the installation procedure. To really pump up the party, make sure you know how your CO2 Cannon works! Here is a step-by-step guide of all you need to know.


● Power Switch

Turn on the power of the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon. The LED power indicator light will light up when the machine is on.


● Controls

The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon has two control modes. The first one is the standard DMX512 control. DMX512 can be used to connect a single console with multiple devices.

This is useful when you are using multiple special effects devices at once. The second control mode is the electrical control. In case you don’t have a console, this control mode of the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon will come in handy.

You can choose the most suitable method for your event.


● Installation Methods

MK-C09 CO2 Cannon has a variety of installation methods for you to choose from.

You can place the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon directly on the stage, or attach it nearby. The nozzle can be positioned upwards or at an adjusted angle. The spray can be directed in any suitable direction as per the venue specifics. This is the best installation method for performances and other stage events.

You can also place the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon on the DJ table. It can be attached through the strategically placed holes in the bottom of the cannon. The portable design ensures that the base doesn’t need to be disassembled for installation. The compact body of the cannon does not need to be fixed with screws either.

To give you the best user experience, MOKASFX assures an overall easy and quick installation!


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Packaging and Input Requirements

MOKA SFX delivers its products in a way that satisfies our customers completely. Thanks to our holistic packaging, you will have nothing to worry about when you make your purchase!

There is no need to buy any additional items with your new cryo jet cannon. In its packaging, the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon comes with:

  • 6-meter long resin high-pressure hose and quick interface
  • Instruction manual
  • DMX signal cable
  • Power-con

The new quick-release port is already integrated. The assembly is highly convenient and no additional screws or tools are required.

The CO2 tank is to be connected using the quick interface and locked with the help of a wrench, and that’s it! There are no other fancy requirements and complications. Now, you can have a high-intensity celebration, with minimal effort!


Safety Precautions and Standards


Like all MOKA SFX products, the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon is tested by expert technicians prior to the shipment. We ensure that all equipment can be used effectively and meets the international CE ROHS FCC product quality criteria.


Why Wait? Book The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon for your Special Events Today!

The MK-C09 CO2 Cannon can’t be beaten when it comes to convenience, functioning, and user-friendly operations. For further queries, feel free to reach out to our team. Contact us and set a date for the delivery of your very own MK-C09 at the earliest!

If you are interested in the MK-C09 CO2 Cannon, then be sure to check out our other products as well!

MOKA SFX is a leading name in stage effects machinery. We manufacture a variety of products to enhance the stage atmosphere. A few of our popular products include CO2 Jet machines, LED CO2 Gun, CO2 Confetti machines, etc.

If your party tricks are starting to get old, we have just the thing for you. You can contact our sales team and find out which products are right for your party needs! We at MOKA SFX believe that it’s not actually an event unless you make it a special one!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our wide range of special effects machines and purchase the tools to make your next meet-and-greet a real event!

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