MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon

MOKA SFX MK-C05 LED CO2 Confetti Cannon blaster is a professional stage effect CO2 CANNON device.

This CANNON Blaster can hold about 1 kg of confetti paper for a lasting spray for about 20-22 seconds to a 15~20 meters distance.

For getting a better confetti effect, the smaller size confetti paper is better for longer distance confetti shoots and is more powerful.

  • comes with 3 meters (10 feet) pipe,
  • lasting spray about 20-22s
  • 15~20 meters distance
  • uses 5050 LED strip
  • the smooth and flat surface can use with the MOKA SFX backpack


Spray Height:6-7 Meter
Angle:Forward Only
Voltage:100V – 240 V / AC. 50/60 Hz
Max Power:20W
Control:Handy carry
DMX Channel:none
Max Pressure:1600 Psi
Product Size:66 x 24.5 x 35cm
Packing Size (Carton):76 x 31.5 x 41cm
Component:Power Cord, Gas Cord
Packing Option:Normal Carton / Flycase (Separate Cost)
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Here's all the little things you care about.

Take a look at the product decsription below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.


Some metallic confetti such as heart-shaped, star-shaped in a smaller size is highly recommended.

When you shot them into the air, the light of the sun will make confetti twinkle during falling down, sparkling your events.

MOKA SFX MK-C05 LED CO2 Cannon blaster comes with 3 meters (10 feet) of pipe, if more length of pipe or other special requirement is needed, just contact MOKA sales team for assistance, we will customize your desired request accordingly.

MOKA SFX LED CO2 Confetti Cannon blaster uses a 5050 LED strip, and needs a 12V battery to run it, or 8 pieces of 1.5V AA batteries instead, which is not included when shipping and you need to prepare the battery.

You will have an adaptor with the machine for charging the battery at your side.

When you fill it with batteries, turn the machine on with the button on it, all LED lights and LED strips turn on immediately, there have 4peices of 3W red lights around the output tube, so when you run the LED CO2 Confetti Cannon MK-C05, red CO2 cloud comes out to be like a flame effect but cool your audience.


The whole metal body of the MOKA SFX LED CO2 Cannon Blaster is laser-cut, which is good for smooth and flat surfaces, which makes the whole machine feel more touched.

When you carry this equipment for your shows, you can choose the MOKA SFX backpack to work with it, and then buy a 5L or 8L CO2 gas tank in your local city, so you will definitely hold the atmosphere.

The 8L cylinder can be used on this machine for 20 seconds.

MOKA SFX LED CO2 Confetti Cannon Blaster compliance with CE ROHS and FCC certification, with reliable and stable quality, you are assured that product quality is reliable and safe for export & import.

If you are going to hold an event, we suggest that take some other equipment to cooperate with the MK-C05 DJ confetti gun, for example, cold spark machines, and flame machines.

Feel free to contact MOKA SFX SALES TEAM and take it now!

MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Products needs to be used with a siphon-type CO2 storage tank, and cannot operate normally in a standard CO2 storage tank. Therefore, when purchasing, you must ensure that the supplier provides a siphon storage tank.

Generally speaking, both natural gas and welding suppliers will sell carbon dioxide at the same time. We recommend using as large a storage tank as possible. When the storage tank is larger, the number of sprays (the duration of continuous spraying) you can use CO2 Jet is more. Each pound of CO2 will support a spray time of approximately 1.5-2 seconds.

If you need support for obtaining carbon dioxide tanks, please feel free to contact us.

We support all the available way of Internation Shipping, as listed below:

1) By Express: FEDEX / DHL / UPS
2) By Plane + Delivery to Door
3) By Train + Delivery to Door
4) By Sea + Delivery to Door

Some of the above shipping methods we can do DDP, so you can avoid the handling of tax and save cost.

As the Unit charge for the different countries is different, pls contact us to check the exact freight offer.

1) For entire product is a 1-year Warranty.
2) After 1-year, the component cost will be charged when replacement needed.

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MOKA SFX MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon For DJ


    ▾ MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon Features and Benefits
    ▾ Application of the M-C05 CO2 Cannon Blaster
    ▾ Consumables under the MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon
    ▾ Quality Standards of the MOKA SFX equipment

While watching a stage performance live or on TV, did you notice the confetti shots throughout the performance? These frequent confetti shots are hard to miss, especially during the performance climax. While these “confetti” special effects may seem complex to achieve, the reality is quite the opposite.

Are you looking to create such magical moments in your next event? We have something special in store for you. CO2 Confetti blaster is the perfect machine to achieve amazing confetti shots into the air. You can direct this handheld confetti gun in any direction to fill the sky with colorful and shiny pieces of quirky paper. Moreover, the lights on the machine will help achieve the desired effects of your dreams!

Happiness is infectious and the MOKA SFX CO2 confetti cannon certainly adds to the ambiance! You can be certain of the blaster making a positive impression on the crowd. Whether it is a wedding or a professional performance, you cannot go wrong with these special effects.

If you are looking for a balance between rocking effects and convenience of operations, the CO2 confetti blaster is built for you!


MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon


MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Cannon Features and Benefits

Each special effects piece of equipment has something unique to offer. The decision to purchase a particular machine ultimately depends on the features and range of effects. With the MK-C05 CO2 confetti cannon, you will find various effects present in a single device, to create the perfect experience!

You can look forward to the flexibility of the machine, for both personal and professional events. You do not have to limit yourself while using this one! Some of the amazing and unique features that the CO2 confetti blaster has to offer are:


● Create special effects with CO2

The primary special effects offered by the MOKA SFX CO2 confetti blaster is the carbon dioxide shots blasted into the air. It provides cloud-like effects to the audience. A breath of cool air from these shots will add to their experience.

The special CO2 effects will be of professional quality and speed. You can spray the blaster horizontally or vertically. The CO2 cannon can be fuelled with 5L or 8L CO2 gas tank, depending on your requirements. An 8L tank can last up to 20 seconds.


● Mesmerizing Metallic Confetti Spray

The best part about this MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster is the confetti spray that comes along with the CO2 shots. It provides dual special effects that are sure to mesmerize the audience. You can use stars, hearts, or any other preferred shape for your machine.

As the confetti comes drizzling down on the audience, it gives an effect of sprinkling stars dropping. Whether it is day or night, the confetti is going to shine through the sky. Moreover, the confetti is the safest form of special effects, with no adversities.

The MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster can hold up to 1 kg of confetti, which will prove enough. It is suggested that you use smaller size confetti particles to enhance the power of the shot. Smaller sized confetti is powerful and covers a larger distance. Are you still having doubts about the product?


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Far-reaching shots

If you are looking for a far-reaching confetti blaster, this MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon is a great product for you. Firstly, the machine is accompanied by a 3m or 10 feet long pipe. Hence, you can achieve a long distance without any pains. If you wish to attain a longer pipe, you can certainly do so by getting in touch with the MOKA sales team. We can customize the pipes as per your requirements.

Moreover, the spray confetti height ranges from 15-25m to cover large stages or events. If you spray the MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster towards the sky, it will be visible by people from afar. The impact of the confetti combined with CO2 is powerful.


● LED lights to brighten up your event

If you get all the amazing special effects in a single machine, what else are you looking for? The MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster is a complete package in that matter. Other than the above-mentioned effects, it has one more characteristic that makes it stand out from the rest. These are the LED lights and LED strips on the machine.

There are 4 pieces of red lights present around the output tube. These are operated using additional batteries. These 4W red lights are switched on when you put the batteries and run the MOKA SF CO2 Confetti Blaster. The lights help you attain red CO2 clouds, which is sure to catch the attention of the audience. The 5050 LED strip needs a 12V battery for operation, which needs to be purchased separately.

The light strip that covers the body of the CO2 cannon makes it appealing and show-worthy for all performances. The white tube creates mesmerizing effects with 7 different colors. Moreover, it can be spotted for afar, creating a bigger buzz about this machine.


● A portable unit for convenience

Most special effects machines are bulky and hard to handle. This creates a problem while setting up the stage or for transporting the machines. However, the MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster is a big relief in this area. You will have a seamless experience while transporting or storing this machine.

The equipment is compact and easy to store. Moreover, it only weighs 9 kgs, which is quite easy to handle during transportation without outside help. You can also purchase the MOKA SFX fly case to ease the travel with this equipment.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Powerful and far-reaching effects

If you are worried about not creating a powerful impact, the MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster can handle the issue. The CO2 makes sure to throw the shot with full power. The confetti and CO2 can last for about 20-22 seconds, which is more than what most alternatives can offer.

This 20 seconds lasting spray of confetti will give an illusion of sparkles falling from the sky. Moreover, it works with full power and strength.


● Superior-built the body

The metallic body with LED lights glowing all over it is a combination you cannot miss. Some equipment might seem boring and not match the ambiance of the space. With MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster, things are quite the opposite. The lively equipment adds color and brightness to your event.

The laser-cut finishing and premium quality materials of the CO2 cannon make it durable and strong.


● Simple to use

This model of CO2 cannon with confetti can be easily managed by a single person. The MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster includes a gun, a hose, and a tank to complete the equipment set. All you need to do is set the LED output gun inside the connector along with the batteries.

Next, connect one end of the CO2 hose to the gas tank and the other one to the LED gun. Now you can turn on the valve of the gas tank. You are all set to handle the trigger and shoot it into the air. Enjoy the confetti shower post that!


● Hand-controlled gun

Another unique feature of the MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon Blaster is the control of the equipment. This is a handheld device that provides some great special effects. There are handles at the bottom and the back of the machine to efficient use it. Hence, you do not have to worry about the flexibility of the direction. You can aim the mouth of the CO2 cannon in any direction to create wide special effects.

Moreover, the handles also make it easier to carry to different destinations. Overall, hand control significantly improves the ease of use.


Application of the M-C05 CO2 Confetti Blaster

● An essential for DJ events and musical concerts

A DJ concert is full of audio and visual effects. You can see a wide range of special effects being used near the DJ console to motivate the crowd. Whether it is plan CO2 cannon or the ones with confetti blasters, you can easily spot all of them at DJ concerts.

The confetti falling upon the audience during the performance creates an aura of joy and happiness. You cannot forget the confetti blasters during special vocal performances by artists at an award function.


● Brighten up your kids’ parties

Kids love confetti showers and enjoy these more than anyone else. Now imagine having the MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster at your kid’s birthday party. You can have a confetti shower during the cake-cutting. This handheld device will be sure to make the kids smile and mesmerize them.

You might not want to limit this machine to only birthday parties. It goes perfectly well with baby showers, and gender reveal parties. You can also supplement a gender-reveal party with the confetti blast to celebrate the joyous moment.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


● Have fun at weddings with confetti

Weddings are all about glitz and glamour. The MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster will be a perfect addition to the colorful and happy environment. Whether it is the first dance of the newly married or the cake cutting ceremony, this CO2 cannon has wide applications.

Moreover, the bride’s entry makes for the perfect moment to create a confetti shower. Ou can use these flexible special effects machines anywhere as per your likings.


● Opening and closing ceremonies

Whether it is to start an event or to close one, a confetti shower is a right way to go. You can use the MOKA SFX CO2 Confetti Blaster to create the perfect moments in any ceremony. While you might need a couple of CO2 cannons to achieve large-scale effects, this equipment will work well with smaller gatherings. It is also great for closing acts for the event. Whether it is dance or music, the confetti blaster will create an impactful closure—another great place to use this at your school’s or college’s sports tournaments. The special effects will be equivalent to professional tournaments.

You can also use these for shop-opening or product launch events. The machine doesn’t need to be limited to stage shows and performances.


● Great with nightclubs or house parties

Imagine hosting a New Year’s party at your place with all the desired special effects. You can shoot the confetti blaster as the clock strikes 12. It is a perfect occasion to use all the shiny star-shaped confetti. You can also use these for anniversary and birthday celebrations.

You can create similar effects for nightclubs and bars on regular nights or on special occasions. Whether it is to lighten the dance floor or welcome special performers, the confetti blaster is appropriate equipment. Moreover, the special LED lights go well with the club’s ambiance.


Consumables under the MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Blaster

There are certain consumables that you need beforehand for the machine to function optimally. While these are essential to the working of the equipment, you need to secure them separately. These are:

  • 5L or 8L CO2 gas tank: The actual quantity depends on your requirements. For higher and far-reaching output, go ahead with the 8L tank.
  • 20W power consumption: You need to plug the equipment to a secure and stabilized power outlet to ensure proper working. Make sure to avoid electricity fluctuations and incompatible extension cords.
  • Battery for LED: You need a 12V battery or 8 pieces of 1.5V AA battery for the LED strips on the equipment to work. These do not consume power directly from the main wire.
  • 1 kg small-sized confetti: This is the most important consumable for creating the confetti shower. 1 kg is sufficient to create a 20 seconds effect. As mentioned earlier, make sure the confetti is small-sized to enable far reach.


Custoemr feedback CO2 Jet effect -


Quality Standards of the MOKA SFX equipment

The CO2 Confetti Blaster has a wide range of applications and benefits. While it is perfectly suited for stages, other applications are equally relevant. These unique features make it appropriate for both professional and personal events. You can even use the confetti blaster along with other CO2 cannons to create massive impacts. One of the most advantageous qualities of the MOKA SFX equipment is the 12 months warranty on each product. Hence, you do not have to worry about defective pieces.

MOKA SFX has a history of providing high-quality special effects equipment. You will see the product finishing and performance to be of premium quality. Like all other models, the MK-C05 CO2 Confetti Blaster complies with all relevant standards like CE, ROHS, and FCC certification.

The product is quite safe for overseas transfer or export and import. Moreover, you can always reach out to the customer support or sales team in case you are facing any issues. Whether it is quality issues, production, or shipping delays, you can contact the customer support anytime.

If you are looking for urgent orders, MOKA SFX can easily fulfill your requirements. With a huge factory production, we can produce 500 pieces of the MOKA CO2 jets per month. Hence, delivery dates or OEMs should be out of your worry! So go ahead and buy your MOKA SFX CO2 Cannon now!

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